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Dhruv Rathee with Kunal Kamra | Q&A in Amsterdam
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Privatization of Air India, BPCL | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Reality of Indian Media | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Ayodhya Verdict | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee
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Does India need Two Child Policy? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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PMC Bank: Is Your Money Safe in Banks? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Aarey Forest: Was it Wrong to Cut Trees? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Is Greta Thunberg Wrong? | Climate Change Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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India's Best Statue | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee
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Inside World's Smallest "Country" | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee
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Article 370 Removal: Right or Wrong? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Reality of Chandrayaan 2 Moon Mission | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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The Truth about Face App | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Karnataka Crisis: One Nation One Party? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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How to Learn Anything Easily and Fast! | By Dhruv Rathee
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Budget 2019: What did Middle Class Get? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Article 15 - Reality of Casteism | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Water Crisis: 6 Ways to Save Yourself! | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Clean India and Win ₹1,00,000 | Champion Challenge by Dhruv Rathee
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Reality of AN 32 Aircraft Crash | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Cleaning 9 million kgs of Trash | Dhruv Rathee Interviews Afroz Shah
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TIME Magazine and Cloud Theory of Modi | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Reality of Rajiv Gandhi | Ep.4 Elections with Dhruv Rathee on NDTV
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Gaumutra Cures Cancer? | Ep.2 Elections with Dhruv Rathee on NDTV
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BJP vs Congress: Which Manifesto is Better? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Congress Manifesto for 2019 Elections | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Modi Govt: 5 Year Report Card | Mega Analysis by Dhruv Rathee ft. Soch
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Should Voting be Compulsory? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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Which Country's Voting System is Best? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Pulwama: Reality of Jawans & Pakistan | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
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How to Vote? | All about Voter ID Card Registration by Dhruv Rathee
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Delhi's Amazing Lake Revival! | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee
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How to Save Tax? | EPF and PPF Explained by Dhruv Rathee (In Hindi)
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Dhruv Rathee Newslaundry Interview with Abhinandan (Teaser)
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Rafale Deal | The Complete Controversy Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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  • Jeffrey kotian
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    What's your opinion about public private partnership in sectors such as healthcare, education n natural resources?? So that u have the efficiency of a private company n the control of govt. I think that these things shouldn't be left to ether side. Cos both the demerits exist.

  • Irfan Qureshi
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    Last wala bhut hard tha🤣🤣🔥👌

  • Nilesh Patil
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    Please share link of video for how to do detail research

  • vaidehi roy
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    Jo modi bhakt honge wo ye video ni dekhenge wo zee news dekhnge sirf yrr support the truth

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    Bahut badhiya

  • Fitness & Tech
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    You missed yogi Adityanath's point

  • MA!-3
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    Bihar and UP ke illiterate log Delhi and Mumbai jaise cities me migrate karte hai n yaha Crowd badha dete hai.....

  • MA!-3
    MA!-3 15 मिनट पहले

    Bihar jaise States me "Education ka importance" samjhane ki jaroorat hai ...... Education provide karke bhi wo log importance hi nhi denge toh fayda kya......

  • Swapnil Parage
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    Ye Sala Bollywood toh bikau hi hai

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  • अरुण कुमार मिश्र
    अरुण कुमार मिश्र 21 मिनट पहले

    kisi bhi state me muslimo ki apeksha hinduon ka janm dar adhik nhi keral jaise educated state me bhi nhi kyo.....?

  • September Cucumber
    September Cucumber 22 मिनट पहले

    This is so true

  • MA!-3
    MA!-3 22 मिनट पहले

    Bhai School n coaching classes ki fees hi itni jyada hai ki 2 childrens bhi mehenga padh jayega n india ki population aapne aap kam hoti jayegi

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    Aawaz thik nahi hai bc

  • ezza nazir
    ezza nazir 24 मिनट पहले

    How Japan succeed even after suffering nuclear attack? Ispar vedio banaiye

  • Abhinav Awasthi
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    He's no. 1

  • Nilesh Patil
    Nilesh Patil 32 मिनट पहले

    Hi dhruv... Ye analysis ke liye way btao jra... For verification and to search on the topic on which we personally intrested...

  • Himanshu Pandya
    Himanshu Pandya 34 मिनट पहले

    Mere City se sirf 3Hours ka Rasta Lekin Me Abhi tak Nahi Gaya Status of unity.

    ARYA SAMAJ JIND 35 मिनट पहले

    Ye cong ka chela h

  • Mema Jyoti Milli.
    Mema Jyoti Milli. 35 मिनट पहले

    Horoscope prt is damn true.

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  • musthafa_ahmd
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    Grover 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Isko sirf modi ki burai karni h

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    Do this with Deshbhakt

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  • Rajnish Sharma
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    Video mai sahi kyu nhi karta niche edit karne se kya hota h kyu galat propaganda chalatey ho kyu??

  • yashodeep kamble
    yashodeep kamble 55 मिनट पहले

    Te baat sahi hai ki harvesting jaruri hai .lekin iske liye govt ke upar depend rehna sahi nahi hai . You can watch One tv show running on zee marathi “ tufan alaya” which is hosted and directed by amir khan

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumar 55 मिनट पहले

    For all those saying watch news...on the revenue collection etc.... Aaaj kal 90% news channel khareede hue hai... Isliye u can't expect truth from them.... Today's era is full of scammers... There is hardly anyone to trust....

  • Secretary Kanchanjunga
    Secretary Kanchanjunga 57 मिनट पहले

    What is the solution for this situation. ? Any recommendation

  • a b
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    Please do a Japan and Indian school comparison

  • s.s.hafiz.
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    Voice is not proper.... 😑😑

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    eko bahut hai samaj nay ko nai aata hai

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    What about ndtv

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    Pagal tu gya bhi hai Statue of unity dekhane ki keval suni sunai bataon pe gya

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    Too many Ads, disappointed/

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    I love you Dhruv bhaiya

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    Wonderful 🙏🙏🔥🔥

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    Is it possible to upload video on youtube by making our ip address

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    Basically he is selling VPN BC.

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    Wrong number baba😄😄😄

  • Soumya Mukherjee
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    Always left idealisms is best for india as well as tmc not a left party

  • Samir Sonowal
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  • Jungkook's illigirl
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    1:27 oh shit!! Arts student here.

  • rdx roy
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    मैं आ

    YOGESH YADAV घंटे पहले

    mera college me apj abdul kalam sahab ke janm din pr unka name bhi nhi liya gya..... kyuki sb bjp vala tha.....

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    We want comparisons with many countries better than India

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    Like jio sir

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    चल निकल

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    Songs r not boring,slb won National award for best music

  • ASHISH Kumar
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    Gud job sir

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    Thanks for supporting Assam

  • Nikhat Praveen
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    Who are disliking it as in I don’t care what people have done in 1990 I’ll ask what the hell you have done in 10 year . Modi bought hate speeches. Lynching damn everything

  • Jungkook's illigirl
    Jungkook's illigirl 2 घंटे पहले

    I just want Shashi Tharoor to be the Prime Minister. This man really is something!!!

  • Himanshu Srivastava
    Himanshu Srivastava 2 घंटे पहले

    हमारा देश औरतों के लिए खतरनाक बनता जा रहा है लेकिन अभी भी सबसे खतरनाक बना नहीं हैं ! भारत में हर साल 36000 (कम से कम )बलात्कार होते हैं जबकि भारत से बीस गुणा कम जनसंख्या वालें सयुंक्त राष्ट्र यूरोप में हर साल 85000 ( कम से कम ) बलात्कार होते हैं । यूरोप में 16 साल से अधिक उम्र कि लडकियों में 20% लडकियों का बलात्कार हो चुका हैं । और कमाल की बात ये है कि केवल मात्र 5% आरोपियों को ही सजा मिल पाती हैं। अधिकांश यूरोपीयन महिलाओं कि Rape crisis centre तक पहुंच हो भी नहीं पाती ।

  • Komir Bagmare
    Komir Bagmare 2 घंटे पहले

    भारत के लोगोकी 2 गालतीय जो हमारे पाप के बरोबर हे .१ अटलजिको दुसरा मोका नाही दिया .2 कलामजीको दुसरा मोका नहि दिया

  • cute nishu
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    Apne bilkul shi kha koi v km chota nhi h but yh are tu palor ka km krti h Etna PhD likh KR bank m LG n yh h

    YOGESH YADAV 2 घंटे पहले

    aap ne to aakhe khol di.....

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    You should share screen with ravish sir

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    But bjp won again what's the fate of country

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    I th8 7 of diamonds

  • cute nishu
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    Hmare yh toh bs chl RHA jese tese number chahiye chahe kych aye chahe n aye yh toh PhD wale v ghr hi bethe h mere ko esa education system nhi chahiye yr yh pr toh bs reservation pr ldlo mandir maszid pr ldlo bs ek dusre ko Galiya nikl lo comt section m bs

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    Real fact is. in india government is elected on basis of vote we have given to party not to the canidate .What suppose if we want modi as prime minister of india but canidate who is from bjp from our region is not good then what we should do in this case?

  • Ujjwal Kumar Singh
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    even if one do leave of 1year after 12th many colleges and even in a job, you will be not eligible to take admission or apply for any exam.

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    I always support right wing

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    Bro political issue chodkar aise he content karo😊👏

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    I'm in last year of my graduation, I am requesting u for making more videos like this, so I can decide for future 😊 Again thank you Dhruv sir 🙏

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    Sir ur work is awesome....I m ur big Fan

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    Desalination ke upar video banao sir

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    During his tenure manmohan Singh was his econmist

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    Agr army ko waha say hta diya toh tera baap pak waha Pr kabza kr lega bhai

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    finland vala batavo

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    Two self delusional egoistic individuals sitting in echo chamber

    • Dhruv Rathee
      Dhruv Rathee घंटे पहले

      Don't worry, in the next event we will invite everyone who disagrees with us. Hope you come there to debate instead of whining in INclips comment section ;)

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    Brother please do a video on 'how to do analysis?'

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    Audio quality is very bad

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    Sound is not clear

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    Left is right

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    Recently i have been there and it was over crowded more than 1 lakh, consider minimum tickets for each one, which is 150, it becomes 15 cr. Have you ever visiter that place 12 times in a year to calculate the crowd level over the year. Bade bhai, analysis on wrong parameters will give you a wrong result. Aur comparison bhi badi khub kari aapne TAJ MAHAL, taaj mahal ki sari sundarta dekhne keliya kitna time lagega ye bhi bata dijiye, statute of unity ka sara ariya along with zoo takes more than a day sir. Ek chote bacche ko aagar puch ki TAJ MAHAL dekho ge ki zoo, to javab miljayga, aur bacche to bacche hote hai na, aakele thodi jayenge family ke saat jayenge na. Bhai khud jake dekho to jano ki what is the scale of that place is.

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    Dcrust univercity is near from my home

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    Thanks sir to give us most important facts. We proud of you. This is worst thing that our CRPF suffering in struggle and we don't know about this. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    I've become a fan of this guy❤️❤️❤️

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    TMC kabse secular ho gaya?

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    people are eagerly waiting for hindu rastra and waiting muslims to vanish from india ........ as u have a stage and i dont so please make a video to make understand people that practically it is not possible and stop wasting their votes

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    Harmonium sala

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    Are a v bata do ki vote kisko du...????😦 confused 😩

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    Awesome. .. awesome

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    I want compare Indian education Vs Japan education

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    I never thought you would waste your time reviewing a stupid movie

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    That's why i love saumya Tandon

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    Sir please make video on CAB

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