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  • Makhdoom Liaqat
    Makhdoom Liaqat साल पहले

    Asalamo+Alaikum A.r Rehman hope you fine.... bhai may apki bht dfa Marhaba ya musatafa suni ha naat aur hasbi rabbi aur kun faya kun suni ha .... Bhai ap say request ha ap "Haq Ali Ali" ya "Shahay mardan Ali" ko b sing krain no doubt nusrat sb key already bht bht bht pyari voice may yah majood ha magar pta ni bhai q maray dil may apki awaz lagti ha ... nusrat sb key awaw may b ghum ho jata ho sun kr.. .Allah Rakha Rehman Bhai tmhay Allah nay awaz di ha suna dy bhai bht dil ha please..... pta ni q dil key wish ha mari halat aur ho jati ha tmhari awaz may jb parhtay ho aik Rohaniyat ha apki awaz may... Allah apko iska sawab dy... Allah tmhay iska ajar day Ameen suma ameen ....... your beloved brother Allah tmhaay taraki aur kamrani dy Asalamo+Alaikum

  • School Of Freelancing
    School Of Freelancing साल पहले

    All sufi songs will remain last forever generation by generation :)

  • Karthigeyan I R
    Karthigeyan I R साल पहले

    Big fan of yours, I have rendered your Moongil Thotham song for my Anniversary :) m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10213627681224468&id=1176861629

  • HR. Hassan
    HR. Hassan साल पहले

    i Am pakistani you greatest singer 🇵🇰

  • HR. Hassan
    HR. Hassan साल पहले

    i Love A R Rahman your greatest singer you all diffrenly you love music

  • nishatjahanmba
    nishatjahanmba 2 साल पहले

    Sir, How can I see the full movie Muhammad the messenger of God. Pls. Sir, let me know.

  • realitylife2020
    realitylife2020 2 साल पहले

    Rahman Sir, Asakm. Farthaze Shamsudeen a die hard fan of yours from USA. I am a passionate poet & budding lyrics writer, Would like to write lyrics for you if given an opportunity.

  • saravanan gajendiran
    saravanan gajendiran 2 साल पहले

    'Vanakkam martrum Vazththukkal'

  • pooja Dunkwal
    pooja Dunkwal 2 साल पहले

    I'm jealous of people who get to see you everyday! i wish i could see you once in my lifetime..Even just for a second!

  • Raju Chaqladar
    Raju Chaqladar 2 साल पहले

    The best musician of the world. Congratulatons bro!

  • rajesh kumar
    rajesh kumar 2 साल पहले

    where to see nanja yalu concert in 1080p

  • நாராயணசாமி நாகராஜன்

    Salute sir...u r working 4 #chennaimicro

  • Sri Nivas
    Sri Nivas 3 साल पहले

    can you pls pls pls pls pls upload your bgms in hq, am a die hard fan of yours.

  • rajesh kumar
    rajesh kumar 3 साल पहले

    can you add all your Tamil songs/albums from Roja to till date in digital stereo on youtube?

  • Atharva Donglikar
    Atharva Donglikar 3 साल पहले

    Can you upload the concert at Berklee College Of Music??.... Dying for that one...

  • Naymul Hasan
    Naymul Hasan 3 साल पहले

    I just love you brother. All the very best for future (A R Rahman) A big fa from Banladesh.

  • Pranav S
    Pranav S 3 साल पहले


  • Pranav S
    Pranav S 3 साल पहले


  • Pranav S
    Pranav S 3 साल पहले


  • Pranav S
    Pranav S 3 साल पहले


  • Pranav S
    Pranav S 3 साल पहले


  • Shabana Ahmad
    Shabana Ahmad 3 साल पहले

    We went to see your concert on24 May in Toronto. Like some people we were expecting mostly hindi songs. We thank you for not letting it be so. Thank you for the experience we will treasure it. We are definitely going to another Concert when we get the chance.

  • yout mweb
    yout mweb 3 साल पहले

    Yfyvhg ugh

  • yout mweb
    yout mweb 3 साल पहले

    Vhh vhg

  • cheeky pants
    cheeky pants 4 साल पहले

    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful music. Your music inspires people all over the world. I am a teacher and my beautiful chinese students have created a beautiful dance to Jaiho!!! They just love the music and it inspires them to be more and more creative....Thank you so much.....Your truly gorgeous

  • Mobile 01
    Mobile 01 4 साल पहले

    True legend

  • deepi ka
    deepi ka 4 साल पहले

    U r a unique legend Rahman sir!!!!!

  • S M
    S M 4 साल पहले

    When can we expect to hear more about the soundtrack for The Hundred-Foot Journey?

  • Gadget Review BD
    Gadget Review BD 4 साल पहले

    Respect from bottom of my heart. my idol and best music maestro ever this world can get. long live sir. i pray for your good health and for your family. take care. Allah Hafez.

  • jackq reacher
    jackq reacher 4 साल पहले

    Best musician of all time.... Last 500 year...

  • mohammed ismail
    mohammed ismail 4 साल पहले

    Beloved RAHMANJEE.......ur music s flowing my blood

    • yout mweb
      yout mweb 3 साल पहले

      Hbh binhj jhg

    • yout mweb
      yout mweb 4 साल पहले


    • Mobile 01
      Mobile 01 4 साल पहले


    • Mobile 01
      Mobile 01 4 साल पहले


    • Mobile 01
      Mobile 01 4 साल पहले

      His music has that effect

  • Kishan Smith
    Kishan Smith 5 साल पहले

    ....AR RAHMAN SIR..

  • Krutarth Champaneri
    Krutarth Champaneri 5 साल पहले

    Mr. A.R. Rahman recently had search the web , there is a missing proper studio quality orchestra of sare janha se aacha is missing. Can you manage to do that for Patriotic Indians out side of India they would love to have a masterpiece from the master. Please consider this as the voice of true Indian to the true Indian.

  • rohit bharathan
    rohit bharathan 5 साल पहले

    IF diz is de offical channel den i have a request, can v have the flute bite of the song barso re from the movie GURU.? AND BEAUTIFUL ROMANTIC bgm OF THE MOVIE DAUD

  • Anex Dis
    Anex Dis 5 साल पहले

    Greensleeves - AR Rahman's new song (HD 720p) available at Qyuki under Shoot the tunes competition

  • Anex Dis
    Anex Dis 5 साल पहले


  • padma kumar
    padma kumar 5 साल पहले

    Maryan.. Yenga pona rasa... killed me the first time I heard itself.... no words to explain... regarding other songs... accordion and lead and bass guitar rocks....

  • legend
    legend 5 साल पहले

    rahman sir you are really brilliant :) you need to more songs in Telugu, thanks for manifesting our country to the world :) jai hind

  • Bijayashree Samal
    Bijayashree Samal 6 साल पहले

    Respected Rehman Sir Namashkar. Season's geetings and A Very happy New Year. I can not really say I am a great fan of your music since you are like God to me and we worship you and your music. I really wish if some day I get to meet you. I do not if you really would have time to listen my song any day, but still I am sharing my song with you. Thanks and regards, bijayashree

  • Raghav Ravi
    Raghav Ravi 6 साल पहले

    A.R! Where is the Tamil version? Don't forget your roots for Infinite Love.

  • Sujan S
    Sujan S 6 साल पहले


  • abdul kadar Maideen
    abdul kadar Maideen 6 साल पहले

    sir very good job,nice music sir,please do itin tamil also sir ella.pugalum iraivanukkey

  • jknarchifx
    jknarchifx 6 साल पहले

    no tamil version of Infinite Love, sir??

  • Royachan Purathur
    Royachan Purathur 6 साल पहले

    malayalam new woman singers

  • sourabh dahikar
    sourabh dahikar 6 साल पहले

    sir hindi invitation upload because many people not understand english

  • sourabh dahikar
    sourabh dahikar 6 साल पहले


  • Bablii Karthik
    Bablii Karthik 6 साल पहले

    dil se re

  • Siddharth Ramesh
    Siddharth Ramesh 6 साल पहले

    You are my inspiration sir.. !

  • Bibek Poudel
    Bibek Poudel 6 साल पहले

    Nice Songs.

  • Mohamed Sha
    Mohamed Sha 6 साल पहले

    Rahman ji ur great..! how s kochadaiyan project..?

  • musik433789
    musik433789 6 साल पहले

    ARR sir.... i hv always loved ur music.... u really experiment wit ur musik.... and its really beautiful sir..... no doubt abt tht.....but i really miss ur old composition.... (ur early yrs.....) like thiruda thiruda... May Madam, puthiya mugham, etc.......... Really wish to hear that ARR music......wish u read this sir !!!!! salute ARR !!!!

    AVTAR SINGH BATHAM 6 साल पहले


  • Gehna Kapoor
    Gehna Kapoor 6 साल पहले

    you are the most amazing artist alive

  • Akif Mohiuddin
    Akif Mohiuddin 6 साल पहले

    sir, I want to ask you some question? I know this is not place to ask the question? 1)Do you pray 5 times a day? 2)If yes, how will you find time? 3)What motivates you to pray? 4)Does praying helps you in your music? Sir I am not praying regularly, Just I want to follow you hope you read and answer my questions

  • Abhishek Jindal
    Abhishek Jindal 6 साल पहले

    live long a r rehman.....:)

  • RehalPrabhy
    RehalPrabhy 6 साल पहले

    Thank you for all of the wonderful Music you have created, it has true changed my life =) I wishing all the best for the journey ahead

  • Chanchal Sharma
    Chanchal Sharma 6 साल पहले

    I love your music

  • Hafeel Ahamed
    Hafeel Ahamed 6 साल पहले


  • يارا أحمد العناني
    يارا أحمد العناني 6 साल पहले

    Sir I am from Egypt but when I listen to rock star movie I fall in love with your music sir

  • Manasranjan Khadiratna
    Manasranjan Khadiratna 6 साल पहले

    Nice Music ~~~~~~~ Sir, Thanks

  • chiru mouni
    chiru mouni 6 साल पहले

    music magician off india..................... HATTTSSSSS OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • rajendram vanita
    rajendram vanita 6 साल पहले

    wonderful channel.

  • Mahantesh Torgal
    Mahantesh Torgal 6 साल पहले

    from the past 17 years i am listening to ARR music starting roja and earlier jingles.. i never got bored..not even a second.. thats ARR to the world of music.. who single handedly lifted Indian Music onto the international level...

  • Sandeep Soni
    Sandeep Soni 6 साल पहले

    We Love you and your music

  • Clint Thambi
    Clint Thambi 6 साल पहले

    belated birthday wishes brother :)

  • vipin v k
    vipin v k 6 साल पहले

    madhusrees voice is more melodious

  • Chandnicute
    Chandnicute 6 साल पहले

    Sir I love your music. But I was disappointed with Mannipaya's hindi version. I love Munbe va alot please come up with a nice hindi version of it but only in Shreya's voice.

  • shriniwasrocks
    shriniwasrocks 7 साल पहले

    Classic incantations was awesome! Also the last performance was mind blowing. Thank you A. R. Rehman to let me have this unique opportunity to listen to this performances. Please do tours like that in Mumbai again!!! By the way......HATS OFF TO YOUR COMPOSITIONS! BRAVO! I'll never forget the experience that I had yesterday!


    "MEIN TO KAB SE TERE SHARAN MEIN HOON MERI AUR TU BHI TO DHYAN DE".....With Lots Love & Prayers.....sunny - kochi.

  • Luiji M S
    Luiji M S 7 साल पहले

    Happy B'day Ji may GOD bless you more & more & forever. am very much happy for my first song released on your b'day 2012. I Love your ~Waves~

  • LongyTV
    LongyTV 7 साल पहले

    Official Channel of Rahman Saab! Very very Cool. I am subbing.

  • Hassan Marothi
    Hassan Marothi 7 साल पहले

    belatd happy b'day..... ammmm wat i say... jsz i m big fan of urs...

  • Gurbaksheesh Singh
    Gurbaksheesh Singh 7 साल पहले

    Belated Happy Birthday Rehman Sir......... :)

  • Archana Madineni
    Archana Madineni 7 साल पहले

    Happy Birthday !

  • Archana Madineni
    Archana Madineni 7 साल पहले

    Happy New Year Rehman ! :-) Thank u for the wonderful music !!!

  • jithin babu
    jithin babu 7 साल पहले

    very very many many happy return of the day....

  • Vivek Anandan
    Vivek Anandan 7 साल पहले

    eniya pirandha naal vazhlthukal , from your deadly fan .

  • seo cre
    seo cre 7 साल पहले

    Belated happy birthday wishes sir. Even silence becomes music in your presence

  • Arya Nair
    Arya Nair 7 साल पहले

    Hello sir .... can we have some of your old sathiya & dil se style of music back sir ..... :)

  • dinesh vikraman
    dinesh vikraman 7 साल पहले

    Belated birthday wishes rahman sir..... :)

  • bijunadakkal
    bijunadakkal 7 साल पहले

    Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.

  • srihari8712
    srihari8712 7 साल पहले

    Happy birthday sir :) we love u :)

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan 7 साल पहले

    Happy Birthday ........Sir

  • nikki kanth
    nikki kanth 7 साल पहले

    happy birthday sir

  • Tamil Selvi
    Tamil Selvi 7 साल पहले

    belated happy bday

  • chandergup123
    chandergup123 7 साल पहले

    Happy Birthday Rahman Jee.. Guys, anyone can guess which song is playing in the background of wishes video?

  • Kabir Rafi OFFICIAL
    Kabir Rafi OFFICIAL 7 साल पहले

    many many many happy returns of the day sir i love u n u r work.. i am the singer of PAL HOSANNA SONG

    ABHIJIT DAS 7 साल पहले

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday SIR..!

  • Jaico Jee puthenvelikkara
    Jaico Jee puthenvelikkara 7 साल पहले

    Sir many many happy returns of the day god bless you happy new year by jaicojee kerala

  • Varsha Bal
    Varsha Bal 7 साल पहले

    i really love you sir and your songs too. Aslam Walekum and many many happy returns of the day

  • wejoy ready
    wejoy ready 7 साल पहले

    Happy birthday dear

  • Veerarajan Lakshmanan
    Veerarajan Lakshmanan 7 साल पहले

    பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் மிஸ்டர் A.R.ரஹமான் அவர்களே. சென்ற வருடம் போல் இந்த வருடமும் பல விருதகள் வாங்க எங்கள் வாழ்த்துக்கள். நன்றி வீரராஜன் பெங்களூர்

  • Veerarajan Lakshmanan
    Veerarajan Lakshmanan 7 साल पहले

    பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் மிஸ்டர் A.R.ரஹமான் அவர்களே. சென்ற வருடம் போல் இந்த வருடமும் பல விருதகள் வாங்க எங்கள் வாழ்த்துக்கள். நன்றி வீரராஜன் பெங்களூர்

  • Fahad al kassim
    Fahad al kassim 7 साल पहले

    asslaamu alaikkum sir, many many happy returns of the day. may Allah bless you.

  • M 16
    M 16 7 साल पहले


  • Billa Jutt
    Billa Jutt 7 साल पहले

    we love u A.R Rehman

    TASLIM ARIF 7 साल पहले

    you made the music changes to india, i like your silence... am proud about you a.r.rahman....

  • Kabir Rafi OFFICIAL
    Kabir Rafi OFFICIAL 7 साल पहले

    hello sir i am very glad to see u i m THE SINGER who sung HOSSANA "PAL" version from ek deewana tha i hope u seen it n hope u will appreciate my singing talent sir.. i am biggest fan n follow u to became a good singer n musician i have learned alot from u......

  • Parthkumar
    Parthkumar 7 साल पहले

    He is Genius

  • Govind Yatnalkar
    Govind Yatnalkar 7 साल पहले

    really amazing and incredibly awsome

  • Shanoj Abdulla
    Shanoj Abdulla 7 साल पहले

    Hi Brother, may allah bless you with more & more tunes and musics.......

  • Jagganath Pore
    Jagganath Pore 7 साल पहले

    Great Music ! Great Musician ! India's highly ranked musician. Its God's blessings. All the best

  • krv804
    krv804 7 साल पहले

    just saw a video of urs in d channel sonymusicindiaSME .It was about d album 'connection'.It was uploaded 3 weeks ago.So i thought dat d album was newly released. so silly of me.So ignore my previous comment hihi :) .But sir, i truly respect your works.

  • krv804
    krv804 7 साल पहले

    love your works Sir ...hope your new album 'Connection' sees a huge success !

  • sam son
    sam son 7 साल पहले

    I love A.R.R

  • Tripad
    Tripad 7 साल पहले


  • Srikanth Rachoti
    Srikanth Rachoti 7 साल पहले

    sir ur rocking in rockstar

  • Navy
    Navy 7 साल पहले

    salam rahman ji

  • Balasubramanian K.
    Balasubramanian K. 7 साल पहले

    just luv it...

  • sivashankar ramasamy
    sivashankar ramasamy 7 साल पहले

    god of music

  • Hardik Shukla
    Hardik Shukla 7 साल पहले

    I like your Music , Your programming work, voicing chords , mixing and mastering very excellent. Thank u for your music

  • Eugenia Zolotariova
    Eugenia Zolotariova 7 साल पहले

    Great channel!! Beautiful musc. Thank you. God Bless You!!!

  • humaira ali
    humaira ali 7 साल पहले

    please can you put the translation of the Tamil song changing seasons. It sounds so good to the ear, it will sound good to the mind as well , if understood. So a request for posting it with subtitles. Thanks.

  • Nadaraja Anusha
    Nadaraja Anusha 7 साल पहले

    sir,a amazing ,valuable gift is your music...........

  • shanaj parvin Khandakar
    shanaj parvin Khandakar 7 साल पहले

    i just love ur musics sir...u r the god of music for me >:D<

  • Dhana Sekar
    Dhana Sekar 7 साल पहले

    sir you are my god sir and nothing else to say. as an audio engineer i always get mesmerized by your compositions.and i became an audio engineer only becos of your songs which i used to hear from my childhoood. am proud tat i ve born in the same year when your first film roja released. an in born ar rahman disciple.

  • Muhammad Rizwan
    Muhammad Rizwan 7 साल पहले

    please upload the making of lukka chuppi on you tube

  • Satyajeet Reddy
    Satyajeet Reddy 7 साल पहले

    i always get speechless wen i listen your music..............specially Rockstar......and i am feeling lucky to comment on you sir ................thank you

  • Bharatray Hirpara - Patel
    Bharatray Hirpara - Patel 7 साल पहले

    the extraordinary

  • Yograj Patel
    Yograj Patel 7 साल पहले

    About me: - "indian musician" #respect :)

  • roshan ali
    roshan ali 7 साल पहले

    my best singer and musician .. very nice

  • hassan tariq
    hassan tariq 7 साल पहले

    U r songs iz rock u have nobel prize but its shameful u nerver ever COMPOSE A NAAt shrif i think u r muslim but its shameful of us of muslims so its my messages if u their plz answer mee

  • Pradheep Mayandi
    Pradheep Mayandi 7 साल पहले

    Hi sir, if u do the bharathiraja film, it will be good for rurel people, at same time gramia issai gonna be world wide as well. so hopefully, we r waiting for that.... Thank you sir...

  • Joseph Moses
    Joseph Moses 7 साल पहले

    It is a great pleasure to see this page and enjoy Rahman sir's music in various perspectives. For him, I think, music is the boundary of his world. The man, who changed the trend of Music in south asia and is an unbeatable one. Although he has achieved most of his goals, he is travelling towards the utmost point in music and definitely he will reach that. God Bless him.

  • Najmu Deen
    Najmu Deen 7 साल पहले

    A.R. Rahman = Simplicity

  • sai deepak
    sai deepak 7 साल पहले

    sir. your just awesome.

  • Steve Raymond
    Steve Raymond 7 साल पहले

    Please post the video you showed at the beginning of the Hollywood Bowl Show last night. Thanks!

  • Afsar Udeen
    Afsar Udeen 7 साल पहले

    u r realy genius i love ur music i am your very very big fan so i also have a website about u i named it arrahmanindia u r very talened i have no words to say about ur music

    ANAS ABDUL KAREEM 7 साल पहले

    Love the music ......

  • swarup nellore
    swarup nellore 7 साल पहले

    Simply Brilliant, Awesome, Outstanding,Stellar Composer to describe in a few words! and the humility of a fantastic human being!

  • Pradeep kannan
    Pradeep kannan 7 साल पहले

    ur best composer expect MSV, RAJA sir.........

  • boopathi Lvs Music
    boopathi Lvs Music 7 साल पहले

    Rahman is awesome....:-)

  • Julaybib Ayoub
    Julaybib Ayoub 7 साल पहले

    Just listening to Touch of the Sun, from 127 Hours. Beautiful.

  • sulthan Ibrahim
    sulthan Ibrahim 7 साल पहले

    Rahman sir music is very enrgetic for all music lovers... He is one of the genius in the music world.....His albums r very fantasy... I am very proud as a indian to born in India(Tamilnadu)... Hats off 2 u rahman sir... Keep rocking.....

  • Shakila Karim
    Shakila Karim 7 साल पहले

    Genius, awsome and fantastic are the three words that come to mind straight away when I think of A R Rahman.

  • Smart Kani
    Smart Kani 7 साल पहले

    Rahumaan Is Great

  • Mahendran Singaravelu
    Mahendran Singaravelu 7 साल पहले

    lord of music

  • Pradheep Mayandi
    Pradheep Mayandi 7 साल पहले

    Dear Ar rahman sir, I am from madurai, but i am in london. I am big fan of you, I would say something sir. now a days your music is not a tamil soul, Roja, kadhal desam, kadhalar dinam, uyire, there are feel good tamil songs are there. i know your thought is universal music. But we felt , we are missing something from your tune, please do like a tamil feel good songs.please dont mistake me. God is great thank you....

  • telika ramu
    telika ramu 7 साल पहले

    Rehaman Ji Music Ka maha Raj............

  • Agnivesh Baghel
    Agnivesh Baghel 7 साल पहले

    I dont think its official :-/

  • Rajesh K Nair
    Rajesh K Nair 7 साल पहले

    Dear AR Rehman Sir, I am a great Fan of you. Actually i am more pride that you started your career in Malayalam film Industry and move to chennai. So we malayaless always keep this as our private pride. Sir i want to say that nowadays there is less melody songs from you. I am not a correct person to comment on your music . As a normal person i had a feeling that music's like roja, gentilman,yodha has to come from you. now a days your songs seems like a mix of so much music. its true that goods songs are coming from you but they are not melidous like you old days. Sir we expect such musics from you

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