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Why measles is back in the US
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What DNA ancestry tests can - and can’t - tell you
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The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice
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How Norway designed a more humane prison
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How Leonardo da Vinci made a "satellite" map in 1502
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Why this black hole photo is such a big deal
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Cereal makers sold us a breakfast myth
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Earworm is back with Season 2
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Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites
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How this family built life hack culture
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How scientists solved this dinosaur puzzle
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Why baby cages were a thing
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Why some Asian accents swap Ls and Rs in English
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How the British failed India and Pakistan
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The conflict in Kashmir, explained
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Why a cat always lands on its feet
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What Mueller has already revealed about Trump and Russia
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The golf ball that made golfers too good
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Why you're recycling wrong
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Why you still don't understand the Green New Deal
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Why Republicans failed to fit taxes onto a postcard
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The design tricks that keep skyscrapers from swaying
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A better way to tax the rich
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Why parrots can talk like humans
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How the Hindenburg killed an entire industry
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Why a US city is searching for mass graves
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Peek inside the Vox Video Lab
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Why these plankton are eating plastic
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Why cartoon characters curse like this
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Here's where Borders is going next
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Why safe playgrounds aren't great for kids
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American segregation, mapped at day and night
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Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?
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Fox News keeps forcing Trump into shutdowns
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False Positive: When forensic science fails [Full version]
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The 70% top tax rate, explained with potatoes
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America's cocaine habit fueled its migrant crisis
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A murder solved, 23 years later | Part 3
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The deadly race to the South Pole
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The DeLorean paradox: how it failed and became a legend
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How junk science convicted an innocent man | Part 2
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El Chapo's drug tunnels, explained
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What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany - and Europe
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How bite marks made one man a murder suspect | Part 1
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How Trump wins press conferences
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How tax brackets actually work
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The problem with video gambling machines
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False Positive | A new documentary from Joss Fong
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How humans disrupted a cycle essential to all life
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Why video games are made of tiny triangles
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How salmonella-tainted food gets in your fridge
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Why fixing the US bail system is tricky
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The New Year's Eve song, explained
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Why monks had that haircut
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The World War II battle against STDs
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Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t a great deal
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Why Colombia is losing the cocaine war
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How to make more Vox videos happen
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How the Saudis ended up with so many American weapons
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Why advertisers are tracking your emojis 😱
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Why Shakira loves this African beat
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What we get wrong about affirmative action
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The problems with rebuilding beaches
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Why women’s pockets suck
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How this drug lord created a hippo problem in Colombia
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The booming CBD craze, explained
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Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans
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Fox News keeps breaking its own rules
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Vox Borders heads to Colombia
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Why your Netflix thumbnails don't look like mine
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The roots of America's democracy problem
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The greatest album covers of jazz
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The Kamasutra is not (just) about sex
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Why ramen is so valuable in prison
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Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon
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The most feared song in jazz, explained
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The facial prosthetics of World War I
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What happens when women win elections
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The big lie Republicans are telling this election
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Why every election gets its own crisis
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Why American voter registrations are disappearing
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What happens when nature goes viral?
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NAFTA, explained with a toy car
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Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.
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The biggest corruption scandal in Latin America’s history
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Why this far-right candidate won Brazil's election
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The quest for the perfect apple
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Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated
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Want to be in our new YouTube show? Send us a question.
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Why gamers use WASD to move
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How IKEA gets you to impulsively buy more
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Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels empty
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The big problem with how we pick juries
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How GPS can make you better at running
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Watch the US stall on climate change for 12 years
दृश्य 567 7576 महीने पहले
How ninjas went mainstream
दृश्य 591 4836 महीने पहले
Why the US celebrates Columbus Day
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