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MY HOUSE TOUR..New York..Mia KitchenMY HOUSE TOUR..New York..Mia Kitchen
MY HOUSE TOUR..New York..Mia Kitchen
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Halloween Day Trick OR  TreatHalloween Day Trick OR  Treat
Halloween Day Trick OR Treat
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മിയകിച്ചൻ || Mia Kitchen
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Egg Curry | Restaurant Style Egg Curry Recipe
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Deer in My Backyard
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  • Vismaya Tutorials
    Vismaya Tutorials साल पहले

    ചേച്ചീടെ പാചക വീഡിയോസ് എനിക്കും അമ്മക്കും ഇഷ്ടമാണ്. കഴിഞ്ഞ ദിവസം ചേച്ചീടെ വീഡിയോ കണ്ടിട്ട് അമ്മ സുഖിയൻ ഉണ്ടാക്കി തന്നു. അടിപൊളി ആയിരുന്നു. താങ്ക് യു.

  • Divya Jithesh
    Divya Jithesh साल पहले

    Hi Miya.. jnan Miayude valia oru aradika anu.. Vedios pativayi kanarund..Ethu wok pan anu cook cheiyyan use cheiyyunnathu ennu paranju taramo.. etho videoyil nerathe paranjirunnu.. ippo search cheititt kittunnilla..

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen साल पहले

      njan steel,cast iron,oodu ,e type aanu use cheyunne

  • Reji George
    Reji George साल पहले

    kaju barfi എങ്ങനെയാ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്നത്. ഒന്ന് പറഞ്ഞ് തരുമോ please .

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen साल पहले

      yes,enu upload cheyum

  • Leya Antony
    Leya Antony साल पहले

    hi chechi enik cookeril bake cheyyan springform pan upayogikamo? please help me

    KITCHEN ke KHAZANE साल पहले

    really very nice channel.. !! awsone recipes loved all ..

  • Rinsu George
    Rinsu George साल पहले

    chechi eppozhum tasty ayitulla food recipes videos alle cheyunne ini kurachu healthy and tasty like weight lossum healthum pinne ah authentic tastum okke keep cheythu kond engane food prepare cheyam ennu videos cheyumennu pratheekshikunnu njan

  • M J
    M J साल पहले

    Hi Mia - I got a meen chatty from Kerala. I know we cannot just start using it without doing some prep work. Please advise. Btw your coconut chamandi was excellent. Made it few months ago and it came out fantastic. Thanks for uploading all these wonderful recipes.

  • Alex Mundackal
    Alex Mundackal साल पहले


    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen साल पहले

      happy to hear that thanks dear

  • appukingini Dasansuni
    appukingini Dasansuni साल पहले

    mudira curry undakunad engane onu paranjutaraumo

  • Denson Davis
    Denson Davis साल पहले

    mia any mutton brain recepie

  • Healthy रसोई
    Healthy रसोई साल पहले

    Truly Amazing Channel...Single platform for so many recipes/ dishes. Thanks for sharing. Hope to watch many more recipes in future. Good Luck. Keep sharing.

  • Tasty kitchen
    Tasty kitchen साल पहले

    Hi Mia, I watched almost all videos. I liked it very much . I also wish to make a channel and upload videos. But I have no idea can u give me information about it

  • sancta simon
    sancta simon साल पहले

    please cook neyy choru

  • Hana Aneez
    Hana Aneez साल पहले

    Enjoying your recipes , can you please upload Kuzhalappam Recipe.

  • jkrmd
    jkrmd साल पहले

    When you say small , medium or large onions or tomatoes, please us an idea with pictures. Your quantity seems less or more when we watch the videos

  • Sanal p.k
    Sanal p.k साल पहले

    Hallo Mia Chechi-We are In UAE-Dubai....I have a Time tested simple Recipe to share with You.My Cell Number is 00971-55-5638065.If You could provide any Number of your Whats Up- i will send it and let all get the benefit.

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen साल पहले

      thanks ,my cell number8482022849

  • Arati Kumar
    Arati Kumar साल पहले

    Mia, you simply amaze me with your cooking talent. Not only cooking but also the other kitchen tips that you share are so useful. Keep it up, Mia! Don't ever get discouraged by the dislikes that you get (noticed your comment on that). You have a great fan following anyways & that includes me ;)

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen साल पहले

      glad to hear that thanks

  • Shubha Doulath
    Shubha Doulath साल पहले

    Othiri nalla dishes aanu Mia present cheyunadhu . Thanks keto :):):)


    hi mia do we add sugar in whipping cream

  • chicagogurnee
    chicagogurnee साल पहले

    can you show how to make egg in tomato for next episode mia chechi

    • chicagogurnee
      chicagogurnee साल पहले

      i would rather learn from you than watching this guy making it ... no offense but HE makes it kind of disgusting to watch and taste

  • bindhu johnson
    bindhu johnson साल पहले

    pl let me know your phone no. for whatsapp

  • sharon sarah james
    sharon sarah james साल पहले

    chechi fresh cream undakkan, full fat milk il ninnum edutha paalinte aada use cheythal mathioo?

  • jaytee184
    jaytee184 साल पहले

    Mia, thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I have a doubt. You often refer to "onnam paal " and randaam paal for coconut milk from a fresh coconut. But when I use tinned coconut milk, what should I do for randaam paal? Should I dilute the coconut milk or should I use water instead? Please clarify!

  • Rose Dimple
    Rose Dimple साल पहले

    Hi Miya, I keep watching and trying your recipes. Thank you for making cooking so easy and interesting ! Would like to check whether you have any Radish recipes ? We make some Radish and Beef together in Kerala rte? Can you post the recipe whenever you get the same. Thanks ! Rose

  • Jerry Paul
    Jerry Paul साल पहले

    Hi Mia! Belated wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year to you and your family!. Love watching your videos and eating the recipes (wich my wife prepares). Hey! Its the end of the year and the season for blooper reels. Can we expect some uploaded blooper reels? That would be really awesome. Thanks for everything you do. What do you say folks. Please support my demand.

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 2 साल पहले

    Hi Mia, I have watched most of your cooking videos and i like to say you are very skilled and doing awesome job. I have a request! can you please show me how to make Masala biscuit . thank.

  • Vintage Cuts
    Vintage Cuts 2 साल पहले

    mia chechi..............haven't you get silver playbutton?you crossed 1000000 subscribers right?please reply...

    • Vintage Cuts
      Vintage Cuts साल पहले

      chechi youtubill ninnum chechikku oru notification varum. appol a linkil poyi informations koduttal chechikku silver play button kittum. chechi athu kittiyal oru unboxing video edan marakkalle....chechi i have a request. i have a channel called STARK'Z SCI-FI can you please tell about my channel on your next video please.......beg you...............

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen साल पहले


  • Deshi kitchen sudha recipe
    Deshi kitchen sudha recipe 2 साल पहले

    I like your videos, keep up the good work.you have a nice channel i subscribe your channel please sbscribe back.

  • World Entertainment Media
    World Entertainment Media 2 साल पहले

    Dear Friend, Click Link ----->>> inclips.net/user/PopularVideo4U I also Subscribe your channel. I request to u, Please Subscribe my INclips Channel. It's totally FREE..... You get many types of videos & entertainment from this channel. Thank you. (Your videos is very nice, I seen).

  • Sherin George
    Sherin George 2 साल पहले

    Mia chechi...superrr!!! I like all your videos and all the detailed descriptions..You are awesome... THRISSUR bhaasha atinekkal super ... i am a great fan of yours <3

  • Sam Tyler
    Sam Tyler 2 साल पहले

    Hello @Mia kitchen , Hope you are doing good. I came to know about your channel from one of my clients. He said, your channel is the best one in the "Cooking Videos" in Malayalam language . We select some best channels in youtube and give them a mobile app (iPhone&iPad&Android) with a very discounted rate. Congratulations! You are one amoung the selected channels. Let me know if you want to know more details. my email ID is sam[at]brandmychannel.com

  • nandana santheep
    nandana santheep 2 साल पहले

    Mia how to make aval vilayichathu?. Please upload a video

  • Healthy Cooking By Meenu
    Healthy Cooking By Meenu 2 साल पहले

    hi dear ur videos are very nice. please subscribe and share my video or channel inclips.net/video/8MIhbbV2OYQ/वीडियो.html

  • nandana santheep
    nandana santheep 2 साल पहले

    I like your recipes please upload a video of paneer curry !!!

  • nandana santheep
    nandana santheep 2 साल पहले

    hi mia how are you I

  • navin kumar
    navin kumar 2 साल पहले

    noodles engine undakkunnathu ennu share cheyyamo

  • Nazreen Serin
    Nazreen Serin 2 साल पहले

    hello mia..i tried a lot of your recipes ..it turned out very well..especially mysurpak and parotta..your videos are very good..i want to know where to buy the type of iron utensils you cook ..

  • dileep m
    dileep m 2 साल पहले

    What happens no video last couple of weeks

  • Reji Janardanan
    Reji Janardanan 2 साल पहले

    Hi mia...your dishes are really awesome...i have watched all the videos and all are wonderful dishes...in one of the videos, you had mentioned about the cast iron wok worth 75$..you had posted amazon's link too...Can you please resend that link...

  • gopil dev
    gopil dev 2 साल पहले

    haiii mia . how to make mutta baji and spicy chatni ........

  • azeez jub
    azeez jub 2 साल पहले

    mia how to make wheat porotta .please tell us

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      type cheyu Mia Kitchen wheat porotta

  • Harish Pk
    Harish Pk 2 साल पहले

    how to have neer dosha,and which type rice need to use

  • vaishna vinod
    vaishna vinod 2 साल पहले

    all your recipes are really awsome... and your presentation is really nice...i have a request that,,"nalla pazhutha manga kondulla mambazha pulisseri recipe add cheyyuoo..."

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      upload cheythitunntu,Mia kitchen mambazha pulisseri ennu type cheyuu


    So much talent in one person. Great recipes and great lessons.

  • PJJ
    PJJ 2 साल पहले

    Hi Mia Chechi, Thank you so much for making the time to do this channel. I have learned so much from you. My parents are from Kerala but I was raised in the US. I think it's pretty cool that you are doing a youtube channel in Malayalam. I don't see a lot of channels in Malayalam.I don't get to hear the language often (I don't live at home anymore), so I love your channel for more than one reason!! Your recipes are awesome and easy to follow!!

    • Cooking 4 u
      Cooking 4 u 2 साल पहले

      i sub u pls sub me to

  • Shafna ashraf
    Shafna ashraf 2 साल पहले

    Could you plz upload a video on Garam Masala powder prep for chicken biriyani?

    • Cooking 4 u
      Cooking 4 u 2 साल पहले

      i sub u pls sub me to

  • Sarun Sunny
    Sarun Sunny 2 साल पहले

    cake undakkumbol mixi upayogichu beat cheythal kuzhappam undo?

  • jobitha jobitha
    jobitha jobitha 2 साल पहले

    Hai Mia chechi,njan chechiyude palappam[baking soda chertha]try cheythu.ellavarkkum ishttamayi.nalla soft,taste ayirunnu.appathinte mavinu nalla white color ayirunnu.appam chuttu kazhiyumbol yellow color ayi poyi.entha chechi agane.chechiyude ella recipeyum njan try cheythu nokkarundu.ellam super ayirunnu.ethu matharam egane ayi poyi.

  • Shafna ashraf
    Shafna ashraf 2 साल पहले

    Hi Mia, Garam masala powder prep video undo?

    • Shafna ashraf
      Shafna ashraf 2 साल पहले

      nevermind.. I got it. thx though :)

  • srr2010
    srr2010 2 साल पहले

    you are so beautiful chechi like your food

    WALTZ WITH BASHEER 2 साल पहले

    thanks a lot chechi.....

  • tech media
    tech media 2 साल पहले

    Hai mia very Nice all resp

  • paul d'souza
    paul d'souza 2 साल पहले

    Please let us know in English what are the ingredients...we do not follow your language.

  • Karthika Gopal
    Karthika Gopal 2 साल पहले

    hello chechi. I have a doubt while making chicken biriyani in pressure cooker, can we add lemon juice instead of curd. Chechi curd or lemon juice is important for making biriyani

  • Victor Joseph
    Victor Joseph 2 साल पहले

    Hello chechiWhich song is that intro music??Thanks

  • Arjun Jayaprakash
    Arjun Jayaprakash 2 साल पहले

    Hi Mia, Can you just supply us a recipe for a perfect home made health drink that can be given for children upto age 15.....afraid to depend on drinks such as Boost, Complan n Horlicks since there are many news on their ingredients....

  • Sree Lekshmi
    Sree Lekshmi 2 साल पहले

    hai mia ,i m a big fan of yours.ur receipes r really gd.pls upload the receipe of peanut chikki9 kappalandi mitayi) if u can.thank u

  • Pritha S
    Pritha S 2 साल पहले

    Hi Mia, good recipes and videos! You must make a video on your kitchen tour. Would love to see your kitchen, and tips on how you manage to keep your kitchen neat and organized!

  • Nadarajah Sivalingam
    Nadarajah Sivalingam 2 साल पहले

    your recipes are excellent. Thank you.

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      +Nadarajah Sivalingam - thanks for the lovely comment

  • Akhil John
    Akhil John 2 साल पहले

    Especially Thai chilli beef..

  • Akhil John
    Akhil John 2 साल पहले

    hey can you please try thai foods

  • Manu Paravur
    Manu Paravur 2 साल पहले


  • sharmin tonu
    sharmin tonu 2 साल पहले

    i can not understand your language so please speak English or Hindi.

  • sandra reji
    sandra reji 2 साल पहले

    i love ur recipes and ur videos can u please make a video of making of green tea

  • Nibin Jo
    Nibin Jo 2 साल पहले

    Hi i've been following your channel for a long time can u give recipe to make weg soup and chilli porotta in hotel style

  • Tomy Dubai
    Tomy Dubai 2 साल पहले

    hi i love ur recipies and ur videos can u pls make video of making of kakka roast

  • manaf valiyaveettil
    manaf valiyaveettil 2 साल पहले

    hai mia cheechi please add the prepration of the kakka roast.

  • keerthana dhaneesh
    keerthana dhaneesh 2 साल पहले

    can u plz arrange this as veg and non veg

  • Vishnu Areekara
    Vishnu Areekara 2 साल पहले

    Dear sister, I am planning to make ginger toffees and candies under a cottage industry. please give me some recipes and guidelines for this.Especially how can I keep the ginger juice for off seasons ,because raw ginger is not available in all season for business purpose/rate/quantity.

    • Shine
      Shine 2 साल पहले

      +Vishnu Areekara ,you may have a large freezer with small square trays ,that can be arranged in the freezer ,Check out ,if any safe preservative is needed ,Best wishes .Find out if you can use ginger powder ,we get ginger powder in US ,so it can be made ,dehydrate and powder ,I hope Mia has some ideas too ,.God bless .

  • Naresh P
    Naresh P 2 साल पहले

    i was to know how to cook Brinjal dep fry... curry madam

  • Naresh P
    Naresh P 2 साल पहले

    i have seen ur cooking of cake madam. i was tryd in my room madam it was super madam,.....

  • Naresh P
    Naresh P 2 साल पहले

    hello madam

  • jkrmd
    jkrmd 2 साल पहले

    Your measurements are always confusing. Please specify the quantity of Teaspoon and Tablespoon measurements. Also what is the quantity for a cup and a glass?

  • bplhutch
    bplhutch 2 साल पहले

    chechi do u know make ashoka alwa

  • Pradeesh Thilakan
    Pradeesh Thilakan 2 साल पहले

    നമസ്കാരം മിയാ .... പല പാചക കുറിപ്പുകളിലും ...ഒരു കപ്പ് ...അര കപ്പ്‌ ...എന്നിങ്ങനെ അളവുകൾ പറഞ്ഞു കാണാറുണ്ട് . ഒരു കപ്പ്‌ എന്നത് ലിറ്റർ കണക്കിൽ എത്രയാണ് ?? അര ലിറ്റർ ആണോ ???

    • Shine
      Shine 2 साल पहले

      Yes .Mia ,best to buy the measuremeny cups which we can buy as set.. what we have in volume measurement ,as a cup of tea in Kerala is differnt from cups of differnt sizes .//The volume remains the same for dry ingredients also as a standard ,,Otherwise ,,a table top scale helps .

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      Buy a measurement cup from the store. You cant change dry things into liters. Liters is a liquid measurement.

    • Shine
      Shine 2 साल पहले

      +Pradeesh Thilakan 1 cup-240 ml.or 8 ounze .OK? 4 cups approx. 1 litre .

    ALWYN JOSE 2 साल पहले

    mia chechi de yella recipes superaa tto ..xply 4 bachelors ... last 3 months ayittu...chechi de videos nte oru big fan ayittondu njan... youtube il othiri videos undenkilum...chechi de recipes idaku ulla tips ...athu chechi de uniqueness aa..

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      +ALWYN JOSE -thanks for the lovely comment

  • Pradeesh Thilakan
    Pradeesh Thilakan 2 साल पहले

    നമസ്കാരം മിയാ ....... നല്ല സാംബാർ പൊടി എങ്ങനെ ഉണ്ടാക്കാം എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞു തരാമോ?

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      +Pradeesh Thilakan --sambar powder mia ennu type cheythal mathi you tubeill

  • Vinu Narayanan
    Vinu Narayanan 2 साल पहले

    I hope you are ok. Heard about the storm in the east coast. Take care.

    • Vinu Narayanan
      Vinu Narayanan 2 साल पहले

      Great. :) take care.

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      +Vinu Narayanan --I am fine

  • Reshma C K
    Reshma C K 2 साल पहले

    Hai Chechi ... Please tell the recipe of Tomato source. waiting for ur replay.

  • Priyadarsan Priyadarsan
    Priyadarsan Priyadarsan 2 साल पहले

    ഈ youtube vedio കണ്ടുനോക്കു ഇതിൽ മിയയുടെ ഒരു vedio clip കാണിക്കുന്നുണ്ട്. inclips.net/video/v9cgDrGCwRA/वीडियो.html

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 2 साल पहले

      +Priyadarsan Priyadarsan --wow njan kandu--enikku nalla santhoshamm ayyi kandapol-Thanks

  • Aravind Ramesh
    Aravind Ramesh 3 साल पहले

    heavy creaminu pakaram amul fresh cream use cheytamathiyo for making ice cream.

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 3 साल पहले

      +Aravind Ramesh ---yes

  • Sri Ganesh
    Sri Ganesh 3 साल पहले

    Hi chechi please upload instant hot chocolate for me please

  • asoka anil
    asoka anil 3 साल पहले

    how to make fried onion rings

  • peaceand love
    peaceand love 3 साल पहले

    hi mia chechi, hostel studentsinu vendi simple recipes undo? (induction cook) aval, bread, cornflakes, mutta, pole simple ingredients vechitt? chechiyude home made pizza sarikkum kadayil kittunathine vellum. :)

  • Anju Rajesh
    Anju Rajesh 3 साल पहले

    Miachechi, ulli Sambar recipie post cheyyyooo

  • Alfi Alfi
    Alfi Alfi 3 साल पहले

    Ha I mia

  • Tijo Tony
    Tijo Tony 3 साल पहले

    hi chechi introduce some juice recipes for refreshment...and also introduce dipping sauces for snacks and non veg items like tandoori, fried chicken. chechi your recipes are awesome :) keep going

  • Vishnu ER
    Vishnu ER 3 साल पहले

    Dear Mia Chachi........ pineapple biriyani angana undakkuna annu onnu paranju tharamo please update a video about it please

    VIDEOSMYLIVE 3 साल पहले

    Wow very Nice Updated Videos I Love This Chennal Thanks You

  • spreading smiles
    spreading smiles 3 साल पहले

    Hello Mia I am the one who informed you about the cheat channel who uploaded your videos also .First I want to know did you get any counter notification from you tube regarding your videos, because I got that and my videos are re uploaded by you tube Please help me .I want to know that why you tube had not re uploaded your videos again .did you follow any procedure for that Please Guide me Because This fake channel has stolen all my hard work . one more thing If you can do That channel still have your 1-2 videos do the copyright complaint for those videos because it will help me .it will make multiple complaints against that channel Please answer soon I will wait Thanks Regards

  • Abraham George
    Abraham George 3 साल पहले

    കറി നാരങ്ങ / ഉണ്ട നാരങ്ങ അച്ചാർ വീഡിയോ അപ്‌ലോഡ്‌ ചെയാമോ ?.

  • Saidsoul VEVO
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    Great channel! I've subscribed, would love it if you would check out my channel and if you like it subscribe back :)

  • Ganga jayasankar
    Ganga jayasankar 3 साल पहले

    hai jilebi undakki.but soft ayilla.enthanu karanam?pls reply

  • Zuhair Saleem Korakkotil Muhamed
    Zuhair Saleem Korakkotil Muhamed 3 साल पहले

    You have facebook group? How to prepare dates pickle. From Farm fresh dates and Normal dates? Thanks

  • albert ad
    albert ad 3 साल पहले

    fb id pzzzz

  • spreading smiles
    spreading smiles 3 साल पहले

    hello mia I am a well wisher so i want to inform you that some fake channel STREET RASOI is reuploading your videos so please check as soon as possible

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 3 साल पहले

      +spreading smiles ----inclips.net/video/vOd_d8FhFyE/वीडियो.html

    • spreading smiles
      spreading smiles 3 साल पहले

      hello mia actually i too have same complaint about my food channel- khana manpasand the same fraud channel has copied all my vedios and reuploaded them can you tell me that have you filled webbform to cmplaint about this or emailed the you tube , I don,t know what should I do ? please answer

    • Mia kitchen
      Mia kitchen 3 साल पहले

      +spreading smiles Thank You so much for informing me about this issue i have sent a complaint to INclips. I wouldn't have found this without you so thanks.

  • Jinsu Mariam
    Jinsu Mariam 3 साल पहले

    haiii chechiii.....this is my first mail to u...thankx for introduding new new dishes. Chechi can u please tell us hw to make 'paal kanji '.Expecting from u chechi.....

  • Abraham Albin
    Abraham Albin 3 साल पहले

    Hi Mia, My wife was not an expert in cooking.But with the help of your recipes she became an expert and I am enjoying tasty foods now.Thank you very much.

  • Joseena George
    Joseena George 3 साल पहले

    Hi Miya, Can u upload wheat payasam receipe?

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    • Mia kitchen
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      +Heiden Palackal George I live in New York so I buy it from New York, so i don't have any recommendations for pots from Kerala

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      +Niny Das I bought the mixie from India but if you are are in the US you must bring an convert to an 110 voltage.

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      +binoy mathew sorry too--ippol annu message kanunathu--photo e-mail ayakku--mia.anthony46@gmail.com

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    • Mia kitchen
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      I do advise you to grind the yeast, you dont have to do it seperetly no matter what you do it should rise

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  • Anagha Rajadhyaksha
    Anagha Rajadhyaksha 5 साल पहले

    Hey! This is Anagha from PING Network (INclips Partner)! Is there an email address I can contact you on? Would love to connect with you :) Thanks!

    • Anagha Rajadhyaksha
      Anagha Rajadhyaksha 5 साल पहले

      Or do drop me an email at anagha@pingnetwork.in Thanks!

  • Pooja Nambiar
    Pooja Nambiar 5 साल पहले

    Very nice channel... Thanks for all the lovely recipes ... :)