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ScoopWhoop: Types Of Students During Viva Exams
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ScoopWhoop: 27 Lies Bollywood Has Told Us
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ScoopWhoop: Lies Your Parents Tell You
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ScoopWhoop: Professions - Expectation vs Reality
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ScoopWhoop: Professions - Expectations vs Reality
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ScoopWhoop Shots : If Real Life Was Like Taarak Mehta
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ScoopWhoop: Life lessons ft. Desi Dad
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ScoopWhoop Shots: Lamest Prank Ever
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ScoopWhoop: Every Appraisal Ever
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ScoopWhoop: Desi Mom When Relatives Visit Ft. Deepika Amin
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ScoopWhoop: College : Expectation Vs Reality
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ScoopWhoop: Singles Answer The Most Important Dating Questions
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ScoopWhoop: Types Of Couples - Part 1
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ScoopWhoop: Things You Only Tell Your BFFs
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ScoopWhoop: Single Problems Vs Couple Problems
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ScoopWhoop: Types Of Stoners
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ScoopWhoop: If Mirzapur Characters Went To Office
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ScoopWhoop: New Year's Eve - Expectation Vs Reality
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ScoopWhoop: People You Meet At Weddings - Part 2
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ScoopWhoop: People You Meet At Weddings - Part 1
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ScoopWhoop: Things We Say But Don't Mean
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ScoopWhoop: We Tried Replacing Our Laptops With Phones For A Day
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ScoopWhoop: Look Who's Talking | Ep.04 | Sumeet Vyas
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ScoopWhoop: The Little Things That Make Diwali
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ScoopWhoop: Professions - Expectations Vs Reality - Part 2
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ScoopWhoop: Professions - Expectations Vs Reality - Part 1
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ScoopWhoop: If Your Home Was Like Your Office
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ScoopWhoop: 20 Years Of Lucky Ali | SW Cafe | Session VIII
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ScoopWhoop: My Goa Bucket List In 12 Hours
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ScoopWhoop: I Went On A Free Trip To Goa... For Work!
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ScoopWhoop: Annoying People You Meet In Theatres | Part 2
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ScoopWhoop: Annoying People You Meet In Theatres - Part 1
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ScoopWhoop: If iPhone Were A Person
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ScoopWhoop: 20 Years Of Friendship | SW Cafe | Session VII
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ScoopWhoop: Worst Dates Ever - Part 2
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ScoopWhoop: When You're #NotThatNalayak For Your Desi Mom
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ScoopWhoop: Look Who's Talking | Ep. 03 | Taapsee Pannu
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ScoopWhoop: Stages of Gymming
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ScoopWhoop: Worst Dates Ever
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ScoopWhoop: Brothers vs Sisters Rakshabandhan
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ScoopWhoop: 1940s Youth Vs Millennials
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ScoopWhoop: Types Of People You Meet At Work
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ScoopWhoop: Kya Cartoon Hai Yaar | Ep. 01
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ScoopWhoop: Friendships In Your 20s Vs 30s
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ScoopWhoop: Look Who's Talking | Ep.01 | Diljit Dosanjh
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ScoopWhoop: That One Friend Who Needs To Buy A New Phone
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ScoopWhoop: Cheating On Your Meme Bestie
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ScoopWhoop: That One Friend Who Keeps Borrowing Your Phone
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ScoopWhoop: After Party Ke After Effects
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Wild Wild Office: If Osho & Sheela Worked With You
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ScoopWhoop: Filmy Awards Every Indian Dad Deserves
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World Masturbation Day | Anonymously Yours | Ep.04
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ScoopWhoop: Emotional Stages Of Deciding Your College
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ScoopWhoop: That One Guy Who Is Always Late
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ScoopWhoop: Delhi On It's Love For Chai
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ScoopWhoop: If Men Were Judged Like Women When They Drink
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ScoopWhoop: Things You Can Gift Your Mother
दृश्य 291Kसाल पहले
ScoopWhoop: College Seniors Give Advice To Freshers
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ScoopWhoop: Avengers Infinity War Explained
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ScoopWhoop: If Desi Moms Ran A Helpline
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ScoopWhoop: When A Desi Mom Visits You After Marriage
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ScoopWhoop: Types Of Students You Meet In An Exam Hall
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ScoopWhoop: When People Give You Worthless Career Advice
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Condom Confession Stories | Anonymously Yours | Ep.03
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ScoopWhoop: Oh Mere Board Exams... Phat Ti Hai Tumse G****
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ScoopWhoop: Me With Humans VS Me With Dogs
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ScoopWhoop Team Gets Pranked On Holi
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Surviving The Day: High On Bhaang | Holi Special
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ScoopWhoop: When The Only Girl In Your Group Is Your Bro
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ScoopWhoop: Tu Itna Single Hai Ki... Insults Face off
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ScoopWhoop: A Love Story Through Hugs
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First Time Marijuana Stories | Anonymously Yours | Ep. 02
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ScoopWhoop: Milkar Koshish Karenge | SW Cafe Session V
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ScoopWhoop: How Desi Moms Get Shit Done
दृश्य 494Kसाल पहले
ScoopWhoop: When People Question Your Shopping Habits
दृश्य 54Kसाल पहले


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    The most fragile thing in this universe is male ego. It's pitiful scenario when some men can't handle rejection. And then go on to such extremes breaking trust of these women whose only mistake was to trust such men. Next day the girl is labelled as a "slut" and guy as a "stud". Which is absolutely wrong in all cases. The real problem is with us too. We are quick to judge women and point finger at her character. And a lot many of us also do forward such videos to other friends. "Bhai .. ye dekh XYZ ka mms bana hai". It's real immoral thing to do. I feel sympathy for these women as such immoral acts leave a scar which never goes away and affects their future relationship too. To all women reading this, "Be carefull and see everyone with a bit of doubt. Never put 100% trust in anyone". To the guys reading this, "If your male ego is that fragile, fucking grow up. Be a gentleman. World doesn't remember studs they remember only gentlemen"

    MAYANK दिन पहले

    Caste Indian capital mein bhi chal rha hai haha India ke sabse bright students aap is baat see andaza laga skte ho Baki jaghe ki reality Kya Hogi....

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    Excellent work.

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    Sir arijit singh ka gana gao please request i m his biggest fan

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    This was good...very good

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    Abhijeet is next level savage.

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