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🔥 Realme 5i vs Redmi Note 8 - Which One Should You Buy?
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Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. 30,000 (December 2019 Edition)
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All the Cheat Codes for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition
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How to Setup Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp
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Moto G8 Plus Review: Better Than Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme XT?
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Mi TV 4X Review: Best TV Under Rs. 30,000?
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Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. 8,000 Right Now
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Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT - 🔥 Which One Should You Buy?
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The Best Phones Under Rs. 7,000 Right Now
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Vivo Nex 3 Unboxing and First Look - What's Unique About This Phone?
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Redmi 8A Review - The Best Budget Smartphone in India Right Now?
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Apple Watch Series 5 Review - The Best Smartwatch Money Can Buy?
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Moto E6s Review - Packed With a Lot of Promises, but Should You Buy?
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Samsung Galaxy M30s Review: The One With a Massive 6,000mAh Battery
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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Review - The Best Budget Fitness Band?
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OnePlus 7T Review - Another Winner From the House of OnePlus?
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OnePlus TV Q1 Pro Review - Should Samsung, Sony, and LG Be Worried?
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Vivo U10 Unboxing and First Look - Price in India, Key Features
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iOS 13: The 30 Best Hidden Features You Should Check Out Right Now
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iOS 13: 🇮🇳 The Best New Features for Indian Users
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Asus ROG Phone 2 First Look - The New Powerful Gaming Smartphone
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  • Yogesh Kumar
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    How to get it in India

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    Bro u should have given best buy links as well

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    Realme X2 or Redmi K20 both are best under 20k

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    S 665 , company chus raha h paisa

    • Bombay Trollz
      Bombay Trollz 17 घंटे पहले

      @Parivartak Chhabra But we've lot lottt many options out there so why to waste money?

    • Parivartak Chhabra
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      offline ke liye mast hai

    • Bombay Trollz
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      Fir v log kharid rahe hai n offline mein number 1 company bana rahe hain. Have u seen reviews on Flipkart? Log bol rhe h value fr mny phone 😆😖

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    Price is too high

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    As soon as I am buy Nokia 3310

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    Excellent Review Brother

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    Should I buy this in 2020 ? My budget is strictly under 7000 rs.

  • Giri Kumar
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    Rotate icon 👍

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    What is the cost

  • Pat Mcrutch
    Pat Mcrutch दिन पहले

    I got this the other day, love it! It’s expensive but This time I just wanted something off the shelf... highly recommend if you can spare the cash 👌

  • Dhoni 7781
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    Oh I never knew the camera trick

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    Just dided. it is awesome 👍

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    Crying over No option for Auto Brightness??? My phone have it and I never use it... And if its on ot annoys me alot! HATE IT!

  • Gepochs
    Gepochs 3 दिन पहले

    Windows phone had a dark mode in 2012.

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    Thank you still works in 2020.

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    Got the 6gigs for 11k. It's a great device at this range. But I hate the purple colour which isn't same as carbon fibre black shown in picture

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    Its safe 🙄

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    Thank u very much man! U saved my life. :)

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    • Aditya Chakrabarty
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      @Tanish Patki nah bro whatsapp dark mode isnt black it is dark green .

    • Aditya Chakrabarty
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      It doesnt save battery 😂

    • Tanish Patki
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  • Muzik Man
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    Can you connect a cordless landline phone to the router? Because most current cordless phones work on 2.4ghz and the wifi is also on the same frequency range so in that case will there be any disturbance from the wifi?

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    Picked nokia. Slightly used. 5 months used. Android 10. Best battery life. The only Hercules heel is the usbc port,,,but it all usb c ports according to my research,, it gets wiggly wobbly but, it's repairable

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