Student Of The Year 2 Class of 2018 | Full Cast | Tiger Shroff | Tara | Ananya | Punit Malhotra

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  • 12/04/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Give a warm welcome to the Class of 2018 at Saint Teresa! Ready or not, HERE WE GO! See you in theatres on 23rd November 2018!🏆
    Starring Tiger Shroff, Tara & Ananya
    Directed by Punit Malhotra
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टिप्पणियाँ • 211

  • Sachin Khurana
    Sachin Khurana 4 महीने पहले

    Tiger is best

  • Tiger Shroff
    Tiger Shroff 6 महीने पहले +1

    Mast hai

  • Huzaifa Arsalan
    Huzaifa Arsalan 6 महीने पहले

    not another movie with dancing and music as its core...

  • d Rahul
    d Rahul 8 महीने पहले

    Tiger shroff is looking so cute

  • Maisha Zaman
    Maisha Zaman 9 महीने पहले

    It's just faltu for student of the year 2 u should take (alia,siddhart and varun) but if u r really doing with them it will be bakwas......

  • ROLLY vortex gameplay
    ROLLY vortex gameplay 10 महीने पहले

    I will surely not watch this movie bcoz SOTY is only for varun.......alia......sidharth........who else agree

  • Bong Girl Review
    Bong Girl Review 10 महीने पहले

    shit shit shit ..karan johar shit

  • Roney tech
    Roney tech 10 महीने पहले


  • Roney tech
    Roney tech 10 महीने पहले


  • Roney tech
    Roney tech 10 महीने पहले


  • Roney tech
    Roney tech 10 महीने पहले


  • Shamily Sharma
    Shamily Sharma 10 महीने पहले

    hlo agr bakwass hi lg rhi h toh mat dakhna prr ase kissi ko galliya toh mat do .... tiger is the best for. this movie

  • saloni bisht
    saloni bisht 10 महीने पहले

    Tiger is best

  • Nayeem Ahmad
    Nayeem Ahmad 10 महीने पहले

    soty 2 will be super hit dekhlena

  • Jai Kr.
    Jai Kr. 10 महीने पहले

    Why so late release ? But then also Karan Johar gave a Midas touch to Raazi film

  • komal bhatia
    komal bhatia 11 महीने पहले +1

    Student of the year is flop without varun, sidhart and alia because they r best and varun is bestest among them 😍😍😍.

  • Shi zuka
    Shi zuka 11 महीने पहले

    😂 big flop

  • Shalini Jinoy
    Shalini Jinoy 11 महीने पहले

    is that tara Sutaria???/

  • Akash Asthana
    Akash Asthana 11 महीने पहले

    God, I hate Tiger shroff.

  • Abu Hamza
    Abu Hamza साल पहले

    Ok fine...... And the release date is???

  • Shorab Shuvo
    Shorab Shuvo साल पहले +1

    tiger fans hit like to the posters

  • # rahul
    # rahul साल पहले +2

    Kya ye chakka Mila Karan ko part 2 ke liye iss see achha toh Rajkumar Rao Hai.

  • Sumit Pandey
    Sumit Pandey साल पहले

    Mst hai tiger is the best

  • Jassi Ginni
    Jassi Ginni साल पहले

    Idk why this 30 second clip seems like a Bollywood remake of HighSchoolMusical

  • Ankur Gusain
    Ankur Gusain साल पहले

    C'mon guys, we cant say the film wont do without watching, casting is superb. U look great Tiger, Tara, & Ananya😘😘😍😍


    Karan Johar ka retirement ka time ho gayi.28 saal ka student?o v 6 pack le ke?.😂😂😂😂

  • Manav Mongia
    Manav Mongia साल पहले +1

    Another celebrity's Baby

  • Ayushi Singh
    Ayushi Singh साल पहले +2

    Ananya pandey is very cute😍

  • Diksha Gaur
    Diksha Gaur साल पहले +2

    I am so excited for this movie👍👍👏👏

  • Make Real Of WWE
    Make Real Of WWE साल पहले +1

    bhai mujhe abhi 10,20 gaalia pad sakti hai....but i say cleary ........TIGER ISNT GOOD ACTOR HE SUCKS ...HE ONLY HAVE BETTER DANCE AND AFTER I SEE MUNNA MIACHEAL A DANCE MOVIE ( BUT NOT SEE THE DANCE ) I PREFER TIGER ISNT A GOOD ACTOR....dedo gaali lekin sachaai sachaai hi rhai gi....😂😂😂😂Tiger sucks like the comment if u belive

  • fun comedy and mucic and sports moriserwin


  • BeenThere&LovedIt
    BeenThere&LovedIt साल पहले

    Bekar.. bollywood movies lack stories, interest and theme. Students nahi ye log bar ke dancers lag rahe hain. Kinda college hai jahan aise students hain. Padhai ke alava sab kuch ho raha hai.

  • Tanisha Desai
    Tanisha Desai साल पहले

    Pakka flop hogi

  • Maharashtra maza
    Maharashtra maza साल पहले

    WO 2 heroins kone hy

  • Be Creative
    Be Creative साल पहले

    wow so tiger is coming in november
    will wait for it

  • Ajay Thakur
    Ajay Thakur साल पहले +1

    Flop of the year Varun is the best in the world 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Yuvraj Sapra
    Yuvraj Sapra साल पहले +1

    Jab picture hit ho jayegi tab yeh sare chup ho jayenge
    Baaghi 2 ke bare main bhi kha tha ab picture superhit hogayi ab chup hogaye
    Phele hi apni astrology jadne lag jate hai yeh log

  • Phenomenal Tips
    Phenomenal Tips साल पहले +2

    Ye film bhi munna michael ki tarah hi ho gi only dance tiger is good for dance and flips bakwas kar diya Student of the year 2 ko bhi

  • Sahil Bhimla
    Sahil Bhimla साल पहले

    Nepitism at its best Karan johar by yash johar Fool tigeress from legen jackie sir rest two also from bollywood bg?

  • Dj Husseina
    Dj Husseina साल पहले

    Am not impressed with tiger in SOTY2, I was expecting new actor though tiger is a good actor, this movie won't get that much hype as the first one because of old faces in it, and am happy with the new girls and I like this idea of launching new faces in every part of it.

  • Özlem Sinha
    Özlem Sinha साल पहले +11

    i hopte its not something like kuch kuch hota hai you cant beat that movie with this cast!

  • p. j.
    p. j. साल पहले +4

    I seriously Think TIGER Should Back-out From this........ Movie!

    MOVIESNOWHD साल पहले

    Can't wait to see this movie 😍

  • priyakshi Maheshwari
    priyakshi Maheshwari साल पहले

    Naya wala dekhne ke bad maza hi aata h chahe cast badal kyon na jaye .....

  • Idhar Udhar Ki Baate
    Idhar Udhar Ki Baate साल पहले

    Karan Johar - lifting the already uplifted 😂😂😂

  • fitness,makeup,entertainment&many more FME

    Alia ko hi hona chaiye ta

  • fitness,makeup,entertainment&many more FME

    Alia is mosttttt beautiful than tara and anaya

  • fitness,makeup,entertainment&many more FME

    Alia ko koi bit nhi krskta na hi anaya na hi tara

  • fitness,makeup,entertainment&many more FME

    Anaya sabse buri h or wo student nhi principal lg ri h

  • fitness,makeup,entertainment&many more FME

    Blkul ache nhi h tino

  • Hridz
    Hridz साल पहले +4

    Totally not interested! Question of watching is too far-_-

  • Aitika Modi
    Aitika Modi साल पहले +5

    Tiger in student of the year 2 no!!!!!! 😖😖😖😖

  • Aitika Modi
    Aitika Modi साल पहले +1

    I want Alia Varun n Sid only!!😞😖😖

  • joy732
    joy732 साल पहले

    Itna sannata kyu hai bhai?

  • Day Knight Gamer
    Day Knight Gamer साल पहले

    1 girl 2 boy wala tradition has broken now its 1 boy 2 girls in soty2

  • Aliza Subba
    Aliza Subba साल पहले

    Waiting for this movie😘😘😘😘

  • Rin .j
    Rin .j साल पहले

    Jinhe bakwass lgti h vvo apne eyes baand krle ×_×

  • critical carry
    critical carry साल पहले +1

    KIS chutiye ko le me, this is going to flop

  • Ajish Thomas
    Ajish Thomas साल पहले

    Handsome hunk Tiger with two ugly looking crow.

  • Austin Ghonda
    Austin Ghonda साल पहले

    kitni bekaar heroine h

  • subhasis sathua
    subhasis sathua साल पहले

    Faltu promotion

  • Uzzi Says
    Uzzi Says साल पहले +3

    Yaar koi hero to daalty! 3 Larkiyan casting mein... it looks kinda boring! 🤫😀😬

  • Anu Garg
    Anu Garg साल पहले +3

    Flop movie

  • Chinmayee Patil
    Chinmayee Patil साल पहले

    These people never know the reality of the students ☹️😲😲

  • Suraj Diwakar
    Suraj Diwakar साल पहले +11

    Tiger is a best actor for #soty2 all the best @tigerjackieshroff @tarasutaria__ @ananyapanday

  • Asad-ur-rehman PRO
    Asad-ur-rehman PRO साल पहले +2

    i am excited for Ananya paanday first movie look Ananya very hot

  • Priya Agrawal
    Priya Agrawal साल पहले +34

    Plz stop criticizing SOTY least wait for the trailer then start judging it.... Don't judge a book by it's cover....

    • Kiaan Khan
      Kiaan Khan साल पहले +2

      Sameera Irani yes don't judge this book by its cover bcoz its worst inside

  • faijul 007
    faijul 007 साल पहले +9

    blockbuster of the year...great choice of tiger💔

  • Bipasha Mazumder
    Bipasha Mazumder साल पहले +87

    Why tiger and other two girls are in this film (alia,sidharth and varun) should be in the film student of the year 2 bakwas hit like if u agree

    • Nand Joshi
      Nand Joshi 10 महीने पहले +1

      Roney S you are right tiger is the best

    • Roney tech
      Roney tech 10 महीने पहले

      tiger is a all in one actor aur varun ko to acting ka A NAHI ATA..AUR BADI VARUN KI TARIF KAR NE WALI

    • L O V E
      L O V E 11 महीने पहले

      Sukriti Mazumder but naye logo ko bhi toh chance milna chahiye na???Alia,Sid aur Varun jab aaye thhey tab woh naye thhey...Ab inhe bhi apni lif mein agge barne ka mauka milna chahiye..Inhe support karna hi chahiye!

    • Nand Joshi
      Nand Joshi 11 महीने पहले

      Sukriti Mazumder tiger shroff is best but the other 2 are looking really worst please choose other actresses

    • Shorab Shuvo
      Shorab Shuvo साल पहले +1

      abe kutte tere like maro ki aisi ki taisi.tiger is the best. toh jake marr.varun alia lagata hai.kamina panoti sala


    Awwee!! A sequel to dis stupid movie . seriously??

  • Alien kumar
    Alien kumar साल पहले

    poster me superhero pose me kyu hai tino..

  • Amina
    Amina साल पहले

    I don’t like the girls but I like tiger shroff

  • Artist art
    Artist art साल पहले +3

    Tiger is too old to play a college guy.. i mean come on yaar...don't take audience to be 'dumb of the year' 😂😂😂😂

  • Wasif Khan
    Wasif Khan साल पहले +14

    Varun sidharth aur alia is best for this film

  • DS R
    DS R साल पहले +2

    Wow alia bhatt with beard🤣🤣

  • Ammar Munir
    Ammar Munir साल पहले


  • Ammar Munir
    Ammar Munir साल पहले +1


  • Munir Ahmed Zafar Walanah
    Munir Ahmed Zafar Walanah साल पहले +1


  • Munir Ahmed Zafar Walanah
    Munir Ahmed Zafar Walanah साल पहले

    Total disgusting maha bakwaas cast are not Good

  • dhriti choudhary
    dhriti choudhary साल पहले +1

    With tiger shroff. It's definitely a flop. Poor girls who'll have to face a flop.

  • Ammar Munir
    Ammar Munir साल पहले

    This is not student of year but it's definitely nepotism of year ananya tiger tara

  • Ammar Munir
    Ammar Munir साल पहले +1

    Maha bkwaas casting are not suitable for this film👎👎

  • DS R
    DS R साल पहले +4

    Tiger is posing for *Flying jatt2*

  • Tejal Jethwa
    Tejal Jethwa साल पहले +3

    tiger ko kyu liye be bhkwas hero h chi yr

    • Yuvraj Sapra
      Yuvraj Sapra साल पहले

    • Yuvraj Sapra
      Yuvraj Sapra साल पहले

    • Yuvraj Sapra
      Yuvraj Sapra साल पहले

      Robert Riku lekin judwaa 2 to jayda par hui thi phir bhi piche chut gayi
      Tiger shroff ko aaj kal best young actor Bol rahe hain naki overactor varun ko jo kisi cheez main acha nahi
      Tiger shroff best dancer ,best bodybuilder ,best action hero kaha jata hai aur varun ki cheez main best hai batana

    • Robert Riku
      Robert Riku साल पहले

      Yuvraj Sapra .... VARUN is the most successful young actor 😎😎😎..... Tiger Expressionless ACTOR 😂

    • Robert Riku
      Robert Riku साल पहले

      Yuvraj Sapra .... aur agar Oct flop bhi hui toh sirf 1 flop hogi varun ki wo bhi Critics se Praise lekar.... aur Tiger ki tho back to back 2 filmein Disaster tho hai wo bhi criticized hokar 😂.....

  • Rohitsingh Singh
    Rohitsingh Singh साल पहले +2

    Tiger doesn't have that skills to be actor

  • Rohitsingh Singh
    Rohitsingh Singh साल पहले

    It will be the raita of the year

  • Rohitsingh Singh
    Rohitsingh Singh साल पहले

    Shitty 2

  • Ananya
    Ananya साल पहले

    I trust Karan Johar and his casting. Nepotism or not, he has given this industry innumerous gems and I am sure SOTY 2 will be a pleasant surprise too! Especially excited about Tiger, the most humble actor I have seen in Bollywood, and whose growth in this industry deserves applauds😊 Both the girls look pretty in their own way, hope their acting also matches up :)
    All the best Team SOTY 2❤️

  • Mateen King
    Mateen King साल पहले +3

    *Wow awesome I'm excited*

    • Maisha Zaman
      Maisha Zaman 9 महीने पहले

      Mateen King 👎👎👎👎

  • nitin garg
    nitin garg साल पहले +2

    Why tiger shroff yrr he don't know the acting😶😶😶 😶

  • Soham's Music
    Soham's Music साल पहले +3


  • valkyrie azure
    valkyrie azure साल पहले


  • Kishlay Tiwari
    Kishlay Tiwari साल पहले

    Find me on twitter:- @imkishlaytiwari

  • Enakshi Diksha
    Enakshi Diksha साल पहले +43

    i want student of the year2.. with same cast varun siddharth and Alia 😔 atleast replace Tiger and cast a new face 😐

    • Hiba Tanaz
      Hiba Tanaz 10 महीने पहले

      Enakshi Diksha absolutely !

    • Nayeem Ahmad
      Nayeem Ahmad 10 महीने पहले


  • anuradha rocks
    anuradha rocks साल पहले


  • Aysha Siddiqe
    Aysha Siddiqe साल पहले

    this wrong cast hone vhahie sidhart, varun, alia hi ache lagenge

  • Maitreyee Jaiswal
    Maitreyee Jaiswal साल पहले

    I can observe a pattern 2 star kids and 1 outsider. Take it in a good way or bad way I don't care

  • Tiya sadhwani
    Tiya sadhwani साल पहले

    The film is going to be a disaster because of the cast
    Priyank sharma could be in this

  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha साल पहले

    Video has no sound 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Sania Rose
    Sania Rose साल पहले +3