Ghar Ki Yaad | Moments of Dhadak | Janhvi & Ishaan | Shashank Khaitan | 20th July

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  • Tarun Dabas
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  • life star
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    One.. LiKe FOr... Dhadak.... 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Lakeshmi Chourasia
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    moments nhi upload kar ke full movie upload kar dona INclips pe plz plz plz

  • Susmita Ghosh
    Susmita Ghosh महीने पहले

    I love dhadak all song

  • Ansar Ansari
    Ansar Ansari 2 महीने पहले

    Aap ke no

    SANTRAM SAHU 3 महीने पहले

    I like to Dhadak Movie 😘😘😘

  • Alsamad Asif
    Alsamad Asif 3 महीने पहले

    Har 1 sean Top h yrr

  • sunita rajput
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    Yarrr bs last me ishan ko marna😥 nahi Tha yr.....😯😔

  • Shruti Chindauliya
    Shruti Chindauliya 3 महीने पहले

    It's is my one of this favourite movie and I see movie 5 to 6 times love you ishaan and jannnu💗💗💗😗😗😗💓

  • n m
    n m 3 महीने पहले

    sale harami nepotism faida hone wale

  • Riddhima Srivastava
    Riddhima Srivastava 3 महीने पहले

    Jhanvi achhi acting nhi krti

  • rubina shaikh
    rubina shaikh 3 महीने पहले +1

    Love u ishaan

  • Anju sodani
    Anju sodani 3 महीने पहले

    Awesome movie

  • Nandita Singha Roy
    Nandita Singha Roy 3 महीने पहले +1

    Maa ki Bohot yaad aa rahi hain....
    She wasn't acting in that moment, it was her real expression I think 😢😥😧

  • Shivam Sharma
    Shivam Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    Nepotism sucks...

  • soumya soumya
    soumya soumya 3 महीने पहले

    Omg.... Wht an act..

  • Sanjay Sharma
    Sanjay Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    Janhvi acting is vry gud. Movie is too gud. Love uuu janhvi

  • Sanjay Sharma
    Sanjay Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    Janhvi acting is vry gud. Movie is too gud. Love uuu janhvi

  • Sanjay Sharma
    Sanjay Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    Janhvi acting is vry gud. Movie is too gud. Love uuu janhvi

  • Sanjay Sharma
    Sanjay Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    Janhvi acting is vry gud. Movie is too gud. Love uuu janhvi

  • Roji Kumari
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    Super hit yarr

  • natasha khan
    natasha khan 3 महीने पहले

    0:12 😂

  • Prarthana Sai
    Prarthana Sai 3 महीने पहले

    When she says "Maa ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai"😞❤ that's what the like is for

  • shireen qureshi
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    koi help krega

  • karan ahuja
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  • Dushyant Kumar
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    Ishan acting fabulous and Jhanvi Kapoor voice like shri Devi ji

  • varun santhosh
    varun santhosh 3 महीने पहले

    Sad.. But good😑

  • Md Ibran
    Md Ibran 3 महीने पहले

    Maha faltu film hai last me kya hua pata hi nhi chala

  • Jishan Mansuri
    Jishan Mansuri 3 महीने पहले

    Aliy or Varun fir se ek sath kab dikhege😔

  • Mukesh Sharma
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  • Shreya Saha
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  • Mahi Creations
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    Climax 💔💔💔

  • goldy singh
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  • Lucky Nayak
    Lucky Nayak 3 महीने पहले

    Kya dhadak movie ka second part bnega

  • Kulsoom abid
    Kulsoom abid 3 महीने पहले

    Loved the movie full of comedy but with emotional secen too great movie ❤❤❤ well done ishaan sir and jhanvi and director and producer.....

  • Sunny Yadav
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  • vasim hatwadkar
    vasim hatwadkar 3 महीने पहले

    Jhanvi can do much better she had not gotten in to roots of the character... She should work on her acting skills...

  • Sakshi Garud
    Sakshi Garud 3 महीने पहले

    Janvie is so cute

  • Sayed Sajid
    Sayed Sajid 3 महीने पहले

    Jhanvi ..Maa ki yaad aari hai..😢

  • Hirendra Parjapt
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  • Babbu
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    A movie chana meriya Punjabi movie de copy a full

  • Ohio Hill
    Ohio Hill 3 महीने पहले

    😂😂even I shocked wen he shouted

  • Aakriti Borgohain
    Aakriti Borgohain 3 महीने पहले

    rula diya re

  • Excuse Me
    Excuse Me 3 महीने पहले

    Kya chutiyapa hai

  • Riya Sharma
    Riya Sharma 3 महीने पहले +1

    nice scene...

  • Ankit k
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    OSM movie ,, please upload vaara re video song 🙏

    PCM ONLINE STUDY 3 महीने पहले


  • Patel Niraj
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    Only ishan acting superb baki super flop movie 3rdclass

  • Sash INDIA
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  • Afrina Zahir
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  • sadhvi Dasyam
    sadhvi Dasyam 3 महीने पहले

    Janvi s voice

  • gourav sharma
    gourav sharma 3 महीने पहले

    My life's best movie ever nice acting inshaan sirr janvi mam u r looking in this movie so beautiful indore city me sbse pahla ticket holder hu me

  • Sagar dhfm
    Sagar dhfm 3 महीने पहले

    Ruladiya yaar 😢

  • Kavin Gandhi
    Kavin Gandhi 3 महीने पहले

    Kya Bakwaas movie hai bhai, total flop actors

  • AK DK
    AK DK 3 महीने पहले

    Sairath did a great job.....still jhanvi and ishan....its nice too see ur performance in dhadak and feels they did a very clean and mindblowing performance......

    HINDU HINDU 3 महीने पहले +1

    Bhagke shadi nahi karni chahiye 😢😢

  • Mmmm Jhkhj
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  • Gulam Ahmed
    Gulam Ahmed 3 महीने पहले

    so so nice and hit movie 😗😗😗😗

  • হাসির রাজা
    হাসির রাজা 3 महीने पहले

    Love you movie♥♪♥♪

  • Abbas Dalal
    Abbas Dalal 3 महीने पहले

    Ghar to h, lekin maaa nahi ...... 'so sad ' miss u sree ma'am

  • Inder Inderpal
    Inder Inderpal 3 महीने पहले

    abe kitna paise kamoge ??😂😂

  • s. r. k khan
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    Faltu movie hai Sairat achi hai

  • Car toon Channel
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    😢😢😢very emotional scene

  • Divya Bhatt
    Divya Bhatt 3 महीने पहले

    bhot pyari movie he guy's yrr.....last scane m dhadak dekh krr dhadkan ruk gyi yrrr

  • Inder Ajith
    Inder Ajith 3 महीने पहले

    100th dislike I hate that bitch 😂😂😂

  • Wandering lucy
    Wandering lucy 3 महीने पहले +1

    This girl knows her job.. they r good additions to the industry👍

  • abhay mathur
    abhay mathur 3 महीने पहले

    Ishaan's acting skills is A1

  • Majid Rashid
    Majid Rashid 3 महीने पहले

    just watched the movie today,, can't explain in words how amazing it is. Love from Pakistan

  • LovelyVibesXO
    LovelyVibesXO 3 महीने पहले

    Yaad karo: Alia ki pehli film thi Student of the Year, aur sab ne uska mazaak udaya. Lekin phir usne Highway aur Udta Punjab jesi films ki, aur ab Raazi ke sath India ki ek top actress hai. Janhvi ko inte jaldi judge mat karo, isko bhi chance deyo. EXCITED TO WATCH DHADAK!!!!! EXCITED FOR JANHVI AND ISHAAN’S CAREERS♥️

  • santoshi g
    santoshi g 3 महीने पहले +8

    Such a sad moments of life. Because of that one person girls had to leave house. But again we need to get consoled by the same person who separates us from home. Because we won't have anybody except that husband. I can really connect to this well. Because my life is same as this scene. No matter how much u love a guy. Home is home. I miss my home a lot. I came very far from my home.

    • santoshi g
      santoshi g 3 महीने पहले

      Mohammed Fahad thanks a lot... It means a lot...

    • Mohammed Fahad
      Mohammed Fahad 3 महीने पहले

      santoshi g
      Allah bless you n ur husband sister

  • Diviyanshi Wazir
    Diviyanshi Wazir 3 महीने पहले

    They are so adorable I wish They get every happiness and success in their life love you both forever I have not watched Dhadak sorry for that but I’m waiting to watch it and I know this movie is very beautiful and heart touching and the love story is giving good massage about love ❤️ Lots of love

  • Sonali Satyam Musical Group Gupta
    Sonali Satyam Musical Group Gupta 3 महीने पहले

    Love this movie and Love you💕 Ishaan & Janhvi❤

  • Dora Smrith
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    0:06 omg scary noise

    • Dora Smrith
      Dora Smrith 3 महीने पहले


    • Dora Smrith
      Dora Smrith 3 महीने पहले

      Fhjj 0:06

  • Devyani Beohar
    Devyani Beohar 3 महीने पहले +3

    'maa ki yaad aa rahi hai'- made me emotional 😭love you sridevi ji❤❤❤

  • Diana0460
    Diana0460 3 महीने पहले +2

    Please nobody spoil the ending for those who haven't watched the movie yet

  • Shalu Komal
    Shalu Komal 3 महीने पहले

    Ossm moviee h yrrr... Mzaa aagyaa dhkrrrr lkin yrr last scenee very emotional

  • Ali Sher
    Ali Sher 3 महीने पहले +1

    Super hit

  • Abhaya Lahoti
    Abhaya Lahoti 3 महीने पहले +1

    bakvas movie

  • Mariya Shaikh
    Mariya Shaikh 3 महीने पहले +2

    Oh jhanvi and ishan what i say i am just blank no words can describe u guys you both are just fabulous ek aisi feeling aa rahi jaise main hu unki jagah #goosebump performance yaar #ekdam kadhak........@dhadak_2018

  • nithik ak
    nithik ak 3 महीने पहले

    Awesome movie.....😍😍😍

  • chanachal pal
    chanachal pal 3 महीने पहले +1

    Wow bhot badia movie h sach me

  • Pro Player
    Pro Player 3 महीने पहले

    Don't waste your movie for this worst movie overacting reloaded

  • Ahmed khan
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  • Akhil Shreya
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  • Anly pradhan
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  • sajid khan
    sajid khan 3 महीने पहले +7

    i didnt expect this level of acting from jaanvi... wow... am totally speechless.. ab tho pakka dekhunga movie

  • Lakhan Dewkar
    Lakhan Dewkar 3 महीने पहले +1

    Janhvi is so qwet

  • lalitha E
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  • Arshan hashmi
    Arshan hashmi 3 महीने पहले +4

    awesome movie ishan u r amazing ☺☺☺☺

    • Arshan hashmi
      Arshan hashmi 3 महीने पहले

      ishaan acting rockss

  • Sonu Rohilla
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  • jenifer winget
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    Awsome yaar💖

  • My Dream 11
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    Ishaan aur Janhvi Awosome

  • My Dream 11
    My Dream 11 3 महीने पहले +2

    Meri life ki ab tak ki sabse best movie👍👍👍👍👍

  • T KJ
    T KJ 3 महीने पहले +4

    & I Also 🤔 Think That" Dhadak" Would Do Good, As A Young Romantic Love Story, & I Hope That The Audience Hears It's ♥ Heart Beat! 😊 ❤️

    • T KJ
      T KJ 3 महीने पहले +1

      Thanks For Liking My Comment! 😊 ❤️

  • T KJ
    T KJ 3 महीने पहले +5

    I 🤔 Think, That Every 👧 Girl Misses Her Mother & Parents, If She Gets 👰 Married! 😊 ❤️

    • T KJ
      T KJ 3 महीने पहले +1

      Thanks For Liking My Comment! 😊 ❤️

  • Roopa's Recipe
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    Both are really good 👍👍

  • santoshi g
    santoshi g 3 महीने पहले +1

    Such a realistic scene

  • T KJ
    T KJ 3 महीने पहले +2

    Thanks For The Upload "Ghar Ki Yaad", ☸ Dharma Productions, KJO! 😊 ❤️

    • T KJ
      T KJ 3 महीने पहले +1

      Thanks For Liking My Comment! 😊 ❤️