How to make nail art with tape❤

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  • 11/07/2013 को प्रकाशित
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    💅💅💅💅💅I do not want base coat nail Polish design only i did not
    have base coat is want only design 💅💅💅💅💅

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    So easy and good

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    This video is great

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    what if I don't have base code ?

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    At first it looks a little messy but then I realized who cares you did an awesome job!!!!

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    Soo cute !!

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    Not so good but okay

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    Nails way too short.

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    I'm not a hater of your video.
    Please I want to see more videos of yours😉

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    Your idea was awesome... but your presentation also matters.
    I liked your video.
    You did a great job, continue 😊💅👍💖

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    Not at all neat... 👎👎

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    awesome !!!

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    Honeeeeeeyyyy where are your naillllsssss

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    How has she got so many subscribers shes so bad

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    Bakwass d great.....bakwasss.....bakwasss.....bakwasss.....akward colour combination.....and u hv not erased the nail polish which were stucked on ur skin......ek dam 2 rupee....and 11k pepole liked

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    What kind of tape?

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    it so nice and I tried it and it came thank u soon much

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    Your nails are short

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    no hate but those nails are all you should let them grow and file them and they will look so much more pretty but like I said no hate

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    Gross nails

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    I finally some one with the same nail size as me

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    That camera work made me sick

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    And i thought my nails were the worst
    But still you did it way more better than i do

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    nice & good idea

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    Awesome....nice try😊😊😊😉😉😉

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    Umm are recording that off a phone weird

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    duu atali

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    This works but i dont have the tape you have

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    wow nice love it

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    That looks so fricken ugly that’s such an ugly design😂

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    Wow! So innovative!😍😍

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    It is not interesting

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    V veryy nicee. I hav v much short naills this idea is v effective love thnk u

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    Nice try

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    it was not good

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    Very very very bad

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    That is ugly your nails are so short that if you look at the nail polish it's on your skin let your nails grow in there be more prettier

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    🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 baddest nail polish I have ever seen 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

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    Che pasticcio!

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    Wow it’s to easy

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    Nice .
    It's very pretty .
    Thanks for sharing this video .

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    It is so easy who gave 👎 to this awesome video

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    your nail is very short so your idea is failed!!!

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    Its really a very nice idea.
    I LOVE IT....

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    faltu video .

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    i would of never thought of that me likie 😎

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    just get another hobby you stink

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    👌 cool

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    Thank you because no one had a better explanation but you😘💖

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    It's amazing

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    my nails look pretter than ever

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    bc mc sali kuch bhi

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    please stop biting your nails

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    for each nail you cut triangle shape???

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    The idea is nice. You just need a little bit more practice. Also, long nails would look good on you ;)

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    I already knew this, 😅 quite funny but works well !
    so awesome

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    Hi! I think you totally deserved 1m!!! This is a great idea, too!! My nails are super short so this will help A LOT!! Thanks 😁😁💅💅💅💅

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