Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Billy Marks & More - Toy Machine Demo in Pamona

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  • 21/01/2015 को प्रकाशित
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  • Ripped!
    Ripped! साल पहले

    I was there and it was pretty cool

  • Green card 05
    Green card 05 2 साल पहले

    Dude may I pleas have a skate board like dud seriously 🎲

  • uncel Samey
    uncel Samey 2 साल पहले

    that kid with no shirt needs to learn how to stay out of evrey ones way

  • DTay45
    DTay45 3 साल पहले +1

    Can one of you guys check my Ollie video and show me what I'm doing wrong?

  • Ryan Stuart
    Ryan Stuart 4 साल पहले

    toy machine sucks the team has somehow gotten worse rather then evolved like other teams. Is this there am team cause these guys should not even be sponsored

    • yung tanuki
      yung tanuki 4 साल पहले +1

      I'm sure they were probably drunk or half way there. bc if you watch their vids their crazy.

  • edwin centeno
    edwin centeno 4 साल पहले +1

    what's the background song? love toy machine, these dudes skate to have fun. I wish i could skate with them.

  • bert vandenbosch
    bert vandenbosch 4 साल पहले

    that dude on the end is a dick

  • John R
    John R 5 साल पहले

    What song is this ?? :(

    • rodrib666
      rodrib666 4 साल पहले

      Fire Walk With Me - Surf Curse

  • Pedro Y.
    Pedro Y. 5 साल पहले


  • colynthomas_
    colynthomas_ 5 साल पहले +7

    the guy at the very end was determined to get that board

  • Benito Camela
    Benito Camela 5 साल पहले

    ha ha ha in the minute 3:11 what a blow with the deck

  • Lurk
    Lurk 5 साल पहले

    The Toy Machine team is so rad. I get hyped anytime I see anyone of them skate.

  • colynthomas_
    colynthomas_ 5 साल पहले +1

    my local park sucks ass we got a small half pipe a quarter pipe a box and a flat rail

  • ScareyW
    ScareyW 5 साल पहले

    where is collin???

  • Alejandro Rodríguez
    Alejandro Rodríguez 5 साल पहले

    yo quiero que TOY mACHINE me patrocine!!!!!!!! XD

  • Cholorobb
    Cholorobb 5 साल पहले

    The guy was prolly thinkin.. "You wearing nikes? Naw screw that, you don't deserve this deck".

  • grhmcchrn
    grhmcchrn 5 साल पहले

    Fuck yeh TOY MACHINE

  • Chris Alarcon
    Chris Alarcon 5 साल पहले +1

    Jeremy killed it.

  • Trey Washington
    Trey Washington 5 साल पहले

    If I were that guy at the end I would've whooped that niggas ass that was disrespectful how he did that to that guy

  • koloolok
    koloolok 5 साल पहले

    Haha hell yeah my boy kris keeping it real at the end

  • Filmer cat 33
    Filmer cat 33 5 साल पहले +1

    the Demo was dope

  • Jason Drew
    Jason Drew 5 साल पहले

    .....and that tool probably got jacked after the video was cut.

  • Josh Xi
    Josh Xi 5 साल पहले +2

    Les go skate fucken Pamona foo

  • wan
    wan 5 साल पहले

    Palomares park in pomona

  • kylekyky327
    kylekyky327 5 साल पहले


  • HellaHardWill Plur
    HellaHardWill Plur 5 साल पहले

    they made that park look sooo fun

  • Bob Sagat
    Bob Sagat 5 साल पहले

    That little kid with no shirt was just having some bad luck that day lmao

  • Chrish Ku
    Chrish Ku 5 साल पहले

    Anyone knows the name of the song? It sounds good...

    • rodrib666
      rodrib666 4 साल पहले

      Fire Walk With Me - Surf Curse
      Great dudes making great music

  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez 5 साल पहले

    Its Pomona not Pamona...

  • Carl Marshall
    Carl Marshall 5 साल पहले

    Spudbud fuck you

  • power DTS
    power DTS 5 साल पहले

    Toy machine in the hood.

  • Spudbud918
    Spudbud918 5 साल पहले +7

    I was wondering why so many people were at the skatepark during the day then I remembered that skateboarders are too dumb to have jobs

    • Gingy Gingerson
      Gingy Gingerson 5 साल पहले

      Guys don't respond anymore this guy spud hates on everything on thrasher and ride

    • Onyxaxe
      Onyxaxe 5 साल पहले

      More than likely it's the weekend. Having a job doesn't make you a vampire.

    • KingOfCornchips
      KingOfCornchips 5 साल पहले

      hehehe scooter kid

    • PhoeniXKi11
      PhoeniXKi11 5 साल पहले

      @Shannon Halligan Lol me?

    • PhoeniXKi11
      PhoeniXKi11 5 साल पहले +3

      What? Lol all my friends and I have jobs. Your comment is invalid 😂

  • Ryan Guerrero
    Ryan Guerrero 5 साल पहले


  • Dan
    Dan 5 साल पहले

    What if that kid at the end nicked that deck to sell it and buy a food because he was hungry?

  • The Durty Lemur
    The Durty Lemur 5 साल पहले +40

    How are you gonna jack a board that someone was already walking away with..Toy Machine guys should have told him to give it back. That wouldn't have happened at my local park because we are a community, we have each others back and respect one another. Oh well, young shits these days.

    • _juturna
      _juturna 4 साल पहले

      +Aaron Lutz haha that's homie Chris

    • Onyxaxe
      Onyxaxe 4 साल पहले

      @NEXT All the more reason not to be a dick in the first place.

    • edesport
      edesport 4 साल पहले

      @NEXT Well, you thought right :)

    • PogChamp
      PogChamp 4 साल पहले

      @NewFriiiikan this is a skate video so i thought you were referring to the skateboarding equipment referred to as the truck. it holds the board and wheels together.

    • edesport
      edesport 4 साल पहले

      @NEXT Depends how hard you hit someone but I was talking about running someone over with a semi. What kind of a truck did you think I was talking about?

  • daniel diaz
    daniel diaz 5 साल पहले +1

    straight ruthless at 3:10 haha

  • Ticopra
    Ticopra 5 साल पहले +2

    This seemed more of a warm up to be completely honest a lot of my friends could make a video just like this

    • Ticopra
      Ticopra 5 साल पहले

      @***** I'm not pointing out any negatives I'm just saying I expected a little more

  • putsome basilonit
    putsome basilonit 5 साल पहले

    Would love to see Toy Machine come to Rochester, NY again. It's been forever, Sucking The Life tour, soooo good.

  • Skate Warehouse
    Skate Warehouse 5 साल पहले +2

    great demo!

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 5 साल पहले


    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee 5 साल पहले


    • Walter Trabert
      Walter Trabert 5 साल पहले

      Lol get off thrashers channel

  • Seto Bikouta
    Seto Bikouta 5 साल पहले +12

    annoying shirtless kid running into everyone...

    • Im elevated
      Im elevated 9 महीने पहले

      Hes just learning bro

  • Will Flores
    Will Flores 5 साल पहले +13

    damn, demos aren't even demos anymore. No respect given, nothin. Just little insta-kids looking to get hooked up by toy machine/ 'skate with the pros'. I'd hate to be there

    • MARCELO Bukowski.
      MARCELO Bukowski. साल पहले +1

      Great comment, those kids doesn't care to fun, just wants more followers their account insta.

  • moldyrefrigerator
    moldyrefrigerator 5 साल पहले +21

    That was a demo? Looked like a warm up. The two little kids jumping the stairs were on the same level as these pros. Only Billy and Leo put forth any effort. Good job Toy not even the local kids will watch this twice.

    • moldyrefrigerator
      moldyrefrigerator 5 साल पहले +3

      @gettinnapkins then shut the fuck up and get off my shit

    • gettinnapkins
      gettinnapkins 5 साल पहले +1

      i'm not your pal, buddy.

    • goodfella949
      goodfella949 5 साल पहले +3

      Ha beat me to those exact words. Plus, no Ed=no real demo...

    • moldyrefrigerator
      moldyrefrigerator 5 साल पहले

      @gettinnapkins I've been to a Toy Machine demo multiple times pal, it was way better than this. I call it how I sees it.

    • gettinnapkins
      gettinnapkins 5 साल पहले +1

      you obviously have never heard of toy machine

  • GrapeVine
    GrapeVine 5 साल पहले

    Fucking sick skating

  • Jacek Nowak
    Jacek Nowak 5 साल पहले +16

    I would stick this 'won' deck into the very last guy's arsehole. Simpleton.

  • Danusta
    Danusta 5 साल पहले

    So. Much. Air.

  • Jeffrey Walewski
    Jeffrey Walewski 5 साल पहले +5

    So many little kids ahhhh!

  • Andy Weir
    Andy Weir 5 साल पहले +1

    The guy at 3:07 with the Unknown pleasure deck, is he one of the guys from Slap OIAM 2012?

    • rejectyourreality10
      rejectyourreality10 5 साल पहले

      Yes. Thats dean paul deniston

    • DillonVillain1
      DillonVillain1 5 साल पहले

      Yep that's dean Paul denniston

    • pointlessfailure
      pointlessfailure 5 साल पहले

      @Kevin Pettitt probably because he's white, you racist.

    • Kevin Pettitt
      Kevin Pettitt 5 साल पहले

      Idk but he does look really familiar

  • Izac Lakey
    Izac Lakey 5 साल पहले +1

    0;27 ( )( )

  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red 5 साल पहले

    It's POMONA.

  • Kes Saddler
    Kes Saddler 5 साल पहले

    so close you guys XD

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P 5 साल पहले


  • averts.
    averts. 5 साल पहले