What Hate Comments Feel Like | Sejal Kumar

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  • 6/02/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Hey Guys! Thank you for watching! I have been wanting to make a video like this for a while! Hope it gives you food for thought!
    The Safety Series was made in collaboration with INclips. It aims to educate users about INclips policies and procedures, as well as responsible digital citizenship on the web.
    Disclaimer: This video features strong language that may be unsuitable for minors.
    Business Inquiries: sejal.kumar.7@gmail.com
    Talk to me!
    Instagram: sejalkumar1195
    Twitter: sejalkumar1195
    Facebook : TheClothingEdit
    Camera used: Sony A7ii
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  • Sejal Kumar
    Sejal Kumar  साल पहले +1216

    With Safer Internet Day today, this had to be said! Let's be kind to each other, shall we?

    • Viralogy Trends
      Viralogy Trends 8 महीने पहले

      You are very beautiful sejal di.....
      Just ignore all the hate comments and carry on....☺☺

    • sejal singh rajput
      sejal singh rajput साल पहले

      Right bebs

    • yas beg
      yas beg साल पहले

      Dont care about them ur the best

    • Hitesh Dhawan
      Hitesh Dhawan साल पहले

      Sejal Kumar when shooting outdoors how do you get such clear sound ? Do you use a lap pls mic or what ??

    • Poonam Pandey
      Poonam Pandey साल पहले

      Sejal Kumar verkeep it up .dear...there are more lovers of ur video n acting then haters..luv ur personality.😘😘

  • Bishnupriya Sahoo
    Bishnupriya Sahoo 3 महीने पहले

    U r gr8!!! stop thinking of anyone, leave it..❤

  • smita Rane
    smita Rane 6 महीने पहले

    Love you sejal😘😘❤

  • Suda Ghosh
    Suda Ghosh 6 महीने पहले

    Sejal didi, I'm your biggest fan, and I love you more than anyone!

  • Jahnvi Bajoria
    Jahnvi Bajoria 7 महीने पहले

    Girl stop caring about such shit people...You've literally been to miss india and they've not and you've won titles there...They've not. They just don't have a right to bring anyone's efforts down. What you're doing is the best. Keep it up and keep smiling cuz that's the cutest part of you

  • Divya Kadam
    Divya Kadam 7 महीने पहले +1

    You are so beautiful and cute .....
    Don't worry about others opinions....

  • Cheshta Marwah
    Cheshta Marwah 9 महीने पहले +1

    So now you hit 1 million yayy😍😍😍 This is a kind of slap to those hate commentators 😁😁 May gbu and stay happy always 😊 Hope you make more good videos in future 😃😃

  • ActressRiturai Acharya
    ActressRiturai Acharya 9 महीने पहले

    U r so beautiful l love ur voice, ur videos are osm 💕

  • Celle 22
    Celle 22 11 महीने पहले

    how do ppl hate you ....you are perfect💕

  • Zarin Tasnim
    Zarin Tasnim 11 महीने पहले

    Thumbs up for those who wrote hate comments to this drama queen

    • Swiftie Girl
      Swiftie Girl 8 महीने पहले

      She might be a drama queen, but nobody deserves hate because she is tan.

  • Sunaina Praharaj
    Sunaina Praharaj 11 महीने पहले

    But Sejal is so fair, i think these stupid people have eyesight probs. Love you Sejal♥️

  • Sunaina Praharaj
    Sunaina Praharaj 11 महीने पहले

    Sejal is so pretty♥️

  • Anna Jovita
    Anna Jovita साल पहले

    She wore red in style 😍🙌💖

  • lakshya gaming
    lakshya gaming साल पहले

    Suno Na aisa mat karo comment log Dil Se Karte Hain nahi samajh mein aayega na Tu samajh lena Tumhara Channel ka kya hoga

    TOXIC GAMING साल पहले +1

    Whoever disliked this video was holding his phone upside down

  • sejal singh rajput
    sejal singh rajput साल पहले +1

    You are so sweet so, don't get offended by mean msg.....

  • Hiba Shaikh
    Hiba Shaikh साल पहले

    you r so amazing

  • Hema Sharma
    Hema Sharma साल पहले

    Very wise n enlightening....hope negative people learn to b little positive

  • Ruchi Singh
    Ruchi Singh साल पहले

    You are real❤ dats wht I love about you

    • Souvik Dey
      Souvik Dey साल पहले

      Ruchi Singh but I hate you bitch 🖕

  • rupesh mistry
    rupesh mistry साल पहले +1

    Unke baare mat socho voh pagal h

  • mrs unipa
    mrs unipa साल पहले

    I want to make my videos but I am confused to show my face can u pls help me please please please :-(

  • Maria Aktar
    Maria Aktar साल पहले +2

    you are beautiful ❤️❤️I really really really like your channel and your confidence 😃omg that’s something that can bring down any bull love you❤️😘

  • Melita Prima Rai
    Melita Prima Rai साल पहले +1

    I love your skin tone and your dressing sense 😍😍👍👍

  • ItsJustTomboy
    ItsJustTomboy साल पहले +1

    This is how I felt when I got my first hate comment 😞

  • Kiran Deep
    Kiran Deep साल पहले

    I want tell u.. u r so preety

  • Raman Kumar
    Raman Kumar साल पहले

    I love you... you shouldn’t be ashamed for anything about yourself

  • shelly pannu
    shelly pannu साल पहले

    you are so beautiful sejal

  • Parul Narayan
    Parul Narayan साल पहले

    Oohhhhh come on Sejal you are a true inspiration for million of us. U don't need to even bother about such bullies... Cheer girl to your success and how good you are at what u r doing.

  • Ria Gupta
    Ria Gupta साल पहले +2

    I love how she wore red for the outro!❤

  • sumedha bhate
    sumedha bhate साल पहले

    you are miss lndia...

  • sumedha bhate
    sumedha bhate साल पहले +1

    why can a person hate you...???so mean....😕😕😕

  • Niveditha Bangalorean
    Niveditha Bangalorean साल पहले

    No matter wat appreciate your confidence and talent

  • Rakesh Nagar
    Rakesh Nagar साल पहले

    you are a princess

  • Sri Leka
    Sri Leka साल पहले

    i like your smile that's so cute..😘N u r bubbly sejal.i love u sister

  • Hannah Owens
    Hannah Owens साल पहले +1

    awww dang... you are so pretty I am sorry people say things like that.

    LASHYA VASANTHVADA साल पहले +1

    I don't see any reason to criticize such a wonderful and beautiful human being. All those hate comments must be coming from those people who are on drugs. Don't care about them, Sejal. You are beautiful just the way you are. Love you!

  • Janhavi Chhabra
    Janhavi Chhabra साल पहले

    Oh God!
    If I would have been in your place di ai would definitely reveal the names of the people said so
    But you, you didn't do so

  • Minaz Bano Bano
    Minaz Bano Bano साल पहले

    sejal u r my fevraute ...u are super cute.u r such a pure hearted

  • Shubham Pandey
    Shubham Pandey साल पहले

    dont be sad color and face do not matter there will be haters if you are doing something good you do not worry....
    anyways i watch your videos because i think u look beautiful girly content is of no use for me.....

  • Manjusha Naik
    Manjusha Naik साल पहले

    U r beautiful

    FOODIES NOW साल पहले

    Hey!! U know what? You have to report that. Dumb ugly b*tches are they who commented on u
    U r so pretty on my god
    Love u sejal
    Pls do a

  • Tanuja Santosh
    Tanuja Santosh साल पहले

    I love uu sejalooo😭❤️ y ur so cute in every attire 🙄 i have literally started watching ur each n every video ❤️❤️❤️ lots of love keep slaying ❤️❤️

  • Shriyaa Natarajan
    Shriyaa Natarajan साल पहले

    I love u soooooooooooo much sejal

  • Krishnan Krish
    Krishnan Krish साल पहले

    Osum didi

  • angitha sahadevan
    angitha sahadevan साल पहले

    How u keep ur hair like this always. Are you using straightener??

  • Celina Jena
    Celina Jena साल पहले

    You are such a swthrt ..i love the way you carry yourself .infact i adore you .. yoyr dressing senses. Style senses .awsmmmmmmmm .ignr all these rubbish thing ..ther are so many ppl ..loveed your video . N yahh m also .. love you sejal .❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Pooja Yadav
    Pooja Yadav साल पहले

    Omg how anyone can hate u...U r sooooo adorable

  • Fatema Kabir Dhira
    Fatema Kabir Dhira साल पहले

    How can anyone judge you like this........... whatever........all of us
    Love you darling......😘😘😘😘😘

  • monica victor
    monica victor साल पहले

    You are amazing...

  • venkat k
    venkat k साल पहले

    You are my superstar didi

  • Swapnagandha Bhogle
    Swapnagandha Bhogle साल पहले

    Don't think you should hide the names. People must know if their friend or family likes insulting people who are probably more successful than them. I don't follow your videos that much but I felt like telling you.

    RAUSHNI MUKHTAR साल पहले

    Yeh sb karne k liye....bhut tym milega..... abhi plzzz Justice k liye stand lo ....n aap sb bhe ....Jo Jo comment parrahe ho .......plzzz sb u_tubers ko Justice k liye bole....plzzz yaaar........aaj woh bacchi h ...Kal koyi bhe ho skta h .....

    RAUSHNI MUKHTAR साल पहले

    Yaaaar......atleast apne platform ka use tho karo........yeah sb videos tho baad main bhe bn skta h ...........abhi tho use karo aaapne videos ........Etna aacha family h tmhara......kuch tho sharm dekhaoo....yeh sb videos bna k kyaaa hojayega hmlog k india ka haaa..........msg spread Karo ashifa k liye..... Justice k liye.....larki ho Etna tho akal hona chahiye....tmbhe karo aur sb u_tubers ko bolo ........ plzzzz yaaar....its a request

  • Radha Agarwal
    Radha Agarwal साल पहले

    Horrible sense of dressing. And making videos on fashion

  • KaVeri
    KaVeri साल पहले

    You just took that so rightly dude. Love♡

  • Positive baba
    Positive baba साल पहले

    i love you mam, you are so cute 😚

  • rakhi sreeraj
    rakhi sreeraj साल पहले

    But I don't see any hate comments on Sejal's channel

  • Manisha Bisht
    Manisha Bisht साल पहले

    You are pretty and most charming girl .:*

  • Shivani Nigam
    Shivani Nigam साल पहले

    You shouldn't get effected by what people think about you....you are beautiful and you know that so...just be proud of yourself

  • papxo daylee
    papxo daylee साल पहले

    Darling u r the sweetest person I’ve seen so far .. You’re really pretty from head to toe .. no need to pay attention to such things.. nd u know what? God send these people to make us more stronger.. jus believe in urself ... may god bless u with lots of success,wealth,health nd happiness..