PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms Live UC Giveaway | SEASON 18 | Pakistan and India

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  • 9/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
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    PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms Live UC Giveaway | SEASON 18 | Pakistan and India | Mehru Gaming
    ➤Support me through
    Superchat or Easypaisa: 03368555694
    Instagram: mehrugaming
    Facebook: MehruGaming/
    For buying uc contact MLG ESPORTS
    Insta mlgesports
    Whatsapp: 03053333102

    ➤ Chat Rules:
    ► No Bad Words in Chat.
    ► No Sexism, Racism, Homophobia of any kind.
    ► No Harassment, stalking, or threatening of individuals.
    ► No Promotion of other channels
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    ► No Encouraging others to break any of these rules
    ➤ Donating/ Sponsoring don’t include:
    -Pictures/Video calls
    -Availability of 24 hours
    -Creating a scene on others’ stream
    -Bullying/Harassing any member of team
    -Moderator status
    -Any kinda Social Media Interaction
    -Adding or playing in any game


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