How do flaps work on an aircraft?

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  • 9/11/2017 को प्रकाशित
  • In this episode I will explain the purpose and function of the high-lift devices fitted on the Boeing 737NG. I will explain and show you how they work, when we use them and why.
    I really hope you will enjoy this one and if you do, I will follow up with more in-depth procedures in upcoming videos.
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    Explain concorde

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    this is a fantastic channel THANK YOU- reduce to eliminate fear!!!

  • Mark Francis
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    What are those spinning wheel thingos under the flap controls?

  • jaypek43
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    This is one of your most confusing vids ever!

  • Nathan Bates
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    ok so then why do the pilots always extend the flaps when we going thru turbulence and when we defending ??

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    Can a 737 take off without flaps abd can it take off with flaps 40?

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    Imagine taking venetian blinds that are rolled up, and putting them rolled up , rod and all, on your shoulders and running into the wind on a fairly windy day. Now unroll the venetian blinds out about half way and run into the wind again. OK, next let the venetian blinds all the way out and hold them on your shoulders. Now it will look like you are holding some big vinyl cape cape on your back or something. Now start running into the wind with the blinds fully extended like that. Don't let go because there will be MORE DRAG trying to pull the rod out of your hands than the first time you ran with the blinds fully rolled up.

  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta महीने पहले

    What is the difference between pylons and nacelle ?

    • Coby Explanes
      Coby Explanes महीने पहले

      Hey Aman, the pylon is the rigid structure used to hold the engine in its place and position under the wing, without interfering with the airflow over and under the aircraft wing that is needed for lift and control. The nacelle is essentially the engine casing, used to shield internal components from debris and the elements. Hope that makes sense! If you've got more questions like these, head on over to my channel and subscribe! Addressing these sorts of questions is kinda my thing :)

  • Ryan Utz
    Ryan Utz महीने पहले

    Watch. MotoGp will be using mechanical flaps within a few years. If not they need to give me a job for thinking of it.

  • Meh Meh
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    I now believe I can fly. :-) great video

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    Great stuff, flaps n slats .. more complex than I thought!

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    Everybody in the comments is learning from you and it's great. I am having trouble understanding yet I can fly a mean Radio control plane flawlessly.

  • Grand Slam
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    I wonder if birds get this kind of training before they take off to fly lol

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  • Hal
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    That sound like a hell lot of things to take into acount (and to overlook by mistake) in a very short time frame. We are in the age of automation, and there is a lot of computing power in modern aircrafts, so... why haven't computers take over those critical operations yet?

  • Gerhard Reinig
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  • Mack Plymale
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    Pilots need more credit.

  • byteme9718
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    How easy are cabin crew and is it true you all share a room to fiddle accomodations costs?

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  • pooop man
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  • Rex Holes
    Rex Holes 2 महीने पहले

    The flaps effectively increase the chord of the wing meaning more lift for less speed

  • Rotimi Omolayo
    Rotimi Omolayo 2 महीने पहले +1

    Do flaps increase or reduce stall speed?

    • Rizky Chusnul
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      Rotimi Omolayo reduce

  • Robert Marrow
    Robert Marrow 2 महीने पहले

    Can you land with and without flaps deployed is it dangerous seen a video on INclips

  • Andy Owens
    Andy Owens 3 महीने पहले

    So, if higher flaps may be appropriate for short field TO, but flaps add drag, is there ever a case for starting the roll with low flaps to build airspeed more quickly, then selecting higher flaps to gain required lift?

  • thomshart
    thomshart 3 महीने पहले

    Hi. Mentour. Just curious, since flap is needed to create lift when on runway, why the flaps has already down when the plane is still on the taxiway.

  • Charles Dominguez
    Charles Dominguez 3 महीने पहले

    If flaps create a drag for the plane to slow down then what do air brakes do? What exactly is the difference?

  • Pete Zak
    Pete Zak 3 महीने पहले +1

    Love your show very informative
    I’m also a wing structures mechanic and I help build the 737 wings it’s an amazing piece of engineering, if it doesn’t have wings it’s just a bus

  • sim61642
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    4:00 omg they have a seat inside the wing ! , With a window too :P

  • Tyler G
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    I think you’re a terrific teacher! Love your presentations... 👍👍

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    very good explaination thanks sir.

    • Mentour Pilot
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      You are more than welcome!

  • Dr Teeth
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    It’s hard to believe this guy after he said that the role of reverse thrust is to cool the brakes and has nothing to do with slowing the aircraft . Hello , reverse thrust is used to decelerate.

  • Kenneth Hoffman
    Kenneth Hoffman 4 महीने पहले

    This might sound simplistic, but I've always likened the need for and use of high lift devices as being similar to a manual transmission on an automobile. It's a way of 'switching gears' on a wing so you can control speed and yet still get adequate lift at a given speed. When you take off, you put the wing in 'low gear' to get the required lift at the relatively slow speed at takeoff. Once you are up and away, you begin to 'shift gears' higher by reducing the high lift devices until the speed is adequate to discontinue their use. The opposite is true when descending. Similar to descending a hill in an automobile, you need to reduce speed and thus need to 'downshift' the wing to incrementally obtain the desired speed reduction in a controlled way, and not get into trouble with lift.

  • REX EZ
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    Polish pilot??

  • Cpt. Obnoxious
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    Never cruise with extended sluts.

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    This was an excellent video. Very informative.

  • Sans Skeleton
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    4:38 is it just me or was that a ryanair plane......


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  • Sans Skeleton
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    Ur on a 737 seriously dude

  • Kurtis S
    Kurtis S 5 महीने पहले +1

    Hey Mentour, awesome videos! When you touch down do the slats and ground spoiler come out automatically? Is it a weight on wheels thing or must they be selected?

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot  5 महीने पहले

      The ground-spoilers are “armed” to extend immediately upon activation of wieight-on-wheel and wheel spinnup

  • harry doherty
    harry doherty 5 महीने पहले

    I did read of an accident where both pilots failed to set flap/ slat setting on the aircraft causing a stall on takeoff and crashed. The flight recorder confermed this..check list allways.

    DΔRIO MΔRCHESI 6 महीने पहले

    I once saw a magazine called Flaps... It wasn't about planes though.

  • Gerard Moran
    Gerard Moran 6 महीने पहले +1

    Nice instructive video! There are two points I'd like to mention. The increased drag of landing flaps are important to make steep approaches if you're flying a Cherokee or Twin Otter in mountainous terrain but most transport jets don't fly those profiles. We all (airliners) need to be at about 1000' at 3 miles. Early turbojet engines needed a lot of time to spool up to go-around thrust and the higher drag meant higher stable thrust on approach. Engineers built in high drag for that reason. This greatly reduces spool up time to go-around thrust. In fact some early turbojets (think 707, 727) were so slow to spool up you were basically committed to land once below 400' unless your power was up. Modern turbofans are better but the design concept remains. Lastly, at Delta we illuminate all lights (landing, wing, nacelle and runway turn-off) below 18,000' to maximize our visual impact. Perhaps it's because there's more general aviation traffic in the US. At Delta, it was technique, but not procedure to turn on the taxi light when landing clearance was received. "Exterior lights" was a checklist item on the descent check which was done descending through 18,000' which is the max limit for VFR traffic in the US. Each airline has slight variations. Cheers

  • FirstOfficerShami
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    Thanks, Mentour. I always wanted to know when to put down flaps. Well explained

  • Rajneesh Kumar Sharma
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    Can u explain landing from 500ft to full stop landing with 737 800 max model? And also how do u flare and touch down with thrust management just before touchdown. Thanks in advance.

  • Cheryl Surette
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    What do pilots eat when they're at work and what airline are you with? Thanks for explaining the secret code of airline crews because I've always been wondering what those ding dongs mean whenever I listen to videos on INclips where people are traveling and you hear the ding dongs going off. Plus, I was also wondering if pilots can bring their own lunches from home and what do they pack in their bags?Also, where are you from? I've been picking up on your accent and I find your voice soothing. I'm from Nova Scotia Canada and I find your videos interesting because I learn a lot about the airline industry.

  • Tim W
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    You are amazing. You’re so young and so knowledgeable. You inspire confidence in the younger generation.

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    Hi MenTour, great video! How about flaps 2?

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  • Justin Cui
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    Sometimes, when a plane taxis after landing, I notice that the flaps start to retract, then pause, then continue to flaps 0. Why do the flaps sometimes pause insiead of going from full directly to 0?

  • BigTymin
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    When do we open the flaps while landing,how to pilots understand when to open them??
    Btw,thank you so much you are helping all of us!!

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    Fantastic information on the flaps, and slats on the plane!
    Just wondering about the pros and cons of a droop vs a slat, and maybe revisiting blown flaps vs slots, or potentially a hybrid flap (My rudimentary understanding is that blown flaps were taken out of regular service due to complexity and mantainence. However, has technology now caught up to warrant a revisit? Active blown flaps seem to be able to create an immediate change in the boundary layer over the aircraft control surfaces, as opposed to the slots, which relies on the surrounding (Injection vs environment))
    Looking forward to you next videos!

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    A stupid question: Some smaller airliners have their left and right flap mechanisms interconnected with a shaft, so that it‘s impossible to extend or retract flaps asymmetrically (which could, obviously, lead to a crash). But do even the biggest airliners have that mechanical connection between the wings? Or is there a different safety feature that prevents flap asymmetry? How about an A380 or a 747? Is there a flap shaft going all the way through the fuselage and connecting the flap mechanisms?

  • Philippe Lobelle
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    The slots don’t extend the boundary layer, they blast the boundary layer off. This is done intentionally because, even though it loses a bit of lift, it manages/controls the position of the separation point and thus there is less turbulence.
    The extension of the wing means that there is a much higher likelihood of getting separation of the boundary layer over the wing and without slots this would happen at a random, unknown and possibly ever-changing points. This could drastically decrease the handling of the aircraft as it comes to land.

    • Philippe Lobelle
      Philippe Lobelle 10 महीने पहले

      Mentour Pilot. Thanks! By the way would you recommend going to pilot school after having done a mechanical engineering degree, would it help at all? I am now 22. Do you think it’s too late?

    • Mentour Pilot
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      Good stuff!

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      Can you plz expaine me more?
      Another question, please, how does the centrifugation effect make it possible to rotate the plane in this way? ... (I refer to my first question)

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      Moshe Gavriel Binkovitz It is not that they can't it is that it is uncomfortable for passangers.

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    As usual excellent video and explanation!! I do have a side question.On 4 engine aircraft why do they start the outboard engines 1 & 4 first? Then they start 2 & 3, why is this? On twin engines I notice they still tend to start the #1 left engine first. Any reason for this?

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    From the 1970's when "P. jokes" were popular (99% of the people telling them couldn't find P. on a map). The pilot ask the c/p for flaps, more flaps, and still MORE flaps. They land successfully, & the pilot says, "Man, is this runway short" to which the c/p says, "Yeah, but it sure is wide!"

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