Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained

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  • 22/06/2019 को प्रकाशित
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    Correction at 7:48: The protester says “They are not doing this for themselves, but for the future of Hong Kong.”
    Hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers have taken to the streets to protest a controversial extradition bill that could send Hong Kong residents to mainland China to be tried in court. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, says the bill is meant to prevent Hong Kong from becoming a safe haven for fugitives. But its opponents fear that Hong Kong would be exposed to China’s flawed judicial system, which would lead to further erasure of the city’s judicial independence.
    At first Lam was determined to move forward with the bill. But after a series of massive protests, she announced she would “indefinitely suspend” the bill. But protesters aren't accepting the suspension, and have started demanding its complete withdrawal. They've also begun calling for Lam’s resignation.
    But this rise in tensions is about a lot more than a bill. To understand why this bill hits a nerve with Hongkongers, it's important to understand Hong Kong’s relationship with China - and exactly how the bill would tip the scales in China’s favor.
    Watch this video to understand the news coming out of Hong Kong and the history that led up to this moment.
    For more watch Episode one of our Vox Borders Hong Kong episodes here:
    And for even more context on Hong Kong’s history with Britain you can watch another one of our Vox Borders Hong Kong episodes here: inclips.net/video/StW7oGSR_Mg/वीडियो.html
    If you want to get real nerdy you can read Hong Kong’s Basic Law (their mini Constitution) here:
    You can also read the Sino-British Joint Declaration that defined Hong Kong when the British handed it back to China in 1997 here: www.gov.cn/english/2007-06/14/content_649468.htm
    And the extradition law introduced in Hong Kong that has sparked massive protests here:
    Here is a piece reported by the New York Times on the latest from Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's leader:
    Here are some additional resources regarding Hong Kong’s democracy and political make-up:
    And finally, you can also find our latest articles covering the most recent developments here:
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  • Vox
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    UPDATE 8/22/19: Last weekend saw the largest peaceful march in Hong Kong since the start of the protests. Organizers say roughly 1.7 million people marched on the streets of Hong Kong.

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  • Serena Chung
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    I remember this channel made a video about the Umbrella Movement few years back and I can’t believe the information on your videos on HK’s issues are still portrayed poorly. Please include those violent footages of the protesters during these PEACEFUL marches. People around the world need to see that. Stop withholding the truth from your audience!

  • Eleventh
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    A genocide will occur soon in Hong Kong mark my word

  • Daniela L
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    So history teaches us: Don’t murder your girlfriend!

    REAL WALKER 6 घंटे पहले

    If that amount of people would raid *Area 51* !!!

  • com4gamemaster
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    Im so shame. I hope everyone got what you want.

  • Mrkrown
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    I’m not questioning the general political state between Hong Kong and China, but this clip raises alot of questions in my opinion. A good example is the conclusions that is drawn about how the buisiness leaders in Hong Kong vote in the law making process. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, I would however like to see some sources abaout this statements. (And a few others)

  • Junchen Pan
    Junchen Pan 7 घंटे पहले +1

    Look at the violence those "protesters" create. Go get a bright future? No! go get a solid bullet.

  • A Hope Fiend
    A Hope Fiend 8 घंटे पहले

    How do they change the structure? Why would the legco change it? What to they have to worry about? How can this not be violent to make a change?

  • Fernando Adames
    Fernando Adames 8 घंटे पहले

    Man so this guy kills his girlfriend and can not be extradited to Taiwan China makes it happen and there is a problem. That sounds kind of bad for Hong kong

  • Splenmikelol Games
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    China pls take over Hong Kong

  • Airen Delacruz
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    Ah that why I see

  • i Lau
    i Lau 9 घंटे पहले

    After 5 months, those in black are still disgusting

  • Darren Alfonso
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    This video will be so low res in 2080 when people watch history unfold.

  • liu billy
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  • Kyle WANG
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    show the real story, show the protestor violence

  • Vincent Pop
    Vincent Pop 11 घंटे पहले

    4 months later,now seeing what the black man done in Hong Kong.
    And if you looks like Chinese,do not travel to hk.

    PRANJAL VERMA 11 घंटे पहले

    Shame, shame, shame chinese government subduable policy.

  • Long Ting
    Long Ting 11 घंटे पहले

    The content in this video is not objective. The violence in HK has been dramatically escalating by protesters. The entire city has been ravaged by violence, and the peaceful and safety environment in Hong Kong has never returned. Is this what Hong Kong people want? The biggest problem in Hong Kong is not caused by the mainland government. The problems inside are very complicated. Don't push all the problems to the Chinese government.

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 12 घंटे पहले +1

    I never witnessed world war 1
    I never witnessed world war 2
    I didn't witnessed the cold war
    At least I am witnessing this one that will also be in the history book.

  • Vladimir Krisnov
    Vladimir Krisnov 12 घंटे पहले

    China should have withdrawn the bill, not suspended. This shows the greediness for control and ignoring love for life and peace.

  • cryer3160
    cryer3160 12 घंटे पहले

    I dont know about the older generation of Chinese leaders who gave their lives to building the nation, the newer generation of leaders clearly thinks China is theirs, along with HongKong. Theirs, not the people's

  • 和平
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  • Liu Francis
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    Instead of saying "China lost a series of wars..", try "Britain invaded China and pressed unequal treaties?"

  • Thunder
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    Free Hong Kong

  • Марк Пиво
    Марк Пиво 15 घंटे पहले

    Not the people of Hong Kong. Just a small group, lead by US-Chinese people!

  • El At
    El At 16 घंटे पहले

    Now could you please explain the current protests? Because this is old explanation. That bill was cancelled.

  • Lei Robbie Zhang
    Lei Robbie Zhang 16 घंटे पहले

    It’s so free in Hong Kong, that you can set other people on fire if they don’t agree with your democracy, and get away with it.

  • 寻南
    寻南 16 घंटे पहले

    False news

  • Booga Tae
    Booga Tae 16 घंटे पहले

    What is happening to one of Asia’s most peaceful country?
    What happened to all the happiness and joy kids should be seen in?!

    • Vaishnavi Ganseh
      Vaishnavi Ganseh 6 घंटे पहले

      I agree with you. I am an international student in HK and the only reason I chose to study in HK was that it was so safe and peaceful. Now I am trapped in my room and can't breathe because of the tear gas from outside.

  • Nirmalendu Dutta
    Nirmalendu Dutta 17 घंटे पहले

    We support freedom of hongkong

  • JanjayTrollface
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    I'm pretty sure you have no idea what Bill envisioned when he made his deal,just sayin'.

  • Marco Presti
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    Lucky us LULW

  • Rohan Chhima
    Rohan Chhima 18 घंटे पहले

    When you realise that your grandchildren - maybe even your own children will be asking you about these protests because they will soon be learning about in school.

  • Jessy Jane
    Jessy Jane 18 घंटे पहले

    Killing people in the present to fight for something that may not even happen in the future (eye-rolls)

  • Acel Gallander
    Acel Gallander 18 घंटे पहले

    Let the Quinn of Britain/UK now answer for all this happening in Hong Kong isn’t?
    They did not care about people

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google 20 घंटे पहले

    Hong Kong is China

  • D Trump
    D Trump 20 घंटे पहले

    It is a prefect example of western failing democracy !

  • choog
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    The people of Hong Kong are out in the streets burning others alive.

  • maryam alsulaiti
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    Is it safe to visit Hong kong

  • Mochisung The cutest
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    Young people have nothing to lose
    Me: lol they lost employment

  • Jeff Zou
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    Stop these protests, the biggest spenders in my guild have been offline for so long now

    MIKE TRINH दिन पहले +1

    People that complain about our freedom here should be sent to China

  • morland
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    Ahhh. Big trouble in Little China

  • kgjfndnxjdk
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    홍콩 정말 너무 안타깝다... 그리고 위대했던 문명과 철학, 지식인의 나라 중국은 어디로 갔나...!! 홍콩의 희생 한참 후의 미래엔 중국이 다시 그렇게 되려나? 아니면 결국 현재의 권위주의, 최고 중앙집권적 현 체제를 유지하며 혁신과 다양성, 포용, 관대함, 유연함을 잃고 한계 속에 남게 될까? 미국과 중국의 경쟁은 정작 그들의 국민, 인민들로부터 승리가 결정될 것이다.

  • K F
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    How do we help Hong Kong from America? We need to help Democracy now and for the future. I will pray for Hong Kong and the world.

  • Tony Tong
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    Peaceful protest? Well, how about starting some of the so call peaceful protest in your city?

  • ellen zhang
    ellen zhang दिन पहले

    Is there any problem with the LegCo’s pro China relationship? Can’t the Legislative Council of the United States be pro American? The video view here is very unique.

    JIAN JIN दिन पहले

    JIAN JIN1초 전我就想问一下韩国,换个立场假如香港是韩国2千年前就是韩国的或者说从高丽开始就是韩国固有领土,在和日本斗争中被日本人强迫签订不平等条约借了99年,回来以后其中一部分人不承认自己是韩国人想要独立出去,你们韩国会怎么对待还会像现在一样支持香港独立吗? 或者说这件事情在美国发生,美国警察会怎么对待 我想开枪已经上百次了吧? 打警察打警察家属 霸占机场 地铁 打砸公共设施 打和自己意见不同的人前些日子一个路人和他们意见不一 拿汽油把人点了 变成火人这种为什么不报道我看了那视频太残忍 这只是冰山一角,这些废青在毁掉香港 香港老一辈奋斗的结果要毁在它们手里,还口口生生说为了自由为了理想 去你麻痹的,有种来内地搞 内地人现在憋着一团火 不把你们废了,对于废青我想说不喜欢中国可以离开中国 香港是中国上下5000年固有领土不可能因为你们这些臭虫而改变,你们只会成为历史的罪人 香港的罪人

  • Ivan Chua
    Ivan Chua दिन पहले

    Will you guys be doing a video on Why Taiwan REFUSED to accept the voluntary surrender of the dude that caused this ruckus? Yeah Yeaaah I know he's not the real cause but the excuse they (China) could use to great effect.

  • SuperDunkerJyun
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    So... what happen to the murderer? still out there having fun ?

  • Shaoyu Jian
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    The bill has now been withdrawn, but the violence is getting stronger. The freedom of speech has disappeared. When people not against CHINA, not stay with them or even just speak mandarin in HK, they will be attacked, they will be burned, they will be killed! This is such a peaceful protest! SHAME ON YOU!

  • Damon Lin
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  • Human hair factory Angela
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    郑赤琰认为,港英政府的败绩,全部留给了特区政府,这是造成今日管治困局、改革无力现状的原因之一。  “‘恋殖’情绪说到底,是香港人的盲目和偏见。”郑赤琰分析说,自从香港开埠以来,中国经历了清末战乱、八国联军入侵、军阀统治,还经历了抗日战争、解放战争、文化大革命等历史事件,各个时期不断有人逃难到香港。 当时,殖民地是一个圈起来的地方,中国的内乱乱不到这里,他们自然觉得这里生活安稳。  郑赤琰认为,再加上,上世纪中国30年的闭关锁国政策,而香港经济迅猛发展、国际地位上升,香港人的优越感也“水涨船高”。对比改革开放后腾飞的内地,香港优势难以重现,所以有许多香港青壮年开始盲目片面地迷恋殖民地时期的辉煌。郑赤琰说,很多人仍然以为现在的香港是英国人成功管治的结果,但这是一种“错觉”。直至今日,特区政府还在收拾英国殖民地时期留给香港的烂摊子。

  • Micheal Yu
    Micheal Yu दिन पहले

    Hongkong is a joke

  • Human hair factory Angela
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    Why American police can shoot easily when they are threatened?!!!

  • Are Meng
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  • iz_ wenny
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  • mo pang
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    Is this your explanation ? Full of prejudice and slander, ridiculous!