Mutual Funds Explained by Dhruv Rathee (Hindi) | Learn everything on Investments in 2018!

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  • 4/08/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • This video tells you all you need to know Mutual Funds in a very simple language in Hindi. Even if you have zero idea about what mutual funds investments are or what SIP is, you will be able to learn about all of them and find interest in them. You will also learn about the different types of mutual funds in India and what are the differences between them.
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    Mutul Fund me Deth के बाद नोमिनी को उसका पैसा मिलता है क्या.
    ध्रुव राठी Sir

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    Plz make a video on satta matka

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    They are subjected to market risk

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    Damn.. kitni knowledge hai inko🙏🙏👌👌 I lost after 10 minutes 😂😂 but this is indeed the best explanation of whole economic sector of India 🙂🤘🤗

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  • Gursimran Singh Bharaj
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    Past performances of a mutual fund doesn't guarantee future returns.

  • ubaidullah ahmad
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    Mutual funds are subject to market risks....
    Read the document carefully before investing...


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    Great rathi

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    When you say 20% returns in 4 years.. that means..5% per year on average or every year 20% ? ..if it is 5% yearly on average then I feel FD much better

    • Albert B George
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      Mutual funds yields about 15-18% pa in the long run.

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    Actually, housing or buying property is not an asset. Many property crashes might occur resulting in a loss.......For more information, read the book RICH DAD POOR DAD

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    Besides I bring to yuor notice that the matrix of pay commission only for officers not profitable for grade C & grade D.
    If one grade c employee get 5000/- and grade A/B get 25000/-
    After pay commission they got a huge profit. If it equally multiplied by 3 than u see the difference between grade A and grade C is 60000/-

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