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  • 6/11/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Memu is a Telugu Web Series Powered By Tamada Media.
    When the four friends decide to take a break from their daily lives to celebrate one of the friends upcoming wedding it's bound to be crazy, fun-filled and dramatic... even more so cause they are in Goa... Watch Memu Season 1 to experience the crazy roller coaster ride called friendship!
    Cast: Jahnavi Dasetty, Manoj Krishna Tanniru, JDV Prasad, Prudhvi Raj Sampara, RJ Swetha, Sooraj Suresh, Sushanth Reddy, SN Murthy, Vinitha
    Editor: Yuva Kiran
    DI: Pradeep Roy
    Director: Karthik Sabareesh
    Script: Bhargav, Srikanth

    #TamadaMedia #Wirally #Memu
    Powered By Tamada Media
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    Bad video

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    Next episode?

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    I love mahathalli jahnavi and manoj

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    # I dont guy$....MEMU start iendani...

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    Hit me up for collabs in NYC:
    I have a feeling this series is gonna fall flat in 2 episodes. Hopefully not.

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    Who is waiting for the jalsaraidu from the starting?

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    wast time

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    6:00 >Girl :- (About boy's life and future) *goes on about what he wanted and what he is doing*
    Boy :- *Tries to reason and be practical..*
    Girl :- *keeps pushing*
    Boy :- *Snaps* what are you doing with your ideas?
    Girl :- That's It!!! *starts to leave*
    Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is so real....

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    Watching this video only for mahathalli remaining waste

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    Nice beginning

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    Nice video

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    Hey janu.. Needhi nadi same brush.. Red oral b brush same pinch..

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    ఒర్రెయ్ లంజా కొడకలారా మా వైజాగ్ ని తక్కువ చేసి మాట్లాడతారు ఏంటి రా. ఒళ్ళు దగ్గర పెట్టుకొని షార్ట్ ఫిలిమ్స్ తీయండి.

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    Sis memu is not nice at all do it better ok please

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    #JalsaRayudu bro nee acting super bro 👌👌👌👌👌,
    Chala natural ga untundi mee acting 😍😍😍😍

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  • Pandranki Akash
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    Concept is good but memmu title is not suited

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    Naku chaaala interestt acting and writing plss call me bros

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    Aggipulla comedy bagundhi.

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