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  • 8/11/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
    Here is a video where I show you how to get this really simple cool toned smokey eye! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!

    Products Used:
    P. Louise Makeup Base
    Colourpop Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette
    Colourpop The Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette
    Pat McGrath Permagel Eyeliner in Blitz Brown
    Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer in Creme Cafe
    Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer
    Sleek Makeup Lifeproof Foundation in LP04
    Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix in 190C
    Thrive Causemetics Loose Setting Powder
    Thrive Causemetics Rhea Bronzer
    Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Unlocked
    Beauty Bakerie Milk & Honey Palette
    Morphe Continuous Setting Mist
    Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Pitch
    Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Point Zero

    What I'm Wearing:
    Tank & Top: Forever 21
    Lightning Bolt Necklace: Xio_ByYlette (On IG)
    Rad Necklace: Target
    Nails: KL POLISH Scorpio
    Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown

    USE COUPON CODE: Kathleen30 TO GET 30% OFF!

    *If you are a business/company who would like to contact me about reviewing a product...please email me at
    Don't forget to follow me on my social media sites!
    Instagram: Kathleenlights
    Twitter: Kathleenlights1


    *What camera do you use?
    Canon 80D
    *What do you use to edit your videos?
    Final Cut Pro
    *Where did you get your vanity?
    Danny actually built it for me
    Hey! I'm Kathleen. An oddball Aquarius with a love for all things beauty! I keep it simple on this channel and give reviews and tutorials and sometimes I do fun challenges, but for the most part, I stay pretty old school. I upload on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless otherwise noted (usually on Twitter so be sure to follow me there). If I am doing a sponsored video, it will be on one of my off days so you get bonus content :)
    I absolutely love getting ideas from you guys so please always tell me what kind of videos you want to see in the comments and don't forget to subscribe and click the notification bell to stay up to date with my content.

    FTC- This video is NOT sponsored.
    (Morphe & Ofra codes are affiliate codes)
    #kathleenlights #grunge #GRWM
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  • Lexi Ogden
    Lexi Ogden 3 घंटे पहले

    I think it would be so cool if she came out with another palette based on tarot cards or chakras. Or maybe just constellations?

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash महीने पहले

    This and her jaded palette video are my favorite eye looks on her. Love when she plays.

  • Sandhya Maharaj
    Sandhya Maharaj महीने पहले

    On of the most beautiful eyeshadow looks I have ever seen,

  • Emilia Bei
    Emilia Bei 2 महीने पहले

    I followed your video to recreate this look, And it turned out good. Asian girls can also handle this type of makeup. I’m here just want to say thank you for bringing us different creative looks. Lots of love from China. Xxx

  • Mery Mrymry
    Mery Mrymry 2 महीने पहले

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that recently my friend gave me your Zodiac Palette and I love it!! I'm checking out all of your tutorials now and I don't care if this palette is "old" I just love it :) so don't worry

  • janelanex
    janelanex 3 महीने पहले

    Wow this is honestly one of your most beautiful looks ever 😍

  • Shelby Henke Fit Beauty
    Shelby Henke Fit Beauty 4 महीने पहले +1

    I know this is an older video but I would absolutely LOVE to see many many more videos with both of your palettes with colour pop I own both and absolutely love them! But o always second and third guess myself and sometimes get stumped on ideas/inspiration

  • Samantha DC
    Samantha DC 4 महीने पहले

    This is 100% my favorite make up look! So nice... 😍

  • lillyan anders
    lillyan anders 4 महीने पहले

    My favorite thing about your channel is how you do old school stuff like the GRWM’s and use older makeup instead of always using new makeup. It’s amazing to see you tubers like you who give us videos where we can use the makeup we have instead of always getting new makeup instead. Thank you for the old school videos. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tonya Hamrick
    Tonya Hamrick 5 महीने पहले

    I keep watching this video because I love the eye look so much!!! Wish I had the Zodiak palette.

  • Maham W
    Maham W 6 महीने पहले

    I'm a student, I can't keep buying hottest new stuff but I do have dream street that I payed so much tax for so I really appreciate dream street looks

  • Azmath Malik
    Azmath Malik 6 महीने पहले

    I loveee this eyeshadow look 😍🔥

  • Amber Leonardo
    Amber Leonardo 6 महीने पहले

    I've always thought you looked a lot like my older sister. I love across the country from her now so it makes me really happy to watch you. Thank you for being that light.

  • cat cuddles 90
    cat cuddles 90 6 महीने पहले

    I like supporting smaller brands idk why i think it's because of the fact there's not alot of drama surrounding the smaller brands and money wise it's better in my opinion.

  • Nicole Vigo
    Nicole Vigo 7 महीने पहले

    I have dream street and am getting zodiac soon. Love this look! Will be the first look I try :)

  • Jéssica Leal De Mattos
    Jéssica Leal De Mattos 7 महीने पहले

    So creative kath! This is why i love your tutorials and you’re so funny! Love you!

  • Ashley Pezzotti
    Ashley Pezzotti 7 महीने पहले

    PLEASE DO MORE DREAM ST TUTORIALS. Even though it's not new I LOVE watching the looks you create with this palette

  • 184JMC
    184JMC 9 महीने पहले

    You probably won't read this because this video is older. But GIRL.......I used your zodiac like crazy & I was like why don't I have the dream st.DUH. so I got it. Love it (disappointed w/moony mine never shows up on my skin or brush) Anyway.... I'm going out and I was SUPER EXCITED TO SEE THIS. I'm going to do it FOR my girls night out. More of your palettes video PLEASE!

  • Ophelia of the Ripples
    Ophelia of the Ripples 9 महीने पहले

    This look is simply fantastic. Gonna try it today :)

  • Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈
    Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 9 महीने पहले

    Yes, thanks for using your zodiac palette. I got it recently and can always do with some more inspiration

  • maribel sanchez
    maribel sanchez 9 महीने पहले

    I love this look!! 😍

  • Zehra J
    Zehra J 9 महीने पहले


  • Zehra J
    Zehra J 9 महीने पहले

    plz do more dr. street and zodiac !!

  • Noemi Rodriguez
    Noemi Rodriguez 10 महीने पहले

    Love the look. Definitely trying it soon. ❤️

  • Brittany Phillips
    Brittany Phillips 10 महीने पहले

    LOVE THIS LOOK! definitely wanna recreate something like this!

  • Takilah
    Takilah 10 महीने पहले

    GRWMs are my faavvoorriittee ♍️💃🏾

  • alysa berry
    alysa berry 10 महीने पहले

    More zodiac and dream street tutorials pleeeeeeeease 😍

  • Julissa Lebrón vargas
    Julissa Lebrón vargas 10 महीने पहले

    Hola, hay alguna opción que se puedan ver en español

  • Susana Aguirre
    Susana Aguirre 10 महीने पहले

    You should do a segment of throwback Thursday pallets. Eyeshadows, lip whatever

  • Jesse Loughman
    Jesse Loughman 10 महीने पहले

    I love this style of video. Thanks!!! Please post more like it.

  • Lauren Jade Beauty
    Lauren Jade Beauty 11 महीने पहले

    Actually good I hope everybody goes that direction for the hot new shit because I’m just gonna keep rocking it old-school and I love it that way if everybody goes one way I’m gone the other way just like I really hope that these colorful crazy art eye designs keep going because I’m going to continue on with my boring KKW style of make up😂

  • Lauren Jade Beauty
    Lauren Jade Beauty 11 महीने पहले

    Lol- Feeling pressure to put out the latest things about 140 pallets in 2018 😂🤷‍♀️ I can tell you that’s what I’m going to be doing in 2019 I’m too old to feel that peer pressure and I’m not jumping on that bandwagon I’m going to be doing all of the stuff and using all the pallets that I got last year- i’m gonna be buying it very few pallets in 2019 just because of the fact that so many of them are so colorful and I’m only going to be buying my bronze and neutrals- i’m gonna let all the other beauty people jump on the bandwagon of having to feel pressured to post the latest and greatest and I’m going to stay old school😂

  • Eileen Barrios
    Eileen Barrios 11 महीने पहले

    #TeamVirgo 🙌

  • Lillian Levesque
    Lillian Levesque 11 महीने पहले

    I would love to see more videos like this one.

  • Glenn 37216
    Glenn 37216 11 महीने पहले

    Dayam thats some thick make up. You look like a circus clown.

  • Valerie Elizondo
    Valerie Elizondo 11 महीने पहले

    You low key look like Vicky 😂 but way prettier and u got pretty big eyes 🥰😍

  • Bella Davitadi
    Bella Davitadi 11 महीने पहले

    Made that look using your dream st pallet and warrior super shock shadow in the middle as the color splash. Loved it!!

  • Dan Seas
    Dan Seas 11 महीने पहले

    Grunge Music is great! AiC, Soundgarden, STP, and N...

    Wrong video, my bad

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous 11 महीने पहले

    Feel weird that i cant find anyone else who thinks she looks like Whoa Vicky's older sister. Am i crazy?

  • Jason Crabb
    Jason Crabb 11 महीने पहले

    Woah Vicky?

  • Gish
    Gish 11 महीने पहले

    Why was this in my recommended

  • strranger
    strranger 11 महीने पहले

    Yuckhh, all fake up

  • Maysam Siddig
    Maysam Siddig 11 महीने पहले

    Do a one brand product challenge! Maybe a wet n wild one? Idk if you already did that one before

  • kamari baker
    kamari baker 11 महीने पहले

    She looks like woah vicky

  • ChelChel Maree
    ChelChel Maree 11 महीने पहले

    I love seeing your dream st. and zodiac palette eye looks!!

  • Danielle Jimenez
    Danielle Jimenez 11 महीने पहले

    Soooo pretty

  • izaf 95
    izaf 95 11 महीने पहले

    Hey Kathleen. Can u compile all your dream st/zodiac palette look in a playlist?

  • Darrell Barton
    Darrell Barton 11 महीने पहले

    10 times Prettier without the makeup !

  • Darrell Barton
    Darrell Barton 11 महीने पहले

    Great if your going for the dead look !

  • 1-800- GET SHWIFTY
    1-800- GET SHWIFTY 11 महीने पहले

    I thought you were woahvicky for a min

  • Mikylla Torralba
    Mikylla Torralba 11 महीने पहले

    She lowkey looked like woahvicky in the thumbnail

  • Brittany Nicholson
    Brittany Nicholson 11 महीने पहले

    So excited to try this look!

  • Dana Ravid
    Dana Ravid 11 महीने पहले

    More more more. Dream st and zodiac are my fav colourpop palettes. Always post more looks with them. Love u girl. Keep doing you!

  • Trish N
    Trish N 11 महीने पहले

    I need some help with the aquarius shade. I love the color and when I see your videos they always look so pigmented...but every time I try to use it on my lid it almost looks translucent and almost looks grey on top of taurus (for example). Do i need to use a denser brush? Or maybe I have to use concealer for it? What do you recommend?

  • Trish N
    Trish N 11 महीने पहले

    Hi Kathleen! Just stopped in here to say I hope you're doing well! New year new start!

  • Amal Mohamed
    Amal Mohamed 11 महीने पहले

    All product that you used are sooooo goood and ur face looks amazing and different 💕😍

  • Laura
    Laura 11 महीने पहले

    Yeeess, I love Dream St. palette! please do more videos with that one.

  • Tatyana Lyu
    Tatyana Lyu 11 महीने पहले

    I would love to see your opinion on the Nude Huda Beauty palette!

    RASTA GOD 11 महीने पहले

    What yo mouf do

  • Mandy K
    Mandy K 11 महीने पहले

    Bought your palette so I could do this look. This is my favorite look of all time!