2.0 - Science behind Rajnikanth 's Movie | Mobile Phone Radiation Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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  • Dhruv Rathee
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    Most of the comments here on this video are regarding the 5G test in Netherlands. Please know that birds dying from it was Fake News. This has already being revealed by AltNews. Read more here- www.altnews.in/will-birds-die-as-shown-in-2-0-indian-media-falls-for-fake-news-from-netherlands/

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      IS bar Aapne BJP ko Roasting krna Bhul Gaye kye

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      Microwave increase the randomness of molecule due to increase in entropy heat is developed.

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      Sir I use. My cellphone to watch your videos 😊

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      What is your academic qualification Mr. Dhruv..

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      Bro but Salim Ali juth bolega kya

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    Dhruv भाइ मोदी जी ने अपने 84 Tour मे देश का बहुत पैसा उडाया है,, एक विडियो बनाओ, उनके टुर के फायदा और नुकसान हमे भी मालुम पडे👍

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    Abey pesticides ka movie kaise bana lete lol..

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    Please make a video on pubg

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    Abe dhruv kitna jhut biltahai

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    The factors are on x axis not on y axis sir!

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    Super very nice Main

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    dhruv rathee please make a video on GM crops .....is it beneficial or not

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    Love you bro

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    You look like Tom cruise 😎

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    Thanks bro

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    Kyun bewkoof bna rhe ho.pura Shi dikhaya h .ek limit tak ki frequency k upar harmful h aur hmare Desh m itne mobile networks h jo us limit ko cross krte.gumrah na kro dost logono ko

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    Log unsmart horahe hai

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    बहोत खास विश्लेषण ध्रुव भाई आपसे मिलके अच्छा लगा

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    good sirr

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    IS bar Aapne BJP ko Roasting krna Bhul Gaye kye🤣🤣😂😂😂

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    All very well buddy do you know what SAR is? I don't buy this 5G harmful nonsense however why all cell phone manufacturers hid SAR readings prior to 2004? Also why sparrows vanished from India? Sorry we are not killing sparrows like China

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    Sparrows arec disappeared in Delhi, I'm not agree with this video .. I used to saw lot's of Birds in my nearby park..
    Cell phone companies are most powerful organisation they can mobiles media . So I didn't trust this video. This guy is fake news

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    the so called development by westerners is a SWEET LIE fed to the world the only problem and solution lies within ourselves HINDUISM will be like a water it will spread and make path automatically the only reality...you poeple believe in first creating a problem and then solving it and call it development haha sweet lies ruining the planet have you seen the condition of space the garbage these satellites are creating in the space...you people were the ass lickers mindlessly following them with pesticides and chemicals and now believing in organic farming haha yes you people mentioned indians and tagged them with the name TRIBAL PEOPLE against development now seeeeeeee...dhruv bhai i was your supporter but secularism is also a lie we are breaking the rules aur is development ne kya diya hai hume kuch nahi

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    the way u ,present ur thought is great

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    U r right bro👍

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    which tool do you use to edit videos?

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    Sir birds earth ki magnetic property se birds direction ka pata lagata hai to kya ye mobile se nikalane wali electromagnitic wave unko direction pahachanane me kuch rukawat nhi dalati hai kya

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    👍 thnx

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    Bas rahne de

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    Visible light ka frequency 400 to 700nm hota hai

  • Hima The Cool Park
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    Hello Dhruv! The information mentioned by you regarding birds death are true. I'm a farmer and technical enthusiast. I observed that birds doesn't visit to farm when we used synthetic fertilizers. But when we started using organic fertilizers. We see birds coming to farm.

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    Are sir pls ab aap rahul gaandhi ji k about farmer loan pr b kuch boliye na phle unhone kya kha ab apni baato ko change kardiya vo sirf 24 hours me boliye pls kyu logo ko such baiytiye na apke to political vichar bhut uchch h

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    Bhai yeh video fake hai. 😨😨😦

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    Dr ,scientist , sportsman ,sports scientist , astrologer, astrophysicst , CA , CS ,CWA ,CFA ,lawyer ,FRM , SAB pass kar Liya ..Working in you tube.

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    I am begging you all guys plz save birds save earth

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    Sir ek or kabhar bhi to ha ki jab 5G ka test hua tha to 5 million pakshi Mar gye. The iske picha Kya rraaz ha...

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    If I didnt use cellphones much , I may miss this video, and if many done then this video will not earn much subscribers and money..

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    You are great sir .....or bhi physics or science se related video upload kijye

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    I pray these filmmakers find it more important to spend time on pre-production rather than spending millions merely on vfx

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    Apne cell phone tower ke niche 24 ghante khade hoker dikhao me Proof de dunga 😂😂😂

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    ये साले सारे मिलकर हमारा पागल बना रहे है-पाकिस्तानी अम्मा।

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    Bakbass karta hai ye launda.

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    c raw (best explanation) ..... but i have read somewhere that it affect their navigation skills

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    Matlab Kuch Bhi?????
    Agar Tujhe support mil rha hai to kuch bhi bolega.
    abe Phle Movie Ko dhyan se dekh kya dikhaya gya hai..
    chala aaya Muh utha ke video bnaane.
    ' If it's harmless than why limits have been set for frequency????
    frequency harmfull hai tbhi to limit set kya jisse Mobiles Phone KA Use ho ske

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    I recently saw a post stating 5g testing mobile network killed 297 birds in netherlands may i know if its true?

    • soniya mehra
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      Sry i just saw the comment above got my asnwer thank you

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    You don't know the reality b/w Bollywood movies and reality???wtf??

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    You dhruv rathee you loose.

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    Agar scientific proof nahi Hain to Kya hua 😠😠 saboot to aakhon ke samne Hain ki phone ke aane se pehle aur aane ke badd birds ki Kya population Hain aur film me ye nahi kha ki radiation band kro ye kha ha ki uska use limit me kro kyuki internet services ne competition ke liye radiation ko hadd se zyada bada diya Hain aur saboot chahiye to Mobile tower ke pass 24 hours ke liye kade ho jao phir batana Kya hua tumhaare sath😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    made videos on Indisn muslim

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    Awesome video sir jee ... Please please make an awareness video on use of plastic ... People of our country really need to know the consequences of using plastic and throwing garbage on our water bodies ...

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    Film pe Akshay pesticides ki baath kar raha hein,but they focused on towers as a major issue.

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    India Ka report dikhaiyaan bhaiyaan

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    Ye Dhrub Congress ka agent hai..kutto ki maut milega ..bahat zald..ushko

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    Prstiside rakhne wala har aadmi Hatayara hei😂😂!!!

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    Your information is good but dhrm ky thykeydar word is showing your thinking

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    what about Netherlands Hague,300 birds died due to 5G testing????????

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    Tujhe achha kya lagta h bta
    Na movie na BJP
    Teri problem kya h aaj bol dal

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    It is NCERT book na?

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    Iss movie me akshay kumar or rajnikanth hai jo Modi ko support krte hain....bs yahii vjha se movie bekar hai.😁🤣

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    Sir,...apke tarah sci..fi..main chalenge to hame koi dusri planate pe Jana hoga

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    Microwave increase the randomness of molecule due to increase in entropy heat is developed.

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    Hukka k bare me kya khayal hai

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    Hey brother! I have a video suggestion for u. Pls make a video on Indian defence. I think people need to know how the Bofors scam left the army waiting for artillery for years. How the air force squadron strength came down to 32 from a sanctioned 42. How the army has been suffering from lack of helmet, bulletproof jacket, gud assault rifle, tank spare parts, anti aircraft weapons etc. Pls tell the people how the war reserves came down to jst above 2 days from the minimum requirement of 40 days. Pls tell the people what are the steps taken now, if any. People need to know the truth.

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    Dear rathi ji ..... Shayad apne movie par proper dhyan ni Diya osmein kaha gaya ki birds apna Rasta bhatak rahe h ... Na ki inse mar re ... H ..... So please clear it before explanation

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    bro your explanation is awesome!!!!!!!!

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    The way you explained physics was very satisfying.

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    Make videos which gives awareness about environment n nature-wildlife protection n about science n how to develop scientific veiw. Atleast 1video weekly. We don't have single medium which completely work for news n information about nature protection which is the most important issue of current time.

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    Trailor tou bonga sa he ho movie ka

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    Anthropologists do not study about Birds nor they do census, where are the Ornithologists?? !!!

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    Taweez 😋

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    Same chapeter of physics is in 8th class of Pakistan 😉🇵🇰❤️🇮🇳

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    Hey bro,
    I respect your research and the information you are trying to convey, however, I suggest you watch the movie again. Movie intends us all to realize that mobile radiation is harmful when the frequency threshold is above the limit. There is a scene where Akshya tells to an owner of one mobile service provider to decrease the frequency of their signal and gives the example of other nations like America and China where there are limited phone networks.
    The movie is not misleading and tends to make people realize the fact, use the technology for the better purpose. It doesn't say that mobile frequency radiation is killing the birds, rather it is saying that birds find their path with the help of electromagnetic waves and mobile phone waves are disturbing them, which misleads them and make them detached from their family and group.
    Akshya is killing the mobile phone users which is wrong and that's why he is considered villain the movie. Problem is not with mobile phone users but is with those companies who set the higer frequency on their network which with no dought harm bird and humans also.
    There is no evidence that proves that bird is dying with radiation, because of no evidence on the paper that proves mobile networks are using a higher frequency than the limit. it's business and politics. And we all should realize that movie intended to convey a great message.

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    Tujhe ye jooht lag rah hai tu 2 din daver ki nachi bit ki daikha

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    Ye teri video open pr hi pta lg gya tha ki Tu akshay ki movie dekhne ke liye mna krega yaar mai to dekh aya ab kya karun 😜😜😜

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    what about ...in Netherlands 100's birds dead during 5g testings


    Chapter number 5 sir

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    safespace 2 locket is like ring of vampire to human..

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    Birds Ka to PTA nhii ..... Per 🐝 bee's population bhaut km hai scientist Ka khna hai .......... So please bee k uper bhi video bnaoo sir .... Why the population of a bee species about to extinct..

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    Sir, please make a video about BJP's 'Bangladesi & NRC' politics in Assam...
    The BJP came to power in the wake of the ban on illegal Bangladeshi in Assam,
    Now after coming to power, the Hindu Bangladeshis are trying to establish in Assam
    And,Muslims of Assam are being made Bangladeshi and they are being tortured.

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    It is nice to see a video that is not related to religion, region and politics.

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    As u have told not to touch cell phones with our bodies, then is it more safe to converse through headphones?

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    Now all Rajni fans will come after you! All the best... you are challenging Modi-Bhakts & Rajni-Bhakts simultaneously!

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    तेरे बाप ने तेरी मां को चोदते समय लगता है कुछ कमी कर दी इसीलिए तो तू हर चीज में कमी निकालता है

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    had you watched 2.0 in 3d?

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    Bro ur wrong u can't understand the story see again

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    Radiation is harmful ... correct message given in 2.0 ... In delhi, 90% towers get banned and now ISP providers fall connection through underground.

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  • duplicate forworld
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    I am fan

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    Haan aur avengers , auqaman to bhuttt logical h.

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      you are stupid the are science fiction no need for too much logic there they are superhero movies

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    The research could also not be out due to cell phone companies

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    In the movie - they don't say cellphone radiation impacts birds and human. But what they say is setting waves above its permissible limits is wrong. I am sure, we are able to recollect Airtel's controversial activities some years back.

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