Ethiopian Air Crash | Why are Boeing 737 max crashing ?

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  • 14/03/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • vlog 128
    about the Boeing 737 max fatal crash.
    may all RIP.
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    Thanks for making such a knowledgeable video.

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    Kya bat hai bhai tmari. Bht mehnat kr k smjaya hai. Love from Pakistan

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    There must be a third option for pilot to set the input priority, if aircraft auto input is not working fine then pilot should be able to stop aircraft auto input and he control everything manually

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    Gauravbhai it’s sheer delight to hear you .. it actually is symphony .. you simply suck the viewer in your zone with your deep understanding of something you love doing i.e. flying and Vlogging .. the stall and AoA relationship explanation was spot on of the best videos by far 👍

  • santosh kumar barik
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    Why is happening with JET, air India. Please can you give your insight. Please gaurav ji

    • santosh kumar barik
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      I am preparing for upsc, your views will give a better insight

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    Bhai aap mat chalana Boeing ka 737 max ko....☠️☠️☠️😊😊😊

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    dekho airolane me fight with pilot 😂 😭

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    Bhai thx for knowledge

    NATANKI GAMER!! 2 दिन पहले

    Investigators jo ye case ke upar research kar rahi hai , aur tune toh conclusion bhi de diya - ab tak ka report mein kaha gaya hai ki jo jet crash hua hai usme costly safety updates nahi hua tha ek important factor tha.

  • Sheikh Anish Ahmed
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    Thanks for such a information sir..and plz make a video on MH 370

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    Explaining by using miniature of aeroplane and cardboard with graph i like the most...grea effort sir...aap ATP molecule breakdown bhi aise hi explain kiye the fitmuscletv mei💚💚💚

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    Superb video bhai

  • Renji Thomas
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    Why these sensors are not interconnected, if pitch is corrected.. Can’t it recognise the altitude is dropping and warn the pilot or go into manual mode?

  • monazir khan
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    Thx bro for explaining so well .

  • Thyagarajan Krishnan
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    With aircraft getting more hi tech, I won't be surprised if nowadays aircrafts are designed by gaming software engineers. Very soon, passengers will be given VR headsets on boarding to make their flying more exciting :)

  • Jonathan Benjamin
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    What a cool pilot!! And you explain things well, cap'n. Thank you and regards.

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    I am ready to fly a plane. #aajmeudega

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    Love From Pakistani Great Explanation 😍

  • jawahar gupta
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    Sir, the pilot of that Ethiopian plane was my mom's friend's brother in law. He was the one who send the signal which you talked about and was also a nice and polite man.

  • Raj Thakur
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    Very Nice Information

  • Prakher Shrivastava
    Prakher Shrivastava 2 दिन पहले

    so boeing incidents are because of humans and airbus incidents are because of its system?

  • Malaram Devasi
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    Hey gaurav sir im from hyderabad aapke liye youtube video k liye content bata saktha hu 4 temples very interesting if you're reading this message call me once 8885408757 ..In that 1-2 temples tho zada logo patha he nahi hai and yes my name is pavan im from hyderabad

  • Deepak Sharma
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    Sir surat fly karo please!!!

  • Robert May
    Robert May 3 दिन पहले

    The MCAS system was not revealed to the first receivers of the Max 8's,
    nor was it in the Manuals. Boeing thought it would quietly do it's job in
    the background, but they were wrong. After the first accident from Lion Air,
    out of Indonesia, then all airliners were informed of this. The pilots in
    Ethiopia may or may not have been aware of this, and if they were they
    lacked insufficient training on how to deal with this problem.

    The MCAS system works to bring the nose of the plane down so it can
    fly at a level flight. MCAS get's it's information from AOA sensors that
    send info to the plane as to what angle the plane is flying at. Pilots have
    reported that the AOA sensors are faulty and sending "wrong information"
    and "activating" the MCAS system when it shouldn't have, causing the
    planes nose to point downward, and causing the plane to go into a nose
    dive, and this is what happened. Basically the MCAS was needed because
    Boeing redesigned the engines, that were bigger, and were mounted
    differently -- more forward and up on the wing, throwing off the center of
    gravity of the new 737 Max 8.The old 737 does not have this problem. AOA
    sensors, stands for Angle of Attack, to make sure air flow is right both over
    and under the wings, to make the plane aerodynamic.

    According to reports from pilots, you can "disengage" the MCAS SYSTEM,
    buy pulling back on the yoke, and this will do it. At the same time there are
    wheels by the throttle that you turn manually, to trim the planes stabilizer
    manually by yourself. This was done many times by well trained American
    pilots, who averted crashes with this jet. So, proper training and awareness
    could have saved a lot of lives.
    Let's not forget these MAX 8 jets have been flying for a couple years, with
    thousands of flights in North America and developed countries with "no"
    accidents, and pilots say the plane flies beautifully. They say it's a very smooth
    flying aircraft, and a pleasure to pilot.

    So, who's responsible for this -- well it's Boeing, for non disclosure of the MCAS
    system, and what to do, if it functions in error, and how to manually disengage
    the system. In my opinion, all pilots should know how to manually take a plane
    from takeoff, and land it smoothly with no automation, or computers to help
    them -- just like in the old days. Over the last 20 years, there have been so very
    few major aircraft go down. I'm all for automation, but I fully support proper pilot
    training should some of this automation fail -- like faulty sensors. It's completely
    crazy to rely on robots or Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to fly planes, if you don't
    understand how the computers work, and how they fly the plane, and in the event
    of a failure of the computer, you can then shut it off, and have "no problem" , and
    take control of the aircraft yourself,- "manually" with a lot of confidence.

    I SHOULD ADD - this MCAS system and it's AOA sensors, should all be mandatory
    on a plane, and not be sold as extras, same as brakes on a car. You don't play
    around with peoples lives, to make a few extra dollars, selling "options." These
    features "must be standard equipment", on all these aircraft sold, PERIOD.

    This is why I'm "very against" self driving cars'. Can you imagine all the accidents
    that will happen from "faulty sensors." WOW , it will be a nightmare. Faulty sensors
    could be caused by snow, ice, extreme heat or cold. Are we getting so lazy that we
    need to have Artificial Intelligence driving our cars. No thanks for me, I'll drive my
    own car, and hope that people will rebel against this idea, and the makers of these
    cars, won't sell any of them, and thus, taking them off the market.This Boeing Max 8
    should send a good example, of things to come if we allow driverless cars. Not for
    me, and I hope the general public will agree with this.

    • Robert May
      Robert May 3 दिन पहले

      +Flying Beast - you gotta tell it like it is. A lot of people are saying as
      well, that those bigger heavier engines are to heavy for the frame of
      the 737 MAX 8, and there will be future problems as well. I guess we'll
      have to see over the long haul, if this plane will stay airworthy ?

    • Flying Beast
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      Thanks for quoting the aviation journey

  • Pusparaj Baraik
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    MCAS prevents from stalling... I so wished to be a pilot. Love your video brother.

  • Pusparaj Baraik
    Pusparaj Baraik 3 दिन पहले

    Is that probe for angle of attack same as pitot tube?

  • Fabtech Infrastructure
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    i am just common men however i understand very well about 737 issue and also get some more information...

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    Then too owners not learn lesson only they want make money

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    Very well explained sir....keep it up👍👍

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    Wow...That's really interesting and knowledgeable....I was watching for the first time bt still I love this

  • Saurabh Raje
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    So the 737MAX MCAS would not ignore the pilot input but it will trim the nose down. This will make it very hard to control, but technically not the same as airbus FBW which will ignore the input. But I see that it is difficult to explain it simply and you have done a good job of explaining the problem in general!

  • jai bharat
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    लाजवाब जबरदस्त बहुत ही बढ़िया ढंग से सब बता दिया |
    अरे ये साले चोर हैं, झूट बोल कर अपना सामान बेचते हैं |

  • yuvraj rajput
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    Air France me in icing speed sensor pe icing hui thi.

  • Simple Words
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    Useless information bro.common citizens ise jaan ke kya kare ge and jo pilot banna chahate hai vo ye sabh training vgera mai sikhe ge jaada achi tarah se.

  • Talha Qureshi
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    If all the pilots were taught how to switch off the MCAS after the crash of lion air then why pilots didn't disengaged the MCAS in Ethiopian flight ?

  • Amit Galgali
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    Thank you sir for making us understand in a simple way the crash situation of both the cases. It's worth knowing such sophisticated terms in a simple way from you. pls keep on making such videos to spread knowledge & awareness related to aviation. 👍👌👏

  • Prasanjit Datta
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    Thank you very much for the detail information about all the systems

  • ag subham
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    Lion air which crashed , faced similar issue the previous day of the crash , but due to an off duty pilot on board who had the knowledge to switch of automation after going through three checklist switched of the automation otherwise we would see a fatal crash the previous day itself but the pilots failed to pass on the information. All the crashes are caused because of ‘POOR INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THE PILOT ABOUT THE MCAS CONTROL AND AUTOMATION SYSTEM ‘ in the new BOEING 737 MAX 8 which pushes nose down and makes it impossible to lift the aircraft due to which pilot gets startled and cannot think why the problem is occurring and ask for emergency but the automation error continues to push the nose of the aircraft downwards which leads to fatal crashes few mins after take off.

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    Ballet ballet Gaurav ji..
    Mainey aap ki bahut safari video Dekhi..aap Bitia ko (Aap ki wife ) ko itna kuyn pareshaan kartey ho...she is also a pilot... Do you fly togather..?...

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    • Jay Trivedi
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      +Pusparaj Baraik it was. Where he expressed his thoughts considering facts. Youuu too wanted to be pilot lolzzzz

    • Pusparaj Baraik
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      Boss... It was not a review

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  • Aasif Sayeed
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    and you're a pilot?
    thrust is in front direction? 😕
    and going down means nose down 🤔
    what kinda pilot you're man

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    You made it so interesting! If someone doesn’t know anything about aircrafts you explained it so perfectly! Great Job! 😇🙏🏻👍🏻

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  • The Gaming Broz s
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    Bhai FCOM ko kya break-down kiya hai simple language mai....
    Flight control laws ko bhi sahi explain kiya...
    I still agree that the level of automation is way to high in A320
    PS:I am not a pilot. Just a Simmer with TR A320

  • naveen kumark
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    SAURAJEET CHATTERJEE 5 दिन पहले +3

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    I enjoy watching your videos...keep up the good work

  • amol dange
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    Nice video sir however i would just like to point out that use of composites is for mechanical advantage (strength to weight ratio) and not for automation. As far as i know being a metallurgist and material scientist.

  • Marek Zajkowski
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    Cant understand a word.
    What he is talking about:D Is it in English? xD
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      Being Indian, he is speaking a mix of Hindi which is Indian language and some English in the Indian accent.

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    Sir thank you so much for explaining so well. I have finally understood why this is happening. I really loved this video. And I have finally understood many concepts related to airplanes

    NIKHIL DHINGRA 5 दिन पहले

    Hey brother It has new software installed in this aircraft. The main reason is it's altitude sensors are reporting incorrect.
    for example plane is flying in proper position. But it's sensor assuming that plane nose is up. and automatically it starts down the nose so plane started stalled in air because of incorrect reporting by sensors. so computer started make plane falling down.
    Pilot tried to control this but computer won and plane is crashed.

    It has come to my knowledge so thought i should share this here.

      NIKHIL DHINGRA 5 दिन पहले

      +wright vcx He only talked about new plane, new engines, new design he didn't talk about it's installed software.

      But as i know major problem is it's software that balance plane in air. this is new in that.

      for your king information you should know i work in travel trade. i have knowledge about whole world and aviation industry.

    • wright vcx
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      NIKHIL DHINGRA he is also saying the same...what is new in that?

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    Bhaiyah aap vlogging ke alawah airplanes ke workings pe videos banao....tabb aur bhi zyaada mazaa aayega...!
    I hope someday I'll meet you as a captain of my flight...!❤❤

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  • wright vcx
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    I have couple of questions on aircraft automation system:
    1. If aircraft senses that it is on stall, it directs nose to take a dive. But shouldn't there be a system which checks whether aircraft is horizontal or diving down after correcting the pitch? And what about rapid decrease in aircraft altitude after the pitch? Why would automation system allow aircraft to fly below 1000 feets even after apparently correcting AOA? In my opinion, rapid decrease in altitude should alert aircraft to override automated pitching.
    2. Why would an aircraft designer rule out possibility of damage on external sensors which are over the surface of aircraft? Seems very obvious that there is possibility of sensor getting hit by external object or getting covered due to icing on it. It is located on the body of aircraft. It can clearly get damaged. How could a billion dollar aircraft calculate AOA with an external physical sensor?

    • santosh kumar barik
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      Same query here. How a aircraft could rely on an external sensor which is prone to malfunctioning. gaurav, if you could shed some light on it

    • nowhere
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      @wright vcx The Ethiopian plane did not have an AOA sensor which is an expensive add on, so this flight crashed based on speed (not sure air or ground) and altitude input only. At least that is what I've read?

    • Ishan Sharma
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      Seems like the Avionics part was malfunctioning because all i could understand is the altimeter was calculating incorrectly which also could be the main diaster.

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    yrrrr, itni mast videos banate ho. \m/
    pr iss baar Air France A330 crash kee info galat de gae. That was a pilot induced stall due to wrong inputs, after plane computers switched from normal law to alternate law due to unreliable air speed (coz of icing in pitot tubes). Flight computers didn't force it to go down. (09:40 - 12:00).

    PS:- baaki content mazedaar rehta hai \m/ sr g

    • AnIndianOnEarth
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      Yes. If this dude is an Airbus pilot and does not know what the cause of that crash was, that is a scary thought. He is another Pierre-Cedric Bonin in waiting.

  • David Waters
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    Your analysis of Air France crash is incorrect. Pito tube got iced and gave low speed value to pilots. Pilots raised the speed and put the nose up that put the aircraft in stall. Pilots realized it only when First officer got up from sleep and told them he feeling uneasy. When First office saw what was going on, it just crashed in few seconds. It crashed in such a flat angle that aircraft body was infact but crushed vertically. All that the pilots had to do to avoid crash was not do anything as Pito tubes get auto cleaned after 25 seconds. Please study your videos properly before publishing.

    • Bhawani shankar Panda
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      David Waters Absolutely correct.. He needs to do more ground work before publishing video.

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  • Mustansir Akbar
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    There is political problem see the haqiqat t v
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  • abdullah bashir
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    Same to same jasy LTV pickup gari k stayring me play hoti hy... Wo wali bat bta di bhai ny...

  • abdullah bashir
    abdullah bashir 7 दिन पहले

    I think this video will be deleted by the google so i download it... Tnx bro for giving smart informations...

  • Biju Kurian
    Biju Kurian 7 दिन पहले

    Lift, weight, thrust, and drag, AOA, stall...I know everything about flying...Enroll me as Jet Airways pilot...I can replace the pilots going on strike...after all pilot has nothing to do, their input is nullified by the aircraft...Aircraft has to fly itself...does that matter if a qualified pilot is flying or ME (much cheaper alternative)..:)