WHY is there a SPIRAL in a JET ENGINE? Explain by CAPTAIN JOE

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel, clarifying another great question. Why is there a spiral or swirl in a jet engine?
    The primary reason for painting designs on engine spinners is for the safety of ground personnel. Working near a running jet engine is extremely dangerous. For example, a Boeing 737 engine, running at idle power, has a hazard zone of 9 feet to the front and sides of the engine. This means that, even at idle thrust, a human that walks within the hazard area or any loose objects, risk being sucked up into the engine. When the engine is above idle thrust, the hazard zone increases to 14 feet or more. Not to speak of the even larger hazard zones of a B777 for example. Therefore it´s absolutely critical that ground personnel can identify a running engine and stay away from it.
    Even though jet engines are incredibly loud, a running engine may not be obvious to ground personnel. Airport aprons often have several aeroplanes in close proximity with engines screaming next to each other. Therefore ground personnel have to wear hearing protection to suppress the deafening noise. Making matters worse, it can be hard to see that an engine is running, especially during night-time operation, as the black and grey fan blades become translucent when they´re spinning.
    Therefore spinning spirals make it a lot easier to identify a running engine. Besides that, ground personnel can check if the aeroplanes´ red anti-collision light is still flashing. This indicates that pilots have received their start-up clearance and will start the engines very soon. On arrival at the gate, the light is turned off by the pilots after the engines are shut off and „spiral“ down, after which it is safe to approach the engines from either side.
    For the same safety reason, the tips of propeller blades on propeller-driven aeroplanes like the Dash Q400 are painted in bright colours, to be more visible to the human eye. You won´t believe how many incidents have happened in the past involving jet engines and ground personnel.
    Do they scare away birds? That and more information in the video!
    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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    talking about bird impact on jet engines.......I wonder if the designers ever thought of putting up a net of small mash grill in front of the spinning turbine, to prevent anything getting sucked in.

    The air would still gets sucked into the engine to produce thrust, but nothing else.

    I know its an enormous thrust those engines produce, but if the net / grill is securely fasten it might not get sucked into it!

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    Great video; thanks, Captain.
    Going through flight training in the 90s in small propeller airplanes, everybody told me the markings on prop tips were for bystanders and ground crew, but the swirl on turbofans were for birds.
    Funny how misinfo spreads and becomes accepted as truth!

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    Hey Caption.
    Let me ask you a stupid question.
    Can't airplane engines be covered by a net or something to minimize the effect of bird strikes. ?
    (I mean a strong net, that would not break against the momentum of the impact. Even a weaker one will be safer for ground workers, won't they ? )
    Obviously there should be a reason not to do. Please explain. Thanks.

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    Comma on a KLM MD11: inclips.net/video/ZEPhgZeZARI/वीडियो.html

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