BYN : When You Are Caught Cheating In Exam Feat. Emraan Hashmi

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    😂ghanta last Tak Malum nhi pdta ki twist Kya hai 😂👌mast content bhai

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    Blood is same!

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    Nice video

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    Hehehe...wooohooo...but don't cheat in xms....

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    Can i have ur gmail.?

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    Kadak 🔥🔥 🔥

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    Best uniques # imran

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    kb aayega bhai new video....kbse wait kr rhe h

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    Ek no👌

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    4:28 from where can i get this background music

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    Anyone waiting for new video

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    Are kya hua bhai band Kar diya kya channel video dal hi nahi raha hai

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    If I got a bro like imran

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    Who dislikes 👎Imran ji
    N who likes👎 ???
    Comment down 👇👇

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    1:52 Emraan Hashmi ne Dombivali bola, are aapla Gaav famous jaala...... Very much thanks to Be You Nick, because of you, today stars are coming to work with you and knowing that from which city you , your talent and we citizens exist........ Be you Nick is unique.... 😊😃

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    jabardust yaaar

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    Wah emraan Hashmi

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    superb video guys love u all

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    Subscribe to t series....

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    totally savage bro


    Oo ho Kay video kiya he yaar

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    kamal hai hhhh

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    Beenish mussarat दिन पहले yrrrr

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    looking really very handsom imran hashmi

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    I don’t know guys whts your problem Nick
    What’s taking you guys to post an other video of yours
    Every video you all post I go crazy seeing you and once seeing it I keep opening INclips every single day checking that when your next video would be out
    I go impatient when your video is not out and especially when it’s been over a week or two I go mad
    Please I beg you Plzz post atleast 2 videos a week
    I am madly in love with you all
    Please please please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Mujhe pata tha pakka kuch dal me kaal he aur jhol hone wala he

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    All videos best ....

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    Subscribers is just a number
    The best thing is the content and you have a lot of content.Don’t feel demotivated about this thing.......
    Will soon achive u @byn.

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    Please promote t series

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    Moral:-Nakal k liye chahiye akal

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    Great 😂🤩

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    Hey guys I loved all ur videos . Whenever I sit free I watch ur videos I never get boared by watching ur videos again and again . I'll pray to god to reach ur subscribers at 10 million just like BB all the best guys .😉

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    Kdk only Dombivalikar

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    Wah ji great


    Great job bro it's really daam good

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    Ooo big shootout for emraan ............if this is 90s would have big epic scene

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    Ending was 😂😂😂

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    Kadakk bhai log

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    Emran Hashmi

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    Wow, that's cool

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    Jordar video 💟💟😘

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    Emran is the best

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    Jiyo sher

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    Ending is awesome 😂😂👌👌

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    Ad kyun lagaya bhai

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    Love from andraparadesh💓

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    Its was hell funny dint expect the ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Very good bahot hard Bhai emraan Bhai

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    Teray chumaymay chwanprash hai.

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    Nick apki video me last me hi suspense hota h😂😂😂

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    Bhi kamal Kar deya

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    The twist was unexpected!!!

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    Mara nice idea

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    Sachme mast hai vhai ❤❤🤔

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    Exam hall me caps allowed ni hote be

  • Pulkit Chaudhari
    Pulkit Chaudhari 3 दिन पहले

    Video is good but since you are a youtuber and a public figure you shouldn't show cheating as a viable option i don't mean to say video was not good it was but videos are to convey some message so please don't do this it is inappropriate

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    Mja aagya

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    Fav music.... Who love it.. ❤️✌️🔥.... Immu bhaii

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    imran so bad

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    Cool broo 😍

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    I leve video

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    Kya twist hai bhai🙂🙂😂😎😎😎ek no trending pe aayega

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    One of the best videos of byn...Emraan was awesome..

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    I am and will always loved the twist in your story

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    Kaash Mera v koi aisa bada Bhai hota toh Mai saare test pass kr leta

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    Imran ka movie hit hai boss

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    That was Classic ....👍👍👍👍

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    Imran Bhai come back with bang.

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    What a climax bro 😍😍

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    Na acting achchi na script achchi kya bkws h


    Omg yarrr itna jabardast dimag 😱😜😝😱😜😝😱😜😝😱😜😝kaha se Late ho Bhaio 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣gajab

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    Amazing bhai👍👍👍

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    Bhai ne gym start kr di

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    Maza aa gya👍👌

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    Imran sr ke fans like kro yrrr

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    The video is cool and all but why is this an ad?🤨