What is a SQUAWK CODE? -7500-7600-7700 EXPLAINED by CAPTAIN JOE

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    Dear friends and followers,welcome back to my channel! Today's video will all be about "WHAT IS A SQUAWK CODE, and what is it good for?"
    As you get your IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) departure clearance, the ATC controller will give you a pre assigned four decimal code. After acknowledging the clearance you use the little numbered keyboard on your transponder to enter the give four decimal code and depending on your airline or airport procedure you set the transponder to the AUTO position. Meaning your transponder is set and ready to transmit that code and that code you´ve just set that´s the so called squawk code.
    So as take off, and the transponder comes fully active you turn up on the ATC controllers radar screen, but it won´t just be a blip indicating your airplane is in the air, it will also show the 4 digit squawk code, your current altitude plus your callsign. As you are now under radar control, the ATC controller can also look up your flight plan, so he knows where you´re flying to, the amount of passengers, crew, and fuel you have on board, and much more.
    Now depending on the airplane size and manufacturer, the transponder can come in different modes. For instance, little Cessnas or other smaller aircraft within the General Aviation category don´t necessarily need a transponder which transmits the airplanes´ altitude. Therefore a mode“Alfa" transponder will do the job, meaning it will only transmit the airplanes position and squawk code.
    But be aware the places where you can fly without an altitude reporting transponder are becoming less and less.
    To be on the safer side, your plane has to have a Mode "Charlie" transponder which transmits the planes´ position and its barometric altitude and squawk code. Obviously, those are a little bit more expensive, but the ATC controllers and other pilots benefit from investment and adding a TCAS system to it, you´ll feel a whole lot safer when flying around on weekends where the airspace is packed with weekend warriors.
    And as just shown before a mode Sierra transponder, which is above all other transponder modes and can also be used for data link messaging.
    But more to see within the video.
    The preset codes you have to memorize for are
    7500 Hijacking
    Seven Five - Man with a knife
    7600 Loss of communications
    Seven Six I need my radio fixed
    7700 Emergency
    Seven Seven - I´m falling from heaven
    The follow up video about the Transponder and it´s buttons and switches will follow soon.
    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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    Stellardone - Airglow
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    I doubt that this was one of the Reasons for the Disappearence of MH370
    If the Pilot (s) purposefully turned the Transponders off?

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  • First name Last name
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    Joe --- Your explanations are very clear -- I love it.. Please do a video on what ADS-B is, what info it moves, and how the common guy on the ground can participate with a proper ADS-B receiver....

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    1030 mhz and 1090 mhz, 291mm wavelength and 275mm wavelength. Those are radio waves that are L band Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio waves. Those waves were used for tv broadcasting, but now aviation is able to use such waves for those special purposes. They do carry a considerable amount of data as far as I can see, much more data than a few lines of text. There is also room for improvement of such technology.

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    One correction for you--Mode A/C transponders do not transmit aircraft position in replies. The direction the ground antenna is facing, plus the round-trip travel time for interrogation and reply signals, minus the transponder delay, allow the ground system to compute the aircraft position with each reply. Of course, this position should correspond with position indicated by the return signal (echo) from the primary radar. Mode S transponders did not contain aircraft position in transmissions when originally activated in 1992, but most have now been modified to add that information as part of the implementation of ADS-B.

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    (on old-fashioned 1-button-per-digit transponders this made it easier to separate code-updates from 7X00 calls as digit rollover could create an illusionary 7X call if codes were updated left-to-right)

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    Hi captain Joe, great video! The squawk code is actually an octal code, not a decimal code. (i.e. each digit is 0-7, not 0-9.) When the transponder replies, it transmits a series of pulses called a "frame" to convey a 12 bit binary number which identifies the aircraft. (A total of 4,096 possible squawk codes.) The frame consists of a start pulse, and stop pulse (called framing pulses) and in between the framing pulses are the 12 data bits. The presence of a pulse indicates a binary "1" and the absence of a pulse indicates a binary "0". (It's basically an asynchronous serial data message.) Each octal digit in the squawk code corresponds to three pulses in the pulse train. After the second framing pulse, there will be an additional pulse if the pilot pressed the IDENT button. This is called the SPI bit. (Special Position Identification) I once worked in radar data processing, so I know a lot about ATCRBS. (Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System) Anyway, I don't want to get carried away because it gets much more complicated!

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      Anvilshock 3 महीने पहले

      You really don't get it, do you? The point is that, even with your additional explanation, this prefix pre provides absolutely ZERO extra information. In fact, the way you explain the motivation behind this prefix' abuse, the code is pre-ACTIVATED at the point it is assigned, because that is the status BEFORE activation. Nowhere does the word "assigned" exclude a particular time frame in the past where it applies. Once the code is assigned, it's assigned, regardles whether or not it will be activated immediately, an hour into the flight, or never ever at all (until it becomes withdrawn). That is the function of the English grammatical case called "simple past". Or to say it with the words of the great late George Carlin: There are only two states a code can possibly exist in, assigned or unassigned! Pre-assigned is a meaningless fucking term!

    • A2DJP
      A2DJP 3 महीने पहले

      Anvilshock basically it’s pre assigned, but only activated when the pilot asks for a ifr (or vfr) clearance. Hence not assigned on the spot

    • Anvilshock
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    • Mark
      Mark 11 दिन पहले

      You are incorrect. ADS-B transponders on commercial aircraft do transmit position on the transponder over the L-band antenna on 1090 Mhz. I have been working on aircraft for over 30 years as an Avionics engineer and have tested numerous ADS-B transponders. ADS-B from the aircraft is NOT satellite based.

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