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  • 28/11/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • The eagerly awaited Hornbill Festival, is one of the most cherished festivals of Nagaland. It is celebrated annually during the first week of December, i.e. from December 1-10.
    The festival is held at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama, located around 12 kilometers from the capital of the Nagaland, Kohima. It begins at 9 am each day.
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    Whatever we say, this is one festival that brings all the tribes together under one umbrella. Some might differ in opinions, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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      Aonukshi 22

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      Welcome to mobile legend 😃😃

    • tisa aier
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      True that, "People say good and bad things about hornbill festival" but all people are say the same thing about your videos - "GREAT". Love all your skits. The b&w Sukhoi 30 fighter show as smokes from jhuming practices or so to say like from a worn out naak jepta log gari on 1st Dec also has invited comments from spectators about the name sake attitude of the centre towards Nagaland. What to do, we are disciplined by the churches to take and praise everything as it is that we are to do nothing but hope that some kind of saviour will do everything for us. The hope talk of the church is misinterpreted here in Nagaland. Keep up your great endeavors, it will bear some fruits at the right season.

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      Cheak my youtube swunu assumi

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      Do a video on Christmas Clothes.

  • ch chaitanya
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    Hmm I'm having a strong desire to join you guys in hornbill festival....I love Naga culture... love your videos my brother from Raipur.(C.G.)

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    haha...nce grp

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  • ꧁fan of Alumi꧂
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    Lol 3:30 no hornbill birds instead filled with horny people....so true hahahaha

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    Fuck ...

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    Nagaland I'm coming this year....

  • alemtemsu jamir
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    This festival was organize in a good intention inorder to enrich our culture but because of some people it has been riuned... The sanctity of the festival

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    bratha ! too gid...its just an individual perspective..keep goin long live HB festival

    ANAND LAMA महीने पहले

    gr8 concept bratha...

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    Horny manu. Khan yo-yo nail it... Hahahaha

  • Run 4IT
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    Horny People 😂😂
    You guys are underrated. The concept/contents are well thought, perfectly summarised,each arguments on both sides are spot on. Brilliantly executed! 👏👏

  • Abhishek sharma
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    You are awsm bro lot's of love from AGRA😀😀

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    Hahahhhahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Well done guys ur awesome 👍👍👍

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    WTFing jock, 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Pongyap Taylor
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    Dreams unlimited,,, irretate I think they don't know others jock, why they don't know new unexpected words, baseing horbll fifa Wcup, its not a jock, if no idea let it be.

  • vizo zuyie
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    If u guys could make a video on PMEGP pradhan mantri employments program where the bank manager are asking money in order to sanction the money to the beneficiary.

  • Sava Nnah
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    Nagaland Hornbill festival reminds me of 'Vanity Fair' from 'Pilgrim's Progress'.

  • mysterios being
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    I cringe every time

  • Anok Chang
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  • Bushka Kath
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    For the tourism department its known as Hornbill festival. Whereas for the youths it's widely known as Pornbill Festival and Highbill Festival

  • Olix Kalo
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    dreamz unlimited... waiting 4new videos

  • Ruth Thonger
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    Both of your debate confused me so I didn't attend Horny bill or night carnival even once...

  • Solento Aso
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    I really like their conversation

  • wangyao konyak
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    Dear DU,
    Please make a video about those fraudster such as ATM fraud, Flipkart, Bank...etc
    This could bring awareness among the Nagas.
    Thank you 😊

  • Thangmeiring chodang
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    Check this out.
    Like and Subscribe for more videos.
    Thank you.

  • Alex Aloi Leinak
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    Horny people 😁👍

  • North East Region Adventure Tourism
    North East Region Adventure Tourism 5 महीने पहले

    Adding to the subject, I would also like to share my experience at this year Hornbill festival. I loved different tribes of the morungs but if only each morung played their own tribe of cultural music's instead of English Disco songs.

  • Ty litu
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    Shit's true.... Hornbill koi ekta wee hornbill nai 😂😂

  • Kuduvoyi Chizo Ata
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    Am staying in kohima for more than 5 years now never ever visited hornbill festival..
    Reason why I don't visit hornbill festival.
    1: the word hornbill it's clearly gives conclusion I.e = horn- I used it as horn of devil. *Bill* we all know money bill.. So the name itself has no value.. It's just *paying bills to become devil*
    2: we are inviting tourists.. Good they are exploring very good on the other hand we our spoiling our own NAGA brothers and sisters* at night everywhere they'll be lots of scenes like *kissing,hugging etc and all dirty talks etc..
    3: what culture of NAGA are we showing??? When eventually we our own NAGA brothers and sisters doesn't know the customs practice,norms and mores etc.. They know even know their own language then what's the point of *hornbill*.
    4. Dear govt. please don't invest money to celebrate hornbill instead give proper teachers salary, scholarships and repair the roads etc in that way you're saving millions of youths and even parents and children's life..
    And dear people instead of going for hornbill safe those money's and buy a good meal and have it with your family don't pollute your life visiting hornbill if you don't wanna doubt your faith in God then..
    Over and out..
    *no matter how much I write NAGA is NAGA will never change*

  • Karbi Kid
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    Guess i will pay a visit next year.

  • Techi Kumar
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    One line got me . No one horbill bird only horney peoples loitering around.

  • Denzel RJ
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    Horny people only 😂

  • The Savage channel
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    Hahaha this is so funny .With the child at the last moment 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    hornbill festival 2018 ^^ please support ^_^

  • steadycorpse
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    Will b very interesting if u guys do a version of the K-POP coming to nagaland and yes the whining of the girls 😂😂😂

  • Jirsong hanse
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    Go hornbill n get married guys 😅😅😅

  • Open Source
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    Peak time to upload another video. Hornbill is in continuation. It will be good to re-enact day's panorama 🤣

    SAMUEL LOMGKUMER 5 महीने पहले

    being an optimist matters. If govt. is giving such opportunities, we must grab it . Accidents are a common site in every festival ,like it or not. Its like taking care of a puppy with the hope that he/she would be a better, obedient in the future but having our input in it too to train it. We must make the best use of what is there and with that make improvements for the future.Since the hornbill festival is just a window to Nagalands festival, we should not expect it to be perfect in every way but rather take it as a ladder to bring tourist both local and international to the other districts and cultures. i dont argue with the fact that there are some reforms that the government should take up but the public should also support the step taken and not expect everything to be done by the government. What say..?

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    Nice Video Sad December F Me

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    New video ....waiting waiting

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    I really love this specially......

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    I thought nagas were stupid. Not after this video, haha.

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    Can't wait for the next video.. pliz do video on kpop

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    Love you guys

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    Asus better be sponsoring you guys 😅

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    I want to go but my friends said it's cost of going and staying is too much like 20,000 per

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    K pop like here.

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    You guys are legends...Love from Manipur..

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    Fantastic, I like it

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    Mobile legend? Huhu

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    inclips.net/video/OH603BLTXMU/वीडियो.html nana people must watch

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    This video has a lots of points about personal criticism but it is ourselves that can make it happen or just let it go...also the last part is so meaningfull when he came with the baby ! Nice vid's 😀😀😀
    Also do a vid's on the recent MONT visit in our state 😂😂😂 i bet that will be funny.🤣🤣🤣

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    Kohima bill festival. Shame on naga government. inclips.net/video/OH603BLTXMU/वीडियो.html

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    We will come ...to hornbill festival

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    loll ..filled with horny people 😝😝😝😝😝

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    Realistic show love it😍😍😍

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    Both of them right

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    Haha thats true we should play ml and stay at home . Why are youtube made for we can watch frm there😆😅

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    OMG!!! I laughed so hard.... So hilarious.... Well done guys

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    both of them are super 👌👌right ,😊😊 honest to say horn bill is just to pay bill's n return home vi horn nothing good ,,,,☺☺😊

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    4:20 is the best part

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    I saw everyone from dreams unlimited

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    Both are perfectly on point... No objections... But I'm with akholar Baba

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    indeed...watever u guys saying r so true... hope the hornbill festival organizer watch this very video n make a change... change in a better waY...

    " long live Dreams unlimited "😘

  • Squidward Tentacles
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    This year's tourist are not happy with the hornbill festival

  • Neila's Kets
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    Very Interesting. It will be very Good if the Hornbill Festival Organiser give Chances/invite this team so called *Dreamz Unlimited" to perform during this H.F time. It will encourage lots of people. Thumps up.

    • rita akho
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      indeed... HopinG tat Too... 😊

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    Make a video on those k-pop fans who were screaming like a hungry dogs..

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    I reall enjoyed watching ur video keep developing our land 🤗

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    Shall i go o not

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    horny people hi bhorta...this kill me😂😂😂

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    wow very interesting to watch
    same problem with our Sangai festival ....love from Manipur.That "horny people" part is very funny😂😂😂

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  • North East Region Adventure Tourism
    North East Region Adventure Tourism 5 महीने पहले

    How I wish if there was a Bus transportation from kohima to kisama, my friend who was born and brought up from kohima, lived for 23 years and still haven't visit hornbill due to inconvenience of the taxi for her to go and return and moreover fares costly at the same time. Many of my friends living outside wants to come visit hornbill but when I call for the booking at the guests house,hotels, home stays, we didn't got even a single room. The unavailability of cars and the rooms had really made a bad impact on how much underdeveloped nagas are...we called international hornbill Festival, but the real thing is that for the tourist's, it's not worth their expenses and expectations. If we really want to promote tourism in Nagaland, we all should try to make good use of this one time hornbill Festival as Grant and as best as any festivals and let tourist's go back to their homes and tell their friends how amazing hornbill Festival was and they must want to come back over and over again but if only we arrange the cars and bus service facilities available and the rooms.

    • North East Region Adventure Tourism
      North East Region Adventure Tourism 5 महीने पहले

      Adding to the subject, I would also like to share my experience at this year Hornbill festival. I loved different tribes of the morungs but if only each morung played their own tribe of cultural music's instead of English Disco songs.

  • Michael Tsarose
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    Haha... Long live dreams unlimited..... 👍👍
    Anyway this days naga girls r so crazy about Koreans... So make one video for them ....

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    Awwaaaa😂😂.. I really wanted to see something like this

  • Aphei Jess
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    Nagaland should focus more on development in other fields. I disagree with the promotion of hornbill festival. Kammnaai.. Misa misi poisa phelai thake

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    I have made many videos with all heart I have achieved with the grace of God I here want to share my life story about my self please do let me know if you are interested I live in Bangalore for 18 years till now I am here still at Bangalore

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    More like an entertainment festive.
    The idea of cultural richness is dying away into the western influence.

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    Aiya ha very funny bt nice one

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    Welcome to mobile legend

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    Btw is Rs 1575 per day tent/breakfast/dinner a good deal? Or is there a better alternative? Thanks!

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    Can anyone tell me why some people of Nagaland don’t prefer to call themselves as Indians , i know that you people have faced the lot and our cultures are different but that is the thing that makes us one BECUSE UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL, PLEASE ITS A HUMBLE REQUEST THAT PEOPLE OF NAGALAND ARE FUTURE OF INDIA AND PLEASE STRIVE FOR IT , WHY EVERY NAGA I TALK TO HATES INDIA AND INDIANS

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    Selling our soul to the devil. Niphieo shud go.

  • Rukuo Venyo
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    "Piper at the gate of hell" in the form of Nipheo Rio.

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    Give me your ID please or take my ID 139795826(2714)

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    lets nt dbte abt loss or gain bt i giv a bigTHNKS to d persn(s)who conceived d idea of tis FSTVL..jst my humble opinion.

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    most of the comment that I've read below is mostly based in horny lol..... have you guys seen people being horny during festival hour?

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    super. yes ,depends on one's own perspective.