Parallel LANDINGS!!! PRM and SOIA approaches! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to a great video about, "How can it be that airplanes fly so close to each other and then land on parallel runways?" The procedure/technique I´ll be showing you today are the PRM and SOIA approaches. I admit the are fairly rare and only a few airport around the world have such approaches but they are definitely worth explaining as the videos some passengers have recorded from their seat look pretty daunting.
    A PRM approach is more or less the same as a normal ILS approach, except that the landing runway has an adjacent parallel runway spaced only 3000-4300 feet apart. If you approach such an airport, you would listen to the ATIS beforehand and the ATIS will mention if PRM approaches are in operation. You as a pilot have to have special training within the simulator to be certified to fly such an approach. Then you read the "Attention to all users of PRM approach" chart. There is some key information listed on that chart, briefing you with the differences and facts about the PRM approach.
    The most important item, in my opinion, is the dual VHF requirement. You aircraft has to have two functioning VHF radios. On set number one you dial in the tower frequency and on the second set you monitor/listen to the approach controller, and set the volume level accordingly.
    But see more in the video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction video about PRM approaches!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
    Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels:
    @Eric Liang
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    As a retired Navy pilot, carrier pilot, all we did was fly form...granted, small jets compared to large jets on a completely different type of flying but easy to do as it is what we did.

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    2 Commercial planes flying somewhat close together: OMG we're all gonna die this isn't safe!!
    2 Military planes flying tight formation withing a few meters of one another: Tuesday

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    one side note about landing at SFO. It was on the news either in 2017 or 2018. Due to noise complaints from the residents south of SFO, a new guidline has or will be coming effective. Planes will have to remain at high altitude while traveling above Bay Area. Planes will have a much shaper decent when landing. I am not a pilot, so I have no idea how much of a difficulty it will bring into landing planes at SFO.

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    In flight sims steam edition they can meld.into eachother....वीडियो.html

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    It's not that difficult, you just press "square" when that happens preventing the airplane to go at full speed.

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    I had an experience similar to this, but very different. Our plane was cruising and i was staring out the window, then i see another plane heading to the our left from our plane, so it must have crossed over our plane! I think the two planes were very close when they did that.

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    I was on SFO and we had an SOIA approach, it was crazy!

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    so why would a prm or soia approach be preferred? would it not be better to just have the planes come in separately?

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    We coming in land in Sydney on a Qantas flight when an some American plane came into the no transgression zone and we had to do a breakout (it was a PRM approach)

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    Surely you should know you are going to have a Prm approach before you take off
    It’s route planning
    You’re implying not knowing until on approach at beginning

  • Jon Davis
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    Live in the SF region and am savvy enough to understand safe separation distances, etc etc. That being said I always wondered about the SUPER close approaches at SFO. So this was super fascinating to learn and explains so much, especially why the right hand aircraft always seems to be the one slightly behind.

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    Why do you say that SOIA and PRM approaches are rare? Most major airports have parallel runways 3000' or less apart. LAX, SFO, JFK, DFW, Atlanta, Denver, SETAC, etc.... have them.

  • Fly Beep
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    I have a somewhat related close proximity story. It's got nothing to do with PRM or SOIA, however it happened during a landing approach. First some background, at some time in the past I was a skydiver. I'm Belgian and the main airport we have is Zaventem airport. About 30 km to the east of the airport there's a DZ (drop zone) for skydivers. Our DZ operates a Cessna Grand Caravan. Each sunday afternoon there's a what we call a "holding" where planes which are landing in Zaventem are diverted over our DZ which means our Cessna doesn't go up. Usually this only lasts for a good hour if I remember correctly. When our Cessna goes up we usually jump at an altitude of 13.000ft but some of us exit sooner at about 5000 to 5500ft. Those are called hop & pops and are for jumpers who want to train high performance canopy flying only.
    So at one time, on a sunday with the holding hours away, we were flying up. There were 18 jumpers in the Cessna, which is a full load, and a few people wanting to do a hop & pop exit. There were a lot of clouds and the Cessna was climbing through it. It was a bit of a dreary rainy day which produced large thick clouds. Unlike in the US, European jumpers are allowed to jump through clouds even when there's no ground visibility. When the hop & pop jumpers go out at 5500ft, the sliding plexiglass door is opened and the jumpers jump out. I was positioned pretty close to the door so I had a pretty good view of the outside. We were flying in between large towering clouds. Three jumpers went out and right when the last one exited suddenly out of the clouds at almost our exact same height cale Virgin Express 737-300 full red airplane. They are easily recognizable since they have their fuselage full red. It was right there, just popped out of the clouds about 1000ft behind us and flew over us and I got to look at it directly with the open door. It flew over us with a difference in height of about 300ft vertically and perhaps 100ft to the side. Our pilot didn't notice him and when I told about it on the ground to a skydiver who was a trainee in becoming an airline pilot he didn't believe a thing I said.
    But it happened for sure, somebody messed up that day and I think not even the pilots of the 737 saw us. There's wasn't any unstable turbulence felt and nothing happened. Nobody got scared, those who saw it thought of it like it was an amazing and freak experience. We just closed the door, talked about it in the plane like "wow did you see that". We climbed to 13000ft and did our jump.

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    I've watched Toronto Pearson Int'l doing parallel landings on 24L and 24R, and also on 33L and 33R.

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    Joe K महीने पहले "Home Field" and I experience it all the time when coming home. It never gets old!

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    I hope the ability to fly these approaches and the training involved results in substantial increase in pay! I also glad traveling frequently into sfo have never seen a plane that close to me.

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    i live in sydney

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    Welp I only Got Quick Turn around But I think Havent Gone a Brake out.... But Good Video

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    Hi Joe
    I love planes a lot than any other vehicles

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    How flights can move to the gate after landing in the runway

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      sukumar santhosh Ground frequency directs them on taxiways...

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    Do flights have engine to the wheels

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      No. They use their jet engines to taxi.

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    @Captain Joe : I believe a breakout procedure once happened on a Q-400 I was flying on when landing at Toronto Pearson. I was looking through my viewport and saw what i believe was a 727 (not sure) being awfully close. We were nearing the airport and lined up with the runway when it happened. Same as in the video, the pilot throttled up, raised gears, gained altitude and came around for another landing.
    I laughed a little back then cause i had flown over 20 times that year and have had no incidents happen so far. I believe i now understand what happened and can check that on my bucket list, it's getting kind of long and i'd like it to stop but frequent flyers like me statistically run into more incidents than regular people.
    So far:
    Minor Tail Strike at Cuba (Pilot didn't push the throttle before disengaging the brakes, short runway)
    Aborted takeoff at Quebec Airport (I believe the pilot said it had something to do with too much snow on the runway)
    Waited for half an hour in a waiting loop because of a mayday from another plane at New-York
    Aborted landing because of crosswinds at Quebec Airport in a Dash-8
    And now i can add breakout procedure at Toronto Pearson
    Well it never gets boring in the air!

  • Christopher Pilkington
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    Atlanta (ATL) has 5 parallel runways. I was recently on a Delta flight into Atlanta and out my right passenger window I saw a Southwest 737 and Delta 717 in formation with us on final to ATL.

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    So THAT'S why they went around. I was at the Hiller Aviation Museum at San Carlos, Ca (just about at the LDA point into SFO). They were slamming them in on the 28s, with departures on the 1s (typical SFO afternoon). I watched a Singapore Airlines 747 peel off, and was wondering why. The museum employee standing next to me said "Because ATC told him to, silly!".
    Thanks for the info!

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    This is a bit misleading. The visual approaches you showed at the beginning are just that, visual approaches. They are not precision or even Non-precision approaches. There is no "No Transgression Zone", and no second tower frequency. These happen every day at SFO under visual conditions. 32 years flying I have never flown a PRM or a SOIA approach. But I've done a few hundred of these tight visuals into SFO.

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    I believe KLAX Is a SOIA Approach. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Got4MinutesRB
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      Alireza Alivandivafa Oh! Thank you so much, now that I think about that it makes way more sense now. Appreciate it.

    • Alireza Alivandivafa
      Alireza Alivandivafa 3 दिन पहले

      Nope, but LAX allows for sidesteps to the parallel runways in each complex if certain higher minima are met. No LDA approaches into LAX or PRM. If LAX is IFR or MVFR with IMC past the FAF, they are highly unlikely to conduct approaches to the inboard runways.

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    YSSY (Sydney) PRM frequency now cuts into tower frequency when ILS PRM ops are in use.

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    I'm trying to figure out how this applies to DFW... it has 5 parallel, north-south runways.
    Maybe they could do a PR stunt with 5 simultaneous landings.

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    My plane wasn't coming in for a landing but once I was flying from Dallas, Texas to Honolulu, Hawaii and we were a little more than 3 quarters of the way there. I looked out my window and a Southwest (I don't remember the type of plane but it may have been an Airbus A320) plane flew perpendicular to my plane but it was literally only a few feet lower. I will bet ANYTHING that the TCAS system went off very aggressively we were that close. Thankfully nothing bad happened but it has definitely scarred me for life. I still see my 9 year old self saying to my dad, "Look dad! Another plane!" Still love flying though!!!

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