Parallel LANDINGS!!! PRM and SOIA approaches! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to a great video about, "How can it be that airplanes fly so close to each other and then land on parallel runways?" The procedure/technique I´ll be showing you today are the PRM and SOIA approaches. I admit the are fairly rare and only a few airport around the world have such approaches but they are definitely worth explaining as the videos some passengers have recorded from their seat look pretty daunting.
    A PRM approach is more or less the same as a normal ILS approach, except that the landing runway has an adjacent parallel runway spaced only 3000-4300 feet apart. If you approach such an airport, you would listen to the ATIS beforehand and the ATIS will mention if PRM approaches are in operation. You as a pilot have to have special training within the simulator to be certified to fly such an approach. Then you read the "Attention to all users of PRM approach" chart. There is some key information listed on that chart, briefing you with the differences and facts about the PRM approach.
    The most important item, in my opinion, is the dual VHF requirement. You aircraft has to have two functioning VHF radios. On set number one you dial in the tower frequency and on the second set you monitor/listen to the approach controller, and set the volume level accordingly.
    But see more in the video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction video about PRM approaches!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
    Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels:
    @Eric Liang
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    Hi captain joe , My name is saksham and I am ten years . I like to watch your videos because it's my dream to be a pilot. And I like the way u explain like ILS approch . So thank you for your educational vidoes about planes and which websites to vist . And almost forgot this video was great

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    Why dont secondary school teach such things. This is much more interesting than chemistry

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    yeah the a380 I was riding had a break out manuvure but was worse than that. the plane tilted up so great and banked to the right a lot. the other plane was a 747 and it was really close. plus the airport was super busy. thank god I did not die.

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    wtf 3400 how long is that, nobody outside america knows how long that is? 100 meters?

    MERVYN MOREL महीने पहले

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  • Melissa Garner
    Melissa Garner महीने पहले

    Would SEATAC (Seattle Tacoma International) fall into this category? All three of their runways are parallel to each other.

  • Andrew Nicholson
    Andrew Nicholson महीने पहले +1

    KATL also has PRM Approaches

  • Oğuz
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  • imjustsomeguy72
    imjustsomeguy72 महीने पहले

    Worth pointing out that Sydney also runs Independent Visual Approaches when in VMC. ILS PRM approaches are not the only way they have close aircraft adjacent on final to parallel runways.
    So, instead of having a PRM controller, you stay with Director and Tower and the separation is 'visual'. You do not need to have traffic on the parallel approach confirmed in sight to be cleared an IVA. You will not generally get traffic information on parallel aircraft on an IVA except for when they're really bloody close (within 1 nm). The main advantage obviously is allowing more traffic on final without having to worry about dependent movements. In such an approach it is critical aircraft do not pass through the extended runway centreline, this is usually achieved by establishing on the localiser or an RNAV approach although it is sufficient if you have the runway in sight and can track visually.

  • Time Traveller 200.000
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  • Chandler Mathews
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    I was in a parallel landing before in Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson international airport (Busiest airport in the world and Biggest airport in the world) i was in JetBlue and there is this southwest airlines 737 was landing on the runway right beside us the JetBlue was from JFK New York Airport and Southwest airlines was from Chicago midway airport

  • David Chambers
    David Chambers महीने पहले

    I was standing in the terminal area at SFO one day, watching the incoming aircraft approach and land. I noticed two 747's on approach, and what I would have sworn was a terrible tower error, when they appeared to be on a collision course trying to land on the same runway. One of the aircraft suddenly diverged and did what I now know to be a break out maneuver. Now I know my experience was not as unusual as I originally thought.

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    Question: On very few occasions (at cruising altitude) the plane would suddenly pull up/down and accelerate/decelerate (very abruptly I might add) and then resume its normal course. What would cause such a sudden change in the flight plan?

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  • steemdup
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    I have not experienced tandem landings at the same airport; however, once when I flew into SFO, we were parallel with an aircraft landing at the same time at OAK. Pretty cool, imo lol

  • Mr.Random
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    I remember when i was on a flight from Manchester to Paris. When we were approaching Paris, i saw this this other plane in the sky. I didn't most of it but then i saw it again, this time closer. I was getting worried and a bit paranoid. And then it came really close and i literally cried (LOL) and i thought we were gonna crash and die. And we landed and yeah...i felt stupid? That was my first time seeing a parallel landing.

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    Phil Hunt 2 महीने पहले +1

    Thanks for the explanation. As a passenger coming in to SFO I had one of these. However the pattern was weird. On downwind instead of turning left on to base near san mateo bridge we turned right out to sea(westward). We then did a broad circle around to the left and were joined by what looked like a jet fighter on the right as we did what turned out to be a wide, circular base leg. Eventually both planes did the approach you described. On landing I noticed the other plane was a nasa plane. I trained as a glider pilot and am used to formation flying(while soaring). Seeing a dual landing was new to me. Thanks for the explanation!

  • Ahmad Dan-Hamidu
    Ahmad Dan-Hamidu 2 महीने पहले

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    I live and work in Sydney, so I got a little excited.
    NB There is a Motorway that runs across beneath the runways of Kingsford Smith airport, which I use quite frequently, so I've seen several of these PRM approaches, but didn't know what they were called.

  • phyllis brady
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