Varun & Alia Tamma Tamma with Madhuri Dixit Nene! | Badrinath Ki Dulhania

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  • 10/02/2017 को प्रकाशित
  • When the old meets new, it's a fusion that will blow your mind! #TammaTammaAgain is on it's way to your hearts and music systems!
    Badrinath Ki Dulhania releases on 10th March, 2017.
    Book your tickets here -
    Badrinath Ki Dulhania stars Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt
    Written & Directed by Shashank Khaitan
    Produced by Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar & Apoorva Mehta
    Distributed by Fox Star Studios
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  • Babun Neogi
    Babun Neogi 8 दिन पहले

    Varun dancer no. 1

  • dead dead
    dead dead महीने पहले

    Kia mammay hain alia k ufff

  • Varsha Harwani
    Varsha Harwani महीने पहले

    love you varun

  • dead dead
    dead dead 2 महीने पहले

    Alia k mammay ufff fit

  • Prince Kumar
    Prince Kumar 2 महीने पहले +1


  • Anum Arya
    Anum Arya 7 महीने पहले +1

    love this song

  • alko 8347
    alko 8347 10 महीने पहले

    Love you varun dvn

  • AZ- Series
    AZ- Series 10 महीने पहले

    madhuri is become very fatty

  • Bollywood Chaska &Times Bollywood Chaska &Times
    Bollywood Chaska &Times Bollywood Chaska &Times 11 महीने पहले

    i love 3 of them

  • Kalusingh Solanki
    Kalusingh Solanki साल पहले


  • Avedan gupta
    Avedan gupta साल पहले

    Alia bhatt ka jitna bhi taarif kar do utana hi kam he

  • Rajesh Navale
    Rajesh Navale साल पहले

    Madhuri mam r best dancer

  • Sanjay Shah
    Sanjay Shah साल पहले

    Madhuri is twice the age of alia. But alia's beauty is not equal to even the nails of Madhuri

  • PCkiVines
    PCkiVines साल पहले

    see My dubsmash videos

  • Manoj Karde
    Manoj Karde साल पहले

    Varun I am your biggest fan.

  • Kamal Kanade
    Kamal Kanade साल पहले

    varun sir i am the biggest fan of yours i love your all things and my name is himanshi

  • Faraz Mohemmed
    Faraz Mohemmed साल पहले +1


  • Shailja Singh
    Shailja Singh साल पहले

    varun whats the meaning of tamma tamma😊

  • سارة الليثي
    سارة الليثي साल पहले +2

    Madhuri Dixit is always amazing

  • Devyani Nathwani
    Devyani Nathwani साल पहले

    varun and alia I love you

  • Aurangzeb Ali
    Aurangzeb Ali साल पहले

    madhuri is fucking white these days

    how did that happen

  • geetika arora
    geetika arora साल पहले

    madhuri always best

  • Atul Jatti
    Atul Jatti साल पहले +11

    wow madhuri you are always amazing also than youngsters for beauty ,in dance and. in all.

  • Santosh More
    Santosh More 2 साल पहले


  • Mehzeen Shabeer
    Mehzeen Shabeer 2 साल पहले

    I. love. ALIA. She. is. very. pretty👸👸👸

    PANKAJ PRADIP BARUA 2 साल पहले

    the legend herself taught them.

  • Amjad Ali
    Amjad Ali 2 साल पहले

    Alia fuck.

  • Shyamal Kabiraj
    Shyamal Kabiraj 2 साल पहले

    my daughter is a fan of you

  • NA 2017
    NA 2017 2 साल पहले

    Alia looking beautiful

  • Aishwarya Net
    Aishwarya Net 2 साल पहले

    Wow!! Madhuri 💟😍

  • Vedant Bhaskar
    Vedant Bhaskar 2 साल पहले +1

    madhuri can not do dance alia u r great all the best for your movie

    • treeberry4
      treeberry4 साल पहले

      Ya thats why Alia was kicking legs like that instead of learning and dancing on steps!

  • pack kings
    pack kings 2 साल पहले

    Love u Madhuri

  • Khesny Dawokhee
    Khesny Dawokhee 2 साल पहले

    I love you vraun😍😘👌👍💝💞💖💗💟💜💓

  • Khesny Dawokhee
    Khesny Dawokhee 2 साल पहले

    nice dance and nice

  • Jeet Solanki
    Jeet Solanki 2 साल पहले

    so sweet varun Aliya and madhuri

  • Don Bond
    Don Bond 2 साल पहले

    milf maaduri. alia should be fucked in her mouth. I hate her

  • Rambo Reacts
    Rambo Reacts 2 साल पहले

    See my reactions to all the newest bollywood songs and trailers on my channel :)

  • Hitesh Gamit
    Hitesh Gamit 2 साल पहले


  • Rudra Pratap Singh
    Rudra Pratap Singh 2 साल पहले

    matlab kuch bhi

  • Deepak Mallick
    Deepak Mallick 2 साल पहले

    i just hate this song 👎
    Non sense tamma tamma yuckkkk

  • Baljeet singh
    Baljeet singh 2 साल पहले +1

    these celebs children's get a direct entry into films there are lakhs of stugglers who deserve this place

  • Rafiue Lakho
    Rafiue Lakho 2 साल पहले +1

    i think orignal so g is better then

  • asli mousumi
    asli mousumi 2 साल पहले

    Madhuri is my heart

  • R k
    R k 2 साल पहले

    tino ke liye
    kya baat kya baat kya baat
    bahot khan😊

  • simbran lara
    simbran lara 2 साल पहले +1

    asalam mualaiykum my frends wooww

  • Sweet Home
    Sweet Home 2 साल पहले

    if madhuri is in this song am sure its hit movie .

  • MistakesTV
    MistakesTV 2 साल पहले

    orignal ki waat laga di orignal was better

  • Fluky Punditry
    Fluky Punditry 2 साल पहले

    Bollywood deserves Piracy

  • IT1000
    IT1000 2 साल पहले +1

    creativity of music directors RIP||||||

  • Annyeasha Dutta
    Annyeasha Dutta 2 साल पहले


  • Arnav Pachghare
    Arnav Pachghare 2 साल पहले +1

    why you didn't go with sony music instead of t series

  • StyloSense
    StyloSense 2 साल पहले

    you're not on time. it's 12:47 but no song is uploaded

  • shikha panchal
    shikha panchal 2 साल पहले

    need to be faster in uploading videos...uall can start the process some 15 minutes before so that it is on time as mentioned...

  • Jagruthi Patel
    Jagruthi Patel 2 साल पहले

    waiting soooonnn

  • Arbaaz Khatib
    Arbaaz Khatib 2 साल पहले

    gaana kaha hai!

  • Mansha Iftekhar
    Mansha Iftekhar 2 साल पहले

    it's 12..

  • syed saif
    syed saif 2 साल पहले

    It's 12 😂😂

  • Aryan's spices
    Aryan's spices 2 साल पहले

    Saturday hai...12 baj gye.... kidhar hai song...I'm waiting

  • R R
    R R 2 साल पहले

    12 noon right now

  • kashaan qaiser
    kashaan qaiser 2 साल पहले +1

    sonu agarwal, ur an idiot,dumb fellow
    i no its tamma nt chumma
    jst read wot i wrote bfr making ur stupid comments

  • Syed Productions
    Syed Productions 2 साल पहले


  • Naresh Kumar
    Naresh Kumar 2 साल पहले

    up in in up.... lol

  • maaar kaat
    maaar kaat 2 साल पहले

    wow seriously waiting for varun songss

  • Rohit Sahay
    Rohit Sahay 2 साल पहले

    Comments are cancer

  • common man v.2
    common man v.2 2 साल पहले +1

    Fuck fake accents. Bullshit English. Can't they speak good Hindi?!?!
    kisko dikha raha hai? taki hollywood mein ek picture mile?
    are bhaia fake accents se hollywood itna naaraz hai ki vo log india ke border me ek diwar banayenge taki india ke bullshit fake do-whatever-for-money type actors vahan nahi jaye.
    Mind it.

  • michael chanhit
    michael chanhit 2 साल पहले

    God is love. can open my profile

  • Raveena khan
    Raveena khan 2 साल पहले

    i dont understnd why they all r taking old songs koi new song khtm hogya hai?😑

  • Muskaan Kauser
    Muskaan Kauser 2 साल पहले

    I like alia's trainers as well as her dancing

  • mo KAY
    mo KAY 2 साल पहले

    Has Bollywood music directors run out of songs!?

  • Kashyap Pancholi
    Kashyap Pancholi 2 साल पहले

    All three of them stands no where In front of the superstar Sanjay dutt....

  • treeberry4
    treeberry4 2 साल पहले

    Gosh, Madhuri's smile. And she actually made the steps look so easy, such good teacher also!

  • treeberry4
    treeberry4 2 साल पहले

    Giving a like only and only because of Madhuri Dixit, the dancing queen. I'd have happily given dislike if not for her presence. I hate this latest trend of remaking classic melodies and attempts to recreate magic of a good video song too. Since originality in current Bollywood seems to have gone from zero to negative now! Therefore, remaking best of the best classics melodies and dance numbers is the easiest way out to try and gather more and more attention. Hard work in real sense is missing maybe? or ,maybe respect for talent has reduced, from auto-tuned singers; to remade songs, so not original. My one dislike won't matter but I will still dislike that Tamma tamma remake. Only Madhuri's presence maybe will allow me to change my mind. #RIPOriginalMusic, #WelcomeEasyWayOut

  • akash verma
    akash verma 2 साल पहले

    kuch hai nhi likhne Ko to purane song repeat kar rahe h

  • Ria Mhatre
    Ria Mhatre 2 साल पहले

    Cant wait for this song and obviously for the movie !!

  • king Khan
    king Khan 2 साल पहले +1

    alia randi..

  • Dinesh Hdr
    Dinesh Hdr 2 साल पहले

    Love u varun dhawan this movie will be blockbuster

  • beena bhat
    beena bhat 2 साल पहले +1

    They are simply remixing songs for no good reason.

  • Varnica Gupta
    Varnica Gupta 2 साल पहले +7

    why can't Bollywood just come up with a new song...sick of listening to these remakes... original is always original

    • Wasif
      Wasif 7 महीने पहले

      You no longer have that kind of writers and poets....

  • Sabeen Shalapy
    Sabeen Shalapy 2 साल पहले +22

    I finally learned the step after all these years, Madhuri still rules!! #TammaTammaAgain

  • CineMaa Fix
    CineMaa Fix 2 साल पहले +1

    Main thoo alia koo dekh rahaa thaa..... seriously.... :p :p

  • rnjbond
    rnjbond 2 साल पहले +1

    I hate the remake of the song, but this was a fun video at least.

  • Shoaib Ali
    Shoaib Ali 2 साल पहले +1

    this song is piece of shit..and u gys recreated this shitty song.and also copy frm english song.

  • Farooq Hussain
    Farooq Hussain 2 साल पहले +1

    No one can match sanjay dutt s charisma...

  • Zain Faraz
    Zain Faraz 2 साल पहले

    Rhymes kids

  • S S
    S S 2 साल पहले

    Sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr schön schön

  • vp
    vp 2 साल पहले +1

    yet another classy act of stupidity by none other than dharma prodn

  • Binu Broun
    Binu Broun 2 साल पहले +1

    both are unlikable chuts

    • basugunja
      basugunja 2 साल पहले +2

      Binu Broun & u r even worse than them.

  • Khurram Saleem
    Khurram Saleem 2 साल पहले +1

    alia is not even wearing bro.what a slut

    • Aditi Dash
      Aditi Dash 2 साल पहले +2

      Khurram Saleem 'bro' lmao

  • Nikku unpredictable
    Nikku unpredictable 2 साल पहले +1

    yahi kroge yrrr ..bacha hi kya remakes banane k alawa ...keep it up 😭😒😒🏻👍🏻

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar 2 साल पहले

    angrezi km bolo

  • Qasim Mushtaq
    Qasim Mushtaq 2 साल पहले +1

    I just see jumping and ooppss going to be crazy . . . within day . . . Alia exposed on youtube video 😀😁😂😍😍🤗🤗

  • Priya Sharma
    Priya Sharma 2 साल पहले +13

    ALIA and VARUN I love you both..Alia dear you are so awesome...long way dear..pls also do hestorical movies..You can definately.act bhajirao mastani..u r true talent dear..i love u

    • Anmol Chugh
      Anmol Chugh साल पहले

      You are right priya

    • amit sweet
      amit sweet 2 साल पहले

      priya sister .kemon acen ...bangla khota bolben places

    • Priya Sharma
      Priya Sharma 2 साल पहले +1

      amit shaha lol

    • amit sweet
      amit sweet 2 साल पहले

      hahaha moja pilam ...thanks....bye.......

  • Srishti Pandey
    Srishti Pandey 2 साल पहले +1

    hate u

    • Rhushikesh Zagade
      Rhushikesh Zagade 2 साल पहले

      Srishti Pandey actually m irritated 😂😂 so bye bye... be happy😄

    • Srishti Pandey
      Srishti Pandey 2 साल पहले

      Rhushikesh Zagade just stop irritating me plz yaar...

    • Rhushikesh Zagade
      Rhushikesh Zagade 2 साल पहले

      I replied u coz u called her cheap! that's it!
      varna muze bhi tuze baat karne mai koi intrest nai hai😒😑

    • Srishti Pandey
      Srishti Pandey 2 साल पहले

      Rhushikesh Zagade or tune muje q kiya...??? Mene koi suggestion ya reply mangi tujhse plz do Ur own business...

    • Rhushikesh Zagade
      Rhushikesh Zagade 2 साल पहले

      Srishti Pandey agar vo tere liye exists nai karti toh uske bare me comment kyu kia😂😂😂

  • gaurav dwivedi
    gaurav dwivedi 2 साल पहले +2

    koi original song bhi hai film me?

    • Newy M
      Newy M 2 साल पहले

      gaurav dwivedi badrinath ki dulhania title song

  • abdulkadir aadan
    abdulkadir aadan 2 साल पहले


  • Sara Malik Khan
    Sara Malik Khan 2 साल पहले +6

    Wow NYC Madhuri Awsm...

  • Tarun Dhiman
    Tarun Dhiman 2 साल पहले

    budiya kaha se agyi ye

    • basugunja
      basugunja 2 साल पहले

      +Tarun Dhiman​ Maine usey bina make up mein bhi dekha h. She's still as beautiful as ever.

    • Tarun Dhiman
      Tarun Dhiman 2 साल पहले

      basugunja really 2 din mekup nhi kre naa tb dekhna

    • basugunja
      basugunja 2 साल पहले

      Tarun Dhiman She's not a buriya, she's always young & beautiful.

  • Simran Shriya
    Simran Shriya 2 साल पहले +6

    damnnn cant waitt.. madhuri mam still rocks

  • Kamini Singh
    Kamini Singh 2 साल पहले +3

    does this movie has any "original " song

  • Robby Dongre
    Robby Dongre 2 साल पहले

    desperately waiting for it 😍😍