India under Modi Govt | 4 years of Performance Rankings Analyzed by Dhruv Rathee

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  • Dhruv Rathee
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    Timestamps of different rankings -
    1. Ease of doing Business 0:10
    2. Human Development Index 1:35
    3. Environmental Performance Index 3:02
    4. Happiness Index 4:16
    5. Global Hunger Index 5:56
    6. World Press Freedom Index 6:45
    7. Global Competitiveness Index 7:55
    8. Global Democracy Index 9:04

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      Abe jaa na mithaa..

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    Pehla fact hi galat hai , 17 cities Ko consider Kiya Gaya hai ... Check on doing business website.

  • Shivam Sjngh
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  • Shivam Sjngh
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    भाग साले

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    Pls report this channel

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    Good bhai

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    Modi hatooo

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    एक कहावत है न कुत्तो को घी हजम नही होता


    Jio spread thousand of tower --->Internet connection---> quality education+ awareness increase----> home employment ---> student prefer less coaching save money---> housewife also using INclips to earn----> health benefit video, entertainment ---> good connectivity--- >......
    Under modi government internet is best thing ..I assure u kahi pichli sarkaar ayi to phir 1 gb 250rs me Milne laga to apka channel bhi bnd hojayega😁😁😁😙.

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    Bhai peheli baat tu shakal se chor lagta hai. Aur rahi baat present government ki tho saare info tu galat de raha hai. I m not in support of any party bt literally dhruv get some peace bro. U r just making wrong use of social media. I challenge you just meet me once i bet i can prove ur videos wrong infront of all. And i know u will delete my comments. Bt i req with all young generation please make your own opinion just don't go in flow of his lie. 🙂

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    Now please don’t make it BJP vs congress. Just focus on Development on India. This should matter the most.

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    U keep ur mouth shut

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    Humare desh ki problem hi hindu muslim or uchi neechi jaat ka jhagda h.. BTW.. Congress ko bura nahi maanti main lekin mujhe lgta hai aapko BJP se nafrat h..

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    Dhruv bhai ek problem h brother police department m jo medical milta h wo supreme court n band kr dia pls iske bare m kuch krooo bhai i am very helpless

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    tera muh chuchunnar jaisa hai.tu jab baat karne k liye muh kholta hai to jab mein hagne k liye baithta hu waisa hi lagta hai.

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    dhruv sir make a video on sri Nabee Patnaik cm of odisha... do you this that he should be the pm candidate of India...?

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    बहुत खूब रहता है वीडियो आप का कुछ रेफरेन्स मुझे whatsaap नो,9939937843 पे शेयर . actually I inspired by your videos want to keep in touch with you

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    Dhruv, pl make a vedio on GOVT VS RBI

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    Modi ke andhe bhakt bhadak gaye

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    Mr rathe you never use to talk about Congress

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    Bjp made money from medical bills n business . No jobs . No ganga cleaning . I have supported both Islam n Hindu. But black magic killing us for no jobs

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    Conclusion Modi For 2019.....

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      +Param Talia Naah I m Not from UP

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      Looks like Trevor have shifted to UP from Los Santos.😂

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    Bhai bahut acha par video bante kese he kuch tips taki me bhai appki tarha kar shaku

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    ye banda sahi bol rha hai....

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    Agar bjp 2019 haari to teri dukan to band

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    Ye chaman bhaisaab ko sirf modi ki burai krni h. Sirf wo stats show karega jo negative ho. Agar kuch positive show krna pada, to usme mein kuch na kuch negative pakad layega. 'Andh Hater' h ye ek!

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    Kya re chodna phir aagaya. Mein bhi karega anti BJP ! bolna kisko reach Karu extra paisa milega Mazza aaega dono bhai hae Modi hae Modi karenge every week

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    Yup. Your just a Modi criticiser with different shades of video

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    Hello sir
    Ek Muddah hai jis par kisi ka bhi dhiyan nahi woh hai Bank jis ne Aatank macha rakhi hai Har dusre din kisi na kisi Bahane hamare Account se Paise kat te rahte hain Aur koi is par Awaz uthane ko tayyar nahi hai Aap sarve kar lojiye Jitne bhi Savings account wale to preshan hain hi Jinho ne jandham uojna Account Open karaya tha 500 1000 rupye de kar Kisi ke bhi Account mein woh 500 1000 rupeye nahi hai please is mudde par bhi Aap log kuchh karo

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    Please make videos on voter's taking money to vote , compare it with foreign countries election's campaign, 99.999% of the election contestants from big and small parties have crores of rupees, an ordinary man cannot contest in elections in india, money earned through illegal means or through corruption is used by politicians in elections.

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    Punghipati sarkar

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    See i am not in support of anyone
    But plss rathee jee agr aap modiji ke baare mein itna bopte ho to join vo Rahul Gandhi bekar ki speech deta h idhar udhar to uss or bhi kuch bole.

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    Video funded by papu ji

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    UPSC preparation ke liye best episode hai 👌

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    He is not staying not in india and making the video someone funding him for sure and only Anti BJp content

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    India needs ppl like you...Hats off

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    I guess I was wrong in branding him as a bjp hater

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    Tum log bhai sirf ek phlu par baat karte ho... Isliye hme ktai pasand nhi

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    Dhruv you made a fabulous videos, please make video on Rafeal Deal

  • Prabhat Upadhyay
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    Could you please analyse AAP's performance in Delhi since it forming the government there? Also, if the hurdles they say they are facing from the central government are true or not?

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    I have a request with you. Could you please try to make a video on whether our nation India is still under the rules of England or not. I learned from some you tube videos that still the laws followed is India is been taken care by the British government. I am keen to know more about it. I hope you are the best person who can reveal the actual story along with data if any to prove it. Thank you.

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    Modi is totally ruling the fools

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    Bjp= New india=happy india

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    Jio Ko dhanywad de jo tere views and subscribe ra badh rahe, warna koi na dekhta, JIO bhi bjp dwara hi diya hai

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    Bhai aap kuch nahi huva he na ??? One week se aap gayab he ...abhi sochyl midia me bhi dadagiri aa gayi heusko bhi bandh kara he ..? The live ...vinod duva ? Aapka haal batao

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    Congres ne tuje ketne diye
    Min pese ketne diye boll me dhi banana suru karu anti bjp video

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    Namaskar dhuve rathee sir can you please anlysis about nepal and india relationship and why did india block the nepal on 2015 for 157 days,anything achive modi sirkar by did it ?(sorry my english not so good )

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    Jumlebazi se he Yahan ke log khush ho jaate hain.... Hakeekat ki baat aap bata rahe hain...
    Thanks Rathee for Nice Information. ..

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    Dhruv sir ye ola aur uber ke uper vedio banao

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    Dhruv 👍

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    like agar apko b kuch smjh nhi aya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Hi Dhruv. Yur videos are getting better.
    I am trying to understand what our President Ram Nath Kovind is doing? Hes the commander in chief of our army and heads all our space programs, RAW, various intelligence, military research, expansion, our future technologies etc. its amazing a quick search on various search engines will give no factual information other than his spotless career and all positions he held before President. He got elected in 2017, isnt it time people understand what hes doing?
    In US president is liable to all such discussions, but unfortunately our political system focuses on PM (whos job is to run the country, its very different from what the president does) and no where does we have the president to discuss what hes doing as the president in his term ?
    Continue the good job!

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    Peteol prices?

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    ap sahi bata rahe ho media bik chuki hai par public ko nahi bikna chahiye

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    Tu Pakistan chala ja zatke bal

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    Sir mai ek sports person hu or ham bahoot tang aa gye hai sports me politics ko lekr mujhe aap se bat krna hai aisi kafi sari baten btana hai jisse log anjan hai or mai chahta hu aap iss topic pr thoda dhyan de or iss PR bhi ek video bnaye...

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    Iska baap Congress ka patlu hoga sure...
    Pakistan hamare se jyada khush 🤣🤣🤣🤣... Data/index Kuch v ho lekin maza agya.... Nyc joke...

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    we get freedom in1947 after and its my view after 2000 and till date we feel again we loss our freedom by Congress and BJP becoz we don't have option make vedio on this topic

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    I want support your mission

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    Can I with you

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    boss I want to know ki hum 2019 ka who is best PM of India plz make vedio how to we chose becoz we don't have option very critical situation of India and how we get freedom of Congress & BJP becoz both are same

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    Always anti bjp bhai

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    Instead of staying outside India and getting paid for false news, please visit India and see the difference by your own eyes..

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    कांग्रेसियो की इमेज इतनी खराब हो चुकी है कि नेताओं को जनता से बात करने के लिए हाथ में गंगाजल लेना पड़ रहा है
    मोदी जी धन्यवाद

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    competition ki teyari bhi karwa rahe achha hai

  • Kushaans playlist
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    I am from the USA and I must say your leader is really good. I see that foreign investment has increased significantly and overall you guys are doing good. Some schemes like demonetisation was a flop but GST is really good economic reform. All the best India

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    Love From Pakistan❤ To You & all Indians ...
    I hope ke ham future me behtar dost hunge ...
    Janta tu he hei DOST per govt per Allah rehem kare....

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    I feel so bad by reading this comment
    Here he is telling we have a government which did nothing to our nation which is absolutely useless
    Even he is showing the proof in every aspect and but instead of open their eyes towards government these idiots abusing him and blaming
    Understand he helping you to open your eyes and see the reality

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    कॉमेंट्स देखकर तो ये लगता है कि दिमागी अंधेपन का कोई इलाज नहीं है। पुरी विडियो तथ्यों पर आधारित है फिर भी लोग गालियां दे रहे हैं क्योंकी बीजेपी और मोदी सही गलत से ऊपर हैं। कांग्रेस ने सबकुछ गलत किया तो बीजेपी सरकार को भी गलतियां करने का ठेका मिल गया है।

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    Dude environmental performance index ma tumne uska main reason jo Delhi hai usko btate na dude aise kaise chlega easy of doing business ma Delhi ka nam le liya aur environmental ma nhi liya aisa doglapanti nhi chlega dude

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    Can you do a video of varanasi , the pm constituency and compare it with amethi

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    Farzi degree par video banao please...

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    Dhruv bhai plz world aur india ke paryavaran ( पर्यावरण ) ke comparison pr video banao.....

  • divyam walke
    divyam walke दिन पहले

    Dhruv bhai plz world aur india ke paryavaran ( पर्यावरण ) ke comparison pr video banao.....

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    False analysis

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    Pollution ke liye zimmedar AAM AADMI PARTY

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    bhai kya videos banate ho bus aise hi hum per upkar karte raho.

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    You anylysis everything .can you anylysis justin marriage its true or wht else???😅

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    Ek number bhai yahi ho rha he India me .... India me ye log ne indian flag 🇮🇳 Ka bhi batwra kar diya colour Muslman ka or bhagwa colour hidu ka .... Hindu Muslim ek dusre Ko maro .... Bacha hua white Kafan pehn lo....🙏

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    Chley jaoo pakitan

  • Arya Srivastava
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    Tum log congress key dalal ho

  • Arya Srivastava
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    Itna problem hai yadi modi se to

  • Arya Srivastava
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    Nikl jao smjaey

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    plz also analyze Party election manifesto 2014 of BJP.. what they promised and what they have achieved.. what would b their target for 2019.. plz..
    we know that currently we dont have good option than Modi ji.. but what best we can do is to ask them to deliver what they have promised..

  • Rahul Rangari
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    Dear Druv, if you are not biased, make a one video showing good work of Modi Gov. with facts.

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    So there is improvement in objective index and decrease in subjective index

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    done tremendous job....we people of india should be very thankful to you sir

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    bhai kaash aapke jaisi hoti poori media

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    bhai kya video hai, modi government ki sacchai dikha ne ke liye dhanyawad

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    Healthy view
    It will bring new wave of thinking and action taking.

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    Of course..this guy isn't patriotic at all.. Plus anyone can make it out by his vedios that he picks facts and content which best suits him.. To miss lead people.. He does it well sometimes. But not always, recently saw his analysis on the statue of unity and found that this guy has terrible knowledge of statistics.. He tried so hard to prove his hypothetical conclusion right.. Without even calculating all the possible variables that were needed.. And yet he believes he is better than the govt.. All I see when I see the numbers of subscribers you have.. Is the number of fools in the country who belive people like you..
    Buddy, if you wanna mock the govt at least keep your facts straight..!!


    Aap Aaj ke Rajiv Dixit hain

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    Bhai.. Agar tu sach... Me... Desh ka kuchh bola krna chahta hai.... To.... Tu... BJP... congress.... And.... And other parties ke... Bich.... Compression kr ke dikha.....

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    A&R company
    1 second ago
    i would like you to make a video on future india...who should come into politics(only educated) ..and make a reservation free country.reservation only to physically handicapped.. and free education till 10th grade ..i have alot to suggest but will wait for ur reply..and please make a video of students leaving india for foreign studies (medical especially).

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    acha hai but chand baten sabko hazam nahi hongi aapki. bcoz bcoz coz o z .....

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    Jay sree ram.

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    i like your videos because they are very detailed sir please aap note bandi, gst, free bank account and increase in gas price pe video banao agar nahi bani ho to...

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    Sir mai kase apne resarch karu

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    Tb mahgai kyo increas ho rahi h