C-17 Heavy and Personnel Drop Onto the Aircraft and Takeoff

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  • 9/05/2013 को प्रकाशित
  • The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a large military transport aircraft. It was developed for the United States Air Force (USAF) from the 1980s to the early 1990s by McDonnell Douglas. The C-17 carries forward the name of two previous piston-engined military cargo aircraft, the Douglas C-74 Globemaster and the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II. The C-17 commonly performs strategic airlift missions, transporting troops and cargo throughout the world; additional roles include tactical airlift, medical evacuation and airdrop duties. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_C-17_Globemaster_III)
    The video contains footages from Joint Operational Access Exercise 13-01 performed at Fort Bragg/ Pope Army Air Field, North Carolina and Fort Polk, Louisiana. JOAX is a two week exercise to prepare the US Army and Air Force to respond to worldwide crisis and contingencies. The joint effort includes the United States Army, Air Force, and others. It tests the capabilities of the military to tactfully insert troops and cargo onto a drop zone and protect from mock enemy fire. Video by Brandi Hansen | 1st Combat Camera Squadron
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  • John Doe
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    Been out since 1984, going from occupying in South Korea to the 82nd,325th. What a difference . Korea was left over gear from korean war,82nd out of the bag. Now retired fire captain.

  • Саныч
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    У нас в России в армии запрещено даже телефон с камерой...Боятся ,что весь мир узнает о старой,развалившейся технике....

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    Aviatiors are in the 🌏.. So proud of him

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    I want to join

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    • Peter
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      가칠봉 fux me

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    thank god strength is with the one who don't cut your head off for something stupid.

    • pouyo b
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      Matt matt lol true, their stupidity won’t allow them to have the power.

  • Mario Soto
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    Ya'll see the soldiers carrying their packs,chutes and weapons out of the bus,and that is why we come out of the military and our backs,knees,etc are all fuck up,do I regret having been a paratrooper?..HELL NO!!

  • aaubrey Wallace
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    Can't see TOff in far distance a waste ot time and film

  • chuck finley
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    12 guys standing around, 1 chick pushin. gotta be the AF.

  • T L
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    Like C17. Had nice trip of 5 hours

  • Oscar Ezeagu
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    Aircrafts are simply the beauty of life. I love the orderliness and work precision.

  • luan silva
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    Tudo com medo

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    Love USA and fuck you Russia

  • Silly Goose
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    Dang, the USAF has some good looking pilots.

  • faizan pathan
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    fuck india

  • faizan pathan
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    • Don'ttreadonme Molonlabe
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      faizan pathan
      Learn to spell you goat fucking son of a bitch !! & FUCK YOU !!!!!

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    Is it as loud as the C130 when you fly in it?

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    yes american let's go kik some ass

  • Abdul Ghaffar
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    yes amaricn no 1 terrorist in world bloody wolf yes yes

    • Pup Ville
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      @Abdul Ghaffar. Aww, did a GI kill your terrorist daddy, or your goat lover? yes, yes

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    hi soldier ;)

  • Oljunka Puvelkrag
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    Look, More Humvees for ISIS.

    • Pup Ville
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      @Oljunka Puvelkrag. The stupid is strong in this one.

    • Oljunka Puvelkrag
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      The US has 'donated' their military brains to ISIS. The reason why the US was so upset and negative about the fall of Aleppo was that there were US, Saudi and other military advisers in Aleppo that the US wanted to extricate. A Syrian Minister gave the names and nationalities of all the military advisers. The song and dance routine the US put on regarding civilians being killed was just a side show so the US could get their people out.

    • Cheryl Hoffman
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      Oljunka Puvelkrag are you donating your brains to them.

  • Tim A
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    There is no braveness in their eyes, zero solidity . Pussies

  • Hugh Jorgan
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    Look at the fear in their eyes before boarding the plane, Americans their soft as shite, military week

  • # savageboy11
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    cool video

  • Neng Chou Thao
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    Very good i support our soldiers and all what you do i love.

  • ACSR Gaming
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    Looks cozy in there.

    • Mario Soto
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      yep,way better than jumping from a C-130,is tight in there,the safety has to walk on top of our packs to get to the back.

  • ismael Sharoop
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    Wat abt Kenya the pride of Africa

  • bluemalibu ,
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    i remember sergeant saying we have fresh meat.

  • Arkadiusz Halicki
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    Why does the crew is unable to use ear noise stoppers properly? To be effective they should be put all the way into the ear channel.

  • Christian Malouma
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    la première puissance militaire au monde

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    anil shiree

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  • Manoj Thomas
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    Does India have this aircraft?

    • Gabriel Mikael Balon
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      Check the Indian Air Force's channel. You will see one with the IAF's symbol

  • Manoj Thomas
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    Does India have this aircraft?

    • Gordo
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      +Mg Vishnu sadly

    • Mg Vishnu
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      We have 10of them in inventory more to come

    • wgv wgv
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      yes but probably its broken

    • Gabriel Mikael Balon
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    SHALIN LAMIL 3 साल पहले

    tol ok owal

  • Timothy Griffin
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    that's what a can of whoopass looks like

  • Weli Hassan
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    They don't want to show the clashed cockpit huh?

  • Askander Kurd
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    great military and captain long live to you

  • Макс Иванов
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    • Çağdaş Doğan
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    • Hugh Jorgan
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      +wgv wgv winning what? Please don't say Afghanistan and Iraq because they got butt fucked there

    • wgv wgv
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      Doesnt matter, as long as they keep winning

    • Mohd Sabriey
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      100% agree..u r right

    • Hugh Jorgan
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      You can't urge with that. Totally agree

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    понты дешевые

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    wow amazing

  • binayak dolnaik
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    nice air

  • binayak dolnaik
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    nice air

  • binayak dolnaik
    binayak dolnaik 3 साल पहले

    nice air

  • Challenger747
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    Americans want to punish us Russian !! We have passed the Second World War. We can repeat it on American ground :))

    • MO MO
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      I’d like to see u try ;}

    • Pup Ville
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      @Challenger747. Come at me bro!!

  • Silly Chan
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    very nice videos can increase my knowelge from the U.S military soldiers working

  • Andrea Prossy
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    C-3 Galaxy or C-1 Universe are the biggest jets!

    • Aidan Peck
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      C-5 Galaxy

    • Ian Oliver
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      Andrea Prossy clearly you have never heard of the Antonov 225....

  • Juan jose Castillo blanco
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  • Juan jose Castillo blanco
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    Película de suspenso y accion intriga

  • Deeval
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    (Mizotawngin) apui triah2 khawp mai..

  • Jceè churè
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    USA #1

  • Sujan Chathuranga
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    good bro

  • 消滅民進匪黨救台灣。
    消滅民進匪黨救台灣。 3 साल पहले +1

    fuck america

    • sean sin
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      butt hurt Americans am I right retards

    • bbigrocker1
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      Not very intelligent are you? It's ok, I understand how jealousy works

    • Gabriel Mikael Balon
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      Flip China the birdie. Put the d*** on China

    • peter hwang
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      I was about to say that abelardo. he is dumb fucking Chinese. LMAO

    • Wojo Tege
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      Are you deported from America, I hope you are,,,

  • Charles Phillips
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    thats us!! the force of one.

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    ed gonzoles

  • Aalderik Vanbruggen
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    i love USA

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  • domin1710
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    World's finest!

  • [A7] Falconn
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    Antonov An-225 is better

    • Pup Ville
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      [A7] Falconn The one that is so good, that the commies only made one?

  • เวลามีเมีย ปูเตียง


  • Johnny Pea
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    sweet aircraft - a lot more room that the c-130

    • bbigrocker1
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      It's a paratroopers Cadillac

  • catcat Sue
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    Only America can do it.

    • Pup Ville
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      @ HiddenAssassin32. And you would be wrong soooo.
      Your @40 american made planes, c-17 & c-130, (don't you limeys make planes anymore?) are a drop in the bucket compared to USAF. With so few airframes, limited flight time and risk aversion, the RAF is a shadow of its former self.

    • HiddenAssassin32
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      +Joseph Astier Umm actually I belive Britain has the best air deployment capability sooo

    • Joseph Astier
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      America can do it routinely, in large numbers, anywhere, anytime. That's the difference. It isn't the plane, it's the process.

    • KeithGadget
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      Look again, many countries have this exact airlift capability

    • Amjad Matadar
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      no you are wrong my India can do it.

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  • joseph ku
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    so bigger

    • Pup Ville
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      @Coca Cola. This from the land of dental decay and where people stand idly by while one of your soldiers is hacked to death by a muzzy in broad daylight in the middle of the street.
      One lady did come forward and scold the muzzy but your "men" coward on the sidewalk. Rule Britannia, because Sharia Law is on the way.

    • Berd
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      +Jim Turnbull *Im quite sure its the home of the weird sounding accents and high obesity rates*
      no, BRITAIN, is STRONG

    • Jim Turnbull
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      These men are definitely Mens Men America The Home of the Brave and Strong

  • Ioan Viorel Tanase
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    What is the cast for this documentary ? WHo directed and edited the documentary? really great!

  • Mike William
    Mike William 3 साल पहले

    The pilots and Pararescue, get the praise but it's the cargo load masters, the riggers and ground crews that allowed us to do our job. Without them, We are just highly trained/armed speed bumps. Thank you for all your hard work and for your professional attitude. You saved lives! Thank you.

  • Tappedline
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    Waste of time

    • aaubrey Wallace
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      Tappedline i got u said same

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    • PTA
      PTA साल पहले


    • Mark
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      you are a waist of breath you racist shit head.

  • Karrar Ahmed
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    يالها من تجهيزات ويالهو من تنظيم
    لو كان في الخير لنصره الحق

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  • ukesh prajapati
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    it's very very amazing

  • Mike Diesel
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    the dude running the lift looks like he's about to slaughter something wow chill bro

    • BCLR 1703
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      Lol... I know that’s what I was thinking...

    • Joseph Astier
      Joseph Astier 7 महीने पहले

      When everyone else gets big boy orders and you get to stay home.

    • Roberta Gianfardoni
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      Mike Diesel ..

  • Mike Diesel
    Mike Diesel 3 साल पहले

    the dude running the lift looks like he's about to slaughter something wow chill bro

  • Antonio Uchôa
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    Adoro esses caras, estão sempre prontos para o combate.

  • Lew
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    отличное видео

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      +ArseneLupin2009 Putin + Trump = Nightmare

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