Why do aircraft store fuel in the wings?

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  • Fadic4
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    Can anyone explain to me how the transition from the center fuel tank of the fuel in the wings happens like how does it work is it automatic or is it controlled by the pilots

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    Thanks again BUT,....WHERE is the Doggie ?

  • Moonshine Buck
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    Those wings don't look strong enough to hold that much fuel. Bad turbulence would rip those things off!

  • Shundarian J Catron
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    I’m a Fueler for DGS and I approve this message lol

  • Chino Torres
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    Stop lying...we know how its works...

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    Why am I watching this video? I don't know. Why am I scrolling through the comment section? I don't know.

  • Atomic_Sheep
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    Because if they stored fuel in the fuselage, then the passengers would have to sit in the wings.

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    oke oke 😏

  • George McKay
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    How does nitrogen generator work?

  • Chris Haberland
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    If you don't like the content, carry on elsewhere ...if you disagree than share your knowledge and if you are insecure and/or a coward, hit the dumbs down button... On the brighter side, this is an excellent channel ...thank you for filling in the blanks...bravo well done, thumbs up ...Chris

  • migkiller175
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    Hey question here. Do 737’s have a UFI ( universal fault interrupter) for their center pumps?

  • HD-FXDR/R9T Racer HD & BMW
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    Flight 93 was shot Down....Theres no plane The entire wreckage of a 757 is NOT in Shanksville, PA

  • The Hobgoblin
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    Because it's easier than storing fuel in the fuselage and passengers/cargo in the wings.!....lol

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    Happy Thanksgiving Commander! I don’t know if you have this in Sweden but we are thinking of you & your family today. I’m in a wonderful Marriot in Spartanburg South Carolina Cleaning & Polishing my truck & trailer. I looked at my Citizen Blue Angel Watch & thought, I wonder if Sweden has Blue Angel/Thunderbird Flight Team? If they do, it would be interesting if you went for a ride & did another great podcast. As usual, have a Fantastic Day!! Fly Safe!

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  • gloryths
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    Great video. I've got a question. There is a type o B777 called B777ER (i suspect from extended range) . How this type differs to the typical B777? Is it only additional tanks? For instance do they set a cap to passengers or cargo as well to reduce weight? Thanks a lot

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  • Sharad Vishwas
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    How much ATF require for Big flight as well as long distance rout Of Boing 747 flight

  • Fredo Fredo
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    Perfect sir great explanation

    • Mentour Pilot
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      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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  • hari Krishna
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    I am a mechanical engineer i like u r videos nice information

  • Dravidian Imran
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    How about the fuel corroding or eroding the internal wing walls or damaging the other rubber parts?

  • Tariq Khan
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    Good information for us from Pakistan

    SUBHASH NAKKANABOINA महीने पहले +2

    Sir why aeroplanes and even fighter planes not using ion thrusters (satellite propulsion system) as engines????

      SUBHASH NAKKANABOINA महीने पहले +2

      +Cancer Is Funny Thank you

    • Cancer Is Funny
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      So Ion engines have high efficiency, which is suited for a vacuum. The highest thrust achieved for these engines are in hundreds of MilliNewtons, for a reference point a 737-100 has two 62.28 KilloNewton Engines a total of 124.56 KilloNewtons. The ion engines would have to overcome a constant 9.80665 Metres per second force (1G) and drag/air resistance.

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    good knowledge

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    Why I feel pain inside my right ear when I travel?

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    How many litres can load in one aircraf sir

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    Very informative & interesting. Thanks

  • John Mickie
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    Like your show.. I love planes. Been around them from a child.
    The knowledge you're giving i like sir. Thanks.

  • bobby cvSixFour
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    This guy and team series is awesome. Well done all who produce these videos. I know a lot about aviation and now know more :-)

  • stephen turner
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    I'm an Aircraft mechanic and I always wanted to be an airline pilot. I just didn't have the aptitude for the maths and physics. Aeronautical Science was the most difficult subject for me in my mechanic exams. It is all maths and Physics. But I have managed to work on planes for many airlines and manufacturers over the years. I especially enjoyed my 7 months inside the wings of the a380's at Airbus Hamburg carrying out the rib foot adaptation. And buying a house and a brand new car cash from this job made it especially worthwhile.

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    875 people were stoned while watching this :P

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    He talks like a pilot that's for sure.

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    Everybody knows that fuel is stored in the balls.

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    Because why not?

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    What if everyone gathered around in front or back while flying. 🤔😁

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    All I’m gonna say about these comments is public education has failed the general populace. Great Video!

  • Gabriel Kovach
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    Hello, how is it that the fuel can be totally depleted from a fuel tank? Where is the pump sucking the fuel from? I mean lets look at the wing tanks for example. If the plane is flying level than the fuel is obviously spread in between all the spars, if the plane turns than one wing would have its fuel towards the wingtip and the other towards the fuselage. So how is it that the pumps dont suck air? How is it done that the engines get an undistrupted fuel flow?

  • BrainStem Recruiter
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    You can thank TWA Flight 800 for the nitrogen enriched fuel tanks.

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    I'm high as shit but i was right one 1 of them 😆. Fuel on wings make wings stretch less during takeoff 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    This must be fake?

  • Mickey Garlock
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    Fighter Aircraft like the SR-71?

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    Because they do.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the knowledge

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    This is really interesting. Thanks for posting

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    By redundant you meant 'Fail Safe' , im sure

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    You are pilot of youtuber

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    Great information
    Only brainless can dislike

  • polygamous1 Sozou
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    Another Brilliant video, are the wings the most technically challenging n most difficult part of th plane to design n build?for the wings to be light yet SO amazingly strong to lift the weight n thrust of the engines n on top to curry so much weight in fuel is something i always admired n could never understand how they manage all this I know the airbus wings are made in Britain (was on a TV documentary) lol but its still an amazing feat of Mechanical engineering is this the most challenging engineering part of a plane? even more difficult than the engines?which they are amazing too of course, God i feel so stupid i just know nothing

  • jm Morgenstern
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    Can you do me a favor and put the link to the app that you were talking about the download in the description for IOS and Android if you can do that that would be greatly appreciated and if you have it you can also send it to me thanks have a blessed day

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    Why do airplane has no side mirror? Hahahahaha

  • rhuttrho88
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    Before I watch I will guess because if the fuel is in the fuselage, the weight will be to much in the middle to take off. So they distribute it evenly in the wings. Answer: after watching, I was right,..... yes I want a cookie! Chocolate chip please.

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    I’m 76 years young, and crazy about airplanes.

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  • herbert mape all
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    Why do you dump fuel sometimes

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot  2 महीने पहले

      I have made a video on that and so has Captain Joe. Check it out.

  • TheTubiator
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    nice video
    a bit long and technical for non aviators

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    Good job

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    Thank you for your nice explanation

  • dome ENT. firm
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    The amount of time it takes to really fuel that plane with that much fuel is prolly off..how fast can these pumps pump tones of fuel?..the amount of pressure required to pump that much fuel in that amount of time would rip a hole in that tin can wing!!!

  • dome ENT. firm
    dome ENT. firm 2 महीने पहले

    Can u image driving a pick up truck with a pool slushing around in the bck..all that liquid would jerk that truck around..can u imagine all that fuel slushing around in the wing keeping that plane unstable?

  • Rhys Hughes
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    Love hearing about these obscure systems we are completely unaware that are keep us safe. Excellent vids

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    Brother thank you for educating us on airplanes keep up the good work

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    Same reason pee os stored in the balls.

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    100LL Fuel will be extinct eventually

    RAMIT CHATTERJEE 2 महीने पहले +1


  • Chado
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    To give distance between the fuel and the passengers? In the case of a crash it wouldn't be as dangerous to the passengers.

  • Miroslav Mandic
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    Yea why in wings, why not on dropbox or google drive?

  • MrWalker1000
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    I thought it was for extra reserved fuel in emergency

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  • Moon Shine
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    Thank you Captain , It's been very informative ! I thought keeping fuel in the wing could be other reason as well ! During the crash landing if fuel tanks explode , passenger would be 10% safe from the fire ??

  • Kevin Murphy
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    No bro no, HHO air turbine engines, we are all being played, as the great NICOLI TESLA showed we can extract infinite energy from our ether/ the air!! but you know who could not see profit in us all having free energy / machines ect , so they stole his works, put one of THIER brothers in his place and patented his ideas, think people over a hundred years they have known!

  • pandarama67
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    What I want to know is how in the hell do they fit 40- 50,000 gallons in the wings and center tank. That just seems like a very unreal amount of fuel to store in an area of this size.

    • Muhammad Fathoni Hanif
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      +pandarama67 I think because wing is really long to compensate it's thinness compared to ordinary fuel tank so that fuel can fit.

    • pandarama67
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      I though it was 5000 gallons per tank. At lest for the fuel trucks that deliver fuel to a gas station. I'm not sure if the fuel trucks at air ports are a different size.

    • Mentour Pilot
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      This is why studying physics is so important.,how much fuel do you think they can fit in a simple fuel-truck?

  • Stuart Lee
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    Hillary Clinton cackling about on her broomstick stores fuel in her ass and ankles.

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    please subscribe me if YOU interest this videos

  • PPC4
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    Couple of questions does fuel in the wings damp their movement a bit for example in turbulence. Secondly do aircraft have fuel filters?

    • ShawnD1027
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      Yes, aircraft do have fuel filters and strainers.

  • TrungleBot
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    Hi Mentour,
    Thanks for the excellent video, but I have one question.
    You said that ribs in the wings keep the fuel from quick moving when an aircraft is turning. It could make sense in a car, for example. When you turn in a car, you feel a force that tries to move you outside of the turn. But a plane makes a tilt, may be a roll (Sorry, I don't know how it is called exactly when one wing is higher then another one) in turns. This tilt compensates this force and fuel couldn't move to the one side of a plane. Am I right?
    So an aircraft normally could feel downforce only, couldn't it?

    • ShawnD1027
      ShawnD1027 2 महीने पहले

      You are correct. When an aircraft banks (tilts/rolls) and the turn is done properly, it's called a "coordinated turn." This keeps the forces vertical relative to the aircraft. Sometimes, turns are intentionally done otherwise, such as a sideslip or "forward slip."

  • Frank
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    Oh interesting. I always thought it was because they really wanted to make sure that everybody was completely incinerated in a crash, to spare them a slow, agonizing death

  • Biniam Araya
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    I really don't know fuel in to plan wings tnx a lot for ur knowledge

  • Get Informed
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    Guy us a pilot👍 guy seems to know what he is talking about👍 cant afford an airplane model to make the explanation more visual👎👎👎

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    Because of equilibrium

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    Great video thx!

  • Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman
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    The wings flex because of flex tape.

  • Robert Green
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    Did you know larger jets have depleted uranium in the wings for added weight

    • Sebastian Contreras
      Sebastian Contreras 2 महीने पहले

      The 747-100 and 200 did. Most don't anymore

    • ShawnD1027
      ShawnD1027 2 महीने पहले +1

      To be more specific, it's not used "for added weight," but to create an aileron counterbalance that is not excessively large.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot  2 महीने पहले +1

      Yes, I have heard of that.

  • Richard Mcginnis
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    because a scrotum just wouldn't look right?

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    What are the mathematics are needed most.

  • Arvinda Kashan
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    How much litre fuel need for 777 per hour operation.

  • Michael Taylors
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    This balance of liquid fuel weight is somehow irrelevant to all of NASAs liquid fueled rockets . The rocket rolls over and the fuel moves to one side, baffles only dampen and slow this motion , Thanks for your explanation for actual aircraft

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    Super! Thank you!

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    How's this Rent A Shirt Dude? Hey Cpt Brilliant , try renting a snorkel and mask for your next Video and do a short story on why ships sink.

  • Hallo Byebye
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    There is a other reason why fuel is kept in the wings. They are tubes going from the hydraulic reservoir trough the fuel tanks in order to keep the hydraulic fluid cool. Did you know that this fluid when it go's in have the colour purple/violet? And comes out brown???? Wanna know why? Because the fluid becomes dirty during use. And there is always intern leakes in the systhem.... but it is with in limets so hey!!! Get here ripp!!!

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    Very much infomatic video about aerodynamic.... excellent work sir ....Love from Pakistan

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    what does the weight equate to when filling up the wings(capacity)?

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    Man - this guys' good - well explained - I could listen to him for hours ! thx much for posting

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    Hi mentour.
    I am really intersted in flying but i just can not afford it at the minute, otherwise i'd always be on a plane all the time.
    I do have a QUESTION which is going to seem really stupid... how do you calculate fuel for a journey? Im sorry as it may be so obvious. BTW, Thank you for your videos as well, i do appreciate you giving up your time. Same to captain Joe as well you both do a grand job!

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot  2 महीने पहले +2

      That’s a question that requires a long answer. I did a short video on it a few years back. Check it out.

  • Daniel Santos
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    Well... reading the comments I discovered a new conspiracy theory... Apparently we've been all fooled, there's no fuel on the wings, what's next wise ones, we don't exist?

    • ShawnD1027
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      I guess I sure was fooled when I got my aerospace engineering degree and flew in the Air Force! All that fuel must be used to scent the air behind the airplane, huh?

    ICXC CXCI 2 महीने पहले

    feel sorry for this loser lol he says what they teach him, secondly jet engine use air as fuel 80% and use a tiny bit of kerosene for power supply of the generator.