Why do aircraft store fuel in the wings?

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  • 4/05/2018 को प्रकाशित
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    You probably know that aircraft store a lot of its fuel in the wings but do you know why?
    In todays video I will explain exactly what the idea behind aircraft fuel tanks in the wings are and I will also give you some info regarding the fuel system of the Boeing 737NG.
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  • malik ashfal
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    Sir plz make the video short one u make too long but anyway ur videos and captain joes videos are awesome but plz make some short so we can watch it fully with being bored thank you 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Michael Meyers
    Michael Meyers 3 दिन पहले

    Have all Airliners used Nitrogen Inert Gas System since the 747 “Explosion” off the coast of NYC?
    Has this been phased in? Is an an AD required during mandatory maintenance interval inspections?

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon Lewis 4 दिन पहले

    Before watching I imagine the center of gravity is less impacted as the fuel burns... plus the whole being safer in wings thing.

  • Chaudhary Umair
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    What is average millage of air craft, gallons/ aeronautical miles? Please mention.

  • Cathrin Gustafsson
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    This guy is an actor. Maybe a steward. Rolls Royce ending are Compressor engines. Not combustion.

  • Cathrin Gustafsson
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    • SomeThing Nick
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      And aeroplanes are big. I can’t tell if you’re a troll or not.

  • Cathrin Gustafsson
    Cathrin Gustafsson 7 दिन पहले +2

    People I mean Sheep have no clue how much a m3 is. A pool in each wing with flaps and it's mechanics and hydraulics AND LANDINGGEARS COMPARTMENTS . Lol I'm ASHAME to be a Swede when this guy is lying to his teeth.

  • Aviator-1-Infinite flight & more!
    Aviator-1-Infinite flight & more! 9 दिन पहले

    Cause the wing is the only big storage than the fuselage,,,but other planes has fuel storage on the engine for long haul flights or a joyride

  • أبوعلي الجهني
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    Good explanation

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  • Vaggos M
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    Regarding the Max 8, it seems that boeing stopped bothering for aerodynamical balance anymore. It is just rolling out a software that can fix everything...

  • alessdre
    alessdre 19 दिन पहले

    One question, you always need to turn off the pumps when the central fuel tank is empty? Don't have any automatic system to turn it off if for an issue or moment of distraction you take more time to see the warning light and the pump have the life reduced by overheating or work without lubrification?

  • rob peters
    rob peters 19 दिन पहले +1

    Thank you for this information. I remember hearing that they used to dump the fuel into the atmosphere when the tanks still had lots of fuel so they could land the plane quicker in the case of an emergency landing. Do they still dump the fuel in case of an emergency landing? Where is the dump valve located? Is the fuel dangerous in the atmosphere, is it corrosive?

    • Dead Meme
      Dead Meme 14 दिन पहले

      Corrosive for atmosphere? Lol, the fuel probably become fumes and dissapear and mixed with the air on the cloud (in my logic)

  • Michael Thompson
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    Asking why fuel is stored in the wings is like asking why pee is stored in the balls

  • Simpson Luke
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    This is about civil aircraft, I think military jet planes may have different fuel storage strategies ,especially for those foldable wing aircrafts on carriers.

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    Cause the nearest way to the machine

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    Really a nice video Sir... enjoyed ✌️👌

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    Your videos are brilliant and i really enjoy watching them. I am not a pilot but aviation enthusiast 🤞👍👍👍👍

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  • mahendar goud
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    For third reason what happens if flight travels long distances the fuel get empty right??

    • mahendar goud
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      +Henry Siahaan Sir one more doubt does that fuel in wings used for running the engine or it is only for Balancing the plane?

    • Henry Siahaan
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      That's good question ! I was wondering about that too . 🤔

  • Harry M
    Harry M महीने पहले +1

    2:30 correction: the SR71 was not a fighter, it was a high-speed (Mach 3+) high-altitude (FL800+) spy plane.
    another correction: the 747-400 has a fuel tank in the stabilizer but that tank is only used if they need more fuel than the other 7 tanks can hold.

  • Loïc Sun
    Loïc Sun महीने पहले

    How does an aircraft generate nitrogen to fill the fuel tanks?

  • cdimmm
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    they don't.

  • Carpe Veritas
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    NONSENSE....4:01 shows open wires.......and in order to make it a seald fueltank, an inner layer of a plastic or rubber folie woud be required. Due to the permanent up and down bending of the wings, they can't be properly fuelproof without an aditional layer. Official versions of many things are wrong.

    • Bob Czz
      Bob Czz महीने पहले

      The wires are insulated and when the wings are put together they use sealant on all the joints and on the rivets when installing. Quit thinking the wings don't contain fuel because of some videos going around saying aircraft don't use fuel. They use lots of fuel. I have my A&P license and worked on heavy Boeing aircraft and personally been inside those tanks.

  • ralienpp
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    How is it ensured that no fuel remains in the wing? Isn't there residue that gets stuck between the ribs and the sections?

    • Robert Panco
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      ralienpp Just like Gasoline evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, I’d think the same for jet fuel

  • Zetetic Flat Earth
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    People don't listen to him! He is lying! Aircraft use compressed air and fly using air! He is a paid gov agent to keep you asleep and brainwashed!

    • Sexi Grande
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      Compressed air and fuel. Fuel in stored in the wings, lots of it. I work on aircraft fuel tanks for a living, there is no argument. None.

    • Peter
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      TheSimCaptain 😂

    • TheSimCaptain
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      Visit my channel to find out how you can run your car on compressed air and how a tin foil hat can get you noticed.

  • Tushar Shah
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    Very nice and useful video, thanks.
    I have a question, slightly on more generic question.
    A hybrid aircraft, why can't we have it?
    Can we fill hydrogen or any other lighter than air gas in the cargo section of the aircraft so that it become lighter than it normally is. Obviously the cargo section will need to be well sealed for it to be filled with a gas.

  • Moon Moon
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    I saw some moron on Facebook who was adamant that no aircraft stores fuel in the wings. I have screenshots but this was years ago, it’d take ages to find them and I’m not really keen on it right now. I don’t think he ever gave a reason as to why he thinks this, just that he does. I don’t think he’d ever been on a plane, either, or seen one refuel, because then he might have seen them refuelling through the wings (they do fill through the wings, right? ...right?)
    Where do people get this shit?

  • The RealityCheck
    The RealityCheck महीने पहले

    The worse most dangerous Aircraft Boeing 737...
    Check Google search for 737 incidents it tops all other jets.. Don't fly in 737.

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    Thank you Sir for a fine and thorough explanation. Very interesting!!!

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    Brilliant infromation, thank u

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  • First Name
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    BS! No fuel in the wings!!!

    • Sexi Grande
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      I’m a aircraft mechanic who works on aircraft fuel tanks for a living... 100% you are wrong. Jet fuel is stored in the wings. My hands on experience proves you’re wrong. No argument. None.

    • Pablo Gonzalez
      Pablo Gonzalez महीने पहले

      Give your friendly neighborhood flight school a call they will be happy to show you where the fuel is stored it's not exactly a closely guarded secret

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh महीने पहले

    Hello would you please make a video b737ng fuel tank venting system and different valves for it

  • Kranthi Kumar Vana
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    In air how flight travel to it certain place ? How pilot know the way to that place

    • Mystery girl
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      Kranthi Kumar Vana I think the Air Traffic Control guides them.

  • dee mags1
    dee mags1 महीने पहले

    How much fuel does an A380 use in 1 mile?

  • atelectro1
    atelectro1 महीने पहले

    Not only the wings have to support thousands of gallons of fuel, but also the weight of the engines and the shear ductile stress it goes through take-off and landing.

  • Dan Dananjaya
    Dan Dananjaya महीने पहले

    Why airplane can't make something emergency landing for passengers safe. ( If something happens on air)

    RELANDREL महीने पहले

    there's a repeated problem with your videos
    they are informative but quite long, and the information repeats it's in the same video

    • Leon Kim
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      Cause 90 percent of accidents occurs on taking off and landing.....

  • why a yu Gê
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    Pee is stored in balls

  • Harry Gooch
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    Aircraft store fuel in the wings in case the fuel catches fire. Then the wings are jettisoned and the aircraft can continue to fly on safely.

    • JoulSA
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      Then the aircraft just becomes a rocket and blasts jets from its ass instead

    • JHolidayB
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      The trajectory will be slightly altered when the wings separate...

    • Moe
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  • george zouloumis
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    Ok! All of these make sense. But why they give passengers life jackets instead of parachutes? The airplane is not a boat.

  • Bucyrus Erie12
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    Hi Mentour Pilot, I realize you get thousands of comments and cant possibly reply to all. I am curious since you seem to fly mostly 737's, if you have any concerns with the NG and the newer models, as to the structural integrity of these? Hasn't there been 3 that have broken into pieces by over shooting the runway? Is that a design flaw, or are people making a bigger issue out of it then it is? Thanks for your time if you choose to respond.. Thanks for making these great videos too!

  • Lyon Dynasty
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    Time bomb

  • John Dcosta
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    I know all the systems of the plane and I am only 10 years old I play a game called a flight commander

  • FallingTitan
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    omg the guy crawling inside teh wing. so small space. i couldnt do it. I'd freak out

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    Thanx a million for your cool video. I love flying & its always good to know whats going on ✌🏽👍🏽

  • Alfredo Saldana
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    Hi, nice video. Please a video of how to fly run following a path of specific air pressure, like a air road.

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    Perfect video thank you.

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    This man is contributing a lot to the public. Thanks a lot. Keep moving.

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  • Luis Escamado Nhamue
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    No sir. I'm not payload. I'm at home, never flew.

  • agapito ona
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    Why airplanes cannot be fit with parachutes under the each seat 💺. Or at least develop technologies, gadgets, propel push seats or whatever they can thing of in order to save lives when an airplane lose control?

    • Sexi Grande
      Sexi Grande 19 दिन पहले

      I see what your saying but just think about about what would happen if a pressurized aircraft suddenly decompressed going hundreds of miles a hour. People would be getting sucked out it would be crazy. Also the cost of having to maintain these parachutes which would have to be inspected probably regularly.

    • Mhoja masanja
      Mhoja masanja 2 महीने पहले

      Good question,let me know if they will answer you

  • joe jitsu
    joe jitsu 2 महीने पहले +1

    Mentour Pilot One other reason for putting fuel in the wings, something you almost touched on, is that fuel in the wings allows the wing structure to be lighter so, for the same gross weight, the aircraft payload can be increased.
    You mentioned that the deflection of the wings is reduced by putting fuel in the wings. That is entirely true. However, that reduced deflection of the wings is a direct result of lower stress in the wing spars.
    This is a bit difficult to explain, but let's suppose we start with a plane that is designed with dry wings. As you say, if they redesign the wings to carry fuel, the wings will deflect less (this assumes the gross weight of the aircraft remains the same).
    What isn't so obvious is that the stress in the wing structure will also be lower. That's why the wings deflect less.
    Let's put some numbers to this: Suppose deflection of the wings is reduced by 20%. The maximum stress in what we call the "extreme fiber" of the wing spar will also be reduced by about 20%, so the material is only loaded to 80% of its original allowable stress for that operating condition. In other words, all else being equal, the wing is stronger than it needs to be.
    That means we could reduce the amount of material in the wing spars enough to bring the operating stress in the wing back up to 100% of the allowable stress for that operating condition.
    In other words, by moving the fuel into the wings, all else being equal, and for the same gross aircraft weight, the wing structure, hence the aircraft, would be lighter, so have more payload capacity.
    I want to make it clear that we couldn't reduce the weight of our hypothetical wing by 20% -- it isn't a one-to-one relationship -- but the weight savings would be noticeable. It's important enough that you would have to have a really good reason for _NOT_ putting the fuel in the wings.
    As you know there are many other factors that figure into such design issues but, again, all else being equal, putting the fuel in the wings allows for a lighter aircraft, meaning either greater range or higher payload, of some combination of these.

  • Steven Kimball
    Steven Kimball 2 महीने पहले

    So tell us hauns,where are these center tanks located? Over the passengers heads. Yes that's right! The gas tank is located right over each and everyone's heads. Heads up everybody!

  • Steven Kimball
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    Wait,if the wings don't flex or ( flap ) then how do they fly?

  • tony mullen
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    LMAO sure all those hundreds of fuel gallons fit on the wings!!

  • Rita G.
    Rita G. 2 महीने पहले

    What types of cargo are carried on the 737 and what is the most unusual thing carried that passengers would not suspect?

    • Steven Kimball
      Steven Kimball 2 महीने पहले

      No,no,no. I'm going to say cartel cocaine. Ya,ya,ya,cocaine. And money😄. I work on airplanes so I know it's cocaine and scads of money.

    • Steven Kimball
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  • Hunter 84
    Hunter 84 2 महीने पहले

    Hydraulics systems use the fuel to cool the hydraulic oil. Heat exchangers are located in each wing. One wing has A system heat exchanger and the other has B system heat exchanger.

  • Hunter 84
    Hunter 84 2 महीने पहले

    Center tank is located forward of the wheel well not aft of the wheel well.

  • Philani Mthombeni
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    Because no pasanger is sitting on the wings

    • Arthur Dewith
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      Philani Mthombeni it's the mid point

  • Jason Kotolski
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    Where else should they put it? This video didn't need to be made.

  • Analritter
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    Pee is stored in the balls

  • Engineer Duraid
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    Cavitation causes vibration in wings

  • Engineer Duraid
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    Suction of fuel in high altitude result reduction of pressure on (liquid) that reduces the boiling point to make liquid releases bubbles in a phenomenon so call (cavitation) which happens hydraulic systems

  • Azeef Shibi
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    Need Tamil translate . thank you

  • Bill Ludolph
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    I had to work in a aircraft wing while I worked on a C-131 Convair. Aircraft Buno. 141009 had a fuel leak and the only way to seal the leak was to refuel the aircraft and run air 24/7 and after close to a week, myself and another sailor went into the wing and using pro-seal we sealed the spots on the bottom of the wing that were leaking. Also we replaced countless dome nuts.
    And after several days we finished our job and then took our aircraft outside and refueled the C131 Convair and after rechecking the wing we found no more fuel seepage

  • mike knopf
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    Give me the dimensions of the wings in A380 and I will tell you how much fuel tank space they can hold... fair enough?

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    dint you learn summury in english lessons dear pilot

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    any pilot here can explain how do they think about older aircraft?

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    I am 1000th disliker how sad but anyway nice educational video bro..

  • M.A Saeed
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    Really informative videoI would like to ask you that how engine of a jet plane failed and what happened with the fuel which is available in wings and during flight when the fuel present in second wing reach near about end during flight how flight balance maintained?

    • M.A Saeed
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      Thanks for telling this.But my question is that if one of the engine disabled during flight due to any technical failure about 30 minutes after flight and captain stops the engine to prevent any unexpected damage and then only one engine is on working for the estimated time of flight about 2 hours and the fuel is consumed only the working engine and what happened after 1.5 hours flight when the fuel is used the second engine?If such condition happened so what is the way to prevent imbalance danger.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot  2 महीने पहले

      We never run one main tank empty and not the other. We start by using the center tank and then we use equal amounts from each main tank to avoid imbalance

  • baseballreg123
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    I had no idea the fuel was in the wings!

    • Perez Andrew
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      baseballreg123 I thought it was In the engine

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    So interesting, but... WHY are you smacking all the time? Just impossible to listen...

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    What time we use emergency exit doors recently ethopion flight loss the balance in 6 mins why not use emergency exit for escape

    • Eng.jimale Ali
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      There is a something wrong with the design of planes this big error missing system is a emergency and saving system every year you will her on radio a bad crash accident.

      The missing system is an standby machines when the active engine failed to work properly we need extra engines used only in emergency situations and also big balloon I mean a big blashote or something is designed to reduce the down acceleration to avoid hard hitting to the ground and also emergency door for escaping purpose.
      Finally I'm concluding my adea the all emergency system safety is missing for all planes so this mean to get into airplane is so dangerous and one engine failing is means your heart stopped working for a life!

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    Why the western people have always like with Buddha's picture on their wall yet they have different believe or religion or none?

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      Zane Beverix shut up and don’t judge

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    Great content!

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    Why Must planes always explode after impact? Is there no remedy for this? :(

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    The number of thumbs down for this video is considerably higher than the others for this channel. The information presented is generally informational and entertaining. The average thumbs down is about 1% or less. However, this topic is closer to a 5% thumbs down. Why? It's called "Wisdom of the Crowd"; the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert. When the percentage of thumbs down occurs, it's a strong indication of a lie.

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    Ever since i joined the airforce i always found planes amazing!!

  • Christian O. Holz
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    I would really like to hear your thoughts on the two accidents of the 737-8 Max. Spiegel recently reported that Boeing might have underengineered this significantly updated version of 737-800. I have also recently heard on the radio that the problem was a software fix meant to make it easier for the pilots to fly the new plane. Specifically, the software that was supposed to emulate the older version of 737 in the newer version so that pilots could more easily transition to the new plane (and also of course reduce cost). The fact that both planes essentially nosedived at significant speed (around 700kph) into the ground seems to indicate a systemic problem with this type of aircraft. China has recently banned the use of the 737-8 Max. I cannot imagine what the crew and passengers must have felt like when they realized they were heading toward certain death. Horrific.
    What are your thoughts?

  • Sumanta Adhikari
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    Why the driver of aircrafts are called pilot but other vehicles called driver?

  • tom474e
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    How many tons of fuel go into the wings?

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    Thanks a lot..

  • Chl0S
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    how can a concorde fly....did u see the paper thin wings??? and those huge motors????transoceanic flight with the fuel in those wings???

    Jet fuel hoax .....seems plausible....

  • Sexy Bone
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    Some aircraft or all aircraft?

  • 00crashtest
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    You forgot reason 4: Energy efficiency. The fact that the fuel tanks are right on top of the engine means that pumping is normally not required. Hence, no pumping energy losses. So, the plane gets a marginally better fuel economy.

    • Дмитрий Д
      Дмитрий Д 2 महीने पहले

      Energy loss is insignificant here. But reliability gain is significant.

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    Great videos, really informative, No BS! Awesome 👏🏻 😎

  • Jay Reiter
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    Structurally there is a maximum zero fuel weight. That is the maximum weight of the aircraft with no fuel in the wings. Had to compute that once to dispatch a 747 LAX-JFK per MEL with 3000 lbs in the center tank and transfer pump inop. Not really close as I remember.

  • Sandler23
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    Also, for safety. If the plane crashes, then the wings will catch fire and the passengers have a chance. If the tanks were all inside the fuselage, the passengers and crew would cook right away.

  • Ethan Fairweather
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    There is one huge potential drawback to using wet wing fuel storage. It doesn’t handle corrosion all that well.
    A 737 operator on the Hawaiian Islands wouldn’t just have to contend with increased rate of fuselage fatigue from repeated pressurizations, but also corrosion caused by the salt water in the moisture in that part of the world.

  • Timbucktoothed
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    TWA 800....RIP

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    lets weigh one before and after fueling, simple!

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