Why do aircraft store fuel in the wings?

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    question: did you buy the painting on the backround in Bali?

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    The "fjool" is in the wings

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    If fuel in the wing, when the wing damage the Airplane gonna go down on the Hill

  • Mr Scratch
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    Because the wings are made from recycled RedBull can’s?

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    Good info. Next time use die cast planes instead of scale please. 😉

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    Very good ...

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    What about weight cal. Fuel density

  • Ethan Fairweather
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    There is one huge potential drawback to using the wings as fuel storage. It doesn’t handle corrosion all that well.
    A 737 operator on the Hawaiian Islands wouldn’t just have to contend with increased rate of fuselage fatigue from repeated pressurizations, but also corrosion caused by the salt water in the moisture in that part of the world.

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    Very useful and correct information..

  • Fredo Santana
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    is this the same as an auxillary fuel tank? The new 737 MAX 9 & 10 has one auxiliary fuel tank but this makes no sense as it should be an even number?

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    Pee is stored in the balls.

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    Very nice info.

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    Is sambal olek an issue with this still?

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    Is landing plane ✈️ is very difficult for pilots

  • Raghavendra Raghava R
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    Very nice explanation about aeroplane ✈️ fuel thank you very much

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    Unsubscribed 😒

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    You seriously can’t believe this bull shit , fuel in the wings ; yeah this twat can’t even fly a plane he a actor ; fuel in the wing
    Where the f is 1000s of litres of liquid going WHERE , wake up ppl

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    You are so cool and relaxed while you do your video...keep it up...and may god keep you safe...🤠

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    Nope there is no fuel in those wings !!!!! Zero !!! Narda!!! They use the AIR as fuel ! And yes I'm serously!!!!!!

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    what else ya gonna do with all that empty space?

  • Gonzalo Alvarez
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    @Mentour Pilot, what happens if the plane got damage on the wing like the Concord suffer but with no fire is leaking fuel?

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    Very interesting!!

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    Thanks for your video! Well explained, fuel system is a very wide subject and just the effort to consolidate it in 12 min is very well👉 appreciated.

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    I loved this video. Thank you so much. I learned so much today.

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    -why do planes store fuel in the wings?-
    *why do humans store pee in the balls?*

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    Wonderfully explained, as always! Bravo!

  • Mark Warren
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    Have you seen them video's that claim airlines are lying to everyone about how much fuel these jets actually use?. These videos are all over the internet. The people that are saying this are claiming these jets use extremely very little fuel to run these engines and it all has to do with air only. We all know it has something to do with fuel and air, but in these videos these guys are saying that 90% of your ticket cost is for fuel that these jet engines are not really using and the airlines are charging people for nothing. They also say its impossible for these wings to hold that much fuel and the weight of the fuel. Now I have worked in factories and seen first hand knowledge of the extreme strength of metal structures under pressure. It is more then possible that these wings can take the load.

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    Have you seen the prices on those 'Mentour Pilot merchandise'....hmmmmmm!!

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    Lol. The third reason is the first and main reasonbthat i thought of

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    100% total bullcrap... fuel in alloy wings... LOL .... any other comedy routine captian?

  • syed shahid
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    Thank you for a very informative session about fuel storage in the wings. One thing that came to mind was, by storing fuel in the wings we avoid any direct contact of fuel during landing or emergency landing as the landing gears prevent the wings from touching the runway thus avoiding any fire.

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    great ,thanks for your lovely information on the subject.

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    And a good reason to have the heavy engines on the wings

  • Captain Phoebus
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    What? Please speak English

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    Why are you calling the “Ribs” Spars?

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    SR71 is not a fighter......

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    3rd reason was the first reason i got in my mind.

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    If you really spoke the truth, you'd be unemployed tomorrow. Jet planes fly with free energy. You all believe that kerosene is stored in the wings. How much weight would a wing of the A 380 have to withstand? Put a tank on the wing with the same weight. Let's see how long the wing can withstand it. Free energy is the solution, you all pay your expensive flight ticket for kerosene which is never filled into the aircraft. Also the other fees are much too expensive. Captains get paid more than enough money per month to keep their mouth shut. Do you all still believe the nonsense in this video. You all learn shit in school and at the universities. And then you think you're educated. You don't know anything. Free energy exists since nature exists.

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    The real question is, why is pee stored in the balls?

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      +Samvit Singhal Yes the ball bladder. I know this.

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      It isn't. Its stored in the bladder in the crotch area 😂😂

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    Exceptional video.

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    Thnkuu so much for the amazing info..I didn't knew this before.. just used to wonder all the time..👍 u r awesome.

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    This is soo great! Thanks for explaining. Also the thing that made me feel most confident here is the nitrogen system. I was worried the tank would explode by some mysterious reason... You rock!

  • Smoove King
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    How is much is Max fuel on a 747 and what is the usual fuel level before a take off or do you guys always keep it on Max fuel before takeoff or just what's needed

  • Da90da9
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    I have a question @MentourPilot, ive noticed that on the widebody aircraft that I work with mainly the B777-300er, A330-200, A350-900 and the A380-800 that fueling between the Airbus and Boeing is on opposite sides, is this brand specific or can both manufacturers refuel on either side?

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    The reason why the aircraft stores fuel in the wings are due to no space left in the body itself cause it's been dedicated for cargo. The only viable option is on the wings. Since you have put it on the wings, you have to maintain balance on both sides. duh!

  • Jeffrey Gold
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    Wouldn't a fifth reason be to create larger moment arms for rolling stability? Maybe some yaw stability too.

  • Norway
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    The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was NOT a fighter aircraft, but rather an unarmed Mach3+ strategic RECONNAISSANCE plane. The Blackbird is well known in these parts of the world, since Bodø Airport BOO/ENBO was one of the bases used to fly over Soviet Airspace, photographing ICBM missile bases and other installations.

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    Mentour you are Swedish right?

    MUDASSIR Khan महीने पहले

    if all the engines of an aircraft stop working and there is no other problem , so the question is , will the aircraft glide or come down like a stone ?

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    Why do aircraft have fuel? Why do they have fuel tanks? ZOMG THE EARTH IS FLAT AND PLANES USED COMPRESSED AIR TO FLY (that 2nd part, is technically correct, and in small segments, the Earth is flat)

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    I would personally tour anybody around a private jet (Falcon 20) just to show fuel exists! Oh, wait, I’m a paid troll aren’t I?

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    Ribs act as baffles

  • loniousmonk
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    Where does the fuel flow out of the tanks from? Does it matter the orientation of the aircraft whether fuel can be pumped out, as opposed to the air that starts to fill in as it becomes more empty?

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    Hopefully those wings don't break during turbulence exposing a great fire base

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    Where do u put it n wings with all the hydraulics and flap control

  • La jack
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    The 747 is n main body center below there isn't enuff room

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    @mentour Could you please let us know about Midair fueling and removal of fuel in case of emergency.

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    How much lift does the fuselage make?

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    Thank you for making it so easy to understand with your articulated explanation of an important topic on aircraft

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    And here i thought the nitrogen system came about because of the 747 that blew up

  • BlackPanther X
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    But how could 108 tonnes of fuel be carried in in the wings?

  • Xero Pendragon
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    Hey! Excellent video, hands down!
    I've a question, what about the mid flight scenario? fuel is being used at a constant rate so the gross mass of the each wing is bound to decrease at a linear rate. You justified by the 3rd reason that fuel being stored in the wings is crucial for the structural integrity. In engineering terms, by considering both of the wings as cantilevers, the mass of the fuel counters the upwards bending moment because of the lift thus, as you said, maintaining the structural integrity. This counter effect should decrease as fuel is being used, then what equalises that bending moment( later bending stress) mid air?

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  • Fadic4
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    Can anyone explain to me how the transition from the center fuel tank of the fuel in the wings happens like how does it work is it automatic or is it controlled by the pilots

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    Thanks again BUT,....WHERE is the Doggie ?

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    Those wings don't look strong enough to hold that much fuel. Bad turbulence would rip those things off!

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    I’m a Fueler for DGS and I approve this message lol

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    Stop lying...we know how its works...

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    Why am I watching this video? I don't know. Why am I scrolling through the comment section? I don't know.

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    Because if they stored fuel in the fuselage, then the passengers would have to sit in the wings.

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    oke oke 😏

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    How does nitrogen generator work?

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    If you don't like the content, carry on elsewhere ...if you disagree than share your knowledge and if you are insecure and/or a coward, hit the dumbs down button... On the brighter side, this is an excellent channel ...thank you for filling in the blanks...bravo well done, thumbs up ...Chris

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    Hey question here. Do 737’s have a UFI ( universal fault interrupter) for their center pumps?

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    Flight 93 was shot Down....Theres no plane The entire wreckage of a 757 is NOT in Shanksville, PA

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    Because it's easier than storing fuel in the fuselage and passengers/cargo in the wings.!....lol

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    Happy Thanksgiving Commander! I don’t know if you have this in Sweden but we are thinking of you & your family today. I’m in a wonderful Marriot in Spartanburg South Carolina Cleaning & Polishing my truck & trailer. I looked at my Citizen Blue Angel Watch & thought, I wonder if Sweden has Blue Angel/Thunderbird Flight Team? If they do, it would be interesting if you went for a ride & did another great podcast. As usual, have a Fantastic Day!! Fly Safe!

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    Great video. I've got a question. There is a type o B777 called B777ER (i suspect from extended range) . How this type differs to the typical B777? Is it only additional tanks? For instance do they set a cap to passengers or cargo as well to reduce weight? Thanks a lot

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    How much ATF require for Big flight as well as long distance rout Of Boing 747 flight

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    Perfect sir great explanation

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      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Sir why aeroplanes and even fighter planes not using ion thrusters (satellite propulsion system) as engines????

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    Why I feel pain inside my right ear when I travel?

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      Different air pressures.

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    How many litres can load in one aircraf sir

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    This guy and team series is awesome. Well done all who produce these videos. I know a lot about aviation and now know more :-)

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    I'm an Aircraft mechanic and I always wanted to be an airline pilot. I just didn't have the aptitude for the maths and physics. Aeronautical Science was the most difficult subject for me in my mechanic exams. It is all maths and Physics. But I have managed to work on planes for many airlines and manufacturers over the years. I especially enjoyed my 7 months inside the wings of the a380's at Airbus Hamburg carrying out the rib foot adaptation. And buying a house and a brand new car cash from this job made it especially worthwhile.

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    All I’m gonna say about these comments is public education has failed the general populace. Great Video!

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      Cheddar Roman yes, OR, or, these conspiracy theorists do it for attention. It’s funny, how they apply laws, but then say they are false when used against them