All Bollywood Celebs Latest EMOTIONAL Reaction On Sonali Bendre's Sudden SHOCKING News

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  • 11/07/2018 को प्रकाशित
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  • Lalitha Somnath
    Lalitha Somnath साल पहले +35

    Dont crying sonu,,,,,,,nuvvu entha mentally strong ga. unte antha happyga thirigosthavv,,,,,i prayer to god,,,,,,

  • Madhu singh
    Madhu singh साल पहले +141

    Bhagwan please thik kar do sonali mam ko

  • Rajat Pradhan
    Rajat Pradhan साल पहले +80

    Get well soon my crush ... ur smile just kill me

  • Shima Islam
    Shima Islam साल पहले +12

    Dipika magi

  • Deepa Rawat
    Deepa Rawat साल पहले +8

    u r brave mam

  • fraz khan
    fraz khan साल पहले +52

    may allah bless her and irfan khan inshallah they will get better soon....................

  • Padma Vathy
    Padma Vathy साल पहले +90

    hope Deepika won't be affect by breast cancer

  • filmy baba
    filmy baba साल पहले +10

    so said yr

  • hidden truth
    hidden truth साल पहले +12

    There is no disease in this world which is not curable . Except death . Our beloved prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) said Allah sent cure befor that disease . Allah is most merciful and most benificent . But people themselves responsible for their causes . These people forget and turn their faces from the poors though Allah has given them alot money . Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) said donot turn away from the poors even if u have half dates

  • Fahad Hassan
    Fahad Hassan साल पहले +327

    May she get well soon
    kisi b insan k lia us k sar k bal uski jan hote hain aj kal khas kr women apne lambe piyare bal ktwane ka soch b ni skte r yai bal aik dm dur chle jaen to soch b nae skte kitni takleef hoti hai
    Sonali fighting with cancer like a strongest woman May her fight bring happiness in her life again
    From Pakistan

  • Sabra Tarannum
    Sabra Tarannum साल पहले +15

    Feeling very bad....luv u alot...

  • zero s
    zero s साल पहले +15

    jaldi tik hokya ajao mam

  • Rj Qasim
    Rj Qasim साल पहले +115

    Allah se Dua h k in ko Sehat Ata Farmay or apny Hifzo aman me rakhy...

  • Patil Shital
    Patil Shital साल पहले +13

    Ho go plz jaldi thik kardo sonali maam Ko plzzzzz get well soon

  • Jaspreet Kaur Sandhu
    Jaspreet Kaur Sandhu साल पहले +346

    I wish ... Always well...god bless you my dr Sonali mam

  • Tilak Jain
    Tilak Jain साल पहले +37

    Get well soon 🙏

  • fawzi basma
    fawzi basma साल पहले +57

    We are praying for your speedy recovery inshalla

  • Saba Khan
    Saba Khan साल पहले +24

    she is calm wooo theak hoojayay giiii

  • Rachana Sharma
    Rachana Sharma साल पहले +26

    Yeah year bollywood kah liya accha nhi hai

  • Nikita Niku
    Nikita Niku साल पहले +36

    Get well soon sonali mam I pry to god for u mam love u mam

  • ritupriya mohanty
    ritupriya mohanty साल पहले +3

    akshay ko bar bar dikhane ka koi matlab ni hai ...wo agar bat ni kara hai to kya galat hua isme ..usko ni pataa to ni pata

  • dream girl
    dream girl साल पहले +13

    Get well soon

  • Rj entertainment
    Rj entertainment साल पहले +19

    Get well soon mam😭😭😭😭😭😭

    NABAKISHOR GOPE साल पहले +6


  • Shabbir Mallick
    Shabbir Mallick साल पहले +85

    Allah bless uh...sonali Maim

  • Taskeen Aiman
    Taskeen Aiman साल पहले +775

    Get well soon ....insha allah

  • Hassan Burton
    Hassan Burton साल पहले +36

    I like sonali since ma childhood she is v good n innocent actress

  • Hassan Burton
    Hassan Burton साल पहले +46

    Allah apko bht achi sehat k sath lambi zindagi dy amen

  • Hassan Burton
    Hassan Burton साल पहले +12

    Ye to nangi hi hoti ja rainhy din ba din

  • Manju B
    Manju B साल पहले +2

    Sonali listen to Hanuman Chalisha day in and out. See the change Nashe Rog Hare sab pera japat nirantar Hanumat bhira

  • Shahid Ayub
    Shahid Ayub साल पहले +9

    we all should pray for each others
    may Allah bless her with good health

  • Soha baloch
    Soha baloch साल पहले +50

    Allah wil.make her wel soon in shaa Allah

  • Soha baloch
    Soha baloch साल पहले +298

    Deepika u just wear very short dres and cm n gv comments in front of media..
    U nd ur make up nd hair style good for nothing... just be simple u look better...
    Who s agree for ds..
    Comment me...

  • Mohammed Abdul Wasay
    Mohammed Abdul Wasay साल पहले +12

    May ALLAH gives best of her health soon.

    MOHD HUSSAIN साल पहले +14

    kaunsi Stage pay Hain....

  • RiyAn QuReShi
    RiyAn QuReShi साल पहले +9

    Gt wll soon mam😘😘😘

  • Bhagaban Sadangi
    Bhagaban Sadangi साल पहले +154

    Gold bless you.I hope you will be recover very soon

  • Jatin Drabla
    Jatin Drabla साल पहले +53

    Keep strong mam and sir 🙏we all are praying

  • Shamser Alam
    Shamser Alam साल पहले +46

    I m prey sonali

  • Bhavika B. Patil
    Bhavika B. Patil साल पहले +349

    I always pray for you sonali

  • Disgraceful Justification
    Disgraceful Justification साल पहले +204

    Get well soon Sonali mam.....

  • Vijay Maurice John
    Vijay Maurice John साल पहले +103

    Wish you, Bless you and pray for you Sonali for a speedy recovery from all your illnesses.

  • AkhiLa Khan
    AkhiLa Khan साल पहले +1519

    May allah bless her with health Soon
    We all pray for sonali mam 🙏💔😢

    • salman khan
      salman khan साल पहले +8

      HaLa Hazhim akshai ko kiya huwa

  • Tanu Singhal
    Tanu Singhal साल पहले +103

    Get well soon

  • js voice intertenment
    js voice intertenment साल पहले +380

    Sonali aap bhut jalad hi thik ho jayengi duwa krenge

  • Kashif Raza TV
    Kashif Raza TV साल पहले +25

    I love you Indian Actors
    God bless you
    Baghwan tumara madad karay Hit like for Bollywood Actors

    • Lakshmi Lakshmi
      Lakshmi Lakshmi साल पहले

      😷😢 = 💉🍵💊😓
      💐🍀Get Better Soon

    • Samina Tariq
      Samina Tariq साल पहले +2

      Kashif INclipsr ap ko ALLAH PAK SEHAT den ameen sum ameen

  • Rumki Roy
    Rumki Roy साल पहले +41

    Love u 😔😔😔😔😔

  • tvd .forever
    tvd .forever साल पहले +897

    I actually feel really sad for Sonali!😭😭😭