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  • 6/12/2018 को प्रकाशित
    This time we share an ultimate collection of brilliant household hacks that will save fortune and time!
    You will learn how to create cozy home slippers with fake fur, unexpected drill hacks that will make your life much easier, clever way to hang a picture, how to make creative door stopper and a lot more!
    Watch the video and find an ultimate collection of bedroom lifehacks. You will find how to how to change linens easily like you’ve been doing it your entire life, what to do when it’s too hot in summer, how to make cute pillowcase and more!
    Your bedroom should be your safe haven - a place for you to relax and to a great night’s sleep. Sometimes that means a new mattress or decoration and sometimes, it just comes down to having a great headboard.
    Instead of going to the furniture store to buy a new headboard, you can create one yourself. We have a dreamy DIY headboard project to make your bedroom super cozy!
    Learn how to organize your linen closet in 5 minutes! Store your sets of sheets in corresponding pillowcases. Fold your sheets then put the entire set inside one of its corresponding pillowcases. Isn’t it great?
    You have a lot of thing like old t-shirts, bottles, books, towels, and jeans that you want to throw away? Stop! The answer is recycling! Why? There are a lot of reasons and the first one is that is a way to help the environment. You not only save money but also help the environment by reducing waste. Watch how to transform your old t-shirts into a cozy blanket!
    We share with you the unexpected ways to reuse your old pantyhose that will really useful and surprising!
    Store onions in a way that keeps them dry and keeps the skins intact! This is less messy and takes up less space than a veggie bowl. Use the waistband to secure the trash bag and prevent slipping. No hair-tie? Use a small section of nylons as a hair-tie. If you lost something tiny under the coach? Put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find it easily. Also, use the hanger and pantyhose for dusting underneath the fridge or tables. Find out how to make portrait softener using pantyhose.
    00:09 Fake fur slippers
    03:51 Cozy pillowcase
    04:52 DIY headboard
    05:56 Bedroom hacks
    12:20 DIY door stopper
    15:39 Reuse pantyhose

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