Getting Ready Girl V/s Boy ft Gagan Arora | Sejal Kumar

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  • 16/11/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Gender roles in all are problematic and have existed over the years! Here is a short little video showing subtle things that girls and boys both face while getting ready because of what the society says is 'right' with the amazing Gagan to emphasise on that! What are your thought?
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    Writer: Satvika Jain
    Production: Kaushi Bharti
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    Camera used: Sony Alpha range
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      Sejal Kumar hi sera

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      Ggg okkkk

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    What's your Height sejal😊😊

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    Here you go BAGGA!

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    I love you more than Rikshawali Sejal

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    Aayu and Sejal

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    Hi sera

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    Bahut zeher vedio tha Bhai........🤣🤣🤣

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    Kalai waala part got me😂😂

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    Watching this video only for bagga 😅😅😅😅

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    What is your name

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    Dark lipstick doesn't mean slutty

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    The most honest one till date

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    Who who just watching Sejal side and a little bit of gagan

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    baaggaa is the best

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    This guy SOOOOOOOO faaaaaaabbbbb💕😍🤣

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    U look really beautiful without red lipstick and kajal and with decent long clothes

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    That Kajal one was epic 😂

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    Not audible and not making sense

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    I love your acting Gagan

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    Gagan arora is everywhere

  • Legal knowlege by yasna
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    Did I hear that you said that the lipstick shade appears to be slutty? Dude really! Wtff

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    1 million views only because of bagga in it

  • Lalit mohan Sharma
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    Hi sejal i have the one question please please ans this you played role kiara in engineering girls web series ?

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    Great video man
    My channelवीडियो.html

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    "Abe dumbles utha uthake thak chuka hu...kab fulenge ye?!!!"..😂 relatable bro...n that too "...kalayiya patali kyu rhti hai?!!"...ROFL

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    This is very true.... I love the fact that u didn't stereotyped girls.... Love you Sejal and Gagan🔥⚡

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