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  • 2/12/2019 को प्रकाशित
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  • Mumbiker Nikhil
    Mumbiker Nikhil  4 दिन पहले +5769

    Lets make this world a better place to live for everyone. Girls should feel safe and a strict law should be made for rapist . Fear needs to be created so these monsters should never think of raping a innocent girl.

    • Babbu maan
      Babbu maan दिन पहले

      Bhai apke sath fraud kra toll plaza walo ne paytm chekh krna

    • Terminator A
      Terminator A दिन पहले

      Nikhil bhai आप ने भी हैदराबाद केस की विक्टिम का नाम लिया अपने ब्लॉग मे ये गलत है भाई
      भारतीय कानून और सुप्रिम कोर्ट के गाईड लाईन के हिसाब से ये कानून का उल्न्घन है और इस पर 2 साल की जेल है
      कृपया इस पर ध्यान दे । धन्यवाद भाई

    • gucchu
      gucchu 2 दिन पहले

      @Harsh Anand why to even waste a boat on them? 🤪

    • Harsh Anand
      Harsh Anand 2 दिन पहले +2

      This kind of people should be kept in a small boat and flown away in deep ocean without any food.

    • gucchu
      gucchu 2 दिन पहले

      Is topic pr aap dono ko "Podcast" banana chaiye!!
      It creates so much difference on the thought processing of the viewers 😬

  • Demon Mask
    Demon Mask 2 घंटे पहले

    Why is your icon not displayed

  • Bitoshok Sinha
    Bitoshok Sinha 8 घंटे पहले

    Mil gaya insaaf.... salute to IPS Sajjanar...
    Har Police officer ko aisa hi karna chahiye...
    Court nahi seedha Nark pohuchao...

    And yes Rapes doesn’t happen due to sexy outfits else 2 yrs baby and 65yrs women wouldn’t have been raped...
    Wo ek Dimagi taur pe bimar admi ka kaam hota hai warna burkhe pehen ne wali ka bhi to rapes hota hai...
    So clear ho jao jo neta and people say sexy outfit and night me akele nikle to aisa hona lazmi hai wo bhul gaya hai ke Rape will happen even the rapist gets a Man at night...
    This is the truth...

  • Abdul Rafay Siddiqui
    Abdul Rafay Siddiqui 8 घंटे पहले

    Yeh jo apki army Kashmiris k sath kar rahi wo kiya hai apne bola buraye k ka so please os ka bhi bolo.

  • Jenil Vaghasiya
    Jenil Vaghasiya 9 घंटे पहले

    App kisi victim ka name nahi le sakate kisi bhi social media
    Not being guru
    For your kind information

  • J.S.T. Gaming Zone
    J.S.T. Gaming Zone 9 घंटे पहले +1


    AMAN KUMAR 10 घंटे पहले


  • Rahul Brahma
    Rahul Brahma 10 घंटे पहले

    Bhai kabhi north east aw... Bike tour

  • Aditya Bhardwaj
    Aditya Bhardwaj 12 घंटे पहले

    I have also Hyundai car same happened with my fast tag.

  • Divya Singh
    Divya Singh 12 घंटे पहले

    Ek baar I'm buying groceries then suddenly a men came And touched my butt And when I looked back I couldn't find the guy but after that incident my mind And heart just shattered that Day I couldn't sleep 😔

    AS ENTERTAINMENT 12 घंटे पहले

    are bhai gaadi chala video ghar pe bana lena

  • Shreyansh Vora
    Shreyansh Vora 14 घंटे पहले

    feels like crying... kash iska solution khoon k badle khoon types hota ya sut some part of der body hota. i am not violent person but when i here such thing i feel like smash dat person by my vehicle. trying to find some gud solution to dis problem. sometimes i feel prostitution should be legalized in india also. felt very bad to here dis story.
    lov from d land of White Desert.

  • Hasib Zaman
    Hasib Zaman 15 घंटे पहले

    Its so sad 😢 that these things happen

  • Simtim
    Simtim 19 घंटे पहले

    Nikhil be like this ,: Pretty ko kisala boola 😂😜

  • Shivam Gupta
    Shivam Gupta 22 घंटे पहले +1

    Uske baad jo mere sath ho tab kaon khada hoga aur ek time baad fir meri soch bhi badal jayegi ki kya yaar but i also say help yaar

  • Amiya Kumar
    Amiya Kumar दिन पहले

    Bsdk, biking video kr na. Sadhguru k pass ja k v kuch nhe sikha.

  • Abhijeet Kamble
    Abhijeet Kamble दिन पहले +1

    Still no display picture...

  • Iqbal hussain babor
    Iqbal hussain babor दिन पहले

    Both r married 😎😎

  • Pavan1392
    Pavan1392 दिन पहले

    I never do such things...

  • Alif Alam
    Alif Alam दिन पहले

    Likin vai apka golden play bottom kaha hai abhitak aya kew nehi

  • Neh Taneja
    Neh Taneja दिन पहले

    Iss hathi ki backi ko kaun bithaega bike pe😐

  • Mayank Kumar
    Mayank Kumar दिन पहले

    Nikhil sir mere havale kr do aise logo ko

  • Joviyal Shrivastav
    Joviyal Shrivastav दिन पहले

    Bhai i luv you....😁😁

  • RackTod Knowledge
    RackTod Knowledge दिन पहले


  • amit prakash
    amit prakash दिन पहले

    Jutti utaar k public ke saamne mara karo aap ladies log inn kutton ko
    Aur Mumbai jaise city se I didn't expect dis...

  • sнαıkн cнıłłı ѵσłgs
    sнαıkн cнıłłı ѵσłgs दिन पहले

    Police KO inform KR do......

  • B A D M A S H. G AA N G.
    B A D M A S H. G AA N G. दिन पहले

    Sir un logo ka sar cut dena chaiye,,ak rapist ko cut diya na uske baad koi rapist rape kar ne ka nehi sochegi!!!!

  • Prudvi Teja
    Prudvi Teja दिन पहले

    Our government should give the permission to kill the person in that situation happened on the spot where we find those people

  • Wiz karki
    Wiz karki दिन पहले

    India is not safe for girls!!!!!

  • sachin rawat
    sachin rawat दिन पहले

    Everyone knows about sex but no one wants to talk about it specially parents and teachers . I just want to say that sex education is much needed in india and i think every INclipsr need to talk about sex education and give some knowledgeable information because you guys can also start a better thing first and millions of people watching you guys.

  • bharadwaz majhi
    bharadwaz majhi दिन पहले

    Sab apne ap thik hojaiga

  • bharadwaz majhi
    bharadwaz majhi दिन पहले

    Sirf phasi honi chahiye

  • D B N
    D B N दिन पहले

    Aap scooty pe driving krte time... Voh shirt pehne ka raaz kya h??

  • Balraj samudrala
    Balraj samudrala दिन पहले

    Priyaanka reddy
    Rip 😥😥😥😥

  • best vlogs
    best vlogs दिन पहले

    In every ten mins 6 girls are getting raped in the world

  • kabir chugh
    kabir chugh दिन पहले

    Gonna tell my sister and daughter, koi ladka chede toh murder kar dena, case tera bhai/baap ladega.

  • TEZ MP
    TEZ MP दिन पहले


  • Shubham Bhatnagar
    Shubham Bhatnagar दिन पहले

    Sir Axis bank ka agar apka fastag hai tho 160 rs compulsory hai agar 160 se kam hoga balance tho fastage will not work. 160+ ammount pe he they will allow toll plaza to deduct same issue i have faced later i asked them.

  • Vishav Gupta
    Vishav Gupta दिन पहले

    Item nhi Aunty bola hoga.

  • Vatsal Mewada
    Vatsal Mewada दिन पहले

    How did you mount your dslr in your car???

  • Ayush Singh Chouhan
    Ayush Singh Chouhan दिन पहले

    Bhai Kabhi Bhopal Jao to Dewas bhi aao

  • good boy with bad thoughts
    good boy with bad thoughts दिन पहले

    Seriously? Masturbation in public transports? Are you serious 😐 thank god i live in dubai


    Nikhil sir song name please

  • Aman Chauhan
    Aman Chauhan दिन पहले

    gyaan chodne ata hai sbko. delhi mai bhi sb shi hai kbhi delhi aao tb pta chlega. or mumbai kesi hai sbko pta hai

  • Ansh Agrawal
    Ansh Agrawal दिन पहले

    Bhai bike se car pe kyu
    We are bike lovers so plzzz next video on bike....🦁

  • Debasish Goswami
    Debasish Goswami दिन पहले +1

    Guys those u have disliked these video r perverts n chapri who teas girls in public place

  • durgesh_05_official
    durgesh_05_official दिन पहले +1

    I LOVE U MERE BHAIYA 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra 2 दिन पहले

    Thanks sir for raising it

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 2 दिन पहले

    Believe it or not, "northeast" specially "Nagaland" is the safest place for women. Best Gender ratio. We should learn something from northeast India.

    VISHAL JANI 2 दिन पहले

    i am amaze when i see the video i think this is fake video but after see the views i got it it is real nikhil sir where is the logo sir ?

  • yochuphal joker
    yochuphal joker 2 दिन पहले


  • Filmy Geeker
    Filmy Geeker 2 दिन पहले

    Where is profile photo

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das 2 दिन पहले

    This is what is needed what u told lastly. We need to react and take some action whenever we see something like that. 99.99% times, we hesitate to react on such situations, which actually most harmful.

  • Ashutosh M
    Ashutosh M 2 दिन पहले

    Phone no mat do😶

  • सत्यमेव जयते
    सत्यमेव जयते 2 दिन पहले

    Mumbai m basant jangra prank karke sex scandel kar derhe😁😁

  • sange Allzeep
    sange Allzeep 2 दिन पहले

    Fastag is bakwas.

  • Joydeep Dey
    Joydeep Dey 2 दिन पहले

    Display doesn't matter for you Boss. Love you infinity !! ❣️

  • Travell Doctor vlogs
    Travell Doctor vlogs 2 दिन पहले +1

    item to hain bhai

  • ashutosh yadav
    ashutosh yadav 2 दिन पहले

    I agree with u bro.

  • Allin One
    Allin One 2 दिन पहले +1

    11:29 👌👌Kuch to action lo sahi bola sir.