Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Death, How Did UAE President Die?

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  • 12/05/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • It’s with the profound sadness we inform you that the, United Arab Emirates president , has passed away. Subscribe to Open TV for more news updates. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s family.

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  • Hema Raj
    Hema Raj 8 दिन पहले +9

    Great loss to the nation. Heartiest condolences to the Royal family and the people of UAE

  • Ignatius Rosairo
    Ignatius Rosairo 8 दिन पहले +2

    May his soul rest in peace, and our prayers are with his family.

    RAJESHWARI ANUROOP 9 दिन पहले +14

    A big loss to the nation😢😢. May his soul rest in peace .

  • Cherry Grace Claro
    Cherry Grace Claro 8 दिन पहले +6

    Condolence to the UAE 🇦🇪 😢 and to the whole family of Sheik Zayed. Allah is with you already.

  • gabriela bucyong
    gabriela bucyong 8 दिन पहले +5

    My deepest condolences to the bereaved family may his soul rest in peace

  • 16sxfi4
    16sxfi4 8 दिन पहले +8

    Innalilaahi wa innailayhi rojiun I'm so sad to hear that Indonesia is condolences. May his deeds and worship be accepted by Allaah, and he will get the best place in the sight of Allaah azza wa jalla aamiin yaa Rabba'alaamiyn 🥺💔🥀

  • Alexious Mulemba
    Alexious Mulemba 8 दिन पहले +4

    MHSRIEP, Deepest Condolences to our Emirati Brother and Sisters. What a Good Man, it is a big loss to The Nation and The Region.

  • Abdallah Salem
    Abdallah Salem 8 दिन पहले +2

    A big loss for the citizens and residents, may his soul rest on peace and give his family the patience yarab🤲

  • Mohamed Obaid
    Mohamed Obaid 8 दिन पहले +2

    My deepest condolence to the people of UAE.

  • BASIT ALI technical knowledge and entertainment

    A great leader great man Almighty Allah grant him higher rank in Jannah

  • Jessie M
    Jessie M 8 दिन पहले +1

    Our prayers are with his family May his soul rest in peace

  • Mc Nation
    Mc Nation 9 दिन पहले +7

    From Allah We come to Him we should return Rahimahullahu Ta'ala ( May Allah Ta'ala bless him) Al-Nahyan Deepest condonloces to his family (Al-Fatihah)
    #From Malaysia

  • Abdul Jabbar
    Abdul Jabbar 8 दिन पहले +2

    ‏‎"يَا أَيَّتُهَا النَّفْسُ الْمُطْمَئِنَّةُ ارْجِعِي إِلَى رَبِّكِ رَاضِيَةً مَرْضِيَّةً فَادْخُلِي فِي عِبَادِي وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي"
    "إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ"

  • Aqib Manzoor
    Aqib Manzoor 8 दिन पहले +2

    We belong to Allah, to him we shall return 🙏

  • Evil Gaming
    Evil Gaming 9 दिन पहले +2

    May his soul rest in peace 😭

  • Abdool Cader Casseem
    Abdool Cader Casseem 8 दिन पहले

    My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. He has been one of the mastermind in the development of UAE.
    May the Almighty Allah bless his soul and grant him Jannat ul Firdaus.Ameen

  • Chaminda Samaramanna
    Chaminda Samaramanna 8 दिन पहले +2

    May his soul rest in peace Allah..

  • The Cat Libra ♡☆
    The Cat Libra ♡☆ 9 दिन पहले +1

    May his soul Rest In Peace allah yarhama 🙏❤️

  • I Wontbebeat
    I Wontbebeat 8 दिन पहले +6

    😣🙏 from Japan 🗾
    I know his Father... We've lost good people ....

  • Saleem Star
    Saleem Star 9 दिन पहले +2

    Allah swt give him magfarat and grant him Highest rank in Jannat Firdous

  • Kehinde Michael
    Kehinde Michael 9 दिन पहले +5

    May your gentle soul rest in peace, a peace maker, the man of Mercy

    • Mark Schultz
      Mark Schultz 8 दिन पहले +1

      Man of mercy? You forgot Syria & Yemen?

  • Bipin Srivastava
    Bipin Srivastava 8 दिन पहले

    May Allah rest his soul in peace 🙏🏻

  • Phillip Maguire
    Phillip Maguire 8 दिन पहले

    Highly respected, and much loved as a leader of the UAE. Very sad news about his passing. He will be greatly missed by so many.

  • Azerbaijani-Estonian Mapper [Leader of BAL]

    May his Soul Rest In Peace 🕊️


    Respect in peace his highness

  • Safira B
    Safira B 7 दिन पहले

    الله يرحمك يا شيخنا.

  • Farouq King
    Farouq King 8 दिन पहले +3

    May Allah grant him to paradise

  • Thaala Music Academy ,Kandy
    Thaala Music Academy ,Kandy 8 दिन पहले +1

    My deepest condolences to people ofUAE 🇦🇪

  • Mahnaz Badusha
    Mahnaz Badusha 8 दिन पहले +1

    Mahnaz Sikkander
    heartiest condolences for the Royal family of UAE
    May his soul rest in peace

  • Jasem Saeed
    Jasem Saeed 8 दिन पहले

    May he Rest In Peace🙏

  • Unkown
    Unkown 7 दिन पहले

    Inna lillahi wa inna raji'oon 😭😭😭😢

  • rose rosillo, gueco
    rose rosillo, gueco 8 दिन पहले

    Rip 🙏 we love u sir

  • Naeem Nurry
    Naeem Nurry 8 दिन पहले

    Allah khuakbar innalillahi wainnaillaihi rooziun ♥️♥️😭🤲

  • Jawad El Bakkour
    Jawad El Bakkour 8 दिन पहले +3

    Oh God ! May go mercy you 🙏🪦⚰😭😥😢😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i am right now in Jordan Airport queen alia Airport, we traveled from abudahbi Airport to jordan to beirut , and in the airport i was shocked and surprised ! 😮 😳 😐 this makes me sad 😥 😢 😞 I hope he will be in heaven 😢😢ina alah w2elehi alraj3oun 🤲☝☝🤲🙏☝⚰🪦💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • rayyantowers
    rayyantowers 8 दिन पहले

    إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
    آللهم أغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه وأكرم نزله ووسع مدخله واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد ونقه من الخطايا والذنوب
    آللهم ادخله ادخلنا الجنة مع الأبرار يا عزيز يا غفار برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين

  • MAN
    MAN 8 दिन पहले

    Deepest condolences. RIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Salome Manosa
    Salome Manosa 7 दिन पहले

    R.IP to families God bless 💓💕

  • Icecream2012 #covidgetout
    Icecream2012 #covidgetout 8 दिन पहले

    May his soul Rest In Peace he was also the best I made a drawing of him and a message when I die I would give it to him

  • Padam
    Padam 9 दिन पहले


  • Anzil ahamed
    Anzil ahamed 8 दिन पहले

    Innalillahi waInnailayhi Rajiun😭😭😢😢💔💔

    NAMMAGA ZULAIKA 9 दिन पहले

    Inalilahi wahina lileyihi lajuhuna

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 8 दिन पहले

    Allah yarhamoo

  • Doris Nasir
    Doris Nasir 8 दिन पहले +1

    May his soul rest in peace

  • Rakesh Kalar
    Rakesh Kalar 8 दिन पहले

    Miss U 👑🙏🏿

  • Abdullah Almansoori
    Abdullah Almansoori 8 दिन पहले

    Rest In Peace Sheikh Khalifa 1948-2022 we’ll never forget you and say hi to Allah for us and me

  • emma tagen
    emma tagen 8 दिन पहले

    A country where every nationality is represented.. good work for your country.

  • Jamilaa Aman
    Jamilaa Aman 8 दिन पहले


  • Tocayaya boca♥️
    Tocayaya boca♥️ 9 दिन पहले

    Allah yarkhama he’s my president 😭😭

  • Idhant Dhutale
    Idhant Dhutale 8 दिन पहले


  • Jr Staneley
    Jr Staneley 8 दिन पहले

    Salute to the president Prince of Abu Dhabi your wisdom shall reign....a person who does not member the past doesn't know where the future is heading to for he/she has nothing that motivates in peace king of Abu Dhabi...I just wish that may the coming leader follow your skills of leadership and maintain peace

  • Tariq Ali
    Tariq Ali 8 दिन पहले

    RIP his Highness Sheik Khalifa Ben zayed

  • EC News
    EC News 9 दिन पहले +4

    خدا آپ پر رحم کرے اور آپ کو بہتر کرے جیسا کہ آپ نے اپنے خاندان اور اپنے لوگوں اور متحدہ عرب امارات کے تمام لوگوں کے ساتھ اچھا کیا ہے اور اپنے وسیع باغات میں اپنے والد اور ہمارے والد شیخ زید کے ساتھ رہائش پذیر ہیں۔

  • vivek mhatre
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  • Aarthy bds
    Aarthy bds 8 दिन पहले

    Great leadership ....Rip leader

  • Kanyonyi Hamuza
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    CM LAMA 9 दिन पहले


  • NeonChad
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  • Luqman Ahmad
    Luqman Ahmad 8 दिन पहले

    اناللہ و انا الیہ راجعون۔
    May Allah bless his soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen
    A gracious royalty and great philanthropist. A kind friend of Pakistan. He commissioned and financed a tertiary care teaching hospital in Pakistan.
    Sharing grief from Peshawar, Pakistan.

  • Ibrahim Abubakar Kyari
    Ibrahim Abubakar Kyari 8 दिन पहले +1


  • saeed Abdulla
    saeed Abdulla 9 दिन पहले


  • Fazirah Nabulumba
    Fazirah Nabulumba 7 दिन पहले

    May Allah great him highest lake of Janna

  • hari prasad
    hari prasad 8 दिन पहले

    I like the Great leader

  • Olivia Nalugga
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  • AhmedPlayz
    AhmedPlayz 8 दिन पहले

    I’m crying now

  • Hajira Kagoya
    Hajira Kagoya 9 दिन पहले

    lnnalillah wainillaihi ragiun

  • Calculator
    Calculator 8 दिन पहले

    :( :( :(

  • shaik mohammed sirajuddin
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    Inna llilahi wa inna ilahi rajeon

  • Sohaib Khaldi
    Sohaib Khaldi 7 दिन पहले

    the only question i have, was it known if he use to pray or not?

  • Ashwin
    Ashwin 8 दिन पहले

    What's the cause for death?

  • Fahad Muganga
    Fahad Muganga 8 दिन पहले

    Subuuhana lah

  • Sayka Rafiyeva
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  • Shaheer Ahmed
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    Nice documentry

  • biju thomas md
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  • Fahad Muganga
    Fahad Muganga 8 दिन पहले

    In a lilahih wa inaa ileihi rajihunah

  • Aster Birhanu
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    Rip in peace😑😑

  • Josephine Labial
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  • Javed Hanif
    Javed Hanif 8 दिन पहले

    He was humble servant of yahood and نصاریٰ ۔ after death he will be his Masters in day of qiyamatء

  • Aikins Konadu
    Aikins Konadu 8 दिन पहले

    Hmmm R.i.P father

  • Rawdha Alfalasi
    Rawdha Alfalasi 8 दिन पहले

    I am so sad I really miss him I really miss you President you are the best president in the world I feel so sad now😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺😭😭

  • Namusisi Fatinah
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    May ur soul rip

  • Ali Ali Alisa
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    𝕀 𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕟 𝔻𝕦𝕓𝕒𝕚

  • Lerma&Henry vlog
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    Rest in peace the one of good president

  • pramod kumar Kabra
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    Sad news......

  • Abeer Abeer
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    He doed from sicknes

  • Shiva Paudel
    Shiva Paudel 8 दिन पहले

    Gret lost 😂

  • ada tal
    ada tal 9 दिन पहले +2

    من المغرب المملكة الشريفة ، تعازينا لشعب دولة الإمارات و كافة شعوب المنطقة العربية لفقدان الشيخ خليفة بن زايد ، تغمده الله برحمته و أسكنه فسيح جنانه و تقبل الله منه إحسانه للمستضعفين ، و رحم الله والدتي و غفرالله لها و المسلمين أجمعين، و حفظ الله دولة الإمارات و جزاها الله خيرا و سلاما و إستقرارا و غطى شعوبنا برداء الوئام و السلام و الإستقرار

    • Monaweb
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      اخرتها موت مكايين لافراري ولابورش سعداتك يافاعل الخير اللهم ارحمه برحمته ويرحم الام ديالك حتى كللنا ليها الله يعطيكوم الصبر 🤲🏻

  • Oduenyi Stephen uche
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    He was the most peaceful and hospitable president in world

  • White House trading
    White House trading 8 दिन पहले

    He was the best same likevhis father that truth that he followrd his fsther footstepd snd served his country as a good leader may allsh give him in jannah and give sabr to his fsmily

  • Abeer Abeer
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    I mean diffrent mohhamad

  • Shaheer Ahmed
    Shaheer Ahmed 9 दिन पहले +2

    First comment

  • Abeer Abeer
    Abeer Abeer 8 दिन पहले

    Khalifa tild mihhamad to take his place my dad his name but a diffrint khalifa

  • Makbel Million
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    Jesus Christ is GOD .. 🙏

  • Javed Hanif
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    He was a munafiq

  • Aisha Thabit
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    Mwache afe tu akakutane na ndugu zake mayahudi .alioshirikiana nao kuuwa waislamu wa Palastina na kuteka na kunajisi msikiti Aqsa