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  • Gaurav Chaudhary
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    Finally....Audio recording ka kuch panga hua yaar is baar Camera mein.....Waise jaldi se Like aur Share kardo dosto...

    • Sanjay Sanju
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      you guys are always awesome...

    • Mdmaqsoom Tayab
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      لنبدأ - linabda

    • Ara vlogs
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      who say Bangladesh was created by India?BD was created by their soldiers hard work,Indian soldiers just help them ❤so don't try to say this word again!

  • Himanshu Sharma
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    Like kar diya bro

  • Kumar Rajesh
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    Jo bhi hai video bahut achha hai, and aap tino jab ek sath aayenge to dhmal to hoga hi n ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rekha Deotare
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    Guruji bhaiya yeh video mein akhir kitne scene hue aapke saath🤣🤣🤣!!!???

  • Aniket jr
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    Sound aachi ni aari ??

  • varun valantra
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    Jo be technical guruji chahata hai vo like tokho

  • Sanjay Sanju
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    chaliye shuru karte ehh..ahh..parking ke baadh..

  • vrajesh bhadra
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    Sir give away videos bhi upload karo.

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  • Yashraj Patel
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    Poor sound quality guruji

    LZ STUDIO VINCHHIYA महीने पहले

    JAY hind

  • Rishav Ray
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    Very very nice 👍 guruji

  • NikHeal Vlogs
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    spiritual healing ke liye mere channel ko jarur subscribe karein...

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  • Rajput swapnil
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    Love you guru ji 🙏🙏

  • Khan TV
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    Guruji fans like 👍👍👍
    Please support me

  • Dinesh Bhambhani
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    Maza aa gaya guruji.
    Aur wo bidding kya lagai bataiga jaroor 😊

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  • DeEk PaAl
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  • Al Jubayath Khan Niaz
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    Kankir poth

  • Swarnadeep Bhadra
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    Chief Gaurav chaudhary👌😅😅

  • Fun Update
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    Amazing guruji

  • Kunal Saini
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    Very good

  • Mdmaqsoom Tayab
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    لنبدأ - linabda 😄

    ASRAR SAIYAD महीने पहले


  • Top Indian 428
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    Woww sirr

  • technology technical
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    Sir mera ek question hai giveaway kaise jete plzzz plzz reply sir

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    Supprot me

  • Alif Mohammof
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    You hate Bangladesh so i hate you

  • Sukhdeep Singh
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    Nick aa love you aa

  • Jabbed ツ Ahmed
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    Motherchot iam from Bangladesh motherchot hinduuuuu

  • Tahmina Amin
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    kuttar baccha gaurav ter gaand me lathi fir kar dunga sala

  • Shaikh Wasim
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    Hiii bhi

  • Arvind Yadav
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    Nice party

    MASCO महीने पहले

    Sir I seen your video daily, I requested to the god if you make a gaming channel your channel work very well

  • Ismail molla
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    যারা বাংলাদেশের সাব্সক্রাইবার আছেন তাদের জন্য,,,গত ১৬ ডিসেম্বর আমাদের মহান বিজয় দিবসে Gaurav choudhary টুইট করেন ,,#ভারত বাংলাদেশকে স্বাধীনতা এনে দিয়েছে, ,,তার টুইট দেখলে বুঝবেন,এভাবে তিনি মাঝে মাঝেই বাংলাদেশকে অপমান করে,,,আমি গত দুইবছর তার চ্যানেলের ভিডিও দেখে আসছি,,,,তারমত একজন নিচু মনের মানুষের কাছ থেকে আমাদের কিছুই শেখার নেই,,,আমি একজন বাংলাদেশি হিসেবে তাকে বয়কট করলাম,,,আপনারাও করুন,,,জয় বাংলা 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

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    mothercod hindu le unsubscribe kar diya sale

  • Team Shahidul islam
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    It's time for Bangladeshis to unsubscribe you. You don't like Bangladesh. You are a terrorist group like Modi.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pillow lover
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    Those are Muslim please unsubscribe this recist... Channel. Both technical gurugi... He said India create Bangladesh on his Twitter... Please ban this mentally people... Modi ki chamcha

  • Afrin akter
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    You are a dog baby

  • Ara vlogs
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    #UnsubscribeTechnicalGuruji !Bangladeshis🔥

  • Shohidul Islam Shohag
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    You don't know nothing about Bangladesh 🇧🇩 search Wikipedia and learn about how born Bangladesh 🇧🇩 & then post what you want to do post. I am Bangladeshi & also your subscriber now I unsubscribe your channel on INclips. And this is for you a hashtag #UnsubscribeTechnicalGuruji

  • Hamim Hassan
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    Tor maire Bangladesh cuidda india banaice bsdk

  • Mukesh Rebari vlog
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    Good luck

  • Samrat Upadhyay Actor /Enterpenuer
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    Fan of Gaurav chaudhary, watched every video
    I started a blog after seen Gaurav sir, I have my INclips channel Need your support Guys
    INclips channel link : inclips.net/video/GfYmNZmcgG0/वीडियो.html

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    All the best sir

  • Dhruv Ahuja
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  • Kaushal Swarnkar
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    Supper cool video and vlog bhiya

  • Royal technique
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    Nice video Gaurab bhaiya

  • J.r whatsaap status studeo
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  • dilip kumar
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    Nice bro

  • shiv Shankar
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    Sadi kab karoge

  • everester arjun
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    who miss carry!

  • Surya Gouda
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    Awesome 😍😍

  • Absent mind
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    are gzab guru jee.. aap to chha gye..

  • Happy Shukla
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    Mst video

  • Kaushik Thakar
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  • Puneet Pushkar
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    Hi Gaurav, you are the inspiration of the huge audience and you have an active followers
    just dont you think you should be taking about the issue of delhi and assam students.
    is influencer only their for the good things, cant they talk on the public issue in which everyone is going to be affected with ..
    Whole media is full with the praising of governement where will people get to know the truth its a due respect please use your influential position to do somthing good..
    not just only your life right !!
    thanks ..