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  • 24/05/2017 को प्रकाशित
  • XXXTENTACION - Revenge
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    Official Audio by XXXTENTACION. © 2017 Bad Vibes Forever
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  • Lucas Podolski
    Lucas Podolski 11 घंटे पहले

    Só sei falar isso: SAUDADES 😢💔

    LLJ 🕊

  • İlyas Göksen
    İlyas Göksen 12 घंटे पहले +1


  • Luis goncalo
    Luis goncalo 19 घंटे पहले

    Had the worse lsd bad trip, my girlfriend finish it all, this is what hold me to life

  • Taha 恐懼
    Taha 恐懼 दिन पहले +2

  • lil xile
    lil xile 2 दिन पहले

    x have 2 songs whit his sample, Willy wonka and king

  • Alexis Furnari
    Alexis Furnari 4 दिन पहले

    and mis you xxxtentacion :(

  • Xololotl D. Gremory
    Xololotl D. Gremory 4 दिन पहले

    1:10 Me when I go to the bathroom.

  • team pf
    team pf 4 दिन पहले

    xxtentacions fake fans yousing hes music to get fame

  • piullar Gt
    piullar Gt 5 दिन पहले +3

    When you close your eyes thinking is a sad Song (- . -)?
    When the scream part comes ( * . *)!!

    LONG LIVE JAHSEH 6 दिन पहले +8

    Its 8 october 2019 💔

  • Mc Shater
    Mc Shater 6 दिन पहले +5

    I'm suffering a lot, but I'm not talking to anyone💔

    • Mc Shater
      Mc Shater दिन पहले

      @MaDoW sHaDoW yeah, i Will talk whit him

    • MaDoW sHaDoW
      MaDoW sHaDoW 2 दिन पहले +1

      Mc Shater it ok were he for and just close ur eye and speak to x

  • Hamza Demir
    Hamza Demir 6 दिन पहले

    this fucking badass

  • ツToxic
    ツToxic 8 दिन पहले

    Anyone remember king of the dead?

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 8 दिन पहले

    immm sooooo saaaad

  • Xine ؟
    Xine ؟ 9 दिन पहले +2

    This song changed My life and millions life’s too we all appreciate it ,he was like a brother for me

  • Cuenta de Ejemplo
    Cuenta de Ejemplo 9 दिन पहले

    Esta canción es muy sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭 like si te da ganas de llorar

    • Renato Cahuana
      Renato Cahuana 6 दिन पहले

      Con ese ritmo de metal no creo

  • Miguel Mendoza
    Miguel Mendoza 9 दिन पहले


  • grizzly odin
    grizzly odin 9 दिन पहले +1

    Guys so i really love this girl and she broke up with me. She said she loves me and all, and that's it has nothing to do with me, she says she's a complicated person and that im better off without her, but i really don't care. I really love her and i don't wanna let her go. I dont get it if we both love eachother why can we be together. And the thing is that ive never been loved before, all my life no has loved me and when someones finally does, why does this happen? Ive never told any one this, no one knows that im not loved by anyone, and idk if i should tell her bc i dont want her if her love is fake, and im scared that if i tell her this, shes gonna feel bad for me, and only be with me because she feels bad. I need advice guys bc honestly ive never cried over sum1 this my first time ever, should i try to get back with her, or should i just keep going on with this pain until i find sum one else... i guess when you don't know to give up or keep going, is the worst feeling, pls help me

    • Rof
      Rof 8 दिन पहले

      First of all I want to tell you that you are loved even though you yourself don't know it :)
      Also ask her why want to break up. Ask her if she is doing good or need help. Say that no matter what you would be there for her and you still love her. But don't try it too much or else you will put her into allot of pressure which definitely won't help. I hope my little words could help maybe at least a bit, I myself am not a expert about relationships problems. Wish you best luck

  • PrimaryBarrel 78
    PrimaryBarrel 78 10 दिन पहले +1

    Leave me alone. I wanna go home it's all in my head.

  • Catalepsy
    Catalepsy 10 दिन पहले +1

    Oct 3rd 2019

  • McNetwork
    McNetwork 10 दिन पहले

    This is how I feel everytime I listen to this song its been already a few years and a thing hasnt changed. Crazy how much love I got for this mofo

  • NevaRAY -
    NevaRAY - 11 दिन पहले +2


  • ITW Voke
    ITW Voke 11 दिन पहले

    Know ones really gone -Star Wars 😪

  • It's Diandre
    It's Diandre 11 दिन पहले +2

    I hope this will still be played in 30 years from now... let's grow our family #ripxxxtentacion

  • NoOb ZeTi
    NoOb ZeTi 11 दिन पहले


  • the one?
    the one? 12 दिन पहले

    This song can’t be matched

  • Ismael Chávez
    Ismael Chávez 12 दिन पहले +1

    Año 2300 escuchando este tema asta que muera

  • Badmonkyfist
    Badmonkyfist 13 दिन पहले

    I feel like dying also soon.. Fuck life, fuck everything.

  • juckt dich nicht
    juckt dich nicht 13 दिन पहले

    I love himmm♥ I MISS YOU JAH

  • DREKEN V25
    DREKEN V25 13 दिन पहले

    this is the last song

  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson 15 दिन पहले

    Favorite song ever made right here

  • Lil Luna
    Lil Luna 15 दिन पहले +1

    0:00 ;-;
    1:10 O.O

  • Benja Cv
    Benja Cv 18 दिन पहले


  • Steven Constable
    Steven Constable 18 दिन पहले +5

    Who’s here from heartbreak

  • Karan Vlogs
    Karan Vlogs 18 दिन पहले

    The 1k who disliked are mad

  • Logan Willie
    Logan Willie 19 दिन पहले +3

    Who all came here after Jasiah-Heartbreak..?

  • RetardedOtaku
    RetardedOtaku 20 दिन पहले

    damn i was really lost back then this is what i listened to, i came back and just seeing myself a few years ago that was lost in the world but still finding the way out... LLJ

  • Crystal Ruiz
    Crystal Ruiz 20 दिन पहले

    X is a god 100% 😎😆😀😁🎧🎤🔊💽💰💲

  • Corynthius
    Corynthius 20 दिन पहले


  • ariy gaballa
    ariy gaballa 20 दिन पहले

    I'm still here and forever will be here

  • thesuper_cars
    thesuper_cars 21 दिन पहले


  • Mint_Rose xx
    Mint_Rose xx 21 दिन पहले


    Leave me alone, I
    wanna go home
    It's all in my head, I
    won't be upset if
    Leave me alone,
    I wanna go home
    It's all in my head, I
    won't be upset if
    Heartbroken, misspoken,
    breaking anything I touch
    I'm not in love, I won't let you control what I want
    Hate me, won't break me,
    I'm killing everyone I love
    Hate me, won't break me,
    I'm killing everyone I love
    Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love
    Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love

    SHADOW MASTER 21 दिन पहले +1

    He sang like an angel
    He screamed like a demon
    He died like a legend

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson 21 दिन पहले

    Talk to me but that’s alright ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  • Davide Salerno
    Davide Salerno 21 दिन पहले

    R.I.P X😭💔🌹 OF EVER😭🌹 R.I.P 🌹😢😫😓😓😨

    SXNATH 21 दिन पहले +2



  • Thomx300
    Thomx300 22 दिन पहले +1

    An legend

  • if I'm lying then I'm flying
    if I'm lying then I'm flying 23 दिन पहले

    I won't say much *2022*

  • Hediye Mente
    Hediye Mente 23 दिन पहले +1

    I’m broken.

  • Abigayle Armstrong
    Abigayle Armstrong 27 दिन पहले +6

    I love this song it describes me in so many ways “leave me alone” I hate being talked to about my depression I lock it up and don’t tell anyone about it and finally when I’m alone I let it out to this song the end is my release I love this song on so many levels “I’m killing everyone I love” I’m not actually I’m just mentally killing them they don’t know how to help me but it makes me feel worse knowing they’re going through pain because of me I love you jah I wish you were here still😭💔♾

    • FLUX
      FLUX 13 दिन पहले

      shut yo bitch ass up aint no 1 giva shit

  • Friman Rtp
    Friman Rtp 27 दिन पहले +1

    Ем.... Я что тут последний из русских??

  • Leonardo Xavier
    Leonardo Xavier 28 दिन पहले

    Ta foda :(

  • Ilana S.
    Ilana S. 28 दिन पहले

    im 7 .... i miss him

  • Grinder
    Grinder 28 दिन पहले

    May X Die As a Legend

  • Tanner Edwards
    Tanner Edwards 29 दिन पहले

    Leave me alone, I wanna go home
    Its all in my head, I won't be upset if
    Leave me alone, I wanna go home
    It's all in my head, I won't be upset if
    Heartbroken, misspoken, breaking anything I touch
    I'm not in love, I won't let you control what I want
    Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love
    Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love
    Hey you, hey you, you, what, hey you,
    hey you, you, no, you, you, you,
    Hate me, won't break me, I'm killing everyone I love

  • joshua horton
    joshua horton महीने पहले


  • Classic game XIX
    Classic game XIX महीने पहले +130

    Every year I edit this
    2019 : ✅
    Remember ME 🌙
    RIP XXX 🕊🌹

    • Brazo
      Brazo 11 दिन पहले


    • Pisce X
      Pisce X 14 दिन पहले +1

      I won't let you forget

    • Classic game XIX
      Classic game XIX 14 दिन पहले +1


      ALBINO SEA-CUCUMBER 15 दिन पहले +3

      I'll be waiting

    • Sliime2k
      Sliime2k 20 दिन पहले

      Classic game XIX bet

  • shistar shook
    shistar shook महीने पहले

    why cant i find a fucking comment from before he died smh

  • Camper
    Camper महीने पहले

    Is this heavy metal or heavy rock? I cant tell

  • Norma Aguilera
    Norma Aguilera महीने पहले

    RIP x