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  • 24/02/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Jayasurya In And As Captain : Story Of An Unsung Hero
    Production : Goodwill Entertainments
    Producer : T.L George
    Executive Producer : Joby George
    Writer And Director: Prajesh Sen
    Director Of Photography : Roby Vargees Raj
    Editor : Bijith Bala
    Music And Bgm : Gopi Sunder
    Lyrics : Rafeeq Ahammed, Hari Narayanan
    Singers :shreya Ghoshal,p. Jayachandran, Gopi Sunder
    Art Director: Cyril Kuruvila
    Costume Designer : Arun Manohar
    Production Controller : A D Sreekumar
    Chief Associate Director: Nishanth Sattu
    Choreography : Gayathri Raghuram
    Sports Choreography : T.Joy
    Still Photographer : Lebison Gopi
    Make Up : Libin Mohanan
    Designs : Old Monks
    Distribution : Aan Mega Media Release

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