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    Gear down, three green and let´s get started!
    So let´s look at the different types of landing gears. The most common one out there is the single axle landing gear with a tyre fitted on each side mounted to a large strut. Mostly used on passenger jets such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.
    With increasing weight, you need more surface, so more tyres to evenly distribute the weight of the aircraft.
    So if we look at the main landing gear of the Boeing 757, you have the main landing gear strut, which by the way is filled with nitrogen acting as a spring force and hydraulic fluids for dampening. Then you have the truck or boogie, and four tires in tandem pairs. But more importantly, for today´s topic, you see this little hydraulic actuator right here, the so-called truck positioning actuator aka the tilt actuator. This little actuator is attached aft of the main gear strut and pushes the rear wheels downwards forcing the forward wheels to move upwards as the truck is axially mounted to the main strut.
    As the plane comes in for landing, the rear wheels touch-down first. The actuator holds up against the pushing force, otherwise, the rear tires could bounce up, slamming the forward tires into the ground. Once the weight of the plane presses the tires onto ground, a pressure relief valve opens up and the actuator collapses letting both tires touch down. This all happens in the split of a second. Once the actuator is fully compressed, so weight on wheels, it triggers the air/ground sensing unit from air to ground before the nose wheel has touched down, automatically extending the ground spoilers and allowing thrust reverser deployment and depressurizing the aircraft etc.
    But see more in the video
    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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      That will not happen because the sensors know that the plane is on the ground and will not lift the landing gear up, but in the hanger engineers can override this sensor only after putting the entire weight of the plane on jacks. You can see at 5:56

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