Rolls Royce Phantom £350,000 - Tamil Car Review - Kutti Hari #TCR

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  • 16/06/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • The Rolls Royce Phantom is the most luxurious car in the world.
    An unbelievable vibe. A presence that defies time itself. Phantom is the signature Rolls-Royce; the modern motor car.
    In a world where unique is rarely experienced, Phantom is unmatched and unrivalled.
    No two Phantoms are the same. This is a motor car as unique as the world-shaper it carries, and as powerful as your vision for the future.
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    தமிழ் கார் விமர்சனம்

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    Bro first time tan ungaloda video Patna support your teeeeemmmm

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  • Samuel Joseph Music
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    First of all Learn about the Car and Get a latest model to review. This is a very old one .You are degrading a Luxurious Car for fun. Check professional review about the car first. Using cheap language . Why would a Super rich man be worried about shopping ? Slowest Car ? It crosses 200 mark . Your hands were trembling too. Only your tamil was Good except you reviewed it Like a Maruti 800 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Range Rover sport car review pannuga tcr team we are waiting 😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😁😁😁😁😁

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    Home much price

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    Bro athu v12 this type of engines used in Lambo,Ferrari,kosening

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    turbo charge endral neengal accelator aluthum both pressure 3 times create agum engine ku athan.turbo charge

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    yeley la eruna udaneyy kolanthaiyaa maritieyy yaa

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    Woow am ma Leah 😊

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    bro your voice semma

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    Bro I like ur tamil

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    Eaan pro nallathithaana videos pooddegika apperam Eaan 2 videos ooda neruthitheeddegika ennum videos poodegika pro Neegika paahera eela tamil mmm Suzuki

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      Sorry tamil Super cars mmm Super pri

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    Nega srilanka thana nannum oru Sri Lankan than

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    This a super old rolls royce

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    மிக அருமை

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    The beauty is you are not aware of the product and giving review, good slang, love to hear the voice

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    Nice review thank you for Tamil...

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    Your Tamil is Sri Lankan.. And your voice doesn’t suit you..

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    Before any product review,atleast get to know about that product,its looks like your are not aware anything about car

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    Ur Tamil pronounsation so nice brother

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    அருமையான விமர்சனம் சகோ. மகிழுந்தின் ஒவ்வொரு விவரக்குறிப்பினையும் அழகான முறையில் விளக்கினீர்கள்.

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    Dai nee pesurathu Tamil ah 😔😔😔 Tamil ah kolluriyea da

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    Sema boss tell me about how to sale a new car

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    ur review is very amazing... love it TCR

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    8:53 😂🤣 epidi thorakuradhunu yosikeren

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    Rolls roys ghost is awsome that could be better

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    Voice is so stupid how come he become the host for rolls royce...
    Absolutely disgusting

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    Yellam bhayamayam...

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    Old car you foolish, boot should close automatic by press button, hydraulic not working.

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    Bro your voice in not much audiable when you are far from camera

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    Bro but this is really an old model.😝😝☹️

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    I started watching this video because I love rolls Royce, but after watching this video I started loving Tamil (though I am a non tamilian). I enjoy the way you speak.....Ammaalle !!!!

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    Bro first RR car I don't like first your TAMIL speech

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