School Days

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  • 21/01/2022 鄐鄍 鄐芹鄐啤鄐擒介鄐賴中
  • Those School photographers 不
    Full Video on INclips: The Paayal Jain
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    NEERAJ CHOPRA OFFICIAL 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +292

    She's so radiating, child like.. Her innocence n positivity can lift anyone's spirits up...

  • Music Penetrates The Soul
    Music Penetrates The Soul 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    Tina's acting is perfect as mother

    BTS FAN 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +98

    Teena and payal is fit in the role of mom and daughter perfectly

    • manish kumar
      manish kumar 24 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

      @Army Army so? Stop stanning BTS everywhere

    • Army Army
      Army Army 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +6


  • Mariam Riaz
    Mariam Riaz 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +107

    Payal suits the mother role and tina suits the child role best伐

  • Meditation Music
    Meditation Music 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +7

    I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on INclips ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!!!.. 歹

    • Raj Dwivedi
      Raj Dwivedi 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

      C a hisaab

  • King Gamer Dev
    King Gamer Dev 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +4

    He never Fails to entertain us

  • Diamond Gaming
    Diamond Gaming 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +129

    My favorite dialogue : " Changa lagda ji" And her expression were wow!. And everything is so relatable

    AVINASH GOYAL 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +384

    Fun fact: Their will be no cream inside the biscuit

    • monica kolte
      monica kolte 11 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

      @Mahee kashyap ,

    • KIDS can COOK
      KIDS can COOK 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

      @Neha 1858 Watch the full video then you will understand that why he's saying that there will be no cream inside the biscuits......

    • My Chess
      My Chess 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

      Mai bhi jab cold drink peeta hu tab aisa hi maza ata hai yaar 不不不不

    • Mahee kashyap
      Mahee kashyap 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2


    • Neha 1858
      Neha 1858 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +7

      Biscuits toh dikhe nhi

  • Palak
    Palak 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +4

    Payal di is perfect for daughters role and Tina di is perfect for her mother's role and they both did acting so real 歹歹歹歹

  • Swapnil Afinwala Official
    Swapnil Afinwala Official 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +95

    School days are the best days of our life 歹歹歹

  • Wasu yt gaming
    Wasu yt gaming 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Fun fact : she never used to wear a tie不不

  • Shristi ki lifestyle
    Shristi ki lifestyle 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    This is so relatable 不不不不不funny

  • kadai is life
    kadai is life 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Big fan mam儭

  • Ruchi Gaonkar
    Ruchi Gaonkar 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    Cuteness overloaded 手

  • Angel Afshan
    Angel Afshan 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Best days of school lyf

  • Ushma Devi
    Ushma Devi 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    nice 弘弘

  • Swati Bhore
    Swati Bhore 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    1 like for paayal di手手手

  • Jagdish Kumar
    Jagdish Kumar 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    So beautiful 予予

  • Yash Batra
    Yash Batra 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Last smile不

  • Samiksha Wankhede
    Samiksha Wankhede 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I love your voice Payal and Tena di歹

  • Har Preet
    Har Preet 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Tie belt bhool gye lekin eye shadow yaad rha
    Btw I love their videos儭

  • Aishwarya sasane
    Aishwarya sasane 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Uh both guys r doing so gr8 in mom n daughter role歹歹

  • Tushar Bansal
    Tushar Bansal 15 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I was drinking lahori jaljeera and while scrolling this came up

  • MGR vishu
    MGR vishu 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +22

    "Yesterday is history"
    "Tomorrow is mystery"
    "Today is a gift"
    "That's why it's called present弘弘弘弘

  • Richa Sharma
    Richa Sharma 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    I love that changa lgda ji

    *DELIGHTFUL DRAMA* 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Imagine getting a 歹儭 from Payal Tina di 唐

  • RossDog
    RossDog 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +4

    If you're here watching This and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • prashant holkar
    prashant holkar 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I love there acting 綽 l am the biggest fan of them

  • Reetu Aggarwal
    Reetu Aggarwal 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +27

    Imagine getting heart from paayal and tena di 伐

  • Priyanka Sardar
    Priyanka Sardar 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +7

    That hummmmm was so cute

    SUHANI ARIDHAM 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +6

    When payal says changa lagda ji so cute 弘朮朮弘弘

  • Anuradha
    Anuradha 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +4

    "Wo v aisi dikhne wali bchi k"..that part

  • Priyanki Garg
    Priyanki Garg 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Expression queen

  • Lucky Bhatnagar
    Lucky Bhatnagar 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I miss my mom so much after seeing all these videos

  • Nigam Rai
    Nigam Rai 7 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Everyone - Very funny
    Me - she is looking very beautiful without tie and belt.

  • Instagram new Reels 歹
    Instagram new Reels 歹 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    So cute sis

  • Navya Jain
    Navya Jain 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +23

    Imagine getting a heart from Paayal and tena di

  • Ridhika Ahuja
    Ridhika Ahuja 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +16

    I was thinking that she's in school and have done a lot of makeup 不

  • Purnima Shandilya
    Purnima Shandilya 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

  • Vlogger_Avni
    Vlogger_Avni 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    You both are looking best 手

  • Firoza Nasir
    Firoza Nasir 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • cutie girl
    cutie girl 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Imagine getting heart from payal and Teena dii歹歹歹

    • Kashish Kumari
      Kashish Kumari 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

      @cutie girl good
      Tum aaj kya kar rahi hai

    • cutie girl
      cutie girl 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

      Your so beautiful and cute 弘

  • Dhara Sharma
    Dhara Sharma 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I miss those days匈 use to come home and drink cold frooti地b wo maza kaha佞朮朮朮朮

  • Hardev Singh
    Hardev Singh 9 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Payal acting was like real mother and Tina acting I remember my chilhood

  • Kulshum Khatun
    Kulshum Khatun 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Kiran Shekhawat
    Kiran Shekhawat 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • bhumikaarya0816
    bhumikaarya0816 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Apke vds se humrw school days yaad aya jta hai.. 手 tysm

  • Sahida Khatoon
    Sahida Khatoon 6 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    So cute 弘弘

  • Aqshanoor Shama
    Aqshanoor Shama 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Hamari school me kal hi school photo liye the

  • BTSot7
    BTSot7 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    You both are so cute弘 LOVE YOU SIS

    • BTSot7
      BTSot7 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

      @Army Army jab mai 5th mai thi toh mujhe 500 mai he milk thi

    • Army Army
      Army Army 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

      Yap they are par hume to 50 rupay mai hi mil jaate hain photo 不不不

  • Falak Naz
    Falak Naz 15 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Imagine a heart from Payal di & Tena di

  • Neha 1858
    Neha 1858 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


    PIYUSH RAJ SINGH RATHORE 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +11

    That awesome line : 500 wo bhi aisi dikhne wali ladki ke

  • Vansh Goyal
    Vansh Goyal 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    'Vo bhi ese dekne vale ke' line is like

  • Vaishali nail art
    Vaishali nail art 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +3


  • Ronaldo vs Messi
    Ronaldo vs Messi 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • Aanya Patni(.  幓 .)
    Aanya Patni(. 幓 .) 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +11

    Congratulations for 24 lakh subscribers

  • Afsana Ansari
    Afsana Ansari 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Ripa 25
    Ripa 25 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Action 歹

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • Teena Rajpurohit
    Teena Rajpurohit 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Anjali Anjali
    Anjali Anjali 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +5

    So cute.

  • Memes
    Memes  鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I love you mam

  • Support Me
    Support Me  鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Sanjana Kesharwani
    Sanjana Kesharwani 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Your videos are amazing

  • Swait Kestwal
    Swait Kestwal 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • jay ho
    jay ho 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    500 ki photo

  • Pooja Meghwal
    Pooja Meghwal 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Mr.Aashish Dixit
    Mr.Aashish Dixit 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Sanjay Singh
    Sanjay Singh 10 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I need part 2

  • bist gameing
    bist gameing 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Seema Devi
    Seema Devi 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Kanwaljeet Singh
    Kanwaljeet Singh 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Chirag Bunkar
    Chirag Bunkar 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Zarin Tasnim
    Zarin Tasnim 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    She looks like Ananya Pandey 弘弘歹

  • Myra Upadhaya
    Myra Upadhaya 2 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Ratna Pavankar
    Ratna Pavankar 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

  • Rishab Gaming
    Rishab Gaming 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Yaashika Gupta
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  • Sapna Malhotra
    Sapna Malhotra 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Changa lgda ji

  • Abhi 7
    Abhi 7 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    This is the same situation with my Gf

  • Pallavi Priyadarshi 0453
    Pallavi Priyadarshi 0453 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Me while I come home after school the very first thing I do is switch on the tv..

  • komal Dua
    komal Dua 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I just love your videos 歹

  • insta I'd lokeshprajapati_385
    insta I'd lokeshprajapati_385 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    School days to koi bhula ka bhi nahin bhul sakta itni khushiyan Judi hai un se

    SUSHANT 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Same I come back home and first open the fridge and see what is inside 云云

  • Akshat Kumar
    Akshat Kumar 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Lahori wali coldrink my favourite

  • Aarna Marwah
    Aarna Marwah 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    same here but cold drink milti hi nahi hai不

  • zulqurnain awan
    zulqurnain awan 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Love from Pakistan 蛤

  • Anuradha Prajapati
    Anuradha Prajapati 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Nice video

  • Anju Semwal
    Anju Semwal 2 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    You both are really awesome and so cute

  • KAUR潦頗揖領
    KAUR潦頗揖領 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Photo tou 100 ki hogi 400 tou fine hoga

    STUDY AND FUN 20 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Anjana Dwivedi
    Anjana Dwivedi 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Md Nasim
    Md Nasim 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I photos

  • Funny Shortsss  2.4M views       25 Min ago
    Funny Shortsss 2.4M views 25 Min ago 28 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • HIM's Entertainment
    HIM's Entertainment 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Super cute "changa lagda ji"

    RAJ NOT RAJ 3 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • gunguns life
    gunguns life 9 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Kash payel n Tina reply me...I m in love with these 2 super girl .歹歹歹歹歹

  • Sarthak Bansod
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