NCT 127 (엔시티) 127 'Knock On' Lyrics - REACTION

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  • lovnely moon
    lovnely moon 5 दिन पहले

    creating 20 fake accounts to leave likes lol

  • Maxkey Mc
    Maxkey Mc 7 दिन पहले

    Please reaction no longer nct127

  • Lateefah Sanni
    Lateefah Sanni 10 दिन पहले

    Yes, Haechan's vocals is very unique and true, there is a hint of vibration in his voice which makes it like like a song run💃💃 second favorite

  • Lateefah Sanni
    Lateefah Sanni 10 दिन पहले

    My favorite song after my van... I just love how fresh the vocals are in this.. you should definitely check out MY VAN... I especially love Taeyong's and Taeil's vocals in this ..❤️❤️❤️❤️.. the way Taeyong deepened his 'knock on' towards the end is amazing..Taeil's sharp vocals makes me proud..Even though doyoung doesn't have a lot of lines in this, he did most of the background vocals which is amazing 😉

  • drunkenfangirl
    drunkenfangirl 12 दिन पहले

    lmao i’d like you to comment on nct’s firetruck and limitless era outfits 😂

  • Raelle Souza
    Raelle Souza 17 दिन पहले

    My fav is No longer! But u should react the entire album >< 제발 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Mint y
    Mint y 18 दिन पहले

    you should react to Chain/Comeback (Korean version)

  • proud NCTzen💚🌱
    proud NCTzen💚🌱 22 दिन पहले

    please react more nct videos and songs❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  • Olyvia Gaines
    Olyvia Gaines 22 दिन पहले

    pleeeeeaaaseee check out the album. One of the best albums that I've listened too so far. definitely need to listen to it
    front to back.

  • wana asuncion
    wana asuncion 24 दिन पहले

    That’s my fav song, I love all the songs but I love this & doyoungs voice is so beautiful

  • YuYu Naing
    YuYu Naing 25 दिन पहले

    U should react No longer. Emotional song

  • Jean Leveille
    Jean Leveille 25 दिन पहले

    React to Sokoninaru from Japan, you will like it.

  • Heart Bear
    Heart Bear 26 दिन पहले +1

    Their all B side track beautiful

  • Lizzie Brick
    Lizzie Brick 27 दिन पहले

    Taeyongs vocals in this song surprised me so much 😩

  • jellycroissant
    jellycroissant 27 दिन पहले

    react to nct 127's new english song, what we talkin' bout! it literally came out yesterday with no warning and it's a bop 🔥🔥🔥 it's featuring marteen also if you know who that is, he's an american singer

  • Lucas
    Lucas 27 दिन पहले

    The whole album is so good really, you should buy it, just saying.... :D

  • Hwall's Heart
    Hwall's Heart 28 दिन पहले +1

    My whole heart just really popped locked and dropped it because we both said jimin at the same time @ 4:20

  • slythermaine
    slythermaine 28 दिन पहले

    NCT 127 just released a new english track featuring Marteen called What We Talkin Bout it’s a bop you might want to give it a listen!

  • Haechan's Golden Skin
    Haechan's Golden Skin 28 दिन पहले

    This song is so underrated it’s my favorite

  • yeOroBuN
    yeOroBuN 28 दिन पहले

    i've always wanted taeyong to sing more, his rapping is great but i love his singing voice and i'm glad we finally get to hear more of it

  • peacheszeus
    peacheszeus 29 दिन पहले

    ahh i want to see u react to the whole album!

  • Gang seyone
    Gang seyone 29 दिन पहले

    react to nct127 mad city and back 2u

  • Martu Rivas
    Martu Rivas 29 दिन पहले

    Omg... you really should do the whole album. It's amazing, especially City 127, Replay, My van and Come back (even though Come back is the korean version of a song that they already released in japanese)

  • iinjuns
    iinjuns 29 दिन पहले

    you should definitely check out some more b-sides from both 127 and dream! I recommend sun&moon, summer 127, paradise, back 2 u, and another world for 127, and for dream I recommend my page, trigger the fever, my first and last (a title track), and 1 2 3!

  • Nurdayana
    Nurdayana महीने पहले

    you’re going to like replay and my van! please check out the whole album out

  • Joyce de la Fuente
    Joyce de la Fuente महीने पहले

    Can you please listen to Baby don’t like it? It’s from NCT 127’s limitless album. Literally my favourite song from them 💚

  • MAST
    MAST महीने पहले

    Taeil, Doyoung and Jaehyun! THE HOLY TRINITY

  • lupita chavez
    lupita chavez महीने पहले

    You should check out more from NCT in general, they're really good👍

  • selina ctl
    selina ctl महीने पहले

    thank you for being such a nice reactor and really giving your honest opinion and trying to actually investigate in it you know? I really appreciate it, WE really appreciate it !!

  • Carla Kristine
    Carla Kristine महीने पहले

    Full album reaction, please!!@

  • i swear i'm loyal lol
    i swear i'm loyal lol महीने पहले

    yessss i love your nct reactions

  • jeffrey jayjay
    jeffrey jayjay महीने पहले

    Thank you for reacting to this song! Please react to the whole album with lyrics, especially My Van, it's about their struggles that they faced during their career especially as artists from one of the big ent. agencies in Korea, which people think that they are succeed because of their agency, not their talent. Keep driving and support legends!

  • Vita 159
    Vita 159 महीने पहले

    Pleas reaction NCT 127 - Whiplash

  • syahirah khalid
    syahirah khalid महीने पहले

    react to lay namanana

  • MeralK.
    MeralK. महीने पहले +2

    Hey 😊 the album is definitely worth checking out. There are some super crazy dope but also ballad type songs. But I would recommend listening to the songs in order of the track list since the album is supposed to be structured like a movie.
    I hope you have fun checking it out 😊

  • Deanna Joan
    Deanna Joan महीने पहले

    Also please react to Baby Don't Stop by NCT U! It features only Taeyong and Ten, and it's one of my fave NCT songs.

  • Deanna Joan
    Deanna Joan महीने पहले +3

    It's interesting that you cited Taeyong as one of your favorite voices. The others you mentioned are main vocalists, but Taeyong is primarily a rapper! He sings occasionally, and his vocals on this song are actually some of the best I've heard from him.

  • nct hold me
    nct hold me महीने पहले

    You should definitely listen to the whole album !! My personal favourites are no longer and fly away with me. You’re reactions are so positive!!

  • Julja Rettig
    Julja Rettig महीने पहले

    Hi nice reaction. I have a request to a song I think you might enjoy. It's called 'don't speak' and is by the far east movement and features Tiffany, who is a former member of girls generation. I think the song is really good and the music video is beautifully shot.

  • Alondra Hernandez
    Alondra Hernandez महीने पहले

    I keep rewatching this video because i like your reaction to this song its such an amazing song, its my favorite from this album :) taeil’s vocals are powerful

  • Nimsi Barbosa
    Nimsi Barbosa महीने पहले

    yes pls react to the whole album plss

  • S. KS
    S. KS महीने पहले +2

    The album is so great because it has a concept of dreams and reality I recommend you listen to the album from start to finish to get the full effect but my van is also a really good one because of the lyrics

  • hoodedcroissant
    hoodedcroissant महीने पहले

    Yes listen to more of the album!! You will hear the beautiful vocals in no longer, and i also like my van cus it has nice lyrics

  • nosenfof
    nosenfof महीने पहले

    You have to listen to the album in order! The first few tracks are 'regular' and then the interlude plays, switching to 'irregular'. Its a story! I'd love to see you move along with the album c:

  • Dhina Anandita
    Dhina Anandita महीने पहले

    hey anthony can you please react to nct 127 - whiplash. that kinky vibe on that lyric tho

  • Nadhira Alifia
    Nadhira Alifia महीने पहले

    Lay - namanana

  • Nurul Adisty
    Nurul Adisty महीने पहले


  • Vfpp P
    Vfpp P महीने पहले

    Check out the whole album!💚💁🏽‍♀️

  • somuch sass
    somuch sass महीने पहले


  • Sage T
    Sage T महीने पहले

    PLEAASSEEE react to John Legend x Wendy (RedVelvet) ‘Written In The Stars’
    Dua Lip x BlackPink ‘Kiss and Make up’
    It makes me sooo happy to see more western artists collaborating with kpop idols 😭😭💕💕💕💕

  • CassiopeiaNCTzen
    CassiopeiaNCTzen महीने पहले

    If you want to listen to more trap in the Irregular album, listen to My Van.

  • CassiopeiaNCTzen
    CassiopeiaNCTzen महीने पहले

    Please react to NCT127's Whiplash, Mad City and Baby Don't Like It. The national hoe anthems of NCT.

  • Lilstreetkido _
    Lilstreetkido _ महीने पहले

    I would like to see more your reactions on albums:)
    I love the way you analise songs,it's really entertaining to watch

  • i just want some milk
    i just want some milk महीने पहले

    even though taeyong and mark are the main rappers in nct127 their singing are soo goood

  • Fateiskind
    Fateiskind महीने पहले

    You can’t listen to this album on shuffle!! It’s a concept album. You have to listen in order, it transitions from the regular to the irregular side which is their dream so it’s a lot more eerie and experimental with the beats they use. The interlude is where you can hear the full effects of that change from the reality to the dream state. It’s a really cool, mature album and I’d love to see your reaction to it and your pick for the best song.

  • Cactus Folk
    Cactus Folk महीने पहले

    I hope you’ll check out NCT U “Baby Don’t Stop” the beats are crazy. Love your reaction btw 👍🏻
    Edited : and I think you’ll like NCT 127 - No Longer, that also from Regular album
    That’s Haechan you talking about that’s has a vibration voice, he really has a distinctive one but sometime it overlaping with other vocal in NCT vocal line so it’s hard to recognize him when you already has 5 other vocalist in the group.

  • RunFlyWalk TRB-L
    RunFlyWalk TRB-L महीने पहले

    You actually got their name right, you nailed them!

  • Sienna Herrmann
    Sienna Herrmann महीने पहले

    You should also check out NCT Dream Drippin' & Dear dream, Thank You ❤️

  • Min Hyomin
    Min Hyomin महीने पहले

    Please react to all songs from Regular-Irregular 💖 In my opinion it is the best nct album

  • Deplay Stationforme
    Deplay Stationforme महीने पहले

    React to the whole album!!

  • Cecilia Milton
    Cecilia Milton महीने पहले

    Thank you for react to NCT 127 one more 🙂🙂🙂

  • Marianna
    Marianna महीने पहले

    Wow thank you for checking a bside song! Not many youtubers react to the other tracks in a album but I think that's super important tu judge a group. Please react to the other bside tracks as well!!

  • Talana Edwards
    Talana Edwards महीने पहले +2

    you should react to nct's back 2 u!!

  • Sepnanda ario
    Sepnanda ario महीने पहले

    You should react replay and no longer

  • tentenarea NCT
    tentenarea NCT महीने पहले

    My Van and No Longer please

  • Crystal J
    Crystal J महीने पहले

    NCT 127 - No longer please

  • shaylee
    shaylee महीने पहले

    you should definitely check out 'my van'!! the lyrics are all very raw and honestly they snapped

  • juw
    juw महीने पहले

    i really recommend "my van" that song is amazing!

  • Karri Allie
    Karri Allie महीने पहले

    Hell yeah! This album is super diverse. If I'm totally Honest w you I would suggest listening to this album in order because the concept is split in half which means the first half of the tracklist has a different concept and sound to the second half, the interlude track is a mix of both or a transition between the two.
    I really do love this song though! This one and No Longer are excellent vocal tracks for sure. I hope you decide to do the rest of the album!

  • M.
    M. महीने पहले

    You need to check out the rest of album, especially 'My Van' which is a song with just the rappers Mark and Taeyong, and 'Run Back 2 U' which is a rollercoaster ride of a song with a ridiculous beat😂 I think you'd like those two a lot!

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear महीने पहले

    The way you smile is the way I am while listening to this song 💕

  • Caked Up Ashley
    Caked Up Ashley महीने पहले +3

    okay I’ve never commented on one of your videos, even though I’ve been subscribed for a while, but I love your reactions so much!! And I’m so glad you checked out this song, it’s my favorite from the album ♥️

  • FuLL SUn
    FuLL SUn महीने पहले

    I hope you check out the other songs on the album ❤️❤️
    Recommend on this album:
    - Run back 2 u

  • gelscy_ss snsdexonct
    gelscy_ss snsdexonct महीने पहले

    BACK 2 U from their Limitless Album pleaseeee 🙏🙏🙏 vocals are insane + some raps! 🔥🔥 TIMELESS performance video also. Sung by TAEIL DOYOUNG JAEHYUN the vocal trio 😍😍😍

  • Queenoresamaaa
    Queenoresamaaa महीने पहले +3

    What’s really interesting is that most of the album doesn’t have that intense trap vibe, a lot of it is chill lmao. But if you’re looking for good bars “My Van” is the way to go. It’s an intense but kinda chill rap duet (you’ll know what I mean if you check it out)

  • NCTzen girl here
    NCTzen girl here महीने पहले

    Knock on is my favorite song from the album because i love Rnb music ❤😍

  • Nuryanti Afifah
    Nuryanti Afifah महीने पहले

    Please reaction to MY VAN lyrics🙏

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof महीने पहले

    You NEED to listen to instagram by Dean pleeeeaaaaaassseeee

  • Tori Tullos
    Tori Tullos महीने पहले +1


  • Green Ice
    Green Ice महीने पहले

    lol taeyong isnt even a main vocal but im glad you liked his singing, i personally like doyoung's voice the most but all of them are amazing, anyways i recommend you check out City 127 its kinda similar to this song but a lil different, i think you'll like it ^^

  • salad ass
    salad ass महीने पहले

    React to EXO Monster MV man. People need to stop sleeping on EXO. One of the biggest in K-Pop.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo महीने पहले


  • Hoseok Jung
    Hoseok Jung महीने पहले

    You should totally check out the songs in their album. And NCT U's timeless for the vocals. You should also check out NCT Dream's Drippin' and Beautiful time or just check out their songs in the We Go up album.

  • Ruth Mancilla
    Ruth Mancilla महीने पहले

    Can you react to some gidle

  • Keisha Asamoah
    Keisha Asamoah महीने पहले

    You should definitely react to the limitless album, i'd say it's definitely their best mini album and I think you'd like it a lot!

  • Samantha Andjani
    Samantha Andjani महीने पहले

    Please also react to whiplash by nct 127

  • brennabear uwu
    brennabear uwu महीने पहले

    I suggest city 127 is definitely does have a city vibe and it’s very chill,one of my favourites

  • jimins heartue
    jimins heartue महीने पहले

    Loved the video but I don't think you've reacted to bts jimin serendipity MV I could be wrong and maybe you've reacted to it and I never seen it but if you haven't oh boy are you missing out

    • jimins heartue
      jimins heartue महीने पहले +1

      +anthony too THE VISUALS MY GOSH 😂

    • anthony too
      anthony too  महीने पहले +1

      nah i never seen the mv

  • Lily
    Lily महीने पहले

    Please react to Back 2 U it's one of their best songs IMO

  • Dylan Um
    Dylan Um महीने पहले

    id love to see u check out my van off this album!

  • jongie rawr
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  • MIH
    MIH महीने पहले

    Whole album please!!! Thank you for reacting to nct

  • Haven Fowler
    Haven Fowler महीने पहले


  • dustypink S
    dustypink S महीने पहले

    You need to react to My Van, But I suggest u to react the whole songs in the album in order since, it's like they're taking you into a different world, from regular to irregular.

  • honeyhwitaek
    honeyhwitaek महीने पहले +5


  • Florii Heiser
    Florii Heiser महीने पहले

    If you want you could react to Whiplash . :)

  • Karla
    Karla महीने पहले

    BACK 2 U AND WHIPLASH (Old songs); Replay 1:27PM and No Longer from this new album. You literally cannot go wrong with NCT.

  • Vb B
    Vb B महीने पहले

    you should react to the whole album since it's devised in 2 different parts :)

  • AcNarvaez
    AcNarvaez महीने पहले +1

    Oh an album reaction would be sooo good

  • EXO show me WHAT IS LOVE
    EXO show me WHAT IS LOVE महीने पहले

    I recommend the whole album