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  • 17/09/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Hey guys! I kind of pour my heart out in this one and plan to be way more candid and honest in my next few videos! eeee this is nerve wrecking but it also feels good!
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    Camera used: Canon G7x ii, Sony Alpha range
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  • Sejal Kumar
    Sejal Kumar  साल पहले +569

    I write this while sitting in Ladakh! I was pretty nervous about talking about all this stuff but feels good to have done so. You will find me being more open in future videos for sure now😁

    • black star
      black star साल पहले

      Sejal...you should do more vlogs. I love your videos with your mom.

    • Akshita Saklani
      Akshita Saklani साल पहले

      hey sejal ,sorry yhis is outta context
      but could i know where did u buy that round staw bag of your and for how much . Absolutely in love with it ,but haven't found a similar one .Tia ❤️

    • Armin Bodhanwala
      Armin Bodhanwala साल पहले +1

      Hey Sejal! I appreciate it that you said many things about your life so openly. It needs guts and you really did it very well. Your videos have varieties and I like your ideas very much as they are innovative. Just keep doing this the way you are till now 😊😊

    • aakriti adhikari
      aakriti adhikari साल पहले +1

      Can I apply to be a part of your team ?

    • shivani jamod
      shivani jamod साल पहले

      Sejal Kumar ur hard work will pay off don’t be demotivated Cauz how will I follow my youtube idols( u really are) if dey get a bit disheartened wid their own channel . U , Dhwani Bhatt, Lele pons - u guys r my idols Nd from u all only I get motivated to be a INclipsr in future ! Also if u could help me by answering dis - when ur family doesn’t support ur dream of being a youtuber ! How to tackle dat ?


    Cute Look.... Not soo heavy..... Suite's u


    Cute dress and make up.... So cute look...

  • Pratiksha Pai
    Pratiksha Pai 8 महीने पहले

    Yea you hit a million subscribers now and you got the tatoo too! ❤💯

  • Jo d
    Jo d 8 महीने पहले

    I will like every video of yours

  • Jo d
    Jo d 8 महीने पहले

    Looking glamorous

  • Jyothi Sanjay
    Jyothi Sanjay 9 महीने पहले

    I loved the video and your tattoo

  • Ashok Nair
    Ashok Nair 11 महीने पहले

    Sejal dii ...u had specks?!!!
    Apnee specks chod kaisee diyaaa....?!
    Tell na pls...i dont want to wear specks😣😣

  • jyoti meena
    jyoti meena 11 महीने पहले

    Red top kaha SA liya

  • Sush
    Sush 11 महीने पहले

    hey, sejal will u take me into your office...I would really really look forward to it !

  • Chandrapal Negi
    Chandrapal Negi साल पहले

    Plzzzz give m a chance to work with you❤️ m 21🤗 ...if want to di❤️

  • Sajini J
    Sajini J साल पहले

    I see no pretending in this video..Glad to see an honest, open minded and very strong girl...I will pray for you.. Nothing will back you down..

  • Sajini J
    Sajini J साल पहले

    When someone start loving herself ... Nothing can stop her..I have been in the same place... Believe me.. Everything is gonna work out well.. things getting messy for them to fall into the right place...Then you will understand you lost some to gain more happiness..Keep faith..I'm taking with my personal experience..Lots of love sejal...We all are proud of the girl you have become.

  • Rushi
    Rushi साल पहले +1

    Take a chill pill you are so good than other INclipsr because you are real person (expreesor)

  • Jennifer Chacón Salas
    Jennifer Chacón Salas साल पहले

    I do think this channel has become boring and very generic.

  • Zion Gonsalves
    Zion Gonsalves साल पहले

    Hey!My birthday was also on 4th September...😘😋

  • Karabi Barua
    Karabi Barua साल पहले

    We love you, Sejal! Keep hustling! 🌚

  • Pranjal Chede
    Pranjal Chede साल पहले

    Stay motivated dea....uaa content is unique...

  • Nikhil Jiwane
    Nikhil Jiwane साल पहले

    U looking fab ....👌👌

  • Haani Altaf
    Haani Altaf साल पहले

    where is mohak please do a video with him

  • Prinshia Suneera
    Prinshia Suneera साल पहले

    Sejal i never comment on INclips videos but I ve gotta now. Man u are amazing and inspiring. Please dont feel down. Love yah. :*

  • Laxmee
    Laxmee साल पहले

    Can i apply for video editing?🤔
    If you need a team. 😌

  • Muskan BALA
    Muskan BALA साल पहले

    You best Makup

    NILCHY VLOGS साल पहले


    FOODIES NOW साल पहले

    Di did u break up with Mohak Cuz my friends were telling u did si

  • Annaya Gupta
    Annaya Gupta साल पहले

    like i im in grade 10 with specs and braces

  • Annaya Gupta
    Annaya Gupta साल पहले +1

    east or west
    sejal is the best💕

  • Something Hatke
    Something Hatke साल पहले

    all ur videos are owesome!............ #somethinghatke

  • Rawstar Vikas
    Rawstar Vikas साल पहले

    Very nice

  • khadijatul qubra
    khadijatul qubra साल पहले

    Hey Sejal I loved this video . This was so much real and so YOU.

  • vishakha !
    vishakha ! साल पहले

    Help her hit a million pleaseee!!!

  • Komal Surana
    Komal Surana साल पहले

    So glad to see you back. And I hope you find your peace, soonest. Lots of love. ❤️

  • D kothari
    D kothari साल पहले

    Please make a video on which editor you youse. Which camera you use. And all other possible information about what you use for making video.

  • Richard Gomes
    Richard Gomes साल पहले

    keep going!!!!

  • Chetna Soni
    Chetna Soni साल पहले

    u just again back with bang seju... loved ur both travel vlogs,,, +ve wibes...😄😄😄

  • Mayur Bajaj
    Mayur Bajaj साल पहले

    sejal di when see your videos i feel so relieved......... after my bogged up schedule
    love you

  • Aditi Parekar
    Aditi Parekar साल पहले

    You are doing great job girl love your work

  • Ashmi 0510
    Ashmi 0510 साल पहले

    Dear sej,
    Don't ever worry about not being spontaneous or candid. It is inside you don't ever forget that. Apparently you and mostlysane are the only real people on INclips I have seen so far.
    Don't you ever think that your ideas are not nice or amazing for another second!
    AND WE LOVE YOU ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    keep smiling and doing "crazy" stuff always!

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh साल पहले

    Great Sejal Great work.

  • Charu Singh
    Charu Singh साल पहले

    For some reason, I can't stop looking at your teeth! 🤣

  • black star
    black star साल पहले

    your videos always have good quality content ....also can you include reviews n diy series ...

  • rachna rao
    rachna rao साल पहले

    Pleaseeee don't self doubt. You are amazing!!

  • Pavan jalla
    Pavan jalla साल पहले

    Shutdown and go study and make ur living first.

  • hemant k Pandit
    hemant k Pandit साल पहले

    Looking hot sejal

  • Gaurav Aashish
    Gaurav Aashish साल पहले

    You can talk to technical guruji if I like... He can be helpful with all this INclips handling problems... He himself manages soo much...😃😃😃

  • Savitha Basavaraja Basavaraj
    Savitha Basavaraja Basavaraj साल पहले

    Looking cute.

  • Miss Khanna
    Miss Khanna साल पहले

    How much time it took you to learn ukulele ? And how long your finger pain lasted? How much time you used to practice daily?

  • Kanishka Jaiswal
    Kanishka Jaiswal साल पहले

    Hey sejal, why don't you someday visit an orphanage or and old age home and do some good deeds..... That will probably make you feel much happier with some satisfaction deep within and blessings from those over there.

  • Chaya Jain
    Chaya Jain साल पहले

    What is wrong with your cupboards??? It's cracking😓

  • Lalnunchawii Sailo
    Lalnunchawii Sailo साल पहले

    Sejal... plzz tell me the shop no's you used to visit at Sarojini

  • mahesh parmar
    mahesh parmar साल पहले

    HEY,SEJAL YOU'RE doing wonderful job keep it up , you're looking beautiful 👍👍👍

  • Puja Das
    Puja Das साल पहले

    Sejal u are the first youtuber whom I started following and from then onwards I started watching INclips. I admire you alot. You are so simple and yet outstanding. Your videos are cool I love to hear your songs. There is ups n Downs in everyone's life. It's life and we have to move on. And whatever may be the case...we still love you and always look forward for ur videos...be it any kind.😘xoxo

  • jharna sarma
    jharna sarma साल पहले

    I feels ur background music is too loud... :-(

  • amirneni tejasree
    amirneni tejasree साल पहले

    Sejal the best thing about you is that your every video has content that which can help, let's say mom and me... It's helpful to every girl and Ur videos explaining life in Delhi are really helpful for people who are new to the city... About u and mohak..... U tell how to tackle things and how to tackle things!!

  • vaishali goyal
    vaishali goyal साल पहले

    chatty vlogs are awesome! (waiting for the Chicago vlog too, though) 😄

    TRIGGER GENT साल पहले

    Did u and Mohak break up

  • Shreya Gupta
    Shreya Gupta साल पहले

    You seem sad I guess mohak and you have break up

  • Bala Rani
    Bala Rani साल पहले

    Like your videos very much unload more videos we are with u

  • Pooja Waikar
    Pooja Waikar साल पहले

    Please can you make video on your tattoos and their meanings?
    Really would like to know...
    Much love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • anushka singh
    anushka singh साल पहले

    I have a question for you that
    how you edit your vedios ? plzz let me know it helps me a lot🙏🙏