5 outfits Japan Style...I'm obsessed | Sejal Kumar

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  • 9/11/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Hey guys! I went to japan recently and got a little bit obsessed with their fashion!
    HUGE shoutout to Ajmira (@eattravellaugh) and Stuti (@thecheesecakeproject) for helping me film this video and David from the Pixel team who helped me understand the Japanese trends! ❤️
    Fashion Videos: bit.ly/2uELrKK
    Music Covers: bit.ly/2JfxJBw
    Vlogs: bit.ly/2uDJChp
    Skits: bit.ly/2GsQ40h
    Talk to me!
    Instagram: sejalkumar1195
    Twitter: sejalkumar1195
    Facebook : TheClothingEdit
    Camera used: Sony Alpha range
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  • Sejal Kumar
    Sejal Kumar  साल पहले +249

    Hope you liked that video! I also have a small travel diary (type thing) up on my Instagram from Japan!
    Watch it here: instagram.com/tv/Bp9tc2_lXjG/?igshid=4jyb3yippanq

  • Times of Rishi
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    there was a girl from jin hao video too....

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    Purple you 💜

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    Hey sejal you're awesome dude

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    Sejal you are very talented!!

  • A M
    A M 4 महीने पहले

    some of these styles/pieces are originally european

  • Shashi Pandey
    Shashi Pandey 4 महीने पहले

    I m late ..but u didnt try harajuku fashion ...😊

  • Sujata Goel
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    Wow that's a great video,I am so inspired by watching you explore😍😍😍😍

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    kimono 😋😍

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    Wow yrrr amazing

  • Anup Das
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    4:27 who else think the purple haired girl is seen in jianhao tan's videos

  • Deepa Bharani
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    I love Eva gutaski and you. Glad to see you both in a pic

  • Everything is possible
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    I love Japan... 😍 And sejal too

  • Diksha Thakur
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    Awesome video💜 ! I love the way you have filmed it 🐵

  • suresh Bajaj
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    Do a kpop fashion vid too plz fr the armyy

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    One girl was a member of jin hao tan channel

  • Dezzler Unknown
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    Hay sejal.. Please tell us about the budget to visit Japan.. I really want to go there but people say it's pretty expensive. Thank you

  • Shobha Gangal
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    Your Soo Lucky Sejal Di Japan Is my Dream Place 😥

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    U r so cute 😘😘😘

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    Sejal is very comedy in kimono 🤣 LoL

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    Ahhh !!! I also want to go to japan!!! . I'll work hard to accomplish my dream💜💜💜

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    It's so cute.. I loved everything 😍😍😍

  • Vidhi Doshi
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    4:17 is so like a Japanese School girl and with a cherry on top is that cute topi!

    noNAME AMVS 8 महीने पहले

    otakus! where are you

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    Just look at the other INclipsrs kitne mehenge mehenge kapde lete hai aur caption likhte hai (cheap wish haul ) Only Sejal Di makes us feel that she is like us she is so sweet she gives priority to the price of stuff 😊😊😊

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    finally 1 million 😚😚😚

  • BTS love
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    God you went to JAPAN I want to go there too I LOVE JAPAN SO MUCH

  • TheCuteBuddingCrafter♥
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    Sejal wer did u get that white sweatshirt from???

  • Mastersubz 01
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    You should have cosplayed!

  • yare yare daze
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    Not mentioned anime

  • Kismita Rajbongshi
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    I like the second outfit hit like if anyone like the outfit😊

  • Shobha D Souza
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    I typed lots of comments but it got deleted

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    Hey do u also love...china#japan#korea....

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    Senjal,here is your new subscriber!!!!

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  • Miku Hatsune
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    Why didn't went to Korea bts

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    Wow this video is just amazing 💕💕and thank you for the Japanese style tips

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    Hey in 2.27 one who is in the left is a Singaporean youtuber of channel Night own cinematics

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