Junga | Parrys To Paris Video Song | Vijay Sethupathi, Sayyeshaa | Siddharth Vipin | Gokul

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  • 30/07/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • #ParrysToParis Video Song | #Junga is an Indian Tamil gangster comedy film written and directed by Gokul. The film will feature #VijaySethupathi , #Sayyeshaa and #MadonnaSebastian in the lead roles. Music composed by #SiddharthVipin.
    Listen to #Junga Songs now available on :
    iTunes ► apple.co/2y7cAId
    Saavn ► goo.gl/y4GfAk
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    Wynk Music ► bit.ly/2JyQjIE
    Song: Parrys To Paris
    Singers: Anthony Daasan, Kalpana
    Lyrics: Lalithanand
    Composer: Siddharth Vipin
    Horns: Stéphane Montigny, Jérôme Germond
    Guitar: Godfrey Immanuel
    Programmed by M.R.Sunny
    Recording engineers: Mithun (muziq lounge), Avinash (20dB sound studios)
    Mixed my Balu Thankachan at 20dB sound studios, Chennai
    Mastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey road studios, London
    #Junga Tamil Movie Crew:
    Starring : Vijay Sethupathi, Sayyeshaa, Madonna Sebastian, Yogi Babu
    Director : Gokul
    Music : Siddharth Vipin
    Cinematography : Dudley
    Editor : V. J. Sabu Joseph
    Production : Vijay Sethupathi Productions
    Production & Distributor : A&P Groups Arun Pandian
    Audio Label : Think Music
    © 2018 SPI Music Pvt. Ltd.
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  • appu bindu2010
    appu bindu2010 2 दिन पहले

    I never seen any dancing like sayyessha ... So flexible oh my god ...

  • Ashok Babu
    Ashok Babu 4 दिन पहले

    Saayesha dance😍

  • R Jagadesh
    R Jagadesh 7 दिन पहले +1

    Wat next gokul movie
    I am waiting

    VIJAY THAMMISETTY 9 दिन पहले

    One of best dancer you sayyesha

  • mahesh chandra
    mahesh chandra 11 दिन पहले

    I can't understand lyrics but her dance move is superb

  • Devadanam Deva
    Devadanam Deva 13 दिन पहले

    Super dance

  • Sai Prasanna
    Sai Prasanna 13 दिन पहले

    Cringe = sayeeshas dance

  • Chery Chery
    Chery Chery 14 दिन पहले

    Girl's dance is nice...

  • Ishwar Guragai
    Ishwar Guragai 14 दिन पहले

    Really kanchus in this movie🤣🤣🤣

  • vignesh vicky
    vignesh vicky 14 दिन पहले


  • IthuNamma Karaikudi
    IthuNamma Karaikudi 14 दिन पहले

    Any one from after arya marriage .kindly search on INclips INK JO u get an latest software jobs update and career guidance

  • Druva Tej
    Druva Tej 15 दिन पहले

    Which moive is this

  • aman azim
    aman azim 15 दिन पहले

    How this *Bull Shit* is is even allowed in Internet !! Never saw something annoying like this. No matter what you show to the world in INclips we see the truth of being southeast Asian everyday in Europe. In reality every European finds Indian people way to much *Uncool* and these stupid things are one of the big reasons for that.

  • Shan S
    Shan S 16 दिन पहले

    Who is wach 2019??

  • Mannu Nani
    Mannu Nani 16 दिन पहले

    Sayeshaa super dance....awesome

  • Vishal Kothavle
    Vishal Kothavle 16 दिन पहले +1

    Dan's supab

  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar 16 दिन पहले

    Sayeshaa darling y did u marry so soon....?

  • Vishwa Pawan
    Vishwa Pawan 18 दिन पहले

    Nan daily indha pattu 5 times above pakuren,kekuren.especialy saisha dance

    M.R AVINASH 18 दिन पहले


  • Mamatha Chiru
    Mamatha Chiru 20 दिन पहले

    Excellent dance sayesha u rock

  • manas chhotray
    manas chhotray 24 दिन पहले

    bhai in international flights u r not allowed to take a single bottle of water with ur self on board ... how come they brought a whole biriyani bucket inside that cabin ... I m pretty sure the director has very less to no flight experience at all .😆😆

  • S.Umadevi suresh
    S.Umadevi suresh 25 दिन पहले

    For Vjs hairstyle

  • Gokul Elangovan
    Gokul Elangovan 28 दिन पहले

    I don't know why google always shows this video?

  • Anu Satish
    Anu Satish महीने पहले

    Haha it's so funny

  • Nani Tenugu
    Nani Tenugu महीने पहले

    Sahesha U r A Indian Dance Queen 😘😘Who Agree With Me

    RASHID महीने पहले

    Movie name please

  • AisH UzaR
    AisH UzaR महीने पहले

    Sayasha is Super dancer

    S RAFEE महीने पहले

    Super super dance

  • Jas Alf
    Jas Alf महीने पहले

    Sayeesa pavam arya va poit marge senjuta

  • svr surapraj
    svr surapraj महीने पहले +18

    no words for neck step ...she is better than pallavi i think ....

  • Jyothi Jyo
    Jyothi Jyo महीने पहले

    sayesha body is so flexible

  • akila akila
    akila akila महीने पहले

    Sayesha enime adangi iru arya kuda vera vali ila

  • Reema Reem
    Reema Reem महीने पहले

    Paddukum addathukum sammathame illiye

  • Reema Reem
    Reema Reem महीने पहले

    Enna Ariyada Saman ippudi aduthu

  • Gayathri's view
    Gayathri's view महीने पहले

    Sayeesha செம dance.... Become fan for your dance...

  • Joseph Gadde
    Joseph Gadde महीने पहले

    Bro telugu lo koda upload cheayandi movie ni and songs ni

  • Viccy Epic
    Viccy Epic महीने पहले

    Sayesaaa love u

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar महीने पहले +4

    No logic .Even now in this kodern world,actress try to fool us .
    Many teavel around the world now.
    Where u can take food in flights.
    When our directors do logic films.
    So stupid.
    Why dont actress try to act logically..

  • VijayaSwetha .A
    VijayaSwetha .A महीने पहले +141

    Who came after arya-sayeeshaa marriage??😄😄 hit like👍👍

  • Mahesh
    Mahesh महीने पहले

    Hero look like stage artist

  • satish jr. ntr jai ntr
    satish jr. ntr jai ntr महीने पहले +3

    Happy married life

  • Ezhil priya
    Ezhil priya महीने पहले

    pink lips pink lips... Sunny Leone song 🤑🤓

  • sham Sham
    sham Sham महीने पहले

    Sayesha & Arya Sema Pair🌹

  • Sireesha Abbireddy
    Sireesha Abbireddy महीने पहले

    From Telugu

  • rousy roy
    rousy roy महीने पहले +119

    Sayeesha Oda dance paka vandhavanga ellam like kudunga😊

  • I am noob dude
    I am noob dude महीने पहले +1

    Wow unexpected from her,🙄

  • Appu Appu
    Appu Appu महीने पहले +34

    Someone should make a video of sayeesha vs sai pallavi...two dancing queens

  • Gopika Saravanan
    Gopika Saravanan महीने पहले

    Bro junga movei apload pannuingka bro

  • Nivasan Vishnu
    Nivasan Vishnu महीने पहले

    Very poor

  • kalifatulla khan
    kalifatulla khan महीने पहले

    Sayesha she s actually way too much talented n dancng lik it if ur a fan of sayesha am crazy fan of hr dance moves lov u sayesha u look pretty doll

  • Ashok H Naik
    Ashok H Naik महीने पहले


  • Junuz 4799
    Junuz 4799 महीने पहले +2

    Sayyesha’s dance nailed it👌

  • Muntaha Nabi
    Muntaha Nabi 2 महीने पहले +1

    Sayeesha I luv u

  • Sangeeth Devar
    Sangeeth Devar 2 महीने पहले

    Sema song💗💗💗💗

  • ruslan baku
    ruslan baku 2 महीने पहले

    Azərbaycanlı hər kəsə salamlar❤❤

  • ruslan baku
    ruslan baku 2 महीने पहले

    This is Baku and Paris😉😉

  • bhargav mulla
    bhargav mulla 2 महीने पहले

    Sayeesha Dance wow

  • bhargav mulla
    bhargav mulla 2 महीने पहले

    💃 heroine Dance super

  • Surya Narayana Reddy Sunil
    Surya Narayana Reddy Sunil 2 महीने पहले


  • nithya k
    nithya k 2 महीने पहले

    Sayeesha d lady MJ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • blessy bee18
    blessy bee18 3 महीने पहले

    2:07 her steps wow she is incredible....😍😘😘😍😍 she is dancing like a real time robot wow amazing.... her dedication for dance is Vera level...

  • Seshadri Venkat
    Seshadri Venkat 3 महीने पहले

    Syeesha omg love you 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Jeyanthi Vanarajan
    Jeyanthi Vanarajan 3 महीने पहले

    Sayeesha looks like Barbie doll😀

  • ushanthan yogarasa
    ushanthan yogarasa 3 महीने पहले

    sayesha dance queen

  • NareN
    NareN 3 महीने पहले

    Sayessha ... Her dance 😍😍😘😘

  • dark fillow dark follow
    dark fillow dark follow 3 महीने पहले +1

    Super song

  • Mages Narayanan
    Mages Narayanan 3 महीने पहले

    A very fun song to watch:)

  • Mohamed shefin
    Mohamed shefin 3 महीने पहले

    The Lungi style is the best

  • TYS Think your self
    TYS Think your self 3 महीने पहले

    Kannala adura kdhakaliya than parthu irukken mudha dhadavaya kaalala adura khasha kaliya ippa than pakkuren

  • Santhanamary govindasamy
    Santhanamary govindasamy 4 महीने पहले


  • Cr Seven
    Cr Seven 4 महीने पहले

    ப்ப்ப்பா! இன்னா ஆட்டு ஆட்ரா 😂😂😂😂😂ம்மால அல்லுவுட்து🤣😄🤣

  • Sri Ram 007
    Sri Ram 007 4 महीने पहले

    I love this movie

  • Keerthi Prakash
    Keerthi Prakash 4 महीने पहले

    Best dance ever seen

  • Arun M Aravind
    Arun M Aravind 4 महीने पहले

    Sayesha must dance with Allu arjun. It will be fantastic to watch

  • D nithiya
    D nithiya 4 महीने पहले +1

    Sayesha saigal fans hit like

  • Adham Adham
    Adham Adham 5 महीने पहले

    Upload this movie pls

  • Jensila Sharon
    Jensila Sharon 5 महीने पहले

    Sayyesha is freakin' awesome 😍

  • love freak sns
    love freak sns 5 महीने पहले +1

    She's a queen of dance..🤩🤩

  • rushikesh reddy
    rushikesh reddy 5 महीने पहले

    vfx dance

  • mou ghosh
    mou ghosh 5 महीने पहले

    Shivay teto ki vadro lagchilo...hot danc chara popularity paoajayna bodhoy

  • CzG Lad
    CzG Lad 5 महीने पहले

    Jeeeez!!! Do send the hot babe but not Mangal Pandu in Lunghi!! It ruins the reputation of Indians abraod!!!

  • Praveen kumar
    Praveen kumar 6 महीने पहले

    I don't why south India have a not handsome boys....

    • Jensila Sharon
      Jensila Sharon 5 महीने पहले

      Have you ever seen Suriya & Vijay ?

  • Shreenath Venne
    Shreenath Venne 6 महीने पहले

    2:09 - awesome isolation...and she is so cute...innum nareya films pannunga sayesha...

  • Saravanan Kishore
    Saravanan Kishore 6 महीने पहले

    Sayesh very impressive dance moment

  • Yogesh Waran
    Yogesh Waran 6 महीने पहले


  • Jensila Sharon
    Jensila Sharon 6 महीने पहले

    Sayyushuuu 😘😘😘😘

  • Kannan Murugan
    Kannan Murugan 6 महीने पहले


  • Akash Devean
    Akash Devean 6 महीने पहले

    Wow sayeesha dance is marbles

  • Gopi Msd
    Gopi Msd 6 महीने पहले

    Sayeesha dance vera level wow.

  • adolf hitler 2.0
    adolf hitler 2.0 6 महीने पहले +1

    nadippin nayagan vj sethupathi 😍 😍 😍

  • Nivetha Balu
    Nivetha Balu 6 महीने पहले

    really dance superb

  • TaMiL TeCh ViDeOs
    TaMiL TeCh ViDeOs 6 महीने पहले

    Sayeesha dance superb...semma...chamcey illa...
    U beleives give a 👍

  • Theri Rahul
    Theri Rahul 6 महीने पहले

    sayeesha semma dance

  • sasikumar s
    sasikumar s 6 महीने पहले +1

    Sema sayeesha dance vera level

  • Fathima Beevi
    Fathima Beevi 6 महीने पहले

    Vijay sethupathi

  • Cristiano Ronaldo #CR7
    Cristiano Ronaldo #CR7 6 महीने पहले

    RIP for those who dislike the video

  • abbu shakeer
    abbu shakeer 6 महीने पहले


  • Rajadurai Rajadurai
    Rajadurai Rajadurai 6 महीने पहले

    I like shiysha shakal

  • abbu shakeer
    abbu shakeer 6 महीने पहले

    sayyeshaa dance awesome😍😍😘😗😙😚

  • Shanmuga Priya Shanmuga Priya
    Shanmuga Priya Shanmuga Priya 6 महीने पहले

    Love u sayeesha angel 😘😘😘😘😘