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  • 16/05/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • हम अंग्रेज़ी के नए शब्द सीख तो लेते हैं पर कुछ वक़्त के बाद ना वह शब्द याद रहता है और ना ही उसका मतलब | मेरी इस वीडियो में 1 आसान ट्रिक देखें जिससे आप समझ पाएंगे कि इंग्लिश कैसे याद करें | How to Remember English Words Easily

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    inclips.net/user/TSMadaan is a Free Hindi Life Changing Videos Channel to raise your Success and Happiness level through motivational speech, self help lectures and personality development class by Ts Madaan. This channel also shows health videos by Ms Pinky Madaan and Free English Speaking Course by various Indian trainers like Awal, Neeru Malik, Suresh Kumar and many more, for students to study, learn and practice vocabulary, grammar, etc. Our spoken english classes help you to become confident and have a conversation fluently when you talk to someone. In this english speaking lesson, know how to memorize new difficult english words meaning easily quickly fast and forever.

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    2: please also explain the difference between below mention sentences.
    1-Nice to meet you vs nice meeting you.
    2- I look forward to meet you vs i look forward to meeting you.
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