12 Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

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    Troom troom is a good channel about Barbie crafts😗😗😍🥇

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    #Redheadskarma LOL

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    This channel is the worst whenever I try these hacks or pranks they end up horrible you just do it over and over again until you get it perfect this is the worst channel I have ever seen you are the worst oh my God and you guys look horrible and your doll when you took off the eyes it looked hideous oh my God you are the worst ever in the whole world

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    More likes to you

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    my barbie looks ugly thanks to you 😌😌

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    Does anyone notice the doll now has real hair not just clay?

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    I learned a lot from your channel. Thanks!☺

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    Can you do DIY verry fluffy barbie rug pls.

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    If you gave it to me :(

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    can you do a video only on making shoes ps love you guys

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    Wow the voice doesnt sound dead

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    I LOVED the crafts but I can’t do any of them because I’m only 8
    Can I get 8 likes cause today is my birthday 🎂

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    I cant get the couch right

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    Who cares about a stupid boi that needs to be in daycare.he dosent care about barbie or any 1 sept for his gosh dam look

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    2.quote unquote " Atlantic princess" or whatever
    3. The eyes don't look nice
    4. Voodoo magic doll is controlling red head
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    6. Wires are not safe for children!
    7. Why should dolls have tattoos?
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