Reality of Indian Media | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

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  • 16/11/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • In this video, I show you the condition of real journalists in India vs the journalists who do full on appeasement of the government. As of now, Indian govt has established almost total control of TV Media. But what would happen if they start going after Internet? I analyse the condition in other countries like China and explain you the means to overcome it through Tor Browser and VPNs and Proxies.
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  • Dhruv Rathee
    Dhruv Rathee  21 दिन पहले +4102

    0:22 Godi Journalists
    2:24 Real Journalists
    3:48 Great Firewall of China
    6:23 Next Target is Internet
    8:23 Solution: Tor Browser
    9:01 Solution: VPN
    Link to download NordVPN:
    Get 70% off on 3 year plan and use code DHRUV for additional 4 months of free VPN. In the video, I incorrectly mention one free month, but it is actually 4 months free!

    • Decisive VIZ
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      But never make payments through these browser..
      If so, u will have to visit TIRUPATI..

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      3:00 govt pressre on media, this is very imortant part of this video

    • Prashaant B.
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      @Dhruv Rathee Ji...will you recommend this to Anshul Saxena(Activist) and he is really doing a good work like you....Please see his Twitter/Instagram page and recommed this VPN to him..because as i think his work really give lots of loss to fake people.

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    Bhai tum bhi Kam nhi fake news falte ho

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    Abhe China bhohut age he bhe

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    Also abp

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    Bhai kitna paisa liya nord vpn bhi bata dete..😂😂

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    6.40 its True, BBC was blocked because America ran their propoganda to overturn the government which not acted for America's profit.

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    Bhai aap mid day meal Ke mudde me news 18 Ki cutting dikha rhe hain aur use ek bhi number nhi diye...Vaise mera mtlb number dene Ke pach me nhi H log hmesha gufa me hi democracy dhudhate hain..

  • Decisive VIZ
    Decisive VIZ 15 घंटे पहले

    But still Chine is forward than us(IND) in all aspects..
    Directly/Indirectly there decision might be correct.. !!!!

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    But then also China has many achievements in development than India

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    100 बिल्ली खाके बिल्ली चली हज को
    पहले अपने को देख

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    Aur tum sach bol rahe ho ye kaise pata chale bhala

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    Ye Indian channels ghrebo ki away bnny ki bjay Pakistan me interested hyn. India me Beshak elephant bhi mar Jay inko koi farq ni parta. Agr Pakistan me makhi b mar jay to wabal Macha dety hn.

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    Bhai aap hi news channle khol do aur pohchao logoki aawaz,aur china ek comunist country hai jaha kahibhi govt kuch bhi kar sakti hai aur india mein democrocy hai aur aap supreme court tak ja sakte ho

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    Dhruv rathee INclips ka kanhaiya kumar 😂😂

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    Never ever I repeat never ever use torr browser if you are noobie in computer and have no knowledge about hacking or programming coz chances of getting hacked is very very high.
    I repeat NEVER EVER.

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    Plz add subtitles to video ...

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    Apne papa k channel NDTV KA analysis kon krega beta

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    Bhai wo nahi karenge unke propaganda bhi to inhi websites or apps se chalte hein🤗🤗🤗

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    Abey o BJP ka virodi, NDTv Ka Karna review

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    कुल मिलाकर भाई चाइना एक महाशक्ति ह जिसके भारत आस पास भी नही ह.............??

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    तु पहले सुधर जा तेरे से ज्यादा fake news कोइ नहि फ़ैलाता

  • Rajat Raj
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    You are doing Good analysis..
    It may seems you are torgeting On current government..
    I suggest you Bring previous governament mistakes too..
    From that we may get solutions .
    You look quite transparent then after

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    Yea media wale business he tou Kar rahe h

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    Media is not showing true bjp gave him money

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    Pehle ache se dekh k bolo yr.
    Bas debate krna hi wo mudda uthana nehi hay or jo bhi debate hote hay news channel me wo prime time me nehi hote par DNA prime time me hota hai.
    Bas blame krne se sab Kuch nehi hota bhai.

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    Aur maie koi bjp ka smarthak nahi hu .

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    Glad to see someone talking about privacy rights and internet censorship. Massively neglected topic in India.

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