Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

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  • 11/06/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
    Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)
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  • Daniela
    Daniela दिन पहले

    That jeffree star pillow at the back of like the living room? Goals

  • Alonza Marie
    Alonza Marie दिन पहले

    Why is everything about Jeffree it’s annoying asf like stop riding his dick

  • Jade g
    Jade g दिन पहले

    I mean... I can take alot of that makeup off your hands for you !!!

  • Sofia Arrieta
    Sofia Arrieta दिन पहले

    I'm so happy for shane, karma sometimes is a good bitch and for all the pain shane got through now he's living a great life

  • Lunaeincola
    Lunaeincola दिन पहले

    Ryland you did an awesome job!!

  • Karah Paddock
    Karah Paddock दिन पहले

    Cheeto is shook

  • Jordyn Gallows
    Jordyn Gallows दिन पहले

    You guys should totally do a makeup organizing video like the people in Safiya’s channel did!

  • Sophia Woodward
    Sophia Woodward दिन पहले

    can you imagine if Shane never exposed Andrew as his camera man?? like we wouldn't even know, he wouldn't be allowed to be in morgan's or Ryland's videos, and he wouldn't be allowed to laugh or randomly walk through the back of the frame. whatta life am I right??

  • V J
    V J दिन पहले

    Rich lux... clock the house!! Priceless 👏🦄😍😂🤪

  • Laia Khanjaro
    Laia Khanjaro दिन पहले

    Ur so cute omg 😫❤️

  • Master Boy GamingYT
    Master Boy GamingYT दिन पहले

    why do boys need a Beauty room ;-;

  • anitak315
    anitak315 दिन पहले

    Can’t wait to see your first makeup tutorial Shane . God bless you both😘👍💕

  • Space Bat
    Space Bat दिन पहले

    You did such an amazing job, the room looks fantastic!

  • Jax Animations
    Jax Animations दिन पहले +2


  • Mae-Ling
    Mae-Ling दिन पहले

    Shane: “I’ve been washing my face”
    Andrew: “Jesus”

  • Mik C
    Mik C दिन पहले

    I wish I had that much makeup 😭😂

  • Rukia Kuchki
    Rukia Kuchki दिन पहले

    Ryland I know one last thing that would make that room get a salt water fish tank and put it in the window make sure the blind is closed so no algae grows in the tank, the reason why I am saying this is watching colorful fish swim around helps with anxiety and it calms people and it's esthetically pleasing match fish with Shane's favorite colors of lipsticks eyeshadows and you get more variety of color with salt water fish tanks.

  • SINternet Entertainment
    SINternet Entertainment दिन पहले

    To have money

  • Meaghan c
    Meaghan c दिन पहले

    Room is amazinnnnn g💜😘😘😘😘

  • madison summerlin
    madison summerlin दिन पहले

    I love this😩

  • Danni Taylor
    Danni Taylor दिन पहले

    I would give up my whole soul/bank account/house etc. for someone like Ryland 🥺

  • Alex.the.ghost
    Alex.the.ghost दिन पहले

    can ryland please stop using triggered as a joke? it really bothers me,

  • Heylo
    Heylo दिन पहले

    Ryland those glasses omg I need them pls tell me

  • Emma Olson
    Emma Olson दिन पहले

    This is STUNNING! I never thought Shane would be a part of the beauty community yet here he is. You guys are in fact a power couple. Shane’s skin looks stunning. 😩 I love this so much.

  • callmecristal
    callmecristal दिन पहले

    wow!!! room looks amazing! I love getting the sneak peeks of Shane on these other channels while his channel is on hiatus for the filming of the next series...

  • SimplyZeyma
    SimplyZeyma दिन पहले

    Shane’s skin looks so much better and idk if it’s tati’s vitamins or if I’m trippin

  • Margaret S
    Margaret S दिन पहले

    Please get Shane to do a video about the makeup he doesnt like/his favorites!

  • Serenity Shields
    Serenity Shields दिन पहले

    shane: wAit ohmygod i’m ricH

  • secretly araccoon
    secretly araccoon दिन पहले

    Askshjskajak Shane is literally me if I could actually afford makeup 😂

  • America Thomas
    America Thomas दिन पहले

    I like how they used Hank and Henry beauty and didn’t shout them out ❤️💋

  • liLy
    liLy दिन पहले

    not a soul:
    andrew: Jesus Christ

  • Leah • M • Vlogs
    Leah • M • Vlogs दिन पहले

    You guys should do a 24 hour challenge in the new make up in room!!! 😂👍💕

  • sally walker
    sally walker दिन पहले

    Shane’s skin is snatched asf

  • Jaylin Hughes
    Jaylin Hughes दिन पहले

    When is shane posting a new video

  • Hailey Martinez
    Hailey Martinez दिन पहले


  • Hailey Martinez
    Hailey Martinez दिन पहले

    Who else heard prettymuch in the back ground. 🥺💗💖💕💞😏🥴

  • Vlogging With Gabe
    Vlogging With Gabe दिन पहले +1

    Anyone else wondering if there are any hints to Shane’s new video?

  • Karen A
    Karen A दिन पहले

    Get you a man that makes a panic room for you #relatable

  • Claudia Mendoza
    Claudia Mendoza दिन पहले

    dont end up like glitterforever

  • Lyndsy Carson
    Lyndsy Carson दिन पहले

    Does Ryland not realize that almost all of his videos are just brags. “ like i’m dating shane dawson and i’m rich now bitches” no one cares we just want shane. sorry really rude but i needed to be truthful.

  • Gina
    Gina दिन पहले

    Shane should do a line for sensitive skin and focus on skincare rather than make-up

  • Daria Haynie
    Daria Haynie दिन पहले

    Shane's skin has gotten so much better

  • Jay Afzaal
    Jay Afzaal दिन पहले

    19:04 you are so lucky the camera was blurred before the actual pixelating thing popped on

  • Esmee's life
    Esmee's life दिन पहले

    me: shook jaw to the ground
    Andrew:this is to legit to be a house

  • just a girl
    just a girl दिन पहले

    I've gotta say I really miss shane and I've been waiting for a video for along long time

  • lily osborne
    lily osborne दिन पहले

    You can send all of this to me!!!!!! Sis

  • Lucy gotta think!
    Lucy gotta think! दिन पहले

    Come design my bedroom bc it needs help 😂

  • Diego Carrillo
    Diego Carrillo दिन पहले

    why am I so in love with Andrew help me

  • princessfaurouz1 Tm
    princessfaurouz1 Tm दिन पहले

    Why does morgen look like a funny nerd😂😂😂😃😃

  • Savanna Lyons
    Savanna Lyons दिन पहले

    Just saying both of yours and shanes skin looks FLAWLESS

    ELIZABETH OLEA दिन पहले

    NOT to seem RUDE but andrew looks different like he gaining SOME weight

  • American Ajumma
    American Ajumma दिन पहले

    if Shane wants to do another series i think glitterforever would be interesting.

  • raeanne finlay
    raeanne finlay दिन पहले

    tell shane to do a vid of makeup

  • MelissaM
    MelissaM दिन पहले

    Omg! You did so good!!! It looks amazing!

  • Anamarie Lopez
    Anamarie Lopez दिन पहले

    21:16 is the part you wanted lol 😂

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez दिन पहले

    when is your song lets spill tea in the G going to come OOOOut

  • Tasiana Collins
    Tasiana Collins दिन पहले

    I love the room but the rylantis thing gotta go

  • Stinkaboo62
    Stinkaboo62 दिन पहले

    Beautiful job Rory!

  • ѕнanda lynn
    ѕнanda lynn दिन पहले +1

    *theres no light that will snatch me*

  • catarina’s VLOGS
    catarina’s VLOGS दिन पहले

    Shame didn’t even say thank you

  • Daisy Rose
    Daisy Rose दिन पहले

    DROOLING!! I absolutely love this!

  • Lolilazor's World
    Lolilazor's World दिन पहले

    You could tell shane just woke up by his hair

  • Chris Daley
    Chris Daley दिन पहले

    Hey Shane Dawson, uh... I'm really sorry about your grandma. I know she's still hanging on but... if- I know it much be really hard right now... um... I had to deal with so many people with the exact same thing... so like, that same thing's happened to me like 5 times... with so many important people to me, and... I know that... when she does pass on I'll know that she'll go and she'll be with Jesus. I know that everything you've done really means a lot to her and she really loves you, and um... Yeah... So... She's lived a great life, I'm sure. You've done everything you... can? Ya can't do anything to stop it, it's just a part of life. So, um... Yeah, I'm really sorry. I Hope she has a good last while. I hope she makes it. Um... You're a great guy

  • Courtney Hons
    Courtney Hons दिन पहले

    I need ryland to come redo my rooommm like dangggggg

  • im poppy
    im poppy दिन पहले +1

    Shane needs to upload more I miss him

  • Alexa Romero
    Alexa Romero दिन पहले

    I didn't know Shane has balenciagas

  • Kodie1235 Wood
    Kodie1235 Wood दिन पहले

    Rylan your hair has grown a lot

  • Madelyne Brown
    Madelyne Brown दिन पहले

    I love deep your voice is and yet still feminine. You are such a sweet person for making this video and doing this for Shane! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Madelyne Brown
      Madelyne Brown दिन पहले

      AND it’s so uplifting watching this omfg

    • Madelyne Brown
      Madelyne Brown दिन पहले

      Like it’s just so nice to listen to

  • TheCagedBirdSingz
    TheCagedBirdSingz दिन पहले

    Morgan got so fat

  • Zoe
    Zoe दिन पहले

    Rylands boyfriend goals omg I love how into it you are and omg it’s just so cute

  • Julie Page
    Julie Page दिन पहले

    Love the room but the gold wallpaper triggers me

  • Dawn Perfetto
    Dawn Perfetto दिन पहले

    Shane,s now Jeffrey star

  • Michelle White
    Michelle White दिन पहले

    That is an awesome room!

  • grayson Carter
    grayson Carter दिन पहले

    Lmao how is he gonna film with that set up?

  • Life with Leslie
    Life with Leslie दिन पहले

    I want a gay friend 😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞

  • Brooke ann
    Brooke ann दिन पहले

    PRETTYMUCH? Love that

  • Neonravekid
    Neonravekid दिन पहले

    Awwwww. He did an AMAZING job. Talk about inpso 101.

  • Allie Peña
    Allie Peña दिन पहले

    Ryland, I love you! But lord, your camera holding gives me a headache sometimes 🤢

  • Makayla McMichael
    Makayla McMichael दिन पहले

    Gosh I love you all🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Riley Owens
    Riley Owens दिन पहले

    'Its okay jeffree, you'll be fine"
    How my life Is going too, jeffree.

  • Nicole Nguyen
    Nicole Nguyen दिन पहले

    Who tf thumbs this down

  • J. Steve Palma
    J. Steve Palma दिन पहले

    This better become a interior design channel.

  • Reese Kennedy
    Reese Kennedy दिन पहले

    How many times are they gonna bring up Tati 😂

  • TheZaphySevy
    TheZaphySevy दिन पहले

    Ryland, you should really consider a career in interior design!

  • Gloria Valverde
    Gloria Valverde दिन पहले

    I’m so ready to get a whole collection from Shane! Just take all my money!!!!

  • Sarah Elliott
    Sarah Elliott दिन पहले

    Shane also that stuff animal is me
    Zooming to the face 😖
    Shane over whelmed and stressed
    Started just firing of laughter

  • Yalitza Hall
    Yalitza Hall दिन पहले

    Love how Ry put the work in himself and didn’t hire someone to do everything 😍

  • Kelly Walsh
    Kelly Walsh दिन पहले

    Looks stunning!!! X

  • Awkwardly, Angie
    Awkwardly, Angie दिन पहले

    Awe, Ryland, this is so sweet!!
    Everyone needs a Ryland in their life!

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 दिन पहले

    U can do giveaway for the people who needed make up, esp for the shades dont match u

  • piotr wicinski
    piotr wicinski दिन पहले

    Andrew is so awkward nice nice

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee दिन पहले

    What song is that? The one he used like for the final reveal it's like seriously catchy and vibing. Like the background music

  • ᴊᴜsᴛ feʟʟas
    ᴊᴜsᴛ feʟʟas दिन पहले

    I really don’t think Ryland needs to get anything from the ..VANITY.. store, if you know what I mean ... 👀

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 दिन पहले

    tips on organization: Get labels on or some labelling system for them, so u know when they got expired and its time to get rid of it. Almost like librarian job

  • Madison's life
    Madison's life दिन पहले


  • Janelle Calvin
    Janelle Calvin दिन पहले

    I love how Jeffree is just sitting on the chair at the beginning of the video 0:25

  • Tessa Dool
    Tessa Dool दिन पहले

    A m a z i n g

  • CindyyCindz
    CindyyCindz दिन पहले

    If only Shanaynay KNEW she would eventually paint her eyebrow on in such glam surroundings!

  • Lexus deanna
    Lexus deanna दिन पहले

    Please sell all the make- up after the series !!!! #homegirlbroke

  • Vegan Jersey Girl
    Vegan Jersey Girl दिन पहले

    Ryland Adams leaves all the Trading Spaces designers quaking!