Important Chapters and Strategy For Tax Exam | November 2018 By Neeraj Arora

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  • 8/11/2018 को प्रकाशित
  • Important Chapters and Strategy For Tax Exam | November 2018 By Neeraj Arora
    Hello guys, in this video we are going to talk about the important chapters and the strategy for taxation exam for nov 2018 attempt.
    We are going to do the ABC analysis of the topics of taxation exam.
    So start studying GST first of all. Focus on the numerical part as its very important because you can score 100% marks in the numerical questions. Expected questions from topics - exempting, valuation. The first questions is going to be a comprehensive numerical. That question will have following topics covered - ITC (input tax credit), valuation, exemption, calculation of GST. So make strut hat you’re focusing on numerical and prepare it well in advance. Please make sure that Do More - Study Tips And Inspiration you go through past MTP, RTP, ICAI Study material questions. 15 marks will be numerical based and the balance will be theory based. Theory questions can be direct and can be case based also. For theory preparation, make sure you’re doing following chapters carefully - Supply, Registration, Invoice, E-Way Bill Time of Supply.
    All the revisionary and amendment videos have been uploaded on our Official App - EDU91.
    Please download from here -
    Edu91 App on Google Playstore -
    Edu91 App on Apple App Store -
    Now, let’s talk about the income tax part. Students who have solved ICAI study material, RTP, mocks test papers carefully, that student will not fail, for sure.
    Talking about income tax - Theory will be of 15 marks and the balance will be numerical questions,. Study income tax in sets.
    First set -
    Residential status - Cover it in 15 minutes
    Salary - Cover it in 45 minutes
    House Property - Cover it in 15 minutes
    PGBP - Cover it in 60 minutes
    Capital Gains - 45 minutes
    Revisionary videos of above mentioned chapters are already available on our Edu91 App.
    Second set
    TDS - 10-15 minutes
    Deduction - 45 minutes
    Return of income - 10 minutes
    Advance Tax - 10 minutes
    Direct questions of 8-12 marks will be asked from these topics. Indirectly this will also form part of the comprehensive questions.
    Third set
    Other sources
    Set off
    Agricultural income
    Although all the topics are really important and you have time left with you then you should definitely focus on covering all the chapters. These are personal views and in no way we mean to influence the viewers.

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