Arindam Chaudhuri के IIPM से जुड़ाव पर Court ने Shah Rukh Khan से जवाब मांगा है | Maheshwer Peri

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  • 10/09/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) is back in news. Calcutta High Court, responding to a petition filed by two former IIPM students, has directed Shahrukh Khan to submit an affidavit explaining his links with IIPM. Journey of this controversial institution and its promoter Arindam Chaudhuri is a case of serious lapses. Hero of this story is Maheshwer Peri, a former journalist of Outlook magazine and founder of Careers360 who fought almost single-handedly against a powerful and resourceful organization.
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      Kabhi ramon magsaysay award milne waale MR RAVISH KUMAR ke baare m bhi bataaya karo...
      Ye to nhi bataaoge.... #GODIMEDIA

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      @Aaliya Mumtaz royal stage 😋vitamin hai...seriously🤔

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      We love ur videos...honest and real ! This is one comment of many...but i write with my whole heart...that i srsly love the stories and the honest media coverage that u ppl do. Salute to the whole team... stay as innovative as u r..while keeping up ur honesty and integrity. This might be some random cmmnt of thousands that ur channel receives but i really wabt to thank u ppl for staying true and reporting truly. Pls keep up such work...don't get hazed in the hush of competition as other newz channels are doing nowadays. Love from Punjab 👌👍👏

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    Peri is Chartered Accountant
    I am also
    Proud of you Mr peri

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    kmaal ho aap log. bahut dhanyawaad lallantop

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    Career360 also deserve some praise

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    AICTE and UGC should also be dissolved as they are a waste of public money and we suffer bcoz of them. The legal system is also in need of dire revamp as it seems to take a more lenient stand towards the guilty and give them ample oppurtunity to prove their innocence. Judges should also be graded on the basis of their performance and only then we can expect a better society.

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    How many folks would you have lost their crucial years of life because of this hoax!

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    If UGC or AICTE took so much time to reveal that iipm is not approved, then how come SRK could have known

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    राजपाल यादव का वो डॉयलोग हमेशा याद आ जाता है,"भाई पैसा हो तो क्या कुछ नही हो सकता"।

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    कानून का इस्तेमाल करके अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी को कुचल दिया जा रहा था,सुनने में अजीब लगता है।

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    Celebrities should be jailed

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    chauk perlatka do bosdi wale loo bhenchod...

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    she just wasted 25 minutes of my fun life....

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    Yeh anchor bahut boring hai ...

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    Mam thanks for this episode and love for the way of story telling..........🙏🙏🙏

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    Wo sab thik hai , 18:51 pe cut kyo kiya

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    Yah sab bade log sale Chor Hai.. jail mein Dal Do Salo ko

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    कितना बोलती है तू।

  • Target CSE 2019
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    We all should tweet against IIPM and Shahruk Khan and student who are victims must get their big reimbursement by Arindam and shahrukh khan who love Pakistanis more.

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    Arindham Chaudhari & byju education, any link?

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    Byjus ka bhi aesa hi hai

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    peri ne arindam ki leli

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    Who is here after Study Iq

    ARMAN 2 दिन पहले

    In 2006-2007 IIPM was big name, but I distract because of that much advertisement everyday in magzine, newspaper,Tv etc. Also fees was out of reach for us.
    So I decided to choose a budget mgmt school Sinhgad inst. Pune.
    Now I am in Wal-Mart India from last 7 years.
    Mr. Maheshwari peri salute to you, you are really fight like a hero and save the future of several new comers.

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    भारतीय परिवार

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    Mai IIPM me TATTI Karne Jata tha....Sala LATRINE me bhi AC lagaya tha..BSDK Ka Arindam ne

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    Fuck IIPM, Media and SRK

    SAURABH SARKHEL 3 दिन पहले

    Great person Manohar peri...hats off

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    Request the Govt to punish this fraud

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    ab unka kya hoga jinko degree mil gyi hai

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    Bahut accha swati

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    सौरभ भैया ये मैडम एंकर लायक नही हैं इनकी आवाज़ में वो सब नही है जो एक एंकर में होना चाहिए।

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    Thoda victim shaming karne ka mann ho Gaya: private college mein MBA karne ke liye kaun bola tha?? IIM mein pahrne ka dam nahi hai toh MBA naahi karte..

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    Arindam Chaudhuri is too clever... He is now a patron and supporter of BJP....

  • Gaurav Nerpagare
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    Narrator/Reporter का voice not good, बकवास हे

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    Bahut badiya research kiye hai apne
    Keep it uppp
    INclips pe movie aur videos dekh k bahut faltu lagne lagga tha
    Par ase news hi sahi me jda se jda publish hona chaiyer

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    mujhe to choti rakhne wale laghbhag 90% percent mard chutiya hi lagte hai.

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    Sab kuch bikta hai yahan education bhi deshbhakti bhi aur religion bhi...

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    Delhi girls born bitches

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    Delhi ke log thug hote hain aur Yeh Shahrukh bhi logon ko thug ta hai. Yeh Delhi ke log hote hi Madarzodh hai.

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    Shahrukh Khan Delhi ka hai aur Delhi ke log Mumbai main jaakar Bheekh Maangte hai.

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    Aisi bohot institute India main hain. In sabko ban krna chahiye.

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    News bol rhi ho ki nautanki kr rhi ho

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    Shahrukh bhai 3day ki jail accept kr lo
    Kyuki aapki wajah se directly -indirectly life kharab hua hai

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    लल्लन टॉप सुपर स्टोरी हैट्स ऑफ पेरी👍👍

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    Very Nice Mam...Thanks🙏

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    As a tribute i will be listing Peri song now..

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    Behenchod kaise ghatia music lagaya hai before starting news.

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    HRD minisitry or UGC kya kr rhi thi jb ye sb chal rha tha...hadd he bilkul govt se 😡😡

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    UPA ghotale wali sarkar k naak k niche yeh sab chalta raha..per kuch fayde k chalte yeh farziwada chalta raha

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    Tumhara Aaj Tak sabse age tha advertisement main.

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    It feels so good to listen to such deep analysis on this kind of topics especially education, the NEW INDIAN MEDIA, feeling so proud. Perfect story teller as well

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    Informative and very well told.

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    Arrest him before he fly to some island.... Pdko useyyyyyy..... Jaoooooo

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    Overall its a network marketing which is already a fraud term

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    Respect for the lady anchor, she spoke well .

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    UGC sota reha pure time... corrupted government...

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    Moti madam plz khana km khao aur desh pr mehrbani kro

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    He was from below middle class... And he is a ca... I salute you peri sir