India's Economic Crisis 2019: How to Survive? | Dhruv Rathee Interviews Gaurav Rastogi

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  • 6/10/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Is it possible to get a job in these times of Economic Slowdown? How can you start your own business when the country’s economic situation is so bad? Where should you invest your money? In this interview with financial expert and Kuvera CEO Gaurav Rastogi, I will give you practical solutions and tips on how to handle your personal job, career and business in today’s times.
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    1:08 What you should NOT do!
    3:06 Should Millennials buy more Cars?
    3:49 Should we increase our Consumption?
    4:23 What you should DO!
    5:49 Where to find Jobs?
    7:07 How to Increase your Salary?
    8:46 Is it a good idea to open a Startup?
    9:42 Why should you do Business?
    11:14 How can you Improve Indian Economy?
    12:40 Did GST simplify things for you?
    13:40 Does India fit in a Globalized World?
    16:04 Where should people Invest their hard earned Money?
    20:34 Beware of Cash Trap
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  • Dhruv Rathee
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    1:08 What you should NOT do!
    3:06 Should Millennials buy more Cars?
    3:49 Should we increase our Consumption?
    4:23 What you should DO!
    5:49 Where to find Jobs?
    7:07 How to Increase your Salary?
    8:46 Is it a good idea to open a Startup?
    9:42 Why should you do Business?
    11:14 How can you Improve Indian Economy?
    12:40 Did GST simplify things for you?
    13:40 Does India fit in a Globalized World?
    16:04 Where should people Invest their hard earned Money?
    20:34 Beware of Cash Trap
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    A simple way, search those who have played and danced by taking heavy bank loans and not returned, migrate into their houses, factories and offices, resorts, air crafts etc.

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    @dhurv rathee
    I have questions why India is highlighting only the loss such as Vijay Malaya ran away , nirav modi ran away with crores and crores of money.
    What about the money is recovered from fake gurus such Kalki bhagwan , and others , where this money goes , why the economy is going down,. Adding the money of these corrupted Gurus to the RBI ,does not increase the economy of India?
    Please share knowledge to us on it. .
    Thanks for your all informative videos,, we love it all..

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    Early startup in your life ,is good or bad?
    Like having your skill administrating into business, early?

    • matheen bukhari
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      According to me early start-up is always good, if you have the right skill
      Reason: If you fail, you will be young enough to look for a new job. All the best :)

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    He seems to have taken several tips from Dave Ramsey...
    1. Close your loans, don't take newer loans and do not use your Credit card.
    2. Keep 6 months salary worth amount as emergency funds.
    3. Build newer skills.....
    (Many more... :)

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    I don't agree on "Quality experience theory". It is just an excuse and Govt. must care about all level experts irrespective of Quality experience because such kind of situation was not in previous time while the same quality people or even less quality people were there in before. So the "Quality experience" theory is baseless. I don't agree on him. May be he is comparing with himself being an IITian

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